December 2022 – Making Dreams a Reality

Important astrological energies for the month of December:

  • Full Moon with Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini occurs on December 7, 2022.
  • Jupiter re-enters the sign of Aries on December 20, 2022. It initially entered the sign of Aries from May 10, 2022 to October 28, 2002. It will not enter the sign of Aries for the last time in this cycle until May 16, 2023 when it enters the sign of Taurus.
  • Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 21, 2022, and the Winter Solstice begins in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Capricorn occurs on December 23, 2022.
  • Mercury in Capricorn turns retrograde on December 29, 2022. It will be retrograde until January 18, 2023.

Making Dreams a Reality

By Misty Kuceris ©2022

December is the end of the year and the preparation for a new year. It’s a time period where you want to review your job, family, and social situations. You want to applaud your successes and honor your failures by accepting them as learning experiences. You also want to release negativity from your life and welcome love that surrounds you. With all of this, it’s appropriate that Mercury forms a square to Neptune retrograde and Venus forms a sextile to Saturn on December 1st. With Neptune representing the need to release old barriers as you move forward with life and Saturn representing the need to create firm boundaries that support your life, you may feel a little confused or conflicted today. But, you may realize that there is a way to take your dreams and make them a reality.

As Mercury forms the square to Neptune you want to be open to new ideas without any preconceived notions. As a matter of fact, these preconceived notions may actually cause you some stress. At the same time, you need to be cautious as you consider new ideas. You want to make certain that those concepts are based on reality and not some form of wishful thinking. And, you want to make certain that other people are telling you the truth and not trying to deceive you. One thing to remember with aspects between Mercury and Neptune: You won’t always get all the facts, so it’s best not to sign any contracts today.

Meanwhile with Venus forming the sextile to Saturn a few hours later, you feel as if you’re getting a better understanding of these new ideas. They may still conflict with old belief systems, but you can see their value. For this reason, you want to do a little bit more research. You want to take the time to understand these concepts based on your current value systems. In some instances, you may decide they are worth incorporating in your life. In other cases, you’ll see that they are so unrealistic that it’s better to just move on and let those thoughts go.

As Mercury forms a square to Ceres on December 3rd, you decide that you don’t want to compromise on your goals. Rather, you want to develop some plans and follow through with them. This is especially true as it relates to your daily routine and personal rituals. You feel that by maintaining those rituals you’ll be able to increase your chances of success.

And this sense that you can increase your chances of success strengthens as Neptune turns direct a little more than one hour later. Some of you may not feel the change of direction with Neptune. But, on a deeper level, you’ll feel increased clarity. You’ll also see improvement in your energy level.

As Venus forms a square to Neptune on December 4th, you want to find your soulmate: that person who loves you no matter what. But it’s wise to be cautious with your relationships today. What you think you hear or see may not necessarily be based on reality. You may be hearing or seeing what you want, not what is actually occurring.

It’s also possible that a person in your life may ask for your help. Yet helping that individual may only be helping that person maintain a negative situation. In fact that individual may be more interested in releasing all responsibility of a situation while hoping that you’ll accept that responsibility.

When it comes to finances, you need to be very careful. There are often hidden fees in contracts. Or, the item costs more than initially stated: A bait and switch situation.

Before Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn on December 6th, it will form a square to Jupiter. When this square occurs, you find that you are just saying too much. You also notice that your mind is operating at an incredibly fast pace. If you’re not careful, you won’t be hearing what others are saying. Or, perhaps it’s not so much that you’re not hearing what they’re saying. Perhaps it’s more that you don’t want to hear what they’re saying. Sometimes people feel the need to justify their actions when Mercury forms a square to Jupiter.

As Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn it becomes easier to get your thoughts in order. You don’t feel so scattered. As a matter of fact, you may take yourself a little too seriously. Still, you feel comfortable with organizing your life. It feels good to put things in order. You also realize that you don’t need to justify your behavior. You just need to accept responsibility for matters that are important in your life and the right actions will follow.

