November 2008: Focus on Your Emotional Center of Balance

November is a month where you feel life speeds up, changes occur, and emotions are going up and down. How you decide to use this energy may be in your control. On the other hand, many of the changes that occur this month are a direct result of global occurrences that are out of your control. It’s important to keep a spiritual attitude right now: The thoughts of one person streams out and contacts the thoughts of another person. If enough people feel calmness and love, this energy can (albeit slowly) impact the world. It definitely will impact your little space in the universe.

The month begins with Ceres in Leo forming a trine to Pluto in Sagittarius on November 1st. While Ceres is still considered a minor player in the world of astrology because the understanding of its energy is so new, it appears to indicate the importance of compromise and use of power. With all the other energies that occur this month, the fact that November begins with Ceres is very important, especially since Ceres forms a trine to its main protagonist, Pluto. This is a day when you start thinking about what is important to you and how you need to live your life to realize this importance. This is also a day to prepare for the upcoming month and the various energies which enter your life so that you don’t feel like you’re under assault.

On November 2nd, Neptune in Aquarius turns direct. Normally, this isn’t so important because the motion of Neptune turning direct is so slow. Yet, this is an indication that during the month of November, more information that has been hidden from you surfaces. If you’ve been keeping secrets, those secrets will be revealed. If secrets have been kept from you, they will be revealed. Hiding from the truth is not so easy. Seeing things for what they really are can help you make better decisions in your life.

On the following day, November 3rd, Venus in Sagittarius forms a square to Saturn in Virgo and within hours forms a square to Uranus retrograde in Pisces. This is important because Venus creates a mutable T-square with both Saturn and Uranus retrograde just one day before Saturn forms an opposition to Uranus retrograde. Mutable T-squares represent changes that need to be made. These changes can come easily if you are ready for them. However, they can also bring stress if you hold on to old patterns that no longer work in your life. Since Venus is involved in this mutable T-square, it’s important to focus on your value systems, both ethical and financial. Whatever changes occur in your life need to come as a result of your financial considerations and your love of self and others. Since Ceres is also entering Virgo on this day, that may be easier for you than you think. While no ruling sign has yet been determined for Ceres, Ceres is very comfortable in the sign of Virgo since both represent the importance of the earth mother who wishes to give everyone a safe home.

November 4th, Election Day in the United States, promises to be one filled with intrigue, long waits, and much upheaval. Mars in Scorpio forms a square to Neptune just hours before Saturn forms its opposition to Uranus retrograde. This is important because it indicates that you need to pay attention to your emotions and acknowledge them. If you don’t, you may find anger festering and lingering throughout the rest of the month.

Saturn forming an opposition to Uranus creates a new cycle starts that will last until July 26, 2010. This cycle occurs approximately every 47 to 49 years. Specifically, the opposition of Saturn to Uranus will occur on November 4, 2008; February 5, 2009; September 14, 2009; April 26, 2010; and July 26, 2010.

Although this opposition doesn’t really occur until the day of the election, its influence was felt during the campaign. Historically campaigns can be very bitter when there is a Saturn/Uranus opposition. The two best examples are found in 1964 and 1828: Both campaigns are considered by historians as the best examples of negative campaigning prior to the writing of this article.

Some historians like to give this dubious distinction to the 1964 Johnson/Goldwater campaign where the Johnson campaign ran what is known as the “Daisy” commercial. Barry Goldwater was a conservative Republican who believed that a strong military, including one where tactical nuclear weapons could be used, was necessary to protect the world from Communism. The “Daisy” spot showed a little girl picking petals and counting, “one, two, three, four, five, seven, six, eight, nine, nine.” As she reaches ten a male voice starts with the countdown, “ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.” The screen fills with a mushroom cloud and the audience hears a deafening noise when the countdown reaches zero. The spot concludes with an appeal from voters to vote for Lyndon Johnson. Goldwater is never mentioned in the spot.

