June 2011: Being Accountable

The month of June is always an important time period astrologically. It is the month that the summer solstice occurs in the western hemisphere and one-quarter of the astrological year comes to an end. It is the point where you find out whether events from the start of the astrological year in March will continue throughout the rest of the year; or, whether those events of the first quarter of the year were just short-term events. This time, however, the month of June is even more important because of several other astrological events that occur:

• The partial solar eclipse with Sun and Moon in Gemini on June 1, 2011;
• The change of motion with Neptune in Pisces turning retrograde on June 4, 2011;
• Jupiter entering the new sign of Taurus on June 4, 2011;
• Saturn in Libra turning direct on June 12, 2011;
• The total lunar eclipse with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius on June 15, 2011; and
• Mercury entering Cancer on June 16, 2011 creating an important cardinal T-square involving Uranus in Aries, Pluto retrograde in Capricorn, and Saturn in Libra that lasts until June 21, 2011, the day of the summer solstice.

With all this energy, June is a month of responsibility and accountability. It is a month where you look at your life, past, present, and future, to determine what’s right for you and your family. It’s also a month which in many ways forms a resonance with the two previous months. What this means is that many decisions you make now will be a direct result of the actions you took in April and May 2011.

The partial solar eclipse that occurs on June 1st is the second eclipse of the year. The first eclipse occurred on January 4, 2011 and was also a partial solar eclipse. (In total there are six eclipses this year with four of them being solar eclipses.) A solar eclipse occurs during the time of a new Moon. In this case, both the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Gemini and form a trine to Saturn retrograde. Part of what makes this aspect important is that the previous two new Moons which occurred in April and May 2011 formed an opposition to Saturn retrograde. In April and May, you may have felt frustrated that your plans seemed to stall. No matter how hard you tried to get things going, it just didn’t happen as you expected. However, this time it’s different and actually unusual for an eclipse. Usually eclipses obscure things. This eclipse will actually bring things to the surface.

Mercury enters its own sign of Gemini on June 2nd and communications become very important. You may want to review some contracts that you signed over the last two months. Or, you may want to contact some people you haven’t seen over the past few months. But be cautious with financial negotiations because Mercury forms a square to Neptune on June 4th and you may feel this energy of confusion even a few days earlier. June 4th is also not a good day to try and resolve problems. Emotions are very high. Either you or the other person will feel slighted where no disrespect was intended.

June 4th is important for another reason. This is the day when Neptune in Pisces turns retrograde and Jupiter enters a new sign, Taurus. This is a day when you need to review your past dreams and see how realistic they are so that you can move into the future with greater security. It’s also an important day because this is when you understand how important it is to hold yourself accountable for your own actions.

Neptune turning retrograde isn’t always important. However, today it’s very important. Neptune initially entered the sign of Pisces on April 4, 2011. At that time, a new paradigm shift was introduced. The last time this shift occurred was in 1848, approximately 163 years ago. The shift lasted for about 14 years.

When an outer planet changes signs, it usually enters the new sign for a short period as if to give you clues as to how that paradigm shift will affect you over the long run. After you receive the clues, the outer planet returns to its previous sign so that you can correct any mistakes you made that prevent you from embracing the new paradigm shift for its positive aspects. Once you’ve had an opportunity to do that, the outer planet once again re-enters the new sign and the actual shift starts occurring. In this case, Neptune only goes to 0°55.7 of Pisces and turns retrograde. During this retrograde period, and until Neptune re-enters Aquarius on August 4, 2011, you’ll see people scrambling to try and protect their opinions. You’ll be presented with opportunities to make changes, but you’ll need to be careful. Either you won’t have all the facts or other people will distort the facts. This is especially true in the area of finance. You’ll see a lot of examples of this occurring as various governments try to grapple with out of control spending. Basically, there is no simple solution. If simple solutions are offered, be very skeptical of them.

Jupiter enters the sign of Taurus a few hours after Neptune turns retrograde. Jupiter is a cycle that occurs approximately every 12 years. When it enters a sign, it stays in that sign for approximately 13 months. In this case, Jupiter will be in Taurus from June 4, 2011 to June 22, 2012.