Both Venus and Ceres represent the feminine aspect of your nature. When they form a square to each other on December 7th, you find yourself examining two different aspects of your feminine nature. Venus is the feminine aspect which can be consumed by passion while Ceres is the feminine aspect that strategizes and even enjoys the bantering that accompanies that strategizing. With Venus you feel as if you can get what you want by exuding all your charm and enticing other people into your way of thinking. With Ceres, you feel that you need to hold out ultimatums which become negotiating points as you find ways to get what you really want while realizing that some compromise or loss may be necessary.

So when Venus forms a square to Ceres, you feel as if you need to be on guard. Do you try to charm or negotiate with people today? Do you trust their intentions? What are the best actions to take? Actually, the fact that you feel some tension while interacting with others will work in your favor. It elevates your ability to listen and hear what is actually being said. It also gives you a better sense of the right way to respond.

This need to be cautious becomes more evident as the full Moon occurs later that evening. With the Sun in Sagittarius, you want to move forward with your life. You want to experience new adventures. With the Moon in Gemini and forming a very tight conjunction to Mars retrograde, you feel as if other people are standing in your way. Emotionally you want to discuss matters and resolve them. But other people would rather argue with you than resolve matters. So this sense of wariness continues. What you realize is that not all people are supportive of your desire to move on with your life. They would rather stay put. As a matter of fact, they would also prefer that you stay put and don’t make any changes. If you want to move on with your life, you may just need to leave those people behind.

You feel a lot better when Ceres forms the trine to Pluto on December 8th. You know what you want and you know how you want to go about it. You feel this power that both planets represent: The knowledge of what you want in life and the realization that you can get the results you want. Also, with both of them in earth sign, you understand the importance of being practical. And, you understand that compromises need to be made in order to achieve your goals.

With Venus forming a square to Jupiter before Venus enters the sign of Capricorn on December 9th, you want to go out and have some fun. You want to play. Yet, you feel a little concerned that going out and playing may be a little too much, especially since you can feel the entry of Venus into the sign of Capricorn just around the corner.

As Venus enters the sign of Capricorn you become more serious. Venus isn’t comfortable in the sign of Capricorn. You tend to take life very seriously. You also find yourself putting work before family because you believe that’s the best way to show your love. While this sentiment is noble, it can also be misleading. By working long hours you may be taking away time that your family prefers you spend with them. Basically, when Venus is in Capricorn, it’s important to find that balance between your work and your personal time.

Don’t be at all surprised if you feel as if Mercury is turning retrograde on December 15th as it forms a square to Chiron retrograde and a quincunx to Mars retrograde. Technically, Mercury won’t go retrograde until December 29th. But often Mercury starts making Mercury triad aspects a few weeks before it goes retrograde and continues these triad aspects until a few weeks after Mercury goes direct. That means that you need to deal with this same Mercury energy for several weeks. That’s what causes the sense of Mercury turning retrograde earlier than usual.

With Mercury forming the square to Chiron retrograde today, you find that you don’t want to say anything which hurts others or brings harm into your life. You would rather put off any discussions that could resolve matters. Perhaps you want to put them off because you’re not ready to address them. Or, perhaps you feel the other person isn’t willing to listen to you. If you decide to avoid discussing some of these problems, they will crop up again on January 11, 2023 when Mercury is retrograde and Chiron is direct. Or, you may once again avoid any conversations only to see them resurface on January 27, 2023 when both Mercury and Chiron are direct.

As Mercury forms the quincunx to Mars retrograde, you feel frustrated that you aren’t discussing and resolving problems. But, there’s a tendency to be passive/aggressive when Mars is retrograde. For this reason it may be better that you put off any conversations until January 17, 2023 when Mercury is retrograde and Mars is direct. Or, better yet…you may want to wait until January 20, 2023 when both planets are direct.

Mercury is involved with another triad sequence on December 17th when it forms a trine to Uranus retrograde. This time you’re getting some new information which helps you understand situations in your life. With Mercury in Capricorn this new information may involve your job. You may decide that you’re not earning the respect that you deserve and it’s time to look for a new job. Or, you may decide that the career direction isn’t right and you want to move on. Still, you would be wise to move slowly right now because there’s still more information to come. When this aspect occurs on January 8, 2023, you’ll hear about some changes that are unexpected. That’s because both Mercury and Uranus are retrograde. But, those changes are just the beginning. There are still more changes to come. You won’t get all the information you need until January 29, 2023 when both planets are direct.

Before Ceres enters the sign of Libra on December 18th, it forms an opposition to Jupiter. With Ceres in Virgo, you want to approach situations realistically. You don’t want to take any risks. With Jupiter in Pisces, you want to go after your dreams. You don’t care if they are unrealistic to others. Yet, you still hold back a bit. As much as you may try to justify going after your dreams, there’s something letting you know you need to be careful. And this is where it becomes important for you to understand that dreams are good motivators. But, the practical approach enables success. With this opposition, you’re able to find that balance.

Finding balance continues as Ceres enters the sign of Libra. You’re willing to work with others. You understand the importance of relationships. You also don’t want to take anyone for granted. You want to make certain that everyone is being treated fairly. And, if you have to, you’ll fight to make certain that people are being treated fairly.

December 19th is a day where you learn the importance of healing yourself. This is because Venus forms a square to Chiron retrograde while Mars forms a sextile to Chiron retrograde later in the day.

With Venus forming the square to Chiron retrograde, you don’t want to hurt anyone. You want to take care of people and make certain nothing goes wrong in their lives. At the same time, you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re causing yourself pain by helping others. As a matter of fact, you’re beginning to understand that you can’t be responsible for other people’s problems or for their solutions.

As Mars forms the sextile to Chiron retrograde, you realize that you can put energy into your own healing. You can take care of your needs. And, if you decide that you want to help other people, you find that you don’t have to lose your identity. You can take care of others without causing any personal harm to yourself.

On December 20th, Jupiter re-enters the sign of Aries and remains in that sign until May 16, 2023 when it enters the sign of Taurus. Jupiter was initially in the sign of Aries from May 10, 2022 and until October 28, 2022 when in retrograde motion it re-entered the sign of Pisces.

Jupiter is a planet that has a 12-year cycle. That means that about every twelve years, Jupiter returns back to the same sign. Also, Jupiter normally stays in a sign for about 13 months. Now that Jupiter has re-entered Aries, this will be the last time Jupiter is in this sign for 12 years. The decisions you make as Jupiter is in the sign of Aries will impact your life for the next twelve years. What you start today and continue over the next few months as Jupiter is in Aries will create a foundation for your life for the next twelve years.

Jupiter represents your goals in life, especially your spiritual goals. Jupiter also represents how you expand your horizons and learn to move beyond the confines that society imposes. When Jupiter is in Aries, the lessons needed to be learned are all about you: Your identity; your vitality. When Jupiter was in Aries the last time, you had the opportunity to learn to go after what you wanted. You also had the opportunity to create new rules and regulations which seemed to work better in your life. On a spiritual level, this was where you learned how your soul becomes an individual within the field of mass consciousness.

Now that Jupiter is re-entering Aries for the last time in this 12-year cycle, you have the opportunity to go after what you want. You can take this time to learn how to work with other while not losing your individuality. You can also find a way to establish your individuality without negating the other person’s identity. In the spiritual realm, Jupiter in Aries represents the need to respect the individual so a diverse ecosystem can exist.

When the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn on December 21st, the winter solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere while the summer solstice occurs in the Southern Hemisphere. Either way, the astrological year is entering its final quarter. Here in the Northern Hemisphere usually you want to retreat from the world. Perhaps lick your wounds and go through a healing cycle. Perhaps hibernate so you can make it through a difficult time period of your life. Or, perhaps just reflect on the direction of your life in order to determine just what are your next steps.

Yet this solstice is one of high energy, as if it’s demanding you to make changes in your life now…not later. As the Sun enters Capricorn, it creates a cardinal T-square by forming squares to Jupiter in Aries and Ceres in Libra. The open end of this T-square is the sign of Cancer. What this means is that you don’t want to sit on the sidelines watching events unfold. You see a lot of changes around you and in your life. With the Sun in Capricorn you take your responsibilities seriously, especially those that relate to your job and family. With Jupiter in the sign of Aries, you need to determine the best goals in your life which enable you to be the individual you want to be. And, with Ceres in Libra, it is time, if you didn’t know it before, to accept that life can be easier when you don’t try to do everything on your own. Reach out to others for support when you need it.

The sign found at the open end of a T-square is always the key that helps you implement the energy. With Cancer representing family and security, it means that returning to your roots can help you understand why your goals are important. It can also help you determine which individuals you can trust because they respect who you are.

This cardinal T-square also indicates that your sense of justice and equity is elevated. You want people to be treated fairly. While you may not accept everything about others, you’re tired of all the polarization in the world. You’re tired of the fighting.

You feel very confident when Venus forms a trine to Uranus retrograde on December 22nd. You are ready to move on with your life. You’re willing to try new things. You’re open to new ideas and concepts. You also realize that you’re ready for new adventures and meeting new people.

On December 23rd, Chiron turns direct and a new Moon occurs. Chiron went retrograde on July 19, 2022. During the time period that Chiron was retrograde, you may have realized just how important it was to put your needs first so you could live a healthy life. Now that Chiron is direct you realize that you can only live a healthy life if you take actions that support your needs. You’re ready. You’re willing to take the lessons you learned during the retrograde period and implement them.

There is a synchronicity in the fact that Chiron turning direct occurs less than one hour before the new Moon occurs. For this reason, you’ll feel this energy stronger than usual. At the time of the new Moon you’ll understand why it’s so important to take steps to heal yourself. In addition, the new Moon with both the Sun and Moon in Capricorn, continues to emphasize the cardinal T-square that occurred at the time of the Winter Solstice. This new Moon also forms a square to Jupiter and a square to Ceres. Just as during the solstice, you don’t want to sit on the sidelines. You want to take action. If you see someone treated unfairly, you’ll be there to help correct the situation. And once again, while you understand the importance of accepting responsibility for your actions, you also realize that other people have to be responsible for their actions.

You feel very creative on December 24th when Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune. Boundaries seem to dissolve causing you to see things from a different perspective. Once again a Mercury triad occurs as Mercury forms this sextile to Neptune. Still, because Neptune is involved, you need to be careful with your perceptions. As boundaries start to disappear, you may want to look at things a new way. Yet, you’re not quite sure about this “new way.” You feel as if some important information is still missing.

When this aspect occurs for a second time on January 2, 2023, Mercury will be retrograde indicating that more shifts may occur with boundaries in your life. So, you still may not have the information you need. As a matter of fact, you may not want to take any new actions until February 6, 2023 when this aspect occurs for the third time and both planets are direct. At that time you may know how to implement any new changes in a creative manner.

A few days later, on December 28th, Venus forms a sextile to Neptune and once again you feel as if there’s something missing, but you’re not quite sure. You want to see the best in people and help them where you can. But you don’t want them to take advantage of you. You also feel that you may need some help. But again, you hesitate. You don’t want others to feel as if you’re using them. What can help is to recognize that Neptune represents your spiritual nature and Venus represents your ability to care. Together these planets indicate where compassion can protect you from negative energy, especially if expressing compassion begins with you.

In a lot of ways, it’s fitting that on December 29th Mercury in Capricorn turns retrograde and also forms a conjunction to Venus a few hours later. Within a few days the year 2022 will come to an end.

For many people, the ending of one year brings a sense of relief: A sense that something new will begin shortly. It’s not uncommon to spend time in the closing hours of the “old year” to reflect on actions and situations. And, it’s common for many people to start creating their list of wanted achievements, their New Year Resolutions, for the “new year.”

With both Mercury retrograde and Venus in Capricorn, you are ready to review your job, family, and social situations. You want to be responsible for your successes. You also want to provide support to those important people in your life. Most importantly, you want to follow your heart and live your values.

During the time period that Mercury will be retrograde (which is from December 29, 2022 to January 18, 2023) you will evaluate scenarios for how you want to live your life. You’ll take your responsibilities seriously. You’ll be there to help those who need your help while also establishing boundaries prevent other people from taking advantage of you. You’ll also determine ways to start making your dreams a reality.

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