April 2015- You’re Alright

Important astrological energies for the month of April 2015

  • Total Lunar Eclipse (FM) with Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra occurs on April 4, 2015.
  • Jupiter turns stationary direct on April 8, 2015. Jupiter turned stationary retrograde on December 8, 2014.
  • Venus forms a mutable T-square with Saturn retrograde and Neptune between April 15, 2015 and April 19, 2015.
  • Pluto turns stationary retrograde on April 16, 2015.
  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Aries occurs on April 18, 2015.

You’re Alright

By Misty Kuceris ©2015

As the month of April begins, Venus forms a sextile to Chiron on April 1st. This is a good day to determine what you want to in life. You feel good about who you are and where you want to go. This may not be a time to initiate action since Venus is in Taurus, but it’s a good time to make certain that your needs are being met.

When Mercury forms a trine to Saturn retrograde on April 2nd, you find that you can think with clarity even with both planets in fire signs. You may want to rush forward into the world, but you know how to temper that energy with careful consideration. You’re able to keep your mouth shut until you understand the potential consequences of your words. What more important: You’ll be able to inspire other people with your words. You’ll also be able to come up with new solutions to old problems.

On April 3rd, Ceres enters the sign of Aquarius and you feel that you need to understand what other people are doing and how they impact your life. You want to discuss matters. At the same time, you may have difficulty feeling compassion for other people’s problems because you expect that they will be able to resolve them if they just discuss those problems.

You don’t want other people to interfere in your life. You want to be able to do what needs to be done. If other people are too emotionally involved with you, you find yourself pulling back and separating from them.

The second eclipse of the year occurs on April 4th. This is a total Lunar Eclipse with Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra. This eclipse is important because it is part of a tetrad eclipse series that began in April 15, 2014. A tetrad is when there are four consecutive total lunar eclipses that occur at approximately six month intervals. The second eclipse in this tetrad series occurred on October 8, 2014. And, the final eclipse in this tetrad series will occur on September 28, 2015. When there is a total lunar eclipse, the Moon turns a bright red during the first hour or so of the eclipse. This particular eclipse is part of the Saros 132 series and will be seen in the Americas, Asia, Australia, and the Pacific. Actually all or parts of the tetrad will be seen in the United States.

Historically tetrad lunar eclipses, especially when they are around a major holiday, are connected with historic events, particularly those which occur in Israel. However, major world events seemed to involve problems without solutions. In April 2014, peace talks between Israel and Palestine failed. Attempts to establish peace in Ukraine also failed. In October 2014, Hong Kong experienced protests over China’s decision to limit the candidates who could run in the 2017 elections. However, as the protests continued, they eventually petered out. Meanwhile, violence in Ukraine continued to top the news.

The problems in Ukraine and Vladimir Putin’s desire to create a strong Eurasian Economic Union to rival the European Union will continue to make the news when this total lunar eclipse occurs. Hong Kong will once again enter the news stream with more information regarding upcoming elections and their economic impacts. And, this eclipse is important to watch on a global level. The Sun forms a conjunction to Uranus while the Moon forms an opposition to Uranus. Meanwhile, both the Sun and Moon form a square to Pluto. This means that this eclipse will bring out the energy of the last square between Uranus and Pluto that occurred on March 16, 2015. This energy could occur several ways: There could be more violent struggles between various leaders and their populations. Or, there could be financial problems that people thought were long resolved.

On a personal level this eclipse means that you need to evaluate your life and answer the question: Are you balancing your past experiences with your future goals? It’s important to understand that lessons learned are just as critical as future experiences. There needs to be a connection between the old and the new. There also needs to be a way to relate to other people so you can find mutual support and common ground. Be very careful not to fall into paranoid feelings or thoughts. Also, verify all the facts before you proceed with anything new in your life.

It’s important to continue taking the time to consider what may be interfering with your ability to move forward as Mercury forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node on April 5th. While you may want to rush forward into projects with Mercury in the fire sign of Aries, it’s important to slow down. If not, you may find yourself in a situation where you regret what you say or where you take an action that could put you in jeopardy.

This desire to rush into situations continues on April 6th as Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter retrograde. But, it could get you into trouble later in the day when Mars forms the quincunx to Saturn retrograde.

