April 2005: Time to Clean House: Literally and Figuratively

The start of April can either be a frustrating time period or a cleansing time period, depending on how you want to use the energies operating in the world. Mercury is still retrograde until April 12th, and an annular total solar eclipse occurs on April 8th. A solar eclipse occurs at the time of the new Moon when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct. This eclipse occurs with the new Moon in Aries. It is also considered the rarest eclipse by astronomers, occurring every 18 years. Part of the eclipse path is total, where the Moon fully obscures the Sun. The other part of the eclipse is annular, where the Moon is in the center of the Sun and a ring of rays from the Sun are visible. The path of the eclipse occurs in the lower southeast coast of New Zealand through Panama to Venezuela.

Starting new projects during the time Mercury is retrograde could be difficult, because you may not consider all the facts and miss something important. Starting a new project around the time of a solar eclipse in Aries could be difficult for the same reason. Factors that you need to consider may be obscured. In addition, you may find that projects you were working on during the month of March are taking longer to complete and creating some difficulties now. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you have to put your life on hold for the first two weeks of April. Rather, there is a way to incorporate the lessons from these energies into your personal life.

The first two weeks of April are a good time to clean house, both literally and figuratively. Literally, this is a time to go through your basement or attic and remove clutter that you don’t need. It’s a good time to clean up the yard of all debris. It a good time to see if there are items you don’t need that perhaps could be donated to charities. Your children may have some old toys that they no longer play with, but could be used by families who can’t afford them. Or, you may have some old blankets or towels that your local animal shelter could use.

When cleaning house figuratively, this is a good time to look at your health and relationships with other people. Since Aries represents the need to increase your personal vitality, it’s important that you review your health concerns and relationships in that context. Specifically, this is a good time to ask the questions: Am I living a life that increases my physical and emotional vitality? What in my life is causing me to feel tired or drained? Am I eating and exercising in a manner that increases my vitality and excitement at being alive? Am I able to give support to people in my life and feel excited at their personal experiences? Do I receive support from people in my life and feel relaxed when I’m in their presence?

Where you find that the answers are different from yes, you need take time and evaluate those areas of your life. You may not be able to begin a new health routine at this time, but at least you can research various lifestyle changes that will increase your good health. You may not be able to leave your current position right now, but at least you can begin your job search or hire a career coach to determine the next steps you can take. You may not be able to change your personal relationships right now for various personal reasons, but at least you could think about the best course of action. You and your significant other may want to seek some counseling. Or, you may just need to take some self awareness courses that increase your ability to love yourself.

In other cases, you may actually be starting new projects during the first two weeks of April. Projects started when Mercury is retrograde or during a solar eclipse are interesting in the fact that they are not totally new from an emotional level. These projects are occurring because you need to let go of something that once was very important in your past and now is either toxic in your life or causes pain if you continue. So, if you are starting a new health routine, it’s because you didn’t pay attention to the physical discomforts you experienced over the last several months. If you are finally starting a new job, it’s because the last one was so bad that you just needed to leave. And, if you’re finally making changes in your personal relationships, it’s because it’s time you move on and develop happier relationships.

As Mercury turns direct on April 12th, things in your life become clearer and easier to do. Emotionally, your life makes more sense now. You’re able to focus and put new plans into action. Things may take off so quickly that you could feel a little overwhelmed. But, even this feeling settles down.

If you started new project during the last few weeks, you’ll really understand how these events will increase your happiness. Even though spring technically started last month, this time period is so refreshing that it feels like spring is starting now.

As Venus enters Taurus on April 15th and the Sun enters Taurus on April 19th, the month becomes less frustrating and events become more settled. Now is a good time to review your finances, as well as appreciate the fact that you can take steps to increase your happiness. Your communications with others improve. You’ll even be able to find ways to decrease or eliminate your financial difficulties. It’s a good time to re-evaluate your retirement program and any college savings plans you have for your children.

A lunar eclipse, which occurs at the time of the full Moon, always follows a solar eclipse. Where a solar eclipse may obscure the reasons for new beginnings and at times make it more difficult for you to implement new plans, a lunar eclipse obscures all the benefits that can occur from a new beginning. Usually the period of a full Moon is when you review the past 29 days of your life and determine where you need to end things. However, with this lunar eclipse occurring on April 24th, you may find it more difficult to let go of things, especially since the eclipse occurs with the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio.

Basically, this is a time to keep your plans to yourself until they are fully developed in your mind. As you move forward with your plans, put your personal energy into implementing or completing those plans. Don’t dispel your energy by talking about your actions with other people. They may want to start advising you at a time when you really need to take action. If you do need advice during this last week of April, choose your advisors carefully. Make certain they are professionals with the expertise you need. If they are personal friends, make certain they have the same ethical values you have. As the month ends on April 30th, Mars enters Pisces indicating that your desire to please others increases. That’s why it’s so important during the last week of April that you make decisions in your life that add to your personal happiness and aren’t solely done to please someone else.