June 2009: A new reality: What You Do Impacts the Entire World

During the next few months, you’ll read quite a bit about the stellium formed by Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. The reason is that while this stellium may not always be “tight,” it will last until the end of the year and has a profound impact on the underlying feelings you experience.

For those of you who may not understand astrology, a stellium occurs when three or more planets or asteroids are very close to each other. This closeness creates an intensity which is not normally felt. They operate as a united energy rather than as individual energies. Yet before you can understand this united energy, it’s important to understand each individual entity.

Think of Jupiter as that aspect of your personality which doesn’t like being confined by boundaries. For those of you who are Sagittarians or Pisceans, you’ll understand Jupiter because it rules your sun sign. Jupiter occurs in a 12-year cycle and is especially prominent when you turn age 12, just around puberty. This is the time when you don’t have full maturity, but you also don’t want adults to rule your life. Many cultures have a rite of passage around the age of 13, just after you experience your first Jupiter cycle.

Neptune is another planet which represents difficulties with boundaries. If you’re a Pisces, you’ll understand what is meant by this statement because Neptune is the co-ruler of Pisces. Where Jupiter represents the need to push the limit of boundaries, Neptune represents the need to dissolve boundaries. This dissolution of boundaries can make life difficult at times because you don’t always understand the power of the word, “no.” While some people think that Neptune rules secrets, the truth is that Neptune actually reveals secrets by dissolving the untruths that surround the facts. This can make life confusing for you. You develop a set of ideals based on what you perceive as the truth and along comes a Neptune transit to your chart and suddenly you need to deal with your current situation from a new reality.

Chiron is said to represent the wounded healer. It’s an asteroid that is symbolized by the centaur, the same symbol of Sagittarius and Jupiter. While it doesn’t technically rule any sign, its symbol ties it up with Jupiter and the need to move beyond the boundaries as you knew them. It this case, Chiron represents the need to look at the wrongs in your life, understand the pain these wrongs have either created or continue to maintain in your life, and correct or “heal” these feelings and actions so you can move on with your life.

If you look at society from a mundane perspective, you can see the importance of this stellium right now. The old rules don’t work because they were based on the assumption that anything goes. Life was about living the future and not being present in the here and now. But living in the future had a cost: Overproduction of goods, such as cars. Overextended credit so you could purchase homes or items today instead of waiting until you could actually afford to pay for them. The list could go on. What was forgotten was that eventually these items need to be paid for. The future couldn’t wait; the present caught up.

This stellium is very tight this month, less than two degrees separate the three planets. So the energies you feel are very intense. This stellium is also located in the sign of Aquarius which represents the spiritual concept that what one person does impacts the greater good of the world.

You may feel confused because you don’t know how to proceed to dig yourself out of a financial hole. You may feel fear because you see others in the same situation and it doesn’t always feel so good to be part of the pack. Still, if you use the energy of the stellium with spiritual intent, you’ll be able to create a better life for yourself.

To use this energy means that you need to consider what is not operating correctly in your life. You need to understand your pain and its cause. Let the truth be revealed. Once you are honest with yourself, you can take the next step: Developing a plan of incremental steps to generate healing in your life. Look at things from a new perspective. If you find yourself unemployed, you may be able to find ways to do consulting work or temporary employment. If you find your credit bills too high, you may be able to choose one of those bills and pay it down. Some people think that Neptune means sacrifice, but not really. Rather than taking a costly vacation, you can actually find greater pleasure in spending time at home with those you love. This list for making changes in your life which bring less stress and greater pleasure is actually endless when you feel the spirit of healing.

Your ability to generate healing energies is very strong as the month of June begins. Venus forms a sextile to this Aquarius stellium on June 2nd indicating you’ll see opportunities which you never conceived before. If you remember your dreams, pay attention to them because they symbolize possibilities. This is especially true on June 4th, as Mars forms a trine to Pluto retrograde. Just be careful on this day that you don’t let intense emotional feelings push you to trying to do too much.

Venus enters Taurus, it own ruling sign, on June 6th. Understanding your values and making a list of actions that support your values is one way to spend this day. Another way to spend this day is to reach out and contact old friends you haven’t seen.

With the full Moon occurring on June 7th, you’ll understand how important it is to look at your past actions so you can start making changes that support your present while impacting your future. This full Moon, with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius, forms a square to Saturn. While you may need to make critical evaluations, you don’t need to criticize those past actions. Think of it this way. In the past you made some decisions. You did the best you could with the information you had at that time. Now you need to make different decisions because you have some new information.

