March 2014 – Reflections on Your Creative Nature

Important energies for the month of March 2014:

  • New Moon with Sun and Moon and Pisces occurs on March 1, 2014.
  • Mars in Libra turns stationary retrograde on March 1, 2014. It will remain retrograde until May 19, 2014.
  • Saturn in Scorpio turns stationary retrograde on March 2, 2014. It will remain retrograde until July 20, 2014.
  • Jupiter in Cancer turns stationary direct on March 6, 2014.
  • Full Moon with Sun in Pisces and Moon in Virgo on March 16, 2014.
  • Sun enters Aries on March 20, 2014.
  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Aries on March 30, 2014.

Reflections on Your Creative Nature

By Misty Kuceris ©2014

While there are times during the month of March that you’ll get some clues as to what you can expect between April 20 and April 23, 2014, most of the month focuses on the need to reflect and use your creative energy to understand life around you. This is especially true with the new Moon in Pisces that occurs on March 1st. (Actually, just as in January 2014, there are two new Moons in the month of March.)

This new Moon is separating from a conjunction to Neptune and a trine to Jupiter retrograde. In the mundane world, this can be very difficult. Secrets from the past will be revealed. There could be scandals in the financial sector. Or, a prominent ally might reveal information that was supposed to be kept hidden from the American public. Because Neptune and Jupiter retrograde are involved, you want to guard your money very carefully. Contracts could be confusing or downright misleading.

At the same time, the involvement of Neptune and Jupiter retrograde with the new Moon can also be a very spiritual and creative time. While dealing with decisions in the external world can be difficult, finding solutions through meditation can reveal tremendous insight. Make a note of any information which you receive through meditation because it will be important, especially when the full Moon occurs on March 16th.

Normally Mars turning retrograde is not that important. However, when it turns retrograde in the sign of Libra on March 1st, it becomes very significant for several reasons. As Mars turns retrograde in this sign, it will kick off a cardinal grand cross that occurs between April 20, 2014 and April 23, 2014 when Jupiter moves into a square to Uranus and an opposition to Pluto retrograde. Also, Mars is usually in a sign for only about six weeks. However, because of its retrograde motion, it will be in the sign of Libra for almost eight months. It entered the sign of Libra on December 21, 2013 and it will leave the sign of Libra on July 25, 2014.

Mars in retrograde position usually means that actions slow down. It’s difficult for you to feel motivated. With Mars retrograde in Libra you may find that negotiations come to a standstill. People just don’t want to be bothered with relating to others. They aren’t willing to listen or understand another person’s point of view. It’s also important that Mars was approaching a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node but turns retrograde before that happens. It’s as if you had the opportunity to work with others for everyone’s mutual benefit, but that opportunity was taken away from you. Watch global events very carefully during this time period because they will give you a clue to what you can expect in April 2014.

Saturn turns stationary retrograde on March 2nd adding more sluggishness in the world. It will remain retrograde until July 20, 2014. This could be a problem for the world’s economy. This could also be a problem for you as well. You may find that you lack motivation to do very much. You’d rather just sit back and let things happen around you. But, you can also use this energy to your advantage. With Saturn in the sign of Scorpio, you might want to sit back and assess how to create a more secure foundation in life.

On March 4th, Venus forms a square to the Moon’s Nodal Axis. This is going to be a day of high tension both with the global economy and your personal life. Corporations are going to report that their earnings are down. People aren’t willing to spend money right now. Meanwhile, you’ll find that you don’t want to help other people because you feel they are becoming a drain on your resources. If possible, try not to be involved in any situations that require group interactions because you won’t have the patience for other people’s demands.

Venus enters the sign of Aquarius on March 5th and suddenly you’re more willing to help other people, especially your friends. You don’t want them to be alone as they make important decisions in their lives. You also don’t want to be alone as you try to get tasks accomplished. What’s good about this day is that you realize you don’t need to do it all by yourself. You can ask for help and you’ll receive it.