Since both Mercury and Jupiter retrograde are in fire signs, you may feel inspired to do things that you normally wouldn’t do. You have this sense that you can accomplish anything and do no wrong. But, that’s not really true. If you rush into situations too quickly, you are operating under a sense of hubris. You’re not taking other people’s concerns into consideration. Actually, listening to other people can be very helpful today since they may see things which you’re missing by rushing too much.

As Mars moves into the quincunx to Saturn retrograde on April 6th, you need to adjust your actions so you don’t step on anyone’s toes. You need to find ways to play within the rules even though you don’t feel like it. If you don’t play within the rules, you could make some enemies who would try to get even with you at a later date. You could also have difficulties with authority figures especially at work.

If you stepped on people’s toes yesterday, they will put up barriers to your success today, April 7th, as Mercury forms a square to Pluto. You may feel frustrated that you can’t move forward with your plans. Or, you may feel as if other people are trying to manipulate you into their point of view. If you slow down and take time to meditate, you could use this energy to its best potential. You could dig deep into your soul and pull up thoughts which can help you understand your situation better.

Disruption could follow on April 8th as Mercury forms a conjunction to Uranus. You may feel scattered in your approach to situations. You may feel as if you can’t get your thoughts together. On the other hand, this could end up being an excellent day as you come up with realizations which seem to be inspired from your spiritual guides. This could be a day for good inventions or a new approach to life. Let the inspiration flow and you’ll find yourself on the road to success.

Later in the day, Jupiter turns stationary direct. It turned stationary retrograde on December 8, 2014. When Jupiter is retrograde the biggest impact is in the commercial market. The personal impact tends to be limited to judicial proceedings and other legal matters. However, Jupiter retrograde also indicates that during that time period it’s better for you to think about your long-term goals but not necessarily implement them. It’s also time to think about the connection between your spiritual and material natures.

Now that Jupiter is direct, especially in Leo, you need to implement some of your long-term goals. At the same time, you need to consider the potential risks involved with those goals. There is a tendency when Jupiter is in Leo to think that you can achieve anything just because you believe in it. While having confidence in your ability to do things, you still need to temper that confidence with reality. So, don’t fall into a case of magical thinking. Just because you believe something doesn’t mean you can achieve it. What you need to believe in is your ability to try to achieve what you want. And, what you need to believe in is the foundation that supports your choices so you can do the best you can.

Venus enters the sign of Gemini on April 11th. The optimistic energy that you felt when Jupiter went direct on April 8th continues into this day. You feel good about your life. You feel as if you can communicate to others. Your heart may be in the right place, but you want to solve problems in your life through communicating with other people. Sometimes other people don’t want to talk. Sometimes they just want to feel they are being accepted.

Feeling good continues as Mars forms a sextile to Neptune on April 12th. You may not feel like doing too much, but that’s all right. If you don’t have deadlines that need to be completed today, take the time to relax and enjoy your life. Perhaps this is a good day for a spa day or massage. It is definitely a good day for tuning into your healing energies.

This desire to communicate with others in trying to solve problems continues on April 13th when Venus forms a trine to Ceres. You want to take care of situations. At the same time you want other people to feel responsible for their own lives. So, you want to guide other people to their own decisions. If you need help in solving problems, listen to what other people have to say. They may not tell you what to do, but their guidance can provide valuable insight so you know what to do.

When Mercury enters the sign of Taurus on April 14th, you’ll feel as if you need to stick to your thoughts and ideas no matter what the others say. There can be some benefits to being a skeptic. But, there are times when you really need to hear what the other person is saying and not try to promote your own agenda. The one good thing is that you won’t jump into any new situations without taking the time to think everything through. You need to feel as if you thoroughly understand everything before you make up your mind.

When Venus forms an opposition to Saturn retrograde on April 15th, the energy of a mutable T-square begins that will end when Venus forms a square to Neptune on April 19th. You want to be accepted. You don’t want other people to criticize your ideas. At the same time you may be so busy trying to explain your point of view that you’re not listening to what they have to say. If there is criticism involved, you need to pay attention. The other person may have valid points.

Financially you need to be very careful between April 15th and April 19th. You could get hit with unexpected bills. Or, you may feel that you want to make a major purchase but there are hidden costs involved.

