November 2005: External Circumstances Affecting Your Life

November is a month where external circumstances create a large affect in your personal life. As the month of November begins with the new Moon in Scorpio on November 1, 2005, more information regarding scandals is revealed. Normally, Scorpio rules silence. Yet it also rules secrets that interfere with legal activities and represents investigations that occur before the legal trial. Plus, at this time a fixed T-square occurs in the chart indicating that people are not pleased with deceit. This holds true in your personal life. This is a time of truth.

Venus entering Capricorn on November 5th echoes the need to be fiscally responsible as well as conservative. During the first half of November, the stock market is very erratic. This is showing the mood of the country. Oil and gas prices continue to escalate. And, more emphasis is given on the need to conserve resources.

While this may sound like a difficult time period, there are some positive aspects that can occur during the first two weeks of November. You’ll find that people are more willing to be sympathetic to your needs. You’ll also find that more information is revealed as people really would prefer honesty in their lives at this time.

Since the retail industry is concerned about profitability in this time of fiscal conservation, you’ll probably find more sales that usual. So, if you need to purchase a high cost item at this time, you may be able to find a good value. The exception to this is the housing market if you’re planning on selling. Interest rates are continuing to rise and the market will start slowing down.

When Mercury turns retrograde on November 14th, you’ll find some of your friends retreating to the privacy of their homes. You will probably feel the same way. This is a good time to take a look at any home projects that you want to do. While starting any contracting projects under Mercury retrograde can lead to difficulty with communication problems, it is a good time to review what projects you may need done and research the various options you have for completing them. Once Mercury turns direct on December 3rd, any unknown facts will come to light and you’ll be able to start those projects because you have all the information you need.

While secrets are revealed during the first two weeks of November, you need to protect personal privacy becomes very important after November 15th when the full Moon occurs. During this time, scams increase that try to get your personal information. Not all these scams come from internet emails. Some of them will occur on your telephone lines as you get computerized calls from companies alleging to be banks or other financial institutions checking your information. Caution is very important.

Unfortunately, overseas military activities increase and continue to impact the federal budget. Congress experiences difficulties making determinations as to federal spending. Therefore, it’s important to remind Congressional members that adding money to “pork” projects doesn’t enrich the country. Rather it increases the federal deficit.

The Sun enters Sagittarius and Saturn turns retrograde on November 22nd. Usually Saturn turning retrograde doesn’t have a great impact in your personal life. However, since privacy is important now, this is a good time for personal reflection. The energy of Sagittarius is to look forward to the future. The energy of Saturn retrograde is to review the foundations of your beliefs and lifestyle. This is a good time to correct errors from your past so that they won’t interfere with your life as you take present and future actions.

When Mercury retrograde enters Scorpio on November 26th, you’ll see that correcting past errors really does impact your current relationships. A good theme for right now is letting go of the past so you can move forward.

On a mundane level, this is a good time to review your retirement plans, as well as your insurance program. It’s a great time to look at your daily routine and make any changes that increase your well-being.

As the month comes to a close, Jupiter forms a trine to Uranus on November 27th. It is a cycle that occurs approximately every 14 years. The length of time this cycle is in effect varies, depending on how frequently it occurs. In this case, the trine occurs three times: now in November and again on May 4 and August 29, 2006. The trine is a waning trine, meaning that global changes that occurred in 2003 are especially emphasized at this time.

Jupiter is in Scorpio and Uranus is in Pisces. Jupiter in Scorpio represents aspects of society that deal with economic, legal, scientific and religious events. Uranus in Pisces represents societal and economic changes due to upheaval often caused by technological advances and ideological changes. This trine represents the need to take action that can correct past errors and also take action that can make it easier for positive changes to occur in your personal life.

Economically, the value of the dollar declines. This could impact any overseas travels making it more expensive for American tourists. It could also increase the price of imports coming into the United States. The bond market may not do as well as fewer countries seek to invest their money in United States bonds. On the other hand, there will be changes in the types of USA treasury notes that are available for purchase by the general public.

Taxes tend to increase during this cycle. Due to deficits in the federal budget, Congress will make changes in the tax structure that increases taxes for the average person. Some of these changes focus around lower tax deductions, other changes focus on more local issues such as sales and gas tax.

Historically, scandals occur in the federal government. In 1977, the Korean lobbying scandal occurred and in 1923, Congress held hearings in the Teapot Dome oil scandal. Albert Bacon Fall, Secretary of the Interior was found guilty of accepting and receiving bribes several years later. The trine between Jupiter and Uranus tends to reveal unethical relationships between various individuals and organizations. Members of both parties will pay closer attention to the relationships politicians have with industry and foreign government officials. More of this information will surface, leading to criminal cases or impeachment proceedings against various individuals. Since this trine occurs three times between now and August 29, 2006, not all of the information regarding any scandals will fully surface until August 2006. Information which is revealed at this time is only part of the entire picture.

While you may have thought that problems with voting questions and polling districts is a thing of the past, it will start making news again. A trine between Jupiter and Uranus represents your need to see that fairness occurs in all public activities, especially in the election of public officials. Historically, voting issues surface during this time period. In 1964, the 24th amendment to the US Constitution abolished poll taxes. In 1812, Massachusetts Governor Elbridge Gerry signed an act rearranging the senatorial districts. Through redistricting, the Federalist Party at the time lost its majority control and the Democratic – Republican Party gained it. The act is still known as gerrymandering. Fighting for political control is actually an age-old experience, however, redistricting may occur more often as a practice to try and establish this control.

While this may not occur until 2006 when this same trine comes back, Congress will take on the issue of E-voting and its implementation before the next presidential election. There are still many concerns that need to be addressed, such as the possibility of computer hacking into the system or the lack of a paper trail. At this time, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is tasks with developing the standards for a voting machine.

Dissemination of information through the use of the most current technology is always important when Jupiter forms a trine to Uranus. As more people use email for movement of documents and actual correspondence, the US Postal System will experience increased financial difficulties unless the agency finds ways to incorporate current technology. Postal rates will increase, probably by the second time this trine occurs in 2006. Although paper documents are important, new and improved technology makes it more difficult for the institution of the postal service to continue operating as it currently does.

The greatest advances in the dissemination of information during this time period is that found in wireless technology. Over the past several years, more people are using WIFI, wireless technology for their computers, to hook up to the internet. However, this current technology only allows you to go up to 500 feet from a computer “hot spot” before you lose your internet connection. One of the current technologies being developed by companies such as Intel is called WiMAX. This technology calls for the building of towers and placing of chips into computers that will enable you to have an internet connection for up to 30 miles from a “hot spot.” Still other scientists are developing a technology that will let you take your own “hot spot” with you by placing a rechargeable battery system in a backpack that continues to recharge just by your walking. And, there really isn’t enough room in this article to discuss the changes in telephone technology that enable you to utilize both telephone and internet connects on an international basis.

This is an exciting time period for you because you never need to be too far away from communicating with another individual. At the same time, this can also be an overwhelming time period if you never get away from external stimulation and find time to be with yourself.

Jupiter trine Uranus always indicates that the weather is erratic. Historically, storms occur during this cycle. So, it may be wise for you to be careful as you consider traveling at the end of November.

Personally, Jupiter trine Uranus indicates that life “speeds” up. External stimuli increases and it makes it more difficult for you to slow down and relax. While some of the technological advances can be exciting, it’s very important for your mental health that you learn when to turn off some of these technological tools, such as your cell phone or computer. This is a time to learn how to spend some private moments with people you love. These technological tools are wonderful when they enhance your life, but cause problems when they control it.