On the day following the full Moon, Venus forms a trine to Pluto retrograde. It’s important to pay attention to your financial situation. Take some of the new information which surfaced the previous day and use it to determine the next financial steps you need to take.

June 9th and June 10th will be intense days because Mercury forms a square to that Aquarius stellium of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. You may feel mentally fatigued because you don’t have all the solutions you want. Or, you may understand that your solutions will take time and you’re impatient. If mental fatigue does set in, try to do something special for yourself like taking a walk, talking to family and friends, or perhaps enjoying a spa day with a relaxing massage.

When Mercury enters Gemini on June 13th, it enters its own sign again. At the beginning of May, Mercury entered Gemini but only stayed in the sign for a short time because it turned retrograde on May 7, 2009. At that time you may have thought that things were turning around. But, Mercury went retrograde; re-entered Taurus, and some actions you tried to implement just didn’t occur. You probably had to put things on hold. Well, now that Mercury is entering Gemini and getting ready to hit the same degree it was at when it turned direct, you need to review what you put on hold in early May 2009 and take action.

Make certain that any action you take on June 13th deals with more immediate problems than long-term future plans because Jupiter turns retrograde on June 15th, two days later. When Jupiter turns retrograde, long-term plans tend to have hidden costs which you don’t understand. These hidden costs may be due to rising prices, such as gas and energy costs. These hidden costs may involve not actual dollars but your physical time. It may take you longer to do things. If you want to look at long-term plans, develop plans that are flexible. Try to stay away from financial commitments which legally bind you to payments over the long-term. You’ll understand the hidden costs better when Jupiter goes direct on October 13, 2009. If this seems confusing on the 15th of June, you’ll understand it better the following day when Mercury forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde.

Ceres is an asteroid promoted to a dwarf planet and gaining equal status in astronomy as Pluto. At this time Ceres has not been assigned a rulership with any particular sign. However, it seems to vibrate with the energy of Virgo because Ceres represents both the goddess of corn and the earth mother Demeter. This is important to understand in the context of planet earth and the need to develop policies and strategies which increase the health of the planet. It’s important to note that Ceres is actually in the sign of Virgo at this time. Hence the emphasis on energy-efficient means of living as well as kitchen gardens for better food. Mars forms a trine to Ceres on June 18th and Venus forms a trine to Ceres on June 19th. Although June is not necessarily the best month to plant, it is a time to see how your health and lifestyle impacts the rest of the world. Perhaps your garden is under stress due to the weather. Looking at ways to heal your plants through organic means might be one way to start improving the planet. The key to remember with the Aquarius stellium which is an underlying influence this month is that every little step you take in life actually does have an impact on the world your live in.

June 21st makes the summer solstice point. The Sun enters Cancer and the first quarter of the astrological year has completed its cycle. Just a short time after this summer solstice occurs, the Sun forms an opposition to Pluto retrograde emphasizing just how intense life is. There is conflict between what leaders of various countries want to change and what the current power structure wants to maintain. You’ll even see this conflict operating in your life. This is a month where you need to incorporate new perspectives. You already know the old rules aren’t working. This is also a month to understand that even your personal actions impact the lives of other people. It’s a spiritual concept of Zen Buddhism. But there are some people who fear change. “It’s better to live with the devil you know than see what the future holds,” is a paraphrase of an old saying. Change is a constant in life. If people in your life don’t want you to change, evaluate the reasons why. Are their reasons realistic? Or, do they fear that the changes you make may also change your relationship with them? Listening to their reasons for not changing may actually help you understand just why you do need to change.

Just before the new Moon occurs on June 22nd, both Venus and Mars form a trine to Saturn, showing that setting new rules in place may be the answer you need to alleviate tension in your life. With the new Moon in Cancer, there is a need for you to increase your sense of security. Safety is important. Just as important is the need to understand that safety doesn’t mean avoiding the truth. The more honest you are, the easier it will be to find ways to stay safe.

On June 25th and June 26th, Mercury forms a square to Ceres. You may hear some disturbing news about the planet. Yet, a square means tension. It doesn’t mean destruction. So if you hear disturbing news about food products, think about how this news can be used to improve food production.

As the month ends, Ceres forms a conjunction to Saturn on June 28th. As Ceres represents mother earth and the importance of nurturing yourself, Saturn represents the patriarchal system of life where others protect you. The biggest rule change this energy represents is that responsibility for improving your life really rests with you. Other people can’t fix things for you, but you can fix things for yourself. As you fix things for yourself, the spiritual law of one person impacting the rest of the world will become evident. You may not see the long-term results right now because Jupiter is retrograde, but you will feel the spirit essence of this energy as you move forward with life.