August 2022 – Understanding Expectations

Important astrological energies for the month of August:

  • Full Moon with Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius occurs on August 11, 2022.
  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Virgo occurs on August 27, 2022.

Understanding Expectations

By Misty Kuceris ©2022

It is interesting to note that the month of August starts with Mercury in Leo forming a quincunx to Neptune retrograde on the 1st of August and Venus in Leo forming a quincunx to Neptune retrograde on the 31st of August. Usually when something like this happens, it creates the basic underlying theme for the month. In this case, with Neptune being the energy which both Mercury and Venus aspect, don’t be at all surprised if this month is about understanding your expectations and realizing they may not be as realistic as you initially thought. Neptune represents your aspirations. It represents your dreams. It also represents where you might not be totally honest with yourself because what you want isn’t always readily achievable.

When Mercury forms the quincunx to Neptune on August 1st, you find it difficult to communicate in a manner that other people understand you. You also find it difficult to understand what other people are trying to tell you. That’s because as much as you want to express your views, other people are feeling the same way. It seems as if no one is actually listening to each other. All people are trying to do is talk over one another. And, on top of that, people may be trying to get you to listen so much that they start changing their stories. By changing their stories, they could be hoping to find one which appeals to you.

This changing of stories can also be seen in written communications. It’s very important to read the fine print and see if there are any contradictions in the language, especially if you’re dealing with legal documents. Or, you may find that the documents are written in such legalese that you have difficulty understanding the information because it’s so obscure. It’s meant to benefit only the author and not anyone else.

It helps that Mars forms a conjunction to both the Moon’s North Node and Uranus later in the day. Normally when Mars forms a conjunction to Uranus, you rush into situations and don’t pay attention to that fine print or those hidden clues of caution. But with both Mar, the Moon’s North Node, and Uranus all in the sign of Taurus, you’re willing to slow down and pay attention to your needs, as well as your environment. You take the time to understand what’s going on before taking any action. You do everything possible to avoid mistakes. You also realize how important it is to rely on your own resources, especially as the conjunction Mars makes to Uranus increases in strength.

As Mars does move into the conjunction with Uranus, new information comes into your life. This helps you throw off any fears which prevent you from moving forward with your life. This also helps you gather some facts which were hidden from you earlier in the day so you can discern the truth of any information you receive.

With Venus forming a sextile with Uranus and Mercury forming a quincunx to Pluto retrograde on August 2nd, communications may still be a little questionable. Still, your instincts can be very accurate as Venus forms that sextile to Uranus. Any new information brings you increased clarity. You’re also willing to take some risks which can improve your relationships with others. And, don’t be at all surprised with you run into an old acquaintance you haven’t seen in a while.

As new information brings you increased clarity, you find that Mercury forming the quincunx to Pluto retrograde also indicates it’s time to find different methods for communicating with others. For whatever reason, the old way of communicating with people isn’t working for you.  Either people aren’t listening to you, or, they aren’t relying on the information you feel you need to hear. Again, go with your instincts. This will help you determine the best method of communication.

As Mercury enters the sign of Virgo on August 4th, you find it easier to gather your thoughts and express them in a way that other people understand. Mercury is now in one of the signs it rules. When Mercury is in Virgo you pay attention to those small details. You make certain that you don’t miss anything important. And you make certain that other people understand what you are saying.

When Venus forms a quincunx to Saturn retrograde on August 5th, you become concerned that other people are criticizing your efforts or trying to put boundaries around your activities. You don’t want to be told what to do. Rather, you want to be left alone so you can focus on your own goals and succeed with the results. What you realize is that paying attention to judgments made by others doesn’t bring value into your life. Nor does it bring any sense of security. What does bring value and security into your life is the boundary that you develop which keeps you happy and safe.

With Venus forming a trine to Neptune retrograde on August 7th, you are more willing to be more forgiving of others and their actions. At the same time, with Mars forming a square to Saturn retrograde later in the day, you understand that maintaining your boundaries is still important, even if you feel a lot of compassion for others and want to help them.

The trine between Venus and Neptune can be a very spiritual and creative aspect. When you slow down and reflect on the world around you, you can see a lot of beauty in the world. You are even willing to see the best in people. At the same time, if you’re not careful, you could get pulled into schemes other people create which don’t serve you. As a matter of fact, this is not one of those days where you want to sign any contracts.

The fact that Mars forms a tension aspect to Saturn retrograde later in the day is a benefit to you. When a square aspect occurs, you usually feel this inner tension that something needs to be taken care of. In this case, you realize that you need to hold back before taking any action. If you move too quickly, you feel something is not quite right. You find yourself slowing down so you can get a better understanding of the circumstances around you.

With Venus forming an opposition to Pluto retrograde and Mercury forming a quincunx to Jupiter retrograde on August 9th, you’re glad you are taking your time and proceeding cautiously.

The opposition that Venus is forming with Pluto retrograde indicates there are people in your life who may not have your best interest at heart. They may be more interested in a relationship with you that only benefits them. This is where you ask yourself: “Are the people in my life giving me the support I need?” If the answer is yes, embrace these individuals. If, however, the answer is no, it’s time to sever those relationships and find new ones.

It helps that Mercury forms the quincunx to Jupiter later in the day. You’re able to think about the various interactions you’ve experience with others. As you think about these interactions, you’re able to decide if certain people are worth your time and effort. You also find new ways of communicating with those people who are still important in your life.

August 11th can be a day where you feel a high level of confidence as Ceres forms a trine to Jupiter retrograde, Venus enters the sign of Leo, Mars forms a sextile to Neptune, and the Full Moon, with the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius occurs. It’s a day where you want to socialize. You feel safe in having fun.

With Ceres in Leo forming the trine to Jupiter retrograde in Aries there is so much you can achieve. You know where you can take risks. You realize that if you’re out there having fun, other people will want to join you in any new venture you attempt. With Venus entering the sign of Leo, this energy is magnified. Your charisma is just elevated.

As Mars forms the sextile to Neptune retrograde, you approach situations in a very creative manner. Your intuition is elevated so you sense things. You know how to try new things without making a commitment to anything long term. There’s kind of a childlike exuberance that you feel.

When the full Moon occurs, you feel confident that if any changes need to be made, you’ll be able to do that. You just know that you are on the right track. With the full Moon forming a grand fixed square you realize that you can’t keep living life the old way. This is because the planets and energy point involved with the Sun and Moon are Saturn retrograde, the Moon’s Nodal Axis, Uranus, and Mars.

This is a time period to review your expectations. With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius, the expectations involve friends in your life as well as organizations you’re involved with. With the Moon forming a conjunction to Saturn retrograde, you need to temper your expectations and realize that some people may be critical of your concepts. Or, you may find that you can’t tolerate some ideas of other people. With both the Sun and Moon forming a square to the conjunction of the Moon’s North Node, Uranus, and Mars, you may see a lot of strife over how different people express their values. You may also determine that you need to make changes in your life based on your value systems. Finally with the Sun and Moon forming a square to the Moon’s South Node, you may decide that you need to pay attention to situations which are occurring under the surface and are not so obvious. Certainly, it’s a time to look beneath the surface and take anything at face value.

As Mercury forms a quincunx to Chiron retrograde on August 14th, choose your words very carefully. The good news is that Mars forms a trine to Pluto retrograde later in the day that will help you sort things out.

There’s a tendency to say just what you think when Mercury forms a quincunx to Chiron retrograde, especially if you feel as if you’re under attack. Part of you doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. But your instinct to protect yourself is very strong. If you have to put another person in their place, choose your words carefully. Do the best not to express anything in a manner that could come back in injure you.

Things get easier when Mars forms the trine to Pluto retrograde. You understand the power of your words. You realize that you can get to the point without having to go for the jugular. You don’t have to be so brash. Instead, you are able to get your point across in such a focused manner that other people aren’t able to get into an argument with you.

New ideas come very quickly on August 16th when Mercury forms a trine to Uranus. As a matter of fact, you may find it difficult to keep up with all the thoughts that are surfacing. You’re just jumping around from one concept to another. On one hand, it’s great that you can come up with these new ideas. But, you could also be misunderstood because so much is going on that you have difficulty communicating all these thoughts to others. You may even find yourself tripping over your own words. The key is to take a breath and slow down before you share your thoughts with others. That will help, especially if you can keep in mind that others will have difficulty keeping up with your thought process.

When Venus forms a trine to Jupiter retrograde on August 18th, you are confident that you can succeed in any task you undertake. Yet, as Mercury forms a quincunx to Saturn retrograde later in the day, you may wonder if you didn’t rush too quickly into situations and not consider all the consequences.

With Venus forming the trine to Jupiter retrograde, you just want to rush into situations. You feel that you understand what needs to be done. And, with Venus in the sign of Leo, you feel as if other people will follow you without asking questions. As a matter of fact, you may feel insulted if there are any questions.

Yet, when Mercury forms the quincunx to Saturn retrograde and those questions start coming in, you actually appreciate the questions. This gives you the opportunity to think about what you want to achieve and whether some changes need to be made with your approach. Don’t be at all surprised if you decide that it’s wise to change your strategy.

When Mars enters the sign of Gemini on August 20th, all you want to do is communicate with others. You want to socialize. You want to find out information. You don’t want any secrets. If you’re not careful, you may actually say too much. If at all possible, do the best you can to listen so others understand what you’re trying to say.

Be very careful on August 21st as Mercury forms an opposition to Neptune retrograde. Not all is as it seems. You’re not getting the truth. You’re not hearing what is being said. Or, people are communicating with you in a manner where they are leaving out or distorting vital information that prevents you from getting all the facts. This is not a day for negotiations. Nor is it a day to sign any contracts. If you do have to take some form of legal action, try to put it in a format where you can go back and make changes at a later time.

Before Mercury forms a trine to Pluto retrograde and the Sun enters the sign of Virgo on August 22nd, Venus in Leo forms a conjunction to Ceres in Leo. Both Venus and Ceres represent aspects your approach to relationships. Venus represents passion while Ceres represents logic. With this balance in the sign of Leo, you realize that loyalty is very important to you. You’re willing to do what it takes to protect those you love. You also realize that at times you need to compromise in order to protect those you love. This is where passion and logic meet and where the balance occurs. This is also where you realize just how much personal power you have.

When Mercury forms the trine to Pluto retrograde, this will be the first of three trines that Mercury forms in this triad sequence. Although Mercury won’t go retrograde until September 9th, you may feel as if it is actually beginning to turn retrograde today. With Venus forming the conjunction to Ceres earlier in the day, you were able to realize how much personal power you have. Now with Mercury forming the trine to Pluto retrograde, you are able to tap into this personal power. You are focused as you approach various situations. You express your needs in a way that others understand. At the same time, you start thinking about what you expect from others. Perhaps you even try to communication those expectations. When this triad sequence occurs for the second time on September 27th, don’t be at all surprised if you start re-evaluating what you need from other and what you expect from them. With both Mercury and Pluto retrograde the second time this occurs, you might even find those expectations changing. By the time this trine occurs for the third time on October 6th, Mercury is direct and you know what you expect in your relationships.

Finally, as the Sun enters the sign of Virgo, you’re confident that you’re able to focus on the important details when it comes to taking care of relationships in your life. You know who you can let into your intimate space and who is just an acquaintance.

When Uranus turns retrograde on August 24th, things appear to slow down a bit. It will be retrograde until January 22, 2023. In some ways you want to breathe a sigh of relief. You’re tired of doing so much that you always feel like you’re running around behind yourself.

As Uranus turns retrograde, it starts moving into a square with Venus. So, while there may be things happening beneath the surface, you still need to be very cautious with your finances. You don’t want financial problems from the past surfacing. You also don’t want to create new financial problems as you try shifting any retirement or stock plans or even thinking about some major purchases.

After Uranus turns retrograde, Venus forms a trine to Chiron retrograde. When Venus forms the trine to Chiron retrograde, you feel passionate about taking care of other people’s feelings. You don’t want to hurt anyone, including yourself.

With both planets in a fire sign, sometimes you don’t always think things through: You just rush into situations. But when the planet is Venus, you find that you don’t want to take advantage of others. You would rather give them as much support as possible.

Before Mercury enters the sign of Libra on August 25th, Venus forms a square to the Moon’s Nodal Axis. With Venus in Leo, you care about other people. You want to help them in any way possible. Yet, with the Moon’s South Node in Scorpio, there’s a part of you that’s a bit leery. You’re not certain if the individual can be trusted. You suspect their motives. If that’s the case, you may actually be sending out mixed messages to others. You initially approach individuals with the desire to help them, but suddenly you don’t follow through with your commitments because something is not sitting right with you.

When Mercury enters the sign of Libra you realize that you’re willing to help people who are treating you fairly. If people are taking advantage of you, that’s where you start pulling back. You may not even be willing to communicate with them. Or, just the opposite may happen. A lot of people don’t realize that when Mercury is in the sign of Libra and things aren’t fair, those who are being treated unfairly will fight for their rights.

Before the new Moon occurs and Ceres forms a trine to Chiron retrograde on August 27th, Venus forms a square to Uranus retrograde. When Venus forms the square to Uranus retrograde you tend to rush into commitments without considering all the consequences. You get excited that there’s someone new in your life. Or, you get excited because you hear about a new opportunity. Because you don’t consider all the consequences at this time, you need to be cautious. You don’t want to be careless with your personal safety.

As the new Moon begins a few hours later, you’re ready to start something new. It helps that both the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Virgo at this point. You realize that you were taking too many risks and not considering all the consequences. But now you’re ready to pay attention to the details. You become more practical. Still, there’s a part of you that doesn’t want to get so bogged down with the details that you feel you are missing out on fun.

When Ceres forms the trine to Chiron retrograde, you feel you have more control over your destiny. You can fix things which weren’t done quite right. You can have a second chance at correcting your mistakes. You may even find a way to compromise, making circumstances a lot easier for you.

Whether it involves your finances or a relationship, you feel constricted by the situation when Venus forms an opposition to Saturn retrograde on August 28th. You feel that other people are preventing you from taking action. It’s true that when Venus and Saturn form any aspect there is this sense that you’re not in control of your life – other people are. You may grapple with loneliness because you feel unloved. Or, you’re frustrated because you feel as if you need to do everything on your own when others are just sitting back and watching you.

As Venus forms the opposition to Saturn, you realize that you need to define your life on your terms. You can’t live up to the expectations of others. You don’t need to live up to their expectations. This is about what you want. You also realize that if people aren’t there to support your efforts, it’s time to change the dynamics of the relationship. You may not be able to change them, but you can change your approach to the relationship.

With Venus forming the quincunx to Neptune retrograde on August 31st, the energy of the month comes to a full circle. When the month began, Mercury formed a quincunx to Neptune retrograde and you realized that you needed to understand and perhaps temper your expectations. Now that Venus is forming this quincunx, you understand that unrealistic expectations can create problems in relationships and more importantly, in your life.

The key is not to deceive yourself when it comes to your relationships. Rather, be honest with what you need in life and from other people. It’s time to understand what these relationships mean to you. If they are important, then it’s time to show others how much you value them and what you expect from them. If however, the relationships are so demanding that you can’t live up to their expectations, it’s time to determine how important those people are and whether you even want them in your life.

When Neptune is involved, you want to see the best in others. You even let boundaries slip to the point that some people take advantage of your good nature. The reality is that not everyone behaves in the best way possible. There are people out in the world you take advantage of you. But, the solution can also lie in understanding the energy of Neptune. If you aspire to take care of your needs and give yourself the love you deserve, you will find that other people need to respond in kind or just move on with their own lives.

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