When Mercury forms the square to Ceres and a quincunx to Saturn on April 16th, you may feel unsatisfied with your life. You may feel as if you need to make changes in your environment. Or, you may feel that you’re being forced into a compromising situation. This could be a difficult day if you try to push situations. Rather, take a step back and evaluate what you need to do before proceeding. Just be cautious in your interactions with authority figures. You may find they have different expectations and are not pleased with your actions. The best way to use the energy for this day is to listen to those authority figures and decide how to proceed without compromising your values.

You may not notice when Pluto turns stationary retrograde on April 16th since Pluto, especially in Capricorn, is such a slow moving planet. What you may find is that things seem a bit sluggish today as the shift occurs. Don’t try to do too much. Just go with the flow.

If you proceeded too quickly or against the advice of authority figures yesterday, you’ll find that you have to clear up a lot of problems on April 17th when Mars forms a square to Jupiter. Any actions that you took the day before which weren’t well conceived could come back to haunt you today. There’s also that risk that you may rush into things too quickly today believing that you can achieve anything when in point of fact you really are trying to do too much. This is also not a day to make any commitments because you won’t be realistic in your ability to complete the tasks.

As the new Moon, with Sun and Moon in Aries, occurs on April 18th, you may feel that a lot can happen but it really doesn’t. Both the Sun and Moon are at 28°25’ and will go void-of-course for a short time period after the new Moon occurs. So, it’s going to be one of those days where there is a lot of promise but not much accomplished. If possible, try to go slow and don’t make too many commitments which you might regret later.

April 19th is a day when caution is advised. Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune. Ceres forms a sextile to Saturn retrograde. And, Venus forms a square to Neptune ending the energy of the mutable T-square which it began on April 15th. The first thing to remember is that this is not a day for signing contracts, especially those which involve a lot of money. It will be difficult to get all the facts. Even if you get most of the information, you’ll be required to compromise so much that the price isn’t worth it.

The good news is that with Mercury forming the sextile to Neptune, your intuition is very high. If you listen to that inner guidance, you’ll find the “advice” very valuable. You’ll also find your creative nature is very high as well. If you are an artist, this will be a good day for you and any creative ventures that you want to begin.

As Ceres forms the sextile to Saturn retrograde, you may suddenly feel that you need to get some form of structure in your life. Or, you may feel as if you need to clean up your environment and make space for new things that could come into your life. Actually, cleaning up your private space could be a good thing to do. You don’t want clutter getting in your way.

As Venus completes the mutable T-square by forming a square to Neptune today, you’ll feel a little lost when it comes to financial matters. You may even feel that other people aren’t giving you the support you need to complete important projects. Try not to take anything that other people are saying too seriously. You may be misreading the information they are trying to convey. And, you may be feeling that somehow you’re responsible for correcting a situation that you aren’t even involved in.

It’s important to move slowly on April 20th when the Sun enters Taurus. While change can be important, you need to consider the impact of those changes in your life. You need to understand the inner meaning of those changes before you make a final decision. Holding back is not a bad thing today and will actually give you better insight.

You may be tempted to rush into situations on April 21st at Mercury forms a square to Jupiter. So, it’s a good thing that Mars will be forming a trine to Pluto later in the day. Initially, you need to be very careful. You don’t want to push yourself so much that you either say too much or do too much. You don’t want to take too many risks. Nor do you want to make so many commitments to others that you leave no time for your own needs.

When Mars forms the trine to Pluto retrograde later in the day, you will find that it becomes easier to focus. You’ll be able to take this energy and use it towards achieving your goals. Just make certain that whatever you do is in your best interest and not being driven by what other people want you to do.

Yesterday, Mars formed a trine to Pluto retrograde. Today, April 22nd, Mercury is forming a trine to Pluto retrograde. Once again you’re able to focus your energy. You just need to be careful not to be so driven that you don’t take other people into consideration. This is not a time period to alienate other people when they can actually help you. Don’t be surprised if you are able to get a lot of work done, especially if it involves paperwork. You’ll even be able to finish those details which you’ve been trying to avoid for the last few days.

As Venus moves into the sextile with Jupiter later in the day, you’ll feel good about what you’ve done so far. You’ll feel vindicated if you had to prove a point. This is also a good day for relationships. You might meet someone new. Or, you may be able to resolve some difficulties that you’ve had with other people.

April 24th is a day where you may be able to discuss matters of emotional importance as Mercury forms a sextile to Chiron. With Mercury in Taurus and Chiