August 2005: A month for planning and implementing personal changes

August begins with a new Moon in Leo, emphasizing both the retrograde Mercury (that occurred last month) and the Saturn ingress into Leo that also occurred last month. This is important because it’s a time of planning and looking at things in a new, creative manner. One of the most important things to consider in your planning is how to add fun to what you’re doing. It’s also a time to decide where you can take risks so that your new plans have a better chance of success.

As Mercury turns direct on August 15, you’ll find it easier to come up with the right solutions. If you began any risky ventures between July 23 and August 14, you’ll see their results between August 15 and November 14, 2005. If you were looking for a new job in July or early August and felt that nothing was happening, you’ll finally see the results during this month.

Since Mercury is still in Leo and emphasizing the Saturn in Leo, you’ll be able to develop plans that provide a good foundation for your future. Some people in your life may feel that you’re plans are too risky, but pay attention to your intuition or gut feelings. If you factored in all the possible risks to your plans, you’ll find that you can be successful.

Pay careful attention to your retirement plans at this time. More companies may be offering fewer benefits, especially in the area of retirement, making it important that you calculate your financial security as part of your planning process.

As Venus enters Libra on August 16, take the time to consider other people in your planning process. Evaluate your relationships, especially those at work, to make certain that you are surrounding yourself with as many supportive people as possible. If you have a mentor at work, take the time to discuss your plans with that person. If you are experiencing difficulties with people, try to see if there is a pattern in your life that keeps creating these difficulties. If there is a pattern, you’ll be able to make changes in your life and release any negative patterns.

This is also an important time period to pay attention to your health. Review your diet and exercise program. Take the time to increase your vitality through healthier living. This will also make it easier to implement those changes in your life and give you better energy.

On August 17, Jupiter forms a trine to Neptune. This same aspect occurred on November 29, 2004 and March 14, 2005. It is an aspect that occurs approximately every 13 years and indicates societal and global changes, especially in the areas of labor relations and pension plans, global conflicts and their ensuing financial repercussions, increased global communications, and judicial changes especially in the area of human rights. (Detailed information regarding these changes can be found in my book Trend Analysis for the Year 2005 and my upcoming book Trend Analysis for the Year 2006.)

Since August begins as a month of planning and continues as a month for implementing your plans, you may feel the influence of this aspect more than you did when it occurred in November 2004 and March 2005. And, understanding the global changes will help you better plans for your personal life.

Global changes in the areas of labor relations and pension plans are already occurring. The split in the AFL/CIO is one indication that people know they need good wages and benefits as a condition of work. So, when creating your plans, make certain that you do everything you can to ensure your financial well-being.

While some historians state that war and other global conflict create jobs, an analysis of economic stability surrounding military actions indicate that increased conflict actually creates a strain on the nation’s budget. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to the stock market as well as other economic factors when you make your plans.

Technological improvements in communications are both a blessing and curse. It’s more difficult to be “off the clock” at work now because there are so many ways that people can communicate with you throughout the day and night. At the same time, the availability of instant communications can make life easier and safer for all of us when used diligently. So, as you make your plans, include the fact that you actually have more avenues of communication open to you, both for sharing your information and gathering new information.

Judicial changes are already occurring with the retirement of one Supreme Court judge and the likelihood of another change on the Supreme Court during the upcoming year.

There are some techniques you can employ for using this energy in your planning and implementation process. In this specific case, there are several time periods to re-evaluate in your life. The first are events that occurred to you in November 2004. When you think back on a global level, the re-election of President Bush is the easiest example to remember. Personally, you may have planted some seeds at that time that can actually help you plan and implement changes now. You may have decided to look for a new job or make some serious commitments in your relationships. Now is the time to move forward with those seeds.

Two other periods to re-evaluate in your life are events that occurred either 13 years ago (in 1992) or 26 years ago (in 1979). Examples of two global events that occurred in 1979 are the economic relationships the United States established with China and the freezing of Iranian assets in the United States due to the hostage crisis. Your events may not have been so radical or drastic; however, they did have a specific impact on your lifestyle today. Also, remembering those events will help you remember the dreams you had for your life at that time. You’ll be able to look back and see if the actions you’ve been taken are helping you realize your dreams today. Or, you may need to make changes in your plans because those dreams, if still important, haven’t been realized yet.

Finally, another way to utilize the energy of Jupiter forming a trine to Neptune is to understand the symbology represented by both planets.

Jupiter in Libra represents changes in alliances, both government and corporate. It also represents increased involvement of religious organizations in political matters. Neptune in Aquarius represents changes in the health care industry, as well as changes in religious organizations. Economically, both planets represent one’s social standing. Financially, Jupiter represents the danger of overspending or over investing. Neptune is associated with secret agreements, many which may be illegal, as well as extended lines of credit leading to overspent finances or the neglect of financial accountability. Keeping this symbology in mind, it’s important that you give yourself as many financial advantages as possible.

Both Jupiter and Neptune represent religion: Jupiter emphasizing orthodox churches with specific rituals and tenets while Neptune emphasizing mystical aspects of religion and faith-based actions. While both planets represent religion, they also represent ethics. Jupiter emphasizes the ethics of society; Neptune the ethics of spiritual conviction. This symbology indicates that it’s important your plans are ethical in nature and follow the spiritual path that brings greatest happiness to your soul.

By understanding this symbology, you will be able to create plans that integrate all aspects of your life.

With the full Moon occurring on August 19th, you’ll find it easier to understand what obstacles may prevent you from implementing your plans. Some of these obstacles may not be easy to overcome immediately: So, it’s important that you also maintain some patience in your life. In other cases, you may find some resistance from your family. If you do, it’s because they are concerned about some of the risks you may want to take. Listen to their feedback because there may be some value in their concerns, especially those concerns surrounding your health.

As the Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd, take stock of all your plans and start putting them into operation. Now is the time to travel that road to your dreams.