August 2008: Moving Forward as the World Changes

August 2008 is a busy month on both a global and national level. This “busy-ness” is emphasized by the various astrological events that occur during this month. The most significant global event that occurs is the Summer Olympic Games held in Beijing, China from August 8th to August 24th. The most significant national event is the Democratic National Convention held in Denver, Colorado from August 25th to August 28th. On the heels of both of these two events is the Republican National Convention held in Minneapolis – Saint Paul, Minnesota on September 1st through September 8th.

The astrological events that emphasize this month are the total solar eclipse which occurs on August 1st and the partial lunar eclipse which occurs on August 16th. In addition, there is an underlying theme of mutable T-squares that are emphasized by the personal planets of Mercury, Venus, and Mars as they all form oppositions to Uranus retrograde and squares to Pluto retrograde.

So, what does this all mean for you?

When there is an underlying theme of a mutable T-square either change or tension is in the air. Mutability means that you need to be ready to make changes in your life. It also means that it’s time to let go of things that are interfering with your success. The tension that you feel may be the result of fear caused by needing to change. Or, the tension could be the result of understanding that at times changes aren’t the easiest things in the world to implement without letting go of something. And, whether that letting go is good or bad, there is always a feeling of loss – a “mini-death” sense that can bring some feelings of remorse.

Globally things are unsettled. Where there are problems, whether monetary, environmental, or military, these problems are enhanced. World leaders are called to show their skills at a time like this. And, if they fail, they will be judged harshly by their citizens.

The total solar eclipse which occurs on August 1st, one week before the start of the Summer Olympic Games, follows the path of the Chinese/Mongolian border and comes close to both Beijing and Shanghai, China. The eclipse begins in Canada (in the Nunavut province) near Cambridge Bay, and swings up towards Greenland. It will be seen in Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China. A partial solar eclipse will be seen in Afghanistan, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Myanmar, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Svalbard, Sweden, Tejikistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. This eclipse is the 47th eclipse of the Saros 126 cycle. It began on March 10, 1179. The first total eclipse in this series occurred on May 17 1882. The series ends on May 3, 2469. (If you are interested in the astronomy of the 2008 eclipses, go to or get the book, Observer’s Handbook 2008 by Fred Espenak, published by the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, University of Toronto Press.)

The last time that an eclipse came close to Shanghai, China, the Shanghai Stock Market took a nose dive due to the housing crisis and the world followed. In many ways, this event marked the start of the mortgage and housing crisis in the United States, as well as other countries not only in China but also in Europe. Globally this eclipse signifies more economic changes not only with the mortgage industry but with every financial and government institution involved with the housing industry.

A solar eclipse occurs during the time of a new Moon, when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. At this time, both the Sun and Moon are in Leo. This means that if you are a Leo or Aquarius, or have some important planets in those signs, you’ll experience the lessons from this eclipse more than the average person. The energy of this eclipse is intensified because there is a stellium in Leo which forms both a trine to Pluto retrograde and an opposition to Neptune retrograde; and, later that day, Ceres forms a trine to Uranus retrograde and Mars forms a quincunx to Chiron retrograde.

With all the energy in Leo, you may wish to take risks. However, only carlculated risks are worth taking. Calculated risks are those where you are willing to pay the price if the risk doesn’t work out in your favor. With the opposition to Neptune retrograde, you’re not going to have all the facts that you need. Instead, your instincts are more important now than ever before. Since this stellium also forms a trine to Pluto retrograde, you may feel that whatever you do is a “now or never” proposal. Yet, Ceres deals with the need to understand that your power comes through compromise while Chiron indicates that it’s important to maintain your vitality during difficult times. So, move slowly when making decisions or taking risks. Understand that if you do need to compromise, it’s all right. And, if at all possible, spend time with your children because they are wonderful reminders of the child within yourself.

Pay special attention to personal matters between August 2nd and August 4th. When Mercury forms a quincunx to Jupiter retrograde on August 2nd, this is the time to review contracts or verbal agreements. You’ll probably need to make some changes with those contracts or agreements. If possible, don’t take any legal actions, especially with Ceres moving into a quincunx to Neptune retrograde on August 3rd and Mercury forming an opposition to Chiron retrograde on August 4th. Again, important information will be hidden from you. Also, people will be happy to use your words against you. The good news is that you’ll be able to resolve any problems on August 5th when Venus forms a trine to Pluto retrograde because you and others will be willing to put aside differences and solve problems.

Understanding your needs is very important August 6th through August 8th if you don’t want other people to take advantage of you. Venus enters Virgo on August 6th and Mercury moves from a quincunx to Uranus retrograde into an opposition to Neptune retrograde while Mars also forms an opposition to Uranus on the same day.

Venus is not always comfortable in Virgo because there’s a tendency to become too critical. However, you can use this energy in a more positive way by reflecting on the simple things that bring you pleasure. If you focus on what brings you pleasure, you’ll have a better understanding of your needs.

While you understand your needs better, other people are trying to convince you that their decisions for you are the correct ones. This is not a time to start any arguments aren’t worth it because no one is listening. A good way to use this energy is by relaxing and doing something special: a walk in the park, some time at the spa, or whatever else brings pleasure in your life. If you fail to take time to relax, your nerves will be frayed on August 8th when Mars forms a quincunx to Neptune retrograde and you start learning just how much information has been withheld from you these past few days. The good news is that you’ll be able to make better sense of this on August 9th when Mercury forms a trine to Pluto retrograde. This day is a great day for negotiations or even resolving problems.

There is a reprieve from all the intense energy that you’ve just experienced when Mercury enters Virgo on August 10th. Mercury is comfortable in the sign of Virgo because your mind can relax. It seems easier to understand what’s been happening in your life. It’s also easier to make good decisions because you understand what you need. With Chiron retrograde forming a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node on this day you’ll find that personal healing is easy.

The role of Saturn is very important between August 13th, when Venus forms a conjunction to Saturn, and August 15th, when Mercury forms a conjunction to Saturn. It’s very important to pay attention to details and not rush into any major decisions. Economically there could be some problems right now, although it’s possible that new solutions to current economic problems are proposed.

Sometimes when Saturn forms a conjunction to personal planets, such as Venus and Mercury, you feel a little tired or melancholic. If that’s the case, take time to rest. Also, take time to understand your frustrations. This will help you let go and not let that frustration interfere with your well-being.

On August 16th, the lunar partial eclipse occurs. Lunar eclipses always occur during a full Moon. At this point, the Sun is in Leo and the Moon is in Aquarius. A partial eclipse means that it is not visible throughout the world. This eclipse will be seen primarily in African nations. People living in South America will be able to see the eclipse at Moon rise while people living in Asia, New Zealand, and Australia will be able to see it at Moon set.

The eclipse chart not only places emphasis on Leo and Aquarius, but it also emphasizes other energies: The mutable T-square energy that is created this month by all the personal planets: Mercury, Venus, and Mars; the trines that both Venus and Mercury make to Jupiter retrograde between August 16th and August 17th; and the Aquarius stellium created by Chiron retrograde, the Moon’s North Node, Neptune retrograde, and the Moon.

You need to make changes in your life, especially if you are a Leo or Aquarius. Review and understand your dreams. Approach those dreams realistically. Change is coming. The old economic world order is changing. People are willing to fight for their individuals rights. While you need to be fiscally frugal, you also need to do nice things in your life. In many ways, this eclipse actually sets the stage for what will occur at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions as well as the elections in November 2008 in the United States.

August 16th and 17th will be good days for negotiation deals and taking care of financial matters. The stock market will react to better news. It will be easier to set goals.

On August 19th, Mars enters Libra and Ceres enters Leo. Mars is not comfortable in the sign of Libra because it represents the need to compromise. Yet, this time compromise is an important matter, especially since the mutable T-square created by Mercury and Venus really activate between August 23rd and August 29th.

On August 23rd, both Mercury and Venus form an opposition to Uranus retrograde. Mercury deals with your ability to communicate to other people. Venus deals with your financial needs, as well as your emotional well-being. With Uranus involved, there is a sense that you don’t want anyone else to control you. What you want is for people to accept who you are. If you are with supportive people, this mutable T-square can be very invigorating because you are finally feeling free to be yourself. If, however, you’re in a situation where you are not accepted, this mutable T-square can lead to arguments. This sense of uncertainty doesn’t always bode well for the economic state of the world.

The Summer Olympic Games end on August 24th when Venus forms a quincunx to Neptune retrograde. For China this indicates the Olympic Games cost them more than they thought. Personally, there is a sense that not everything you wanted to do was accomplished today. You may find that your dreams didn’t really work out. Or, you may find that you need to really pay attention to developing new dreams.

The Democratic National Convention begins on August 25th and runs through August 28th at the height of this mutable T-square. On August 27th, Mercury forms a square to Pluto indicating that arguments about ideals are very strong. The power struggles are obvious. There is a disagreement between long-term goals and ideals. But, this is not a good time to get into any arguments because no side wins. Even in your own life arguments aren’t worth it.

As Mercury enters Libra on August 28th, you may start thinking about ways to negotiate settlements and end arguments. Yet, with Venus forming a square to Pluto retrograde on August 29th, the arguments are not totally over. This could be a very difficult day financially. There could be a lot of information in the media regarding vice presidential choices and other matters debated at the Democratic National Convention. It’s important to be very careful with financial investments.

Reconciliation is possible if you pay attention to details in your life and maintain a solid foundation. This is shown by Venus entering Libra and the new Moon (with Sun and Moon in Virgo) forming a conjunction to Saturn on August 30th. For the Democratic Party this means getting past old arguments and working together to win a campaign. As Pat Buchanan, political analyst, recently said, “The election is Obama’s to lose.” So, whether you’re running for political office or seeking to improve your life, this period of time is yours if you move past frustrations in your life and use your foundation to move forward with the changes occurring in the world.