Chakras and Astrology

Chakras and Astrology

By Misty Kuceris ©2012

I was asked to teach a class on Chakras and Astrology and in meditation as I was going through the process of balancing my chakras, information started coming to me.

It seems obvious as to which planets rule some of the chakras:

  • Mars for the root chakra because Mars represents vitality in our lives and the need to maintain a healthy energy in order to appreciate and enjoy life.
  • Moon for the solar plexus where we have our “gut” feelings and react to situations without necessarily understanding why we are reacting.
  • Sun for the heart center because this is our ego, our soul, and our true being. When we love the soul of others, we love the individuals for whom they really are. We find we accept them for their inner being.
  • Mercury for the throat chakra because this is how we communicate and give out information to others.

The other chakras were the ones that started creating some difficulties as to planetary rulership. Those chakras were

  • · The spleen which holds the reserve energy in all our bodies and lets us move forward even when we feel tired.
  • The brow chakra, often called The Third Eye, which represents the ability to see beyond the boundaries of earth and into the dimensions of other spaces. It also enables us to tap into the Akashic Records, a source of spiritual and psychic knowledge.
  • The crown chakra which caps the top of our beings and yet, when open, enables us to connect to the higher or super consciousness which can guide us in making better decisions as we look at our lives in being a part of the world.

Initially I thought that Jupiter was the ruler of the spleen chakra. Jupiter enables us to move forward with energy when we need it most. Yet, often Jupiter moves forward without consideration and thought to our own well-being. My meditative state rejected this as the right planetary ruler for the spleen chakra.

What came through meditation was Venus as the ruler for the spleen chakra. I’ve never really thought of Venus as a planet that gets involved in storing up energy. But then I realized that Venus really does store up energy. Think of Taurus and how Venus represents those things which we must accumulate in order to feel our presence on earth. And, think of Libra and how Venus can represent the ability to marshal forces when war is necessary through the masterful strokes of strategic actions which enlist other people to go out and do the actual fighting. Venus made sense.

So what of the other two chakras, the brow and the crown?

It’s interesting that there are seven chakras in the system best known to westerners. And, it’s interesting to note that there are seven heavenly bodies that were also known to the ancients. Therefore, when looking at the metaphysical representation of the heavenly bodies and the chakras, that leaves Jupiter and Saturn as rulers of the brow and crown chakra.

The brow chakra is the all-seeing eye. The ability, when the chakra is open, to see auras around people, hear sounds that are in different frequency than those normally heard by the human ear, and see or feel dimensions that are beyond the normal range of perception. Jupiter has that ability. It can move beyond the boundaries that normally are imposed. It can create reason out of totally irrational experiences. Jupiter is the true ruler of the brow chakra.

So, that leaves Saturn. Saturn ruling the crown chakra? How could that be? When the crown chakra is closed, you are able to function in life. You can be focused on your goals. You can even find ways to achieve anything. When the crown chakra is open, there is an energy flowing between your body and the universe. This energy, when healthy, flows in both directions at the same time. This energy, when unhealthy, flows only in one direction and either a tyrant is born or a maniac exists. Thus, Saturn is really the true ruler of the crown chakra.

Part of the process of meditating is calming the body and giving it a chance to heal. An advantage to meditating is that it can answer your questions through sense and understanding rather than through rational processing. The most important aspect to meditation is balancing the chakras so that as you move through the world and live your life, you are in harmony with your soul and strengthened by your being.

And what of those “newly” discovered heavenly bodies which the ancients knew nothing about? Are they not part of the chakra system? Think about it. As a Reiki master I know that there are more energy points than just the seven chakras. Those energy points are the center of your soles and the center of your palms. There is even an energy point above the crown chakra. Why, your entire body is a resonating energy space which people call auras. And there is more than just one auric force field that surrounds your body!

The energy point found in the middle of your soles is ruled by Pluto which requires that we understand how to grow roots and stay focused on the earth plane.

The energy point in the middle of your palms balances between Chiron and Ceres indicating that at times you go through pain to grow and at other times you need to sacrifice to grow. Yet, when you rub your hands together, these two energies join with one becoming the healer and the other becoming the nurturer.

The energy point above the crown chakra is ruled by Uranus showing that by tuning into the universal consciousness you can create more than you even dreamed. It is the energy point of inventors and artists: creative people who see what can be, not what is.

And, the aura which is closest to you and which you use to protect yourself from others is actually ruled by Neptune. Neptune understands the difference between revealing yourself and hiding those thoughts which are most dear to you.

Understanding your astrological chart helps you understand where you may suffer blockages with your chakra points or where one chakra point may be so strong that it causes an imbalance in another chakra point. What’s exciting about knowing this is that you can understand that your astrological chart is a true mandala meant to guide you through your life.

The best way to begin is through meditation and balancing the chakras. If you’ve never done this, you lay down in a quiet space. You can use music if you’d like, but actually it’s better for the room to be as silent as possible. Being a Reiki Master, I use “Cho Koo Ray” as my mantra before beginning any meditations. Invoking the universal healing energy I move my consciousness to my root chakra and wait until I can feel it moving and flowing in a circle. As the energy starts flowing, I move my consciousness to the next chakra until it flows. I do this with each chakra in the body until I reach the crown chakra. Once all the chakras are flowing, I visualize and feel the energy keep moving up to the top and into the charka above the crown. That flowing energy becomes a gentle rainfall that cascades over my entire body until it circles me. I feel it in the soles of my feet. I feel it in the palms of my hands.

When a chakra is overused, you’ll know it in this meditation. That particular chakra will vibrate so fast that it will actually be out of harmony with the others. Its vibration is similar to a glass of water that is placed on a shaky tray and starts spilling out all over the place. It’s not uncommon for an overused chakra to represent the ruling planet of your chart. Or, it’s not uncommon for an overused chakra to be one which is heavily aspected by a transit where you need to learn a life lesson.

When a chakra is underused, there is little to no movement during your meditation. Perhaps you are ignoring this aspect of your life right now. Or, perhaps this planet is weak in your chart causing you discomfort in its use. Or, you may feel this planet is under attack because of some transits you are currently experiencing.

So, what can you do when a chakra is over or underused? How do you use the mandala of your chart? First, understand the strength of that planet in your natal chart. Meditate on how that planet has operated in your life. Find a way to feel blessed for that planet.

If the over or under use is created by a transit, look at that transit and see what pattern it’s emphasizing in your life right now. What you’ll find is that each one of you has a karmic mission in life that needs resolution. Your life really is a re-occurring pattern. Meditate on this re-occurring pattern in a manner that enables you to release it. You don’t need to analyze the pattern. You’ve probably tried that many times and found it doesn’t work any way. Rather, feel the pattern and any fear that may result from focusing on the pattern. As fear starts to emerge, release that fear. For those of you who can visualize during your meditation, you’ll often see this fear as ribbons or images leaving your body. Let them go. Depending on your age and your experience in meditating, this may take several meditations before the fear and the pattern start leaving your body. Each time you finish with your meditation, embrace the feelings of release because you’ll find pleasure in their release.