Jupiter in Cancer turned stationary retrograde on November 7, 2013 and now turns stationary direct on March 6, 2014. When Jupiter turns direct, commerce works better. Various corporate and government leaders can find solutions where there are problems. And with Saturn retrograde at this time period some of the solutions will solve some old problems. However, there is an underlying energy this time that Jupiter is turning direct that isn’t so common. As Jupiter turns direct, it is moving back into the square to Uranus and the opposition to Pluto. The square and opposition won’t be exact until April 20, 2014, but you’ll feel it now. You’ll want to jump ahead and create solutions, but you may not consider all the consequences. On the other hand, you may feel that other people created obstacles in your life and now you want to remove those obstacles, no matter what the cost. So, although Jupiter turning direct means that you can move forward quickly, it’s very important not to take any actions without considering all the long-term possibilities it can create in your life: both good and bad.

There is a desire when Venus makes an aspect to Ceres retrograde on March 7th to nurture other people and be very supportive. However the aspect that Venus makes is a square to Ceres retrograde. So, you may feel that other people are putting you into a situation that you would rather not be involved with. They may want to get their way; you may want to get your way. Compromising is just too difficult right now. You’re better off watching the situation rather than being involved with it.

When Mercury forms a square to Saturn retrograde on March 11th, there’s a tendency for you to take everything personally. You may feel that other people are criticizing you when all they’re trying to do is help you with a situation. Taking things seriously can have their advantages. You may be able to let go of certain things in your life. You may be able to analyze a problem even if you don’t like the solution. Just don’t let this seriousness rob you of finding a way to have fun.

The full Moon that occurs on March 16th has the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo. Once this full Moon occurs, the Moon goes void-of-course. This means that not much may happen at this full Moon. It is important for you to consider your daily routine and what needs to be done. It could be a good time to clear out old matters and throw out things that aren’t important any more. It could also be a good time to relax and not overdo anything. While you may want to make commitments, especially to volunteer activities, it’s better not to make those commitments because you’ll regret it later. And, don’t be surprised if any insights that came up during the time of the new Moon on March 1st resurface today. Those insights will help you know what you need to toss and what you need to keep in your life.

With Venus forming a quincunx to Jupiter and Mercury entering the sign of Pisces on March 17th, the day could go either way. You may have a lot of energy and feel love for everyone in the world. Or, you may be reflective on the events that surround you. If you feel as if you’d like to be part of the world and participate in activities, take time to feel the love that surrounds you. If you’d rather stay home, use this time for creative activities that can get you closer to spirit and the love that comes from the other realms. This is a great day if you’re an artist because the level of creativity that comes through will be elevated as if it comes from another dimension.

The energy of creativity actually continues on March 18th, as Mercury forms a trine to Ceres retrograde and Venus forms a sextile to Uranus. Again, this day could go either way. You may want to spend time with yourself and just appreciate who you really are. Or, you may want to be involved with others so that you can enjoy new experiences in your life. You’ll feel a lot more compassion today especially since there is an opportunity to meet someone of a romantic nature.

The Sun enters the sign of Aries on March 20th and the Spring Equinox occurs in the Northern Hemisphere as a new astrological year begins. This entry of the Sun in a cardinal sign won’t be as intense as in the past few years. The cardinal outer planets of Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto have moved into the second decanate and don’t impact the Sun’s entry as much. (Decanates are subdivisions of the signs. There are three decanates in each sign. When a sign is in the first decanate, it manifests the pure energy of that sign with all its intensity. When the sign is in the second and third decanate, the energy is no longer pure but a blending that increases the maturity of that energy.)

You don’t feel as rushed to just jump into situations now. But, you do feel the need to take charge of your life. In the chart set up for the United States, Cancer is on the Ascendant and close to the degrees that emphasize the cardinal T-square created by Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto. This means several things. First of all the sign of Cancer represents the public – you. Secondly, Jupiter is hidden in the twelfth house with Pluto hidden in the sixth house, and Uranus intercepted in the tenth house. You’re not happy with leadership. You feel that people in power have taken advantage of you. You want them to pull the world out of recession and any other problems that impact your life. At the same time, you expect leadership to come up with some new ideas. But they can’t. They just can’t seem to figure it out.

The cardinal ingress charts return to their usual pattern this year where the rising sign is the same for three of the ingresses (Spring, Summer, and Winter) and different for the fourth ingress (Fall). Since the rising sign is Cancer, it means that you will have a greater say in the way that business is done in your country, as well as your life. You won’t put up with people taking advantage of you. You’ll make certain that you’re protected. Just don’t let people try to use fears to get your to think their way. With Mercury forming a conjunction to Neptune in this chart and Saturn in Scorpio being retrograde, they will try to use fear. If you can get the facts, you won’t slip into fear.

March 22nd is going to be an interesting day. Ceres retrograde re-enters the sign of Libra and Mercury forms a conjunction to Neptune. With Ceres retrograde re-entering the sign of Libra it’s very important that you consider relationships in your life and their value. However, logical thinking will be difficult with Neptune forming a conjunction to Mercury. You won’t be able to create a list of what’s right and what’s wrong with a person. Instead, you’ll have to determine whether that person feels good to be around. This won’t be difficult for those of you who are not cerebral individuals. But, it will frustrate cerebral people. Basically you need to feel that you are respected by people in your life or that you can respect them. If not, it doesn’t matter what logical assets they may possess. The reality is that if you are not being treated well and it’s time to re-evaluate that relationship. Just remember, with Mercury forming a conjunction to Neptune, you’re not going to receive all the information you need if you try to have a discussion with a person. That individual will either unintentionally deceive your through omitting some critical facts. Or, that person will tell you the truth but all you’ll hear is what you want, not what is being said. This is also true when it comes to signing contracts. Don’t do it today.

March 26th, on the other hand, is a good day to express your thoughts. Mercury is forming a conjunction to Jupiter and your mind is very alert. You’ll hear what is really being said. You’ll come up with solutions to difficulties. You’ll understand situations with a new perspective. Just don’t let your enthusiasm get carried away. If that happens, you may find yourself making too many commitments and taking on too many responsibilities.

When Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto on March 28th, it’s easier for you to decide which commitments are good to keep and which ones are just getting in the way of enjoying life. You’re able to focus on important details. Since Mercury is in Pisces, you may find that you can pull up more creative energies than usual. This is good because you’ll come up with some innovative ways of doing things.

March 29th is a day where you may take yourself too seriously. Mercury is forming a conjunction to Chiron and Venus is forming a square to Saturn. It’s very important that you don’t start criticizing yourself or other people in your life. You need to try and understand all aspects of any situation that’s occurring. It’s also important that you don’t expect too much. If you can approach situations as a teacher, you’ll find that more people are willing to listen to what you have to say.

The second new Moon of the month occurs on March 30th with both the Sun and Moon in Aries. When the Sun formed the ingress into the sign of Aries on March 20th, it didn’t really create a cardinal aspect to the outer planets. However, this new moon does form a cardinal T-square. It forms a square to both Jupiter and Pluto. And, it forms a conjunction to Uranus.

A new Moon in Aries can always be one of high energy because of the nature of the signs. You want to move forward and you’re willing to take risks. However, since this new Moon is forming a cardinal T-square taking risks is not such as good idea. You’re willing to jump ahead and not consider the consequences but that could possibly lead you to a wrong decision. And, what occurs at the time of this new Moon will also give you another clue as to what you can expect between April 20th and April 23rd. If you use this energy for meditation, you’ll find that it can bring up creative ways to solve problems. It can also give you creative insight into your own spiritual nature and how that manifests in the physical world.

When Ceres retrograde forms a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node as it does on March 31st, you need to be very careful. This could be a day where a major crisis occurs, especially in relationships. It could also be a day where infrastructures that weren’t taken care of can break down and create a very serious accident.

The positive of this aspect is that you can look forward to your future and determine just how relationships can help you proceed with success. You can learn that in order to succeed you can’t do it alone. You need other people. Just don’t get too involved in helping other people succeed that you forget about your own needs.