November 2009: Take Care of Your Health

The month of November is one where you need to reach out to your friends. This is not a time to try and do everything on your own. It’s also a month where various forms of the flu will increase. For that reason, it’s very important that you take care of your health.

Once again the month starts with a full Moon on November 2nd. In addition to the full Moon, Venus and Mercury form aspects which are felt during the time of the full Moon. Venus forms a quincunx to Uranus retrograde and a trine to Neptune retrograde while Mercury forms a conjunction to Ceres. Since the full Moon has the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, the Sun actually creates a stellium with the Mercury/Ceres conjunction. This is an important time to look at your financial picture and start placing priorities in your life. You need to talk to people who understand how to focus on financial matters. At the same time be cautious with any news that the economic picture is improving. While some improvements are occurring slowly, the biggest lag in economic improvements is the unemployment picture. If you are thinking about changing jobs right now, it will take you a lot longer to secure a new job. Therefore, you may want to think twice before leaving your current position.

Health matters also need to be addressed. The flu season is continuing and you need to make certain that if you or someone in your family isn’t feeling well, you take a proactive position and do everything necessary to keep them or yourself healthy.

On November 4th, Neptune turns direct. This is not a major change of events and you might not even notice it unless you have a Sun, Moon, or Aquarius rising in your astrological chart. Information which was confusing to you begins to make better sense. People who didn’t respond to your calls start returning them. Even taking care of your health seems easier.

Conversation is very important November 8th through the 11th as Mercury forms a square to the Aquarius stellium of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. This is a period where it’s important for you to turn to your friends and colleagues as you try to resolve various matters that deal with your long-term plans. While you may want to try and do things on your own, it’s easier if you have support for your projects. The 8th of the month can be intense as you try to understand how to proceed in an environment where financial concerns can generate fears. Understanding your weaknesses and using them to build on your strengths is important on the 10th. Unexpected insights can occur on the 11th as you mull over what others have said to you during your discussions with them.

On November 15th, a new 32 to 35-year cycle occurs when Saturn forms a square to Pluto. This is the first time this aspect occurs during this cycle. It will occur again on January 31 and August 21, 2010. Saturn rules both the administration of new projects as well as the development of projects that need a good foundation for success. Pluto represents the need to transform current information in a manner that it can serve the wider good of people, not just individuals. In the negative, Saturn represents restrictions while Pluto represents fears that prevent people from moving forward. Both Saturn and Pluto, in their own ways, deal with the riches which come from the earth: Pluto from the mines and Saturn from the land.

The last time this aspect occurred was in 1973. OPEC quadrupled its oil prices and long line occurred as peopled tried to fill their gas tanks. This precipitated an economic crisis which President Richard Nixon tried to alleviate by implementing a 90-day wage and price freeze. Rising unemployment was also a major problem.

In 1907 a panic began when the banks in the United States suffered a run from people demanding their money. To avert the panic, J.P. Morgan and other financial experts transferred money to the banks and also purchased stock in the banks. The Panic of 1907 led directly to the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913.

As the season starts moving into the winter months for Northern Hemisphere countries, energy costs are going to be a major concern. Heating bills will rise so it’s important that you plan for these increases.

The banking industry continues to undergo changes as new regulations try to control unknown investment strategies such as hedge funds and derivatives. As the banking and credit card industries prepare for changes in consumer credit card management, you need to read all your statements carefully so that you don’t get caught with unexpected expenses or interest rate increases.

The greater focus during this cycle will be on alternative fuels. Scientists will re-evaluate the benefits of wind energy which can actually create hazards for birds. Ethanol produced from corn will be re-evaluated based on its long-term economic and environmental viability. Biodiesel fuel, especially developed from algae and other substances, will be considered. The side benefit of all this research will result in more energy-efficient products for the home.

Spiritually this aspect represents the need for you to understand how to take the foundations you’ve built in your life and apply them to your long-term goals. It also represents the need to take care of your physical health so you can achieve your long-term goals. When you do feel fear, take time to understand what that fear means to you and how that fear is preventing you from proceeding with your plans. Perhaps the fear is a warning that you haven’t considered everything. Or, perhaps that fear is a warning that you may be abandoning important aspects of your life which you need to maintain in order to succeed. However, if that fear starts immobilizing you, take time to consider what you’ve achieved and the blessings that surround you, your family, and friends. This will give you enough impetus to move forward.

The new Moon, with Sun and Moon in Scorpio, occurs on November 16th, one day after Saturn forms the square to Pluto. This new Moon is more important than you realize. It forms a square to the Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune stellium. It also forms a trine to Uranus retrograde. Mercury also forms a sextile to Saturn after the full Moon.

Economical matters still need to be a concern for you. However, an area of concern that is more important than economic matters is the health of you and your family. This is not the best month for various illnesses, especially the flu. You need to do everything possible to build up your immune system. The old wives tale of washing your hands is very important. Keep some sanitizers around when you go out in public so that you can wipe off those handle bars of shopping carts and door knobs of public rest rooms.

Don’t be surprised if you feel a little tired or even confused today. There’s a lot of energy that’s swirling around you. You may be picking up on something yet not have all the facts. Just trust in your judgment. You’ll get the answers you need on November 22nd when Venus forms a conjunction to Ceres.

On November 24th through November 26th, Venus forms a square to the Aquarius stellium of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. During the next few days more information regarding unemployment surfaces in the news. This could have a detrimental effect on the stock market since retails begin worrying about the upcoming holiday sales. As a matter of fact, stores will probably increase the number of sales they offer to consumers.

Again the most important concern is your health. Continue doing whatever possible to build up your immune system. If you hear more news about the swine flu, try not to panic.

Spiritually this is a time to focus on improving the health of your life, whether that health is physical or financial. It’s a good time to spend with your family and friends. Appreciate the value they bring to you. If other people express negative emotions, do the best you can not to get sucked into their feelings. Try to be as nurturing as possible.

As the month of November draws to a close, Mercury forms a sextile to Jupiter and Chiron on November 29th and a square to Uranus retrograde on November 30th. These two days are one of mixed emotions. If you’ve been communicating with family and friends, you’ll see how much love is surrounding you. You’ll feel protected from the anxieties found in the world. If however, you’ve been trying to do everything on your own, you’ll feel frustrated and disconnected. The best possible thing that you can do for yourself is reach out to others and know they will be there for you.