September 2006: Releasing Your Fears Through Introspection

September is a month on introspection. A lunar partial eclipse occurs on September 7, 2006, Mercury forms a square to Pluto on September 9, 2006, Venus forms an opposition to Uranus retrograde on September 16, 2006, the Solar annular Eclipse occurs on September 22, 2006, the Vernal Equinox occurs on September 23, 2006, and Jupiter forms another square to Neptune on September 24, 2006.

The month actually begins with Pluto in Sagittarius turning direct on September 4, 2006. This is a slow moving celestial body that where you may not feel all the changes this change of motion represents. However, you’ll begin to feel that things that were stalled in your life are finally beginning to shift gears and move forward. As Venus enters Virgo, it becomes easier for you to understand the details in your life and how you need to either embrace them or make changes so that any forward movement can begin to occur.

The following day, September 7, 2006, is the day of the lunar partial eclipse. Here the Sun is in Virgo while the Moon is in Pisces.

Eclipses are a time for understanding the shadow nature of your personality. The shadow can represent fears you are unwilling to address. The shadow can represent unexpressed anger. Or, the shadow can represent your unexpressed true nature lurking below a surface layered by external obligations that you believe you “should” maintain.

A lunar eclipse, such as the one occurring on September 7th, occurs during the time of the full Moon. Under normal circumstances, a full Moon represents the time of the month when you evaluate your life and determine what is or is not meeting your emotional needs. This time it’s a little different. Since the eclipse occurs on the Virgo/Pisces axis, this is a time to think of ways to heal your life and show compassion, especially to yourself. This is also true on a global level where healing and compassion needs to take place.

However, showing this compassion could be difficult if you let your fears dominate your need for healing and moving forward with life. This is especially true if you are either a Virgo or Pisces. Being true to your nature will actually increase the number of people who are attracted to you and want to help you. In addition, being gentle with yourself will let you take the time you need to bring more spiritual peace and relaxation into your life.

When Mars enters Libra on September 8, 2006, thoughts need to turn to other people in your life. In actuality, Mars is not comfortable in Libra because Mars represents your vitality and individuality. Meanwhile, Libra is the sign of partnerships. The harmony of this energy is to understand that you don’t need to lose your individuality in any partnerships. Therefore, reflect on the various partnerships, either personal or business, and determine if they support your individuality and if you support their individuality. If too much compromise from one party occurs, the price you are paying for the relationship may just be too high to maintain that relationship.

If you need to have any discussions or negotiations with people, try not to have them on September 9, 2006. Mercury forms a square to Pluto on this day indicating that struggles may occur during any negotiations as each person attempts to maintain their power position. It’s much better to take time to analyze situations right now so that you can find a better resolution tomorrow.

When Mercury enters Libra on September 12th, it becomes easier to discuss possible solutions that caused difficulties in your partnerships. If you took the time to analyze your situation around September 9th, you will find that now you can actually come up with solutions that make sense to all parties involved.

When Venus forms an opposition to Uranus on September 16th, any unresolved matters will surface. If you have been harboring any anger towards an individual, it will be very difficult to keep quiet about the matter today. This could also work the other way. If a person has felt frustrated in relating to you, they may voice that frustration. The only danger is that sometimes the emotions take control and it’s difficult to keep quiet about things.

When the solar eclipse in Virgo occurs on September 22nd, the emphasis is on understanding what habits are driving your personal nature and determining if those habits are healthy or self-defeating. Self-defeating habits are often behaviors you learned as a child to try and protect yourself but no longer work for you as an adult. Self-defeating habits can also lead to fears that impact your life and prevent you from moving into your true success. This could be a good time to determine what steps you’d like to take to change any habits that are self-defeating. This is especially true if you are a Virgo or Pisces. Today is an excellent time to reflect on what new behaviors you want to incorporate into your life. It’s a day to celebrate this new time where you can start bringing more happiness into your life.

This celebration can continue into the following day, September 23rd, as the Vernal Equinox occurs and Mercury forms a trine to Neptune. The focus is not only on yourself, but on your relationships with family members. This is a good day to strengthen your connections with the world. If you took time during the lunar and solar eclipses to understand your personal fears, you’ll find that it’s easier now to have comforting relationships with people in your life.

September 24th is an important day because Jupiter forms a square to Neptune. This is a 14-year cycle that occurs in a series of three. This particular square is the most important in the cycle because it is the last one of the series. The other two of the series occurred on January 27 and March 16, 2006.

Both Jupiter and Neptune represent different aspects of your spiritual growth. Jupiter represents how you manifest your spiritual beliefs in your daily life and Neptune represents how you bring spiritual compassion into your life. At the same time, Neptune can represent where you mislead yourself into beliefs that may not necessarily be true while Jupiter can represent where you believe that the only law that exists in life is one you make without regard to its consequences or impact on other people.

If you feel tension at this time, it may mean that there is a disparity between your lifestyle and spiritual beliefs. Any self-deceit could bring more difficulties into your life. Or, perhaps you are still letting fears control your life. However, this can be a wonderful time for you. You may finally be able to come up with solutions that enable you to balance your spiritual needs to your daily life. This is a good day to plan for your future by understanding your dreams and developing realistic plans that pierce illusions standing in your way.

Globally, this aspect is important. Disenfranchised groups voice their needs through various public displays. In some instances, people are willing to risk their lives for the same safety and economic progress other class members receive in their social structure. Political and economic scandals that were exposed in January 2006 surface again. Weather patterns continue to be disruptive causing greater rainfall and higher temperatures than normal. (You can read more detailed information in my book, Trend Analysis for the Year 2006.)

As the month ends, Venus enters its natural sign of Libra again emphasizing the importance of relationships in your life. This month may seem difficult if you let your fears control you. Yet, if you release those fears, you’ll find that you can move forward through actions that support your need for healthy relationships and spiritual balance.