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Misty Kuceris

Misty Kuceris

Reiki Master
Corporate and Personal Consultant
International Lecturer and Author

As a USA-based astrologer living in Virginia, I work with clients on an international level. For the past 30 years, I have worked as an astrologer using my past experience from both the business and spiritual worlds to facilitate a person’s growth. To me it’s important that everyone find a way to balance their professional needs with their spiritual core values. For this reason, I work with both personal clients who are seeking ways to improve and understand their lives. And, I work with business owners in developing professional strategies that enable them to run a soul-centered business.

Astrology is the study of planetary cycles, whether these cycles are in your personal life or in your business world. We are all born into a specific time period which we astrologers call transits when it involves another individual and your natal chart when it involves you. This time period creates your own astrological mandala. Through knowing your mandala, you can increase your personal understanding of self.

Businesses also are created during certain cycles and also have their own natal charts. Through knowing the business mandala, a corporate or business owner can determine how best to use the upcoming cycles for strategic planning and business development.

For this reason, my consulting services include:

  • Personal consulting where the tools of astrology are used in personal development, coaching, and goal setting;
  • Corporate consulting where the tools of astrology are used for strategic planning, marketing, organizational development, and organizational restructuring.

As a business owner in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area since 1978, I’ve held several volunteer positions, such as the Co-Chair of the Small Business Committee for the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce and a Commissioner on the Small and Disadvantaged Business Commission for Fairfax County government. I’ve developed and taught business courses for The George Washington University and Northern Virginia Community College.

As an astrologer since 1969, I am a Certified Astrological Professional (C.A.P.) with the International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR). In addition, I am committed to increasing the professionalism of astrology in the community through various organizations. I have been on the national board of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR); on the local board of the NCGR – Annapolis, Maryland chapter; and one of the founders of NOVA Astrology Group (Northern Virginia Astrology Group).

In addition to being an astrologer, I have worked with various organizations teaching meditation and also using the tool of tarot. As a Reiki master since 1998, I have worked with individuals in utilizing the Usui System Natural Healing to facilitate a better balance in their lives. And, as a balance to my own life, I have become very involved in establishing sustainable environments for both myself and others to the point that I became a Certified Horticulturalist a few years ago.

As a writer, I author an astrological column for Pathways magazine as well as monthly articles on my website. I’ve also authored other books: Trend Analysis, an annual publication on upcoming trends; Solutions, a publication which teaches individuals how to use tarot cards for meditation; and Time on Task, a time management book for educators. Other articles have appeared in ISAR’s International Astrologer magazine, NCGR Memberletter, OPA’s Career Astrologer, and Llewellyn’s Moon Signs and Herbal Almanac.

In addition to consulting, I teach classes, lecture internationally, and have appeared on programs aired in the United States, India, and the Middle East. I’ve lectured, through the gracious invitations of the organizers, at conferences sponsored by United Astrology Conference (UAC), American Federation of Astrologers (AFA), NCGR National Conference, Bejan Daruwalla’s World Predictions Conference (India), The Midwest Astrology Conference, OPA’s Astrologer’s Retreat, The Institute for Spiritual Development, Arlington Metaphysical Chapel, and several other organizations.

The tool of astrology is a wonderful way to enhance oneself and live life in a way where you can balance your material needs with your spiritual core values.

–You can contact Misty by at misty@enhanceoneself.com or 703.354.4076.–