April 2007: The Power of Silence and the Joy of Healing

April 2007 may feel like a scattered month or a roller coaster ride. The first two weeks and the last few days of the month are periods where you’ll see erratic behavior in the stock market and need to learn that sometimes being silent is more important than speaking your mind. On the other hand, the middle period of April is one of healing, improving relationships, and developing solutions that are important to your spiritual growth.

On April 1, 2007, Mercury forms a conjunction to both the Moon’s North Node and Uranus. This can be a critical time period in your life. At the end of last month, Uranus formed a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node indicating that some major changes were occurring on a global level. Some of these changes could be events that are highly volatile and lead to various forms on confrontation. Today, April 1st, is the time to start discussions with others about solutions to problems.

Just be careful with your communication style. When Mercury forms a conjunction to Uranus, there’s a tendency to speak without thinking about the consequences of your words. There’s also a tendency to say things so quickly that other people don’t understand what you mean. Yet, you may be in such a rush to say your words that you don’t even realize others don’t understand a thing you’re saying. The key is to slow down and find out if the other person understood you.

Since Uranus rules technology and Mercury rules communications, there could easily be difficulties with various email systems. Also, there could be a rash of computer viruses or worms that occur during the first few days of April.

The Moon’s North Node in Pisces indicates problems with inflation and loss of easy credit that both corporations and individuals received from financial institutions. Since April 1st is a Sunday, you won’t see all of the financial implications until tomorrow. And, since Venus forms a square to Saturn and the full Moon occurs on Monday, April 2nd, the stock market will reflect the financial uncertainty people are feeling. This uncertainty in the stock market will last for a few days until Venus forms a square to Neptune and Mercury forms a square to Jupiter on April 4th. Some new scandals may emerge in industries related to banking, farming, construction, or pharmaceuticals.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself questioning authority right now. A good question to ask is: Is this person in my life accepting me for whom I am or is this individual trying to dictate changes in my life? Also, don’t be surprised if you question some of your basic assumptions. Another good question to ask is: Is my life based on realistic or magical thinking?

Also, be cautious in your communications with others between April 2nd and April 4th. People may try to exert their authority over you. You may tell people more than they need to know because you feel overly optimistic about circumstances in your life. Your own words may be used against you later. The key is to listen more than speak. This is also not the best time to sign contracts. There may be hidden costs or small print that somehow the other person “forgets to mention.”

Jupiter turns retrograde on April 5, 2007 until August 6, 2007. This occurs about once a year for approximately four months. It’s as if you’re asked to review all your long-term plans to see if they still fit into your lifestyle. This is true both on a personal level and also in the business world. In the business world, this is not the best time to implement new marketing or advertising plans. They tend to cost more because you develop schemes that are grandiose. This is the time to do more research before proceeding.

Jupiter turning retrograde at this point is important because it means that once again it will form a trine to Saturn (on May 6, 2007) and a square to Uranus (on May 10, 2007). These same aspects occurred earlier this year. On January 22, 2007, Jupiter formed the initial square to Uranus and on March 16, 2007, Jupiter formed its initial trine to Saturn. (You may want to go back to those months and re-read the information of those aspects.) What you want to do is review events in your life that occurred around January 22nd and March 16th to get a better sense of just how this Jupiter retrograde will impact your life.

On April 10th, Mercury enters Aries and communication becomes easier. Your mind is working faster than normal. You are willing to stand up for your rights. Normally Mercury isn’t comfortable in Aries because there is a tendency to speak before thinking. But this month Mercury will form a grand fire trine to Saturn and Jupiter that brings a balance to Mercury. While this grand fire trine doesn’t really occur until April 21st, it does generate an underlying sense of optimism that you’ll feel until at least April 25th. This is important since Venus enters Gemini the following day, April 11th, and starts moving into a mutable T-square.

Venus is not comfortable in Gemini. Like Mercury in Aries, Venus in Gemini wants to shout from the highest mountain. You need to be careful because Venus is in love with speech and you may say too much. There is an energy desire to move forward. Be very careful not to talk so much about your ideas that you lose energy to implement them or someone else thinks they are so great that they take the concepts away from you.

Again, though, there is an under current of optimism that is exhibited when the new Moon (with Sun and Moon in Aries) occurs on April 17th. With the energy of the new Moon and the underlying energy of the grand fire trine, this can be a period of healing. The first two weeks of April 2007 were very intense: Economically things were uncertain. Speaking too much could get you in trouble. Now things calm down so you can get a better perspective on your life.

When Saturn turns direct on April 19th, you’ll be able to express your goals in a way that makes sense to others. This is a good time to embrace the foundations you’ve built in your life and just see how well they can work for you.

At the time the Sun enters Taurus on April 20th, you have a better understanding of your ego needs and how to achieve those needs.

The grand fire energy that was felt when Mercury entered Aries on April 10th finally occurs between Saturn and Jupiter retrograde on April 21st. There are so many ways that you can use this energy. First, your mind grasps concepts faster. It’s not quite as easy for other people to abuse or deceive you. Second, there is a sense of optimism. This is a good time to negotiate with other people. Both of you are open to new concepts. This is a good day to sign contracts. Also, because Jupiter is retrograde, you may feel that some old concepts from the past are worth “re-visiting.”

A few days later on April 23rd, Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune. You’ll feel inspired to move forward with your ideas. This is an opportunity to see the spiritual side of life. It is a “feel good” day. About 56 minutes after Mercury forms the sextile to Neptune, Venus forms a square to Mars. This tension is actually an indication of a romantic day. There’s a lot of sexual energy in the air and you just may meet someone romantic. If you’re already involved in a wonderful relationship, take time this day to enjoy each other because your passions are heightened.

When Mars forms a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node on April 25th, you may feel that you’ve come up with some important realizations about the path of your life. It’s possible that unsolved matters from March 30, 2007 can be resolved now. If you feel stuck today, it’s because you’re trying to hard to resolve some problems. That may be easier tomorrow, April 26th, when Mercury forms a trine to Pluto retrograde and Venus forms a square to Uranus. With that energy you may be open to some new ideas because you feel an intensity of purpose.

Financially this day could be a difficult. Venus is in the process of forming a mutable T-square that involves Uranus as well as Jupiter retrograde (which it opposes several days later). In addition, the full impact of the mutable T-square energy may not be known until Venus forms an opposition to Pluto retrograde on May 6, 2007. Deal with your finances in a cautious manner because the stock market may become very erratic again until May 6, 2007.

When Mercury enters Taurus on April 27th, it completes a grand fire trine and moves into a fixed T-square involving the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune. Holding on to your ideas becomes more important. You’ll even receive support from the sextile that Venus forms to Saturn a little later in the day. You’ll be able to deal with authority figures in your life. You can clear up misunderstandings you’ve had with other people.

Once again, when Venus forms an opposition to Jupiter retrograde on April 28th, be very careful with contracts and other forms of negotiating. Again, there may be hidden clauses in the contract that you would do better to avoid. Also, you may want to tone down your optimism. Starting new projects could be difficult only because you are so optimistic that you don’t think everything through.

April 29, 2007 is a very volatile day. Mars forms a conjunction to Uranus in an energy that was expressed on March 30, 2007 when Uranus formed a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node. Mars will also form a quincunx to Saturn. There are difficulties with leadership and the military. Personally this is a time to be very skeptical about what you hear. This is a good time to question authority.

In addition, the conjunction forms a square to Jupiter retrograde. This means that it’s very important for you not to do things too quickly. You could find yourself in an accident if you’re not careful.

And, there will be difficulties with alliances at this point. So, this is not a good time to try and negotiate new projects with others. There could be enough tension in this energy to indicate that if you need to resolve a conflict, this might be the time. But be careful with any legal actions. If you initiate them, you won’t win.

This desire to fight authority and question others continues on April 30th when Mars forms the square to Jupiter retrograde. This is a day when you need to be very careful with your energy. You may feel that you have more energy and find that you are making too many commitments. It’s important to keep a low profile today.

On the same day, Venus forms a trine to Neptune. This can indicate that you feel inspired to action. Or, this could be a good day to relax and enjoy just how you can feel the positive aspect of your spiritual nature.