In general, Jupiter represents several things in life: Long-term planning, international commerce, and scientific innovations or enhancements. Jupiter is also the planet of excess and can easily represent areas of your life where you pushed the boundaries and didn’t pay attention to its important limitations. In some instances, you may have felt a hubris where you thought you could do anything. Unfortunately, the stretch couldn’t be sustained and things got rough for you.

The energy of Jupiter undergoes some interesting changes when it is in the sign of Taurus. Suddenly accountability becomes very important. You don’t want to push the boundaries any more. You want more security in your life. You hold on to things longer. And, if you don’t learn how to curb your excesses, you start paying a price for failing the lessons.

Currently there is economic excess. Countries are spending beyond their budgets. Many people are utilizing credit cards as expense accounts. In other areas, people are turning to gold for investment securities pushing the limits of its value. With gold at its height, it’s just a matter of time before it peaks and the investors who forget that peaks also have valleys suffer the consequences. Unfortunately, the attempt to use gold as an investment methodology tends to collapse when Jupiter is in Taurus. You may find it interesting that some Congressional officials in the United States are eyeing the gold stored at Fort Knox and wondering if that gold could be released and sold. Yet the real question remains: What would happen if that gold were released in the marketplace. Would the price collapse as it did in 1869 or 1893?

Historically, changes occur in corporate accounting methods when Jupiter is in Taurus. New mathematical principles and recordkeeping methodologies are introduced which enable individuals to keep better records. More factors are considered when developing profit and loss statements. During this time period, more corporations will start determining the value of their stock by looking at long-term results. Some of these results will include social, environmental, and sustainability factors.

This accountability which involves social, environment, and sustainability factors will enter your life in many ways. Already many people are trying to understand where their food comes from: Is it organic, local, or genetically-modified (GM)? Because of this question, more companies are producing organic products. More people are installing vegetable gardens. And, more people are using products that support a sustainable environment. This becomes more important as weather conditions tend to be difficult on farm crops when Jupiter is in Taurus.

Scientific innovations and enhancements when Jupiter is in Taurus will focus on utilizing more computer technology to improve the lives of people with brain or spinal cord injuries or other limiting factors. Computer implants will enable people with physical problems to live a better life through controlling their environment. In some cases, the brain impulses are actually picked up by the computer chip and translated into some sort of action. In other instances, advances which are not necessarily technological will enable people to learn how to “re-write” portions of their brain, bypassing the part of the brain that is damaged, and training other parts of the brain to be able to do things which it normally doesn’t do. The speech area is one place where you’ll find research. Even if you don’t have limiting physical factors in your life, you’ll find these advancements impacting your life. Voice commands will become more common with various forms of technology. The ability to program your home to perform certain tasks will increase.

Granted, you won’t see all these changes on June 4th, but you’ll start reading about these possibilities. And, you’ll see just how important accountability is. It’s the process of looking at the world through the lens of sustainability and long-term viability.

You may feel a little let down on June 5th after all the energy influx that occurred the day before. Basically, you’re going through a mental drain as Mercury forms a square to Chiron. This is a good day for reflection and not much action. The same is true for June 7th when Mercury forms a trine to Saturn retrograde. However, don’t be surprised if you find some important documents that you thought were lost.

On June 8th, Jupiter forms a sextile to Neptune retrograde. On June 4th, Neptune turned retrograde and Jupiter entered the sign of Taurus. At that time you needed to look at your dreams to determine which were realistic so that you could move into the future. Well, the same is true today. As you review your dreams, you’ll be able to put them into proper perspective. More information will surface from your subconscious mind giving you a sense of balance.

Venus enters the sign of Gemini on June 9th and Chiron turns retrograde. While Venus doesn’t feel comfortable in the sign of Gemini because talk is placed above feeling, the fact that Chiron turns retrograde actually helps the energy of Venus today. This is when you can go back and look at past hurts. Did someone leave you feeling hurt? Did you cause someone else’s pain? Because you’re looking at things from a more rational point of view, you’ll actually be able to discuss the problems you’ve had with others and resolve them.

Venus forms a square to Neptune retrograde on June 10th indicating that you really need to be careful with your finances. It’s too easy to see something and think that it’s a good deal. While you may be enthralled with the product, the price is too high.

Not only does Venus indicate financial problems, but it could also indicate relationship problems. You may think that you’ve just met the love of your life. However, perceptions are illusions today. What you see is what you want; not what is really there.

June 12th will be a day of relief. Venus forms a sextile to Uranus indicating that any information you receive unexpectedly is very important. You might even run into an old friend you haven’t seen for a while. Meanwhile, Saturn turns direct and things start moving faster. Saturn initially turned retrograde on January 25, 2011. Since that time, people have felt that things moved slowly. It wasn’t always the easiest time period to try and get things done. It’s a lot easier to be focused now that Saturn turns direct. You can make plans with the understanding that they are realistic.

June 13th will feel like a day of déjà vu when the Mercury forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node and Venus forms a square to Chiron retrograde. Whether it’s another day of people from your past re-entering your life or a day where you feel history is repeating itself, you’ll feel as if you’re in some movie watching your own actions. It’s very important to be aware of your communications and your surroundings. You don’t want to make the mistake of giving too much information away. You also don’t want to make the mistake of over-committing your time to projects which get you off track. If you give away too much information or over commit to a project, you’ll regret it on the following day.

Both Venus and Mercury make difficult aspects on June 14th. Venus forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde indicating that power struggles may ensue. Mercury forms a square to Ceres indicating that words could be used to hurt. Other people may try to manipulate you into accepting their side in an argument. Or, they may just try to get you into an argument. Meanwhile, the involvement of Ceres on this day indicates several possibilities: An accident if you’re not paying attention to your surroundings; worn-out items finally reaching their breaking point and falling apart; or, storm conditions which cause electrical outages.

The first lunar eclipse of the year occurs on June 15th. It occurs the time of a full Moon. The Sun will be in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. This is going to be a long eclipse with the total phase lasting 100 minutes. The last time an eclipse actually lasted longer than 100 minutes was in July 2000. While the eclipse is seen in many parts of the world, it won’t be seen in North America.

Although the eclipse will not be visible in North America, countries in this region will be impacted by financial and political events which occur throughout the world. You’ll hear of more countries declaring financial problems which could lead to increased cost of goods for you. You’ll also hear of more elections where races are tight and the final outcome is not known until the last minute.

During this time, you’ll need to review your relationships with people. In some cases you’ll find that other people don’t want to be accountable for their actions. Rather than accept responsibility, they try and put the blame on you. If you see this happening, you need to determine whether those individuals are really necessary in your life.

As Mercury enters the sign of Cancer on June 16th, it begins to create the energy of a cardinal T-square which lasts until June 21st, the day of the summer solstice. Information will comes at you so quickly that you may feel overwhelmed. You may find yourself in a crisis and be asked to make immediate decisions even if you don’t have all the facts. If you are placed in that position, try to take a deep breath before you proceed. This may slow you down enough to tune into your higher consciousness and in this way make the right decision.

Tuning into your higher conscious will be easy on June 17th because Mercury forms a trine to Neptune retrograde and a sextile to Jupiter. Your sense of understanding is heightened. You actually hear what people mean, not just what they are saying. It’s easier for you to be compassionate with people who are in trouble, just as it is easier for those people to be compassionate with you. If you need help, this is a good time to reach out and ask for help. People will be willing to give you the support you need.

The energies on June 18th and June 19th are a mixed bag.

In the early morning hours, eastern daylight time, of June 18th, Venus forms a trine to Saturn making it easier for you to feel good about your relationships. It also enables you to understand financial matters in your life. Throughout the day you’ll feel good. However, by late afternoon, eastern daylight time, Mercury forms a square to Uranus and the cardinal T-square energy begins in earnest.

Information comes at you fast. Unexpected news can bring tension into your life, especially if it deals with finances or your children. Try not to get to emotional about situations otherwise it’ll be difficult for you to make the right decisions. Also, drive very cautiously today because accidents can happen. If the accidents happen, it’s because you weren’t paying attention as your mind was elsewhere.

In the early morning hours, eastern daylight time, of June 19th, Mercury forms a trine to Chiron retrograde indicating that you can have healing conversations with other people. If you own a business, the morning hours are good for developing business deals. However, Mercury forms an opposition to Pluto retrograde during the late afternoon, eastern daylight time. The afternoon can be very unsettling. You may feel that other people are trying to manipulate you. You may feel mentally sluggish. If it is difficult to concentrate, leave matters alone. Trying to force a decision could lead to faulty reasoning. Words could be used against other people. Even the world is tense at this time with increased military actions.

The summer solstice in the western hemisphere begins on June 21st when the Sun enters Cancer. In many ways this chart has strong similarities to the April 20, 2011 spring equinox chart. In both charts set up for the United States, relationship with allies is very important. In both charts, set up for the United States, Pluto is at the nadir indicating continued bad weather for portions of the country.

In the spring equinox chart, the Sun emphasized a cardinal T-square. However, in this current summer solstice chart, the Sun is emphasizing a cardinal grand cross. On a global level, as well as in your personal life, this indicates that so much information is coming that you have difficulty keeping up with everything. People who disagree will do everything possible not to find a way to create peace. It’s very important for you not to get sucked into the tensions of the world. If you do, those tensions will play out in your life by creating difficulties with your personal and professional relationships. You’ll be unwilling to compromise, just as other people are unwilling to compromise with you. Also, weather patterns will continue to be erratic. The danger of hurricanes is very strong.

However, a cardinal grand cross also represents a time period of initiation. Spiritually, this is a very important day. First, it’s important for you to acknowledge your needs. It’s alright to have an ego as long as you also take other people into consideration. It’s also important to understand that power is within you. Other people don’t have to control your life. They don’t have to tell you what to think. While friendships may seem to recede at times, other new friends will take their place. These are people who wish to support you through the process of initiation. Finally, focus your being on what’s important. Don’t try to do everything at once. Understand your limitations and use those limitations to succeed. If you can meditate on this energy, you’ll be able to pull it into your life and not succumb to the tensions surrounding you. You’ll become a beacon on light for others to follow.

You may feel confused on June 22nd as Mars forms a square to Neptune retrograde. You’re not getting all the information you need. You feel that others are hiding facts from you, and they probably are. If you feel tired today, don’t be surprised. Energy tends to get zap when this aspect is formed. Don’t push yourself too hard. Try to rest, if at all possible.

By June 27th you may feel more energized. Mars forms a sextile to Uranus on this day indicating that unexpected opportunities come your way. If they do, take advantage of them. Just don’t move so quickly that you start making silly mistakes and missing important facts. If you find yourself moving quickly, pull back, take a breath, and let your intuition surface. Your intuition will give you clues as to the right actions to take.

When Mars forms a square to Chiron retrograde on June 28th, you’ll know if you took the right actions the previous day. If the actions weren’t quite right, you’ll find out. If they were, you may feel lucky. However, luck had nothing to do with it. You listened to your gut and you were successful.

Try not to start any fights at this time because you’ll lose. You’ll say words that you regret or that will be used against you later. The same is true if someone else tries to pull you into an argument. You’re better off walking away. You can always revisit the issue on another day.

On June 28th, as Venus forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node, you’ll probably run into some old friends or lovers that you haven’t seen in a while. This is really a test. The old friends or lovers that you encounter remember the old you and may not even know the real you. By seeing them, you can also see how you’ve changed and become more honest with yourself. You may even be able to resolve old problems with them.

If you run into these old friends or lovers on June 29th, be very cautious. Mars forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde and indicates that it’s more difficult for people to accept who you are. Other people may try to manipulate you. This is not a time to try and get your point across. People just won’t listen. Rather than let frustration guide you, just walk away from the situation.

While you may feel some frustration towards the end of June, you don’t need to let it rule your life. As long as you stay true to yourself and are accountable for your actions, you’ll find this to be a month of profound understanding and change.