Astrology – Corporate & Business

By planning for your future with specific steps today, you ensure your success for both today and tomorrow.

As a business or corporate owner, you are always looking for the best tools available that can give you the competitive edge. You know that all organizations are subject to market cycles and attitudinal trends. Astrology is a wonderful tool when you’re looking for the competitive edge in one of the following areas:

  • Determining the best time to start or expand your business. See electional astrology.
  • Developing a strategic plan which incorporates current and potential future trends;
  • Structuring a marketing plan which addresses social concerns and corporate growth;
  • Facilitating a successful workforce who embodies your company’s core values; and
  • Generating meetings which stay on point and create the end result you seek.

Strategic Planning and Market Development

During this session, we use your incorporation chart or the opening of your business (if you are not incorporated), as well as your own chart and the charts of any key personnel. We’ll review the goals of your business and any plans which you may already have. Once this information is analyzed, we will develop a plan of action based on your needs, current astrological trends, and market information. We will determine whether you need a strategic plan, a business plan, or a marketing plan.

Organizational Development

The purpose of organizational development is to create a successful workforce. Utilizing the birth data of key personnel, we will discuss personality characteristics critical to professional success. These characteristics will focus on important styles in the workplace, such as communication between peers, communication with management, work approaches, and values which your personnel feel are the most important areas to manifest in order to do a good job for you. This information can be utilized between managers and their staff. It can also be used as the basis.

Fees for corporate astrology are based on the needs of the company. After a needs assessment, a proposal with costs is submitted prior to commencement of the work. For more information, call Misty at 703.354.4076 or contact her at: