February 2006: Healing and Relaxation

The first two weeks of February are one of healing and relaxation after the intense months of December 2005 and January 2006. Venus turns direct on February 3, 2006 enabling you to feel better about yourself and the decisions you’ve made recently. This is a time period when you can really see the value of your life. This is also a time when relationships can improve. And, even your financial situation seems to be getting better.

The intensity of the past two months was created by a fixed Grand cross that just entrenched all the energies, making them sluggish if moving forward at all. No matter how hard you worked, very few things seemed to come to any conclusions. Activities just seemed to move in slow motion, if they moved forward at all. Now, however, things are beginning to move. This is especially true as Mercury enters Pisces on February 8th. You’ll find that your intuition is elevated, making it easier to hear what is really being said. You’ll also feel more compassion towards difficult situations. And, this compassion will increase your ability to solve problems.

Compromise becomes easier as the full Moon occurs on February 12th. The Moon in Leo increases feelings of generosity while the Sun in Aquarius enables you to find new solutions to old problems. There’s no need to “save face” when developing solutions. There’s only a desire with all parties to find a solution that works.

The excitement of feeling that life is moving forward and solutions are found to problems could increase a little too much if you’re not careful on February 17th when Mars enters Gemini and on February 18th when the Sun enters Pisces. With Mercury still in Pisces and Mars in Gemini you may just talk too much. When the Sun enters Pisces, all the water elements are emphasized. The Sun, Uranus, and Mercury are in Pisces while the Moon and Jupiter are in Scorpio.

So, at this point you may find yourself moving a little too fast. You may be so excited that things are finally happening in your life that you’re letting the excitement direct you. You could actually lose your focus if you’re not careful. The key to success at this point is to enjoy your life and stop making excuses for things going well. People don’t need all the minor details to support your efforts. They just need to know that basic facts. Plus, you deserve having good things happening to you.

The month ends with the new Moon in Pisces occurring on February 27th. Usually a new Moon in Pisces is very mellow. That may be the case again this time. However, there is a stellium in Pisces. A stellium is when three or more energies are in the same sign. In this case, the new Moon forms a conjunction to Uranus, indicating that you will either find new insight into your current situation or you may feel some anxieties because life is starting to move a little too quickly. There is also a sense of intensity in your life because Mercury forms a square to Pluto on this day. This could either mean that other people are trying to convince you that their point of view is the only correct point of view. Or, it could mean that you feel so committed to your goals that you try to forcefully convince others of the correctness of your goals.

The month of February really is one where you can finally see pleasant things happening. So, enjoy the quiet pace of the first two weeks and accept your successes in the second two weeks. By doing this, you’ll find that you can move forward in a balanced manner.