Other historians give this “honor” to the campaign of Jackson/Adams in 1828. John Quincy Adams became President in 1824 when he ran against Andrew “Old Hickory” Jackson. However, Jackson defeated Adams in 1828 even though Adams depicted Jackson as a drunk, gambler, and adulterer. Jackson’s wife, Rachel, was portrayed as a bigamist. Technically, there was truth to this story. Jackson and his wife were married for two years before they found out that her first husband, Lewis Robards, never filed for divorce. Robards finally filed for divorce in 1793 and the Jacksons were married in 1794 before the campaign for election ever ran.

What both campaigns did have in common was the use of the fear factor: Trying to bring distrust either to the decisions that people might make or to the behavior they may exhibit. Saturn does represent the desire to maintain the status quo while Uranus represents the unexpected changes that occur even when everything is well planned out. Uranus also represents the need to change in order to build a better structure for the world.

In November 2007, I was asked in a lecture who would win the vote in November 2008. At that time I stated that it would be Barack Obama because the nation’s public, while fearing change, was more fearful of losing control in a global economy where nations such as China and India continue to gain stronger economic footholds. In addition, many people are tired of seeing our soldiers injured in another war (such as the Korean War in the 1950s) that technically doesn’t exist. At the time of writing this article the polls appear to be giving Obama the edge. Yet, it also appears that it will be a long election night and we won’t really know the actual results of the election until the following day or perhaps longer.

Whether I’m right or wrong, economically things are going to be difficult until at least 2010 no matter who is in office for the next four years. The way that money and finances are handled is also going to change. From the day of the election, for the rest of the month of November 2008, there are very strong astrological indicators as to what you can expect.

Historically, financial institutions have difficulties during the cycle of Saturn forming an opposition to Uranus. President Jackson is given credit for the collapse of the banking industry. He believed that the Second Bank of the United States concentrated too much of the nation’s wealth into one institution. He stated in his 1829 speech to Congress that the bank served mainly the rich and allowed foreign interests access to the federal government. By no longer depositing federal dollars into the bank and withdrawing any federal dollars that were in the bank, The Second Bank of the United States lost its federal charter in 1836 and was out of business by 1841. Unfortunately, turning money over to various state banks created chaos, a negative aspect of Uranus, and destroyed its structure, Saturn.

More banks are being held by international companies with ties to various governments and countries. The fear that there is outside control over monetary matters may increase during the next several years, but the reality is that this change of ownership is already part of the new economic structure.

Another change that will occur during the next several years is the use of paper and metal currencies. As more banks find difficulties due to credit card bankruptcies, more emphasis will be placed on the use of debit cards rather than checks or even cash. Even if you use a paper check, you’ll find more stores using the “electronic” paper check where you sign a receipt, your check is handed back to you, and your money is withdrawn from your account immediately.

Currencies can be forged, even though many countries, including the United States, continue to issue new bills that are encoded to prevent this forgery. Financial institutions issuing debit cards can still make money from fees without worry that the debt will not be repaid. In some ways, the use of debit cards can be a convenience for individuals who travel, not only in the United States, but also other countries. As long as you keep your card safe, you have access to your money without worrying about carrying a lot of cash.

On a more personal level, the Saturn/Uranus opposition deals with how you need to make changes to the various foundations you’ve built your life on. Over the last few weeks you’ve even heard people such as Alan Greenspan tell Congress that he doesn’t understand how the beliefs he held in the economy over these last 40 years aren’t working any more. This opposition really lets you know that every action you take has a reaction from someone else. It’s almost like living in a time of instant karma. If you live your life through spiritual ethics the “instant” karma can bring rewards. However, if you are not honest with yourself, especially in how you relate to other people, this “instant” karma can bring disruption in your life. The good news is that you can make the choice.

If astrology is any indication the actual results of the United States Presidential Election will be in question on November 5th, when Venus forms a sextile to Neptune, and these questions will not be fully resolved until Venus forms a conjunction to Pluto on November 12th. Since astrological energies do not always quite fit the way of the world, the election results will probably be revealed before November 12th. However, questions will continue at least until the 12th.

