May 2006: Self Love Develops Healthier Relationships

May begins with Venus entering Aries on May 3rd and represents the need for you to focus on self love so that you can develop healthier relationships without sacrificing your needs. Symbolically, Venus is in its detriment in Aries. The reasons: Aries is all about you; Venus is all about loving others. Yet, that’s also why this month is about self love.

On the following day, Jupiter forms a trine to Uranus. This is a 14-year cycle that occurs in a series of three. This cycle actually began on November 25, 2005. The last time this trine occurs in this cycle is on August 29, 2006. Jupiter represents your ethics and search for truth. Uranus represents the need to move your thoughts beyond normal perceptions and look at things from different viewpoints. Uranus also represents the importance of technological advancements that can make your life easier.

This trine is also a very important indicator in mundane astrology (the field of astrology that deals with world events from both governmental and commercial aspects). Based on historical events, currency becomes devalued, weather patterns become extremely erratic, technological changes in audio and video occur, oil industry becomes erratic, government scandals occur, civil rights demand social changes, and changes in Iran occur. (You can read more detailed information in my Trends 2005 and Trends 2006 books.)

Whether you view this trine from the personal or global perspective, there are specific psychological patterns in this trine. Jupiter represents exuberance and the willingness to push boundaries to the extreme. Uranus represents erratic actions that occur, seemingly without warning. Yet, the warning signs have actually been there for all to see when people recognize that the “status quo” is not always filling all the needs of people. Jupiter also represents hubris while Uranus represents revelations. This is one reason that government scandals are always revealed in this cycle. People begin to believe that they can do anything. They push the boundaries beyond social acceptance and they get caught. This is also a reason why the demand for civil rights increases. People see the positive that society can bring in their lives. If they are disenfranchised, they now are willing to push the boundaries and make demands to receive equal treatment.

In a lot of ways, this aspect goes back to self love. This is really a time to review your life and see if you are receiving the best benefits you can. You’ll be able to view things from a different perspective and even come up with new solutions. It’s important, however, not to let your exuberance turn to hubris where you believe you are invincible and can take any actions, no matter who else may get hurt.

This is also a time to be cautious financially. The stock market is attempting to find stability as the global market changes and oil prices continue to escalate. The political situations of other countries also create changes in how people interact with each other. Operating from fear could cloud your decisions. Developing plans with milestones can increase your confidence.

Changes in audio and video technologies will make it easier for you to communicate with others. At the same time, it also decreases your own privacy. One area involves your children. It’s very important that they learn that too much information can create difficulties as they lose their privacy. To them, the message boards and informational websites are still toys. They can’t really understand the possible consequences of giving out too much information unless you teach them.

You can also learn more about the world and events. Yet, you need to give yourself a break from all the information that comes into your home. While telecommuting is heralded as one solution to increased oil costs there could be a psychic cost to you if you don’t learn how to balance your life. Meaning, the ability to work at home also means the ability to work a 24/7 week. So, self love means knowing when to shut down that computer, leave the work behind, and just get out and relax.

Both Jupiter and Uranus rule electromagnetic fields and there is a trend to building wireless homes. The benefit is that you are no longer “tied” to an outlet. You can move your wireless computer to any location, even outside if you want. And, you’ll soon find that your appliances can become wireless as technology enables builders to put a wireless electrical grid into your home where electrical outlets are not longer needed. The real question is the health impact. At this point, there really are no studies on what it means to live surrounded by an electromagnetic grid.

Finally, Uranus rules social groups while Jupiter rules religious organizations. Over the last several years, religious and political groups in various nations have become closer. You may find that some political decisions promote one viewpoint over another. It’s very important to understand just how this may impact you. It’s also important not to get so involved with social groups that you find little time for your own needs. At the same time, it’s important not to ignore what’s happening in the world around you so that you lose control over your private life.

As Mercury enters Taurus on May 5, 2006, it moves through a series of minor aspects that really give you the opportunity to communicate about what you need in your relationships and what you’re capable of giving. This really is the time to communicate your needs and understand that your friends are there to support you. You may feel frustrated on May 7th because you feel that people don’t understand you. But, it may be that you’re actually being too critical of yourself. Perhaps you’re finding it difficult to state your real needs. Perhaps you’re listening to all those inner voices that are telling you it’s not all right to ask for support from other people. But, you’ll find out on May 10th, when Mercury forms a square to Chiron, and on May 11th, when Mercury forms an opposition to Jupiter retrograde, that it really is all right to discuss your needs with other people. While some individuals may feel that this fixed T-square created by Mercury on May 10th and 11th is an aspect of stress, it’s really also an aspect of healing. So, this can be a wonderful two days to heal any difficulties you have in your relationships with others.

The full Moon, with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio, is always a time to let go of whatever stands in your way. With the full Moon occurring on May 13th, this is an excellent time to let go of past pain from your relationships and move into forgiveness as a form of healing. You’ll also see that by communicating your needs to others, they are more willing to give you emotional support in your healing process.

Be a bit cautious two days later when Mercury forms a square to Neptune. This is not the day to sign any major contracts because you won’t see all the facts. There’s a tendency to feel over confident about situations and you could easily overlook something. On the other hand, this is a wonderful day to meditate on healing relationships and understanding the needs of others.

By the time Mercury enters Gemini on May 19th, you’ll really feel comfortable discussing your needs with others. Your thought processes are clearer as Mercury enters its own sign. This ability to think clearer is supported by the Sun’s movement into Gemini on May 21st. And, if you slow down in your verbal communications, you’ll also be able to really understand what other people are trying to say to you.

May 24th, when Mercury forms a trine to Chiron, it’s another day for healing relationships. This is a good day for negotiating because it’s easier for each of you to really hear what is being said. There’s less of a chance for misunderstandings. It you did experience misunderstanding with people earlier in the month, this is also a good day to clear up any problems that may have resulted.

As the new Moon, with both Sun and Moon in Gemini, occurs on May 27th, you’ll be able to move forward by seeing just how taking care of yourself enables you to be kinder to other people and have the healthy relationships you desire. As Venus enters Taurus on May 29th, the month ends with you truly understanding that self love increases self esteem and develops better relationships with others.