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Misty’s November 2023 astrological article is now online.

Healing…there are so many forms of healing. Releasing secrets which prevent you from knowing the truth. Forming relationships which provide you with love and support that you need in today’s world. Turning inward and taking time to understand your own personal needs so you can feel safe and secure. November 2023 is a month where healing is a major theme in both your life and the lives of others. This is the time for “Healing Our Lives.”


 Moon Void of Course dates and times are up for the year 2023, as well as for December 2022.


Personal Astrology by Misty Kuceris, ISAR – CAP

Astrology is a way to understand the cycles in your life. It takes the date, time and place of your birth and uses this information to create a celestial map of the first day you entered this earth plane. This celestial map is also called your natal astrological chart. The theory of astrology is that life is a stream of continuous movement, especially celestial movement. Within this stream of movement, you are born and your consciousness begins to grow. The map of this growth is known as your natal birth chart, or your horoscope. The chart shows the celestial positions of the planets and signs at the time of your birth. It creates your own special zodiac: A living mandala.

Astrology is a living entity because it has movement which ebbs and flows throughout your life. By knowing your astrological chart, you are able to understand your talents, your communication style, and other aspects of your personality. As each day continues in your life, you encounter new energy which is shown to you through transits, secondary progressions, and solar arc progressions. In addition to your astrological natal chart, this creates new charts showing both your psychological and actual growth. The growth you determine with your own free will.

Corporate and Mundane Astrology by Misty Kuceris, ISAR – CAP

Misty Lecturing in India

Astrology is also used in the corporate and financial worlds. The use of this astrology is known as mundane astrology or financial astrology. In mundane astrology, the cycles of the world are studied through the use of regressive analysis. This means that I look at the previous astrological cycles and find a patterns of events. Through seeings these patterns, I can forecast potential astrological trends which will occur in upcoming years. These astrological trends can be found in the financial field. They can be found in the advertising industry. And, they can be found in political and social behavior. There is nothing new under the Sun. Just a better understanding of what we already have.

Commitment to Professionalism

As a USA-based astrologer living in Virginia and working with the international community, I am committed to improving the professionalism of astrology and do so through my involvement with various astrological associations such as NCGR (National Council for Geocosmic Research, Inc., ISAR (International Society for Astrological Research), and the organization which I co-founded: NOVA Astrology Group (Northern Virginia Astrology Group). In addition, I write astrological columns for Pathways magazine in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and have appeared on radio and televisions programs throughout the world. (Just go to About Misty if you want more detailed information on my expertise.)

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