During this same time period, from November 5 to 12, 2008, you may find it difficult to make decisions because you are not be able to get all the information you need to make the right decisions. It’s all right to just wait at this time. You don’t need to force yourself into a situation you may later regret. Go slowly. Gather all the facts. And, if possible, make your final decision after November 12th.

On November 13th, Jupiter in Capricorn forms a sextile to Uranus retrograde in Pisces. This is the last time Jupiter makes a sextile to Uranus in this cycle. The first two times were on March 28 and May 21, 2008. This aspect represents changes in the United States government. On a personal level, this aspect represents opportunities for you to make changes in your life. Since this is the last time this aspect occurs in this cycle, it would be good for you to think of what occurred in your life that last two times this aspect occurred. Did you start a new direction in your life? Did you start re-evaluating your focus and life’s direction? Or, do you not remember anything important during the last two times the aspect occurred. If you don’t remember anything important, perhaps it’s because your life is already moving in the direction you wish it to go. If you do remember something important, see if you need to take the next step in moving forward with your life.

There is also a full Moon (with Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus) which occurs less than one hour after Jupiter forms its sextile to Uranus retrograde. And, this is the first full Moon that occurs after Saturn formed its opposition to Uranus retrograde.

A full Moon represents the need to let go of the past, especially in those areas of your life where the past is a stumbling block to your future success. You need to understand your emotions so that you can move on without fear. You may not have all the answers right now but that’s all right. It’s very important not to go into battle because fights just won’t be won. Instead, this full Moon indicates a time for healing. Unfortunately, if healing doesn’t occur you may find yourself living in a country that harbors more resentment than ever before. This is a critical time for leaders to work together and find a way to heal the country as much as it is a time for you to take healing measures.

This need for healing continues as Mercury forms a square to Chiron on November 14th, Venus forms a trine to Ceres on November 15th, Mercury forms a trine to Uranus retrograde and Mercury forms a sextile to Jupiter and Saturn on November 16th, and Mercury forms a square to Neptune on November 17th. What this means is that the time period between November 14 and November 17, 2008 could be volatile for people who are unwilling to move on with their lives. You might hear a lot of frustration from other people. But at the same time, rather than being a period of frustration, this could become a period of optimism. You really have an opportunity for seeing new ways to do things. You really have an opportunity for increased communications with other people. If there is frustration, it comes from fear. However, if you don’t let fear enter your life, you’ll feel the optimism. You actually have a lot more control than you realize.

On November 21st, another cycle comes to an end: Jupiter forming a trine to Saturn. This aspect started in 2007 and occurs approximately every 19 to 21 years. When it first occurred on March 16, 2007, the economic meltdown due to mortgage rates and other unsound investments was just beginning to come into public awareness. Historically, banks tend to fail when this cycle occurs and are either allowed to collapse because money is withheld or are saved due to an influx of cash from outside sources. Historically, infrastructures, such as railroads, and other systems of transportation need upgrading as more goods and services need to cross international lines.

Basically, this cycle represents the need to understand the difference between living beyond your means and living within your comfort zone. It represents the need to find a balance between future dreams and taking the right steps to achieve those dreams. If you took unrealistic risks, you may need to pay for those risks. However, if you were realistic about your steps your path, you’ll find it easier to achieve your goals now that this cycle is complete.

The problems, such as the financial crisis, that occurred during this cycle won’t all go away immediately. They will continue into the year 2010. But, solutions can also be found if people are willing to admit they pushed things beyond reasonable limits. These solutions need to be new solutions not just attempts to maintain the financial status quo. This is also true in your life. It’s important for you to look at things differently so you can find solutions that really make changes in your life.

