April 2021 – Value Your Actions

Important astrological energies for the month of April:

  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Aries occurs on April 11, 2021
  • Full Moon with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio occurs on April 26, 2021

Value Your Actions

By Misty Kuceris ©2021

In many ways the month of April is one of duality. The energy of Aries is very strong when the month begins and grows stronger until it shifts to the energy of Taurus midway through this month. So initially you want to go out into the world, take risks, and let go of restrictions. But as the energy moves to Taurus you become more concerned about solving problems and making certain that what you value is a daily part of your life. A better way of thinking about the energies for this month is that you are ready to take action and once you start considering those actions you are ready to determine value in your life.

The month starts with Mercury forming a sextile to Pluto on April 2nd. This means that you’re willing to communicate with other people in a way that shows them you care. You’re willing to listen to their problems and help in any way that you can. With Mercury in Pisces, you need to be cautious that you don’t get sucked into helping them to the point that you don’t help yourself.

Venus forms a conjunction to Ceres in the morning and Mercury enters the sign of Aries in the evening of April 3rd. This is going to be a day of shifting energies because once Mercury enters the sign of Aries there are five astrological points in the sign of Aries: Mercury, Chiron, the Sun, Ceres, and Venus.

When Venus forms a conjunction to Ceres, all aspects of the feminine energy come into being. Venus represents that aspect of femininity which is passionate. She enjoys being the center of attraction. Meanwhile, Ceres represents the individual who knows how to control situations in her life. She knows when to demand and when to compromise. Together these energies indicate an ability to go after what you want and in a way that other people find endearing. It softens the hard edges of Aries, the sign that both planets are in right now. Yet it also indicates that you won’t let anyone stand in your way. You are willing to risk whatever is necessary in order to win. And, win you do.

As Mercury enters the sign of Aries later in the day, you know how to express your needs to other people. You aren’t afraid. You move forward with your life. But, you also need to be careful. You may speak without thinking and get yourself in trouble. Watch your words. You don’t want to give too much away. But, you also don’t want other people to take advantage of you.

On April 9th, Mercury forms a conjunction to Chiron and Mars forms a square to Neptune. When Mercury forms the conjunction to Chiron, you want to make certain that your words don’t hurt other people. You want to feel as if they are listening to you just as much as you are listening to them. This is a good time to work out old problems which have been lingering with others.

As Mars forms the square to Neptune later in the day, you feel a little confused about the direction you want to take. You don’t want to miss out on any important action. Still, it’s best if you just pull back and listen. Don’t give out too much information because it might be used against you later.

On April 10th, Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn and Venus forms a sextile to Jupiter. Even though Mercury is in Aries and the normal tendency is to say too much, that changes today with Saturn in Aquarius. You understand the importance of taking your time. You’re willing to listen. And, you take what other people are saying seriously.

This is also a good day for creating plans based on your past experience. Saturn represents the ability to cultivate your environment while Mercury represents that ability to create plans. So, use this energy to jot down those important ideas.

With Venus forming a sextile with Jupiter later in the day, you feel confident about your abilities. You know what you want to do. You feel optimistic that your plans will succeed. When Venus is in Aries you don’t want to rely on anyone else. But, it’s fun when other people support your efforts. invite them to join you in your ventures.

On April 11th, a new Moon occurs and Venus forms a square to Pluto about 32 minutes after this new Moon occurs.

This new Moon is a very powerful one. Both the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Aries. Plus, they aren’t the only ones attending this party. Venus, Ceres, Mercury, and Chiron are also in the sign of Aries. That makes six planets and luminaries in the same sign.

People what to know what’s going on in the world. You don’t want any surprises right now. You want to be able to do things without interference from others. You’re willing to stand up for your rights. And, you don’t want to lose your individuality in the process.

With all these planets and luminaries in Aries you’re willing to take risks. If you need to, you’ll rush into situations without considering the consequences. How this plays out depends on the specific situation. It could mean that people start rebelling against constrictions in their lives. Or, it may mean that people have taken safety precautions and are now ready to move back into the world.

This willingness to go to battle for what you believe in is also shown by the new Moon forming a sextile to Mars in Gemini and a sextile to Jupiter in Aquarius, as well as the square that Venus will make to Pluto almost immediately after the new Moon occurs. So, be careful as you go out in the world.

In the positive, this energy means that whatever you decide to begin at this time will be very successful. You have a lot of support from other people. And, you understand how to play the game. This is especially true with Venus forming the square to Pluto. While there can be some tension, you’re passionate about what you want to do and will do everything possible to succeed.

Venus enters its ruling sign of Taurus and Mercury forms a conjunction to Ceres on April 14th. With Venus in Taurus you feel more comfortable about going after your needs. But at the same time, you’re willing to move slowly. You want to understand situations before you act. You want to take other people into consideration. You want to find value in your choices as well as finding value in your relationships. For this reason, it’s also a good day to review your financial obligations and investments.

When Mercury forms the conjunction to Ceres later in the day, you realize just how important it is to stand up for your rights. While you want to take other people into consideration, you also don’t want them to tell you what to do. Since both planets are in the sign of Aries, it’s easy to express yourself. Just don’t say so much that you give out more information than necessary.

On April 17th you feel a lot is happening around you as well as in your life. Mars is forming a trine to Jupiter while Mercury is forming a sextile to Jupiter and a square to Pluto.

With Mars forming the trine to Jupiter and Mercury forming the sextile to Jupiter you feel exuberant. You feel as if you can do anything you want in life. You have energy and you’re willing to move forward with your plans. You know what you want and how to discuss this with other people.

Normally when Mercury forms a square to Pluto, you feel as if other people don’t want to hear your ideas. And you feel as if they are trying to manipulate you. But today, it’s different because of the aspects both Mars and Mercury made to Jupiter earlier in the day. With Mercury forming that square to Pluto you are more convinced than ever before how right you are. If people are disagreeing with your perspective, you just ignore them realizing that they don’t know everything.

When Mars forms a quincunx to Pluto on April 18th, you realize that you have to re-evaluate your plans. There may be some setbacks to the plans you thought might work. But this isn’t a bad thing. It’s important to remember that Mars and Pluto have a symbiotic relationship because they both rule the sign of Scorpio. So, what a quincunx means between these two planets is that you need to make certain your actions match both your abilities and your psychological needs for success. Do that and you’ll definitely know what path to take.

On April 19th, both Mercury and the Sun enter the sign of Taurus and the energy felt from the Aries stellium abates as the energy of a Taurus stellium begins. (The planets and luminaries in Taurus are now the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus.) Where before you may have rushed into situations, now the feeling is different. When Mercury enters the sign of Taurus, you tend to take your time before making up your mind. You make certain that everything is thought through. You don’t like to jump into anything too quickly. You do all the research that is necessary. Some people may even think that you have some problems because you’re taking so much time before you make a decision. But that’s not the case. Instead you become more confident in your decisions because you did the research.

This need to understand situations before you act continues as the Sun enters Taurus. It’s not that much different than Mercury entering the sign of Taurus. You don’t like to be pushed into situations. You don’t want other people to tell you what to do. At the same time, you don’t really want to act on your own. You value the importance of group interactions even if it seems like there are some points where you won’t budge.

In some ways, Venus in Taurus forming a conjunction to Uranus in Taurus, as it does on April 22nd, is an oxymoron. Usually when conjunct planets are in the sign of Taurus you want to consider all your options before you act. But that changes when Venus forms this conjunction to Uranus. Instead you are very impatient. You want to come to some conclusions quickly. So, actually a better way of thinking about this energy is this: You’ve put up with other people and their needs for a long time. You’ve even been supportive of their needs. But today, when you think about their needs, you realize that you’ve been giving up important aspects of yourself in order to help them. You’re done. You no longer are willing to do that. Now you’re ready to just let go of them and move on with your life.

Another way that this energy could manifest is that you run into people you haven’t seen in a while. This is a great way to see how much, if at all, you’ve changed. These encounters could bring a lot of joy into your life since you may have been thinking about these people for a while.

One thing that you do need to be cautious of is your finances. Sometimes Venus forming a conjunction to Uranus can indicate an unexpected expense.

Mars is not comfortable in the sign of Cancer. Mars represents the energy of fire and Cancer represents the energy of water. So, when Mars enters the sign of Cancer on April 23rd this could go several ways. You may feel lack of energy as the fire of Mars is put out by the water of Cancer. Or, you may start “steaming” about situations that have been bothering you over the last few days or months, yet you’re not willing to discuss those matters with others.

There’s a tendency to avoid confrontation when Mars is in Cancer. As long as this avoidance doesn’t dissolve into passive-aggressive behavior you’ll be alright. But, if someone or something is bothering you, don’t let it steam under the surface. Take the time to address the situation and resolve the problem. You may even come across as a nurturing, sympathetic individual.

If there was a situation which bothered you yesterday and you didn’t address it, you may find yourself exploding about it today, April 24th, when Mercury forms a conjunct to Uranus. Even though both planets are in the sign of Taurus, you won’t be able to hold back if something is bothering you; that even includes situations from your past. So, if you feel frustrated, pull back for a while and try to determine what is causing the frustration. The one good thing about a conjunction between Mercury and Uranus is that it’s possible to get some new and unexpected information which can actually help you address a problem from the past.

On April 25th, both Venus and Mercury form squares to Saturn and then form a conjunction with each other.

When personal planets, such as Venus and Mercury, form aspects to Saturn, you need to review situations in your life and take them seriously. You can’t just put off dealing with problems. They need to be resolved. If you try to avoid dealing with the problems it might either cause you financial difficulties or it might cause a form of depression. So, start with small steps. And, this is where the conjunction formed by Mercury and Venus helps. Think about what’s important to you. Jot it down. If necessary, create a plan and reach out to others. Take time to understand why this plan if important to you.

When the full Moon occurs on April 26th, you find that you need to deal with subconscious matters or things that are under the surface. This is because the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio both square Saturn and create a fixed T-square. Also, according to NASA, this is one of the two super Moons that occur this year. The other super Moon will occur on May 26, 2021 at the time of the Total Lunar Eclipse. A super Moon occurs when the Moon is at perigee (its closest point to the Earth). Not only does this make the Moon look larger and brighter in the sky, but it’s magnetic pull on the earth is greater so you feel your emotions deeper. As a side note, don’t plant any bulbs around this full Moon since the water is closer to the surface.

With the fixed T-square occurring and Saturn being the “tail-point” of that fixed T-square, you need to move slowly or else you’ll experience obstacles if you move too fast. Also, with the open end of this fixed T-square being in the sign of Leo, you’ll take things personally if they don’t go according to your plans. So, rather than letting frustration drive you, take time to figure things out and deal with any problems. If you don’t try to resolve your problems today, they may continue under the surface and erupt like a volcano where you can’t control your anger. No matter how you experience the day, it will be one of cleansing, one way or another.

When Pluto in Capricorn turns retrograde on April 27th, you may not even feel it because Pluto operates on a subconscious level. It will remain retrograde until October 6th. Basically, you find yourself pulling back a bit and not sharing as much information with other people.

On April 29th, you’re able to understand things in a manner that doesn’t make logical sense. That’s because Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune and your intuition is elevated. You’re also able to approach situations from a creative point of view. You may not feel like doing a lot today, but you are getting more done on a subconscious level than you understand.

As the month of April ends, Ceres forms a square to Pluto on April 30th and you really understand how important it is to value the actions you take in life. A lot of people don’t understand how powerful the aspect of Ceres forming a square to Pluto is. Ceres, in mythology, is the mother Demeter who was outraged that her daughter Persephone was kidnapped by Pluto. So, she flung the world into cold. It was only after she negotiated with Zeus that Persephone was allowed to come back to the earth plane form the depths of the earth for six months out of the year. So, when Ceres forms a square to Pluto retrograde, this indicates that you don’t want anyone to take something of value from you. You also will negotiate until you get what you want. Just don’t let anger interfere with what you have to do in order to achieve your goals. And use caution if you need to rush into situations.

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