Use the energy of Mars forming a square to Ceres on November 25th as you think of ways to make changes in your life. Granted, a square represents tensions, but it represents tensions that are necessary as part of an inner motivation to take action. You can use this energy to increase your vitality as you find ways to improve your health. You can use this energy to release anger as you find ways to compromise with people or circumstances in your life. This can be a very healing time period if you maintain your center of emotional balance.

On November 26th, Pluto re-enters Capricorn and a major paradigm shift starts in the world. Actually, this major paradigm shift has been occurring over the last several months. Pluto initially entered Capricorn on January 26 until June 14, 2008. When it entered Capricorn at that time, you got a sense of changes that would occur in the world. Now Pluto will stay in Capricorn until March 23, 2023 and the changes will create a new way to interact with society. Pluto will retrograde back into Capricorn from June 11, 2023 to January 21, 2024, when it will finally leave that sign for another 227 years. Pluto has a very erratic orbit and can be in a sign from as short as 12 years when it is in Scorpio to as long as 33 years when it is in Taurus. Pluto’s stay in Capricorn is approximately 16 years.

When Pluto is in Capricorn the greatest area of change occurs in the political structures of countries, especially as it relates to money and global power. Historically, the political structures of various countries were destroyed, changed, or held together by specific leaders who had a vision. In addition, leaders who were successful in their countries appear to have some similarities: They united their country or the lands surrounding the country to strengthen their nation; they instituted policies that involved religion; and they created monetary structures that either helped their countries or led to high levels of inflation. (Due to the importance of Pluto entering Capricorn, please read the excerpt from my Trend Analysis 2009 book found on this website.)

For the sixteen years that Pluto remains in Capricorn, you’ll see changes in currency. For countries that continue the use of paper currency, there will be new designs to protect the money from forgeries. With the economy increasing the global connection and more people traveling, you’ll see money moving from the use of currency to debit cards and than eventually to other technology, such as your cell phone. Unfortunately, there’s a strong chance that taxation will increase as resources decrease and the need for more social services increases.

With all the changes occurring in the world, you’ll find that what occurs in other countries does impact your life. Goods and services will continue to be offered from different countries and some of the rules that were developed for local goods won’t apply to those countries. On the other hand, there will be a backlash from the public regarding some of these imported goods and a cry for more localized goods.

This is a new era being ushered in and one that can bring exciting new things into your life. At the same time, a lot of the old systems just won’t work right. If there is a problem with a particular system, it may be put off for 16 years, but once Pluto enters Aquarius that problem will disrupt the system. In those instances where new introductions improve your life, they will be here to stay.

Psychologically the shift of Pluto into Capricorn means that you need to focus on finding your own personal power through structures that you create in your life. You need to understand the inner workings of your soul. Pluto represents the Kundalini energy, the sexual energy within your being that creates the fire and desire to procreate. If you are in balance with your life, you’ll be able to use this energy to implement new strategies and develop plans for success. If things start falling apart in your life it’s usually because those areas of your life weren’t develop with solid plans. This is also a period of reaching out and working with other people. Through working with others, you’ll be able to find ways to develop solid plans and not have your life fall apart around you.

On November 27th, Uranus turns direct. As an outer planet, usually this change in direction isn’t felt very much. However, you’ll be able to find ways to reach out to other people. And, you’ll be able to come up with new ways of doing things. If you own a business, this is a great time to re-write that business plan and expand some of your concepts. In less than one hour after Uranus turns direct, the new Moon (with Sun and Moon in Sagittarius) occurs. Mercury is close to forming a square to Ceres at this time and actually does form that square a few hours later. What this means is that you need to make certain any plans you make include steps that nurture you, your family, and other people around you. If you do need to compromise, discuss those decisions with those you love. This is a time to include people in your life and not try to do everything by yourself.

As the month ends, Venus forms a trine to Saturn on November 29th. This energy is just as important as the energy of the new Moon because it emphasizes the need to include people in your plans and not try to do everything by yourself. Discussions with important people in your life can help you find your emotional balance and create ways for moving forward and seeing the positive that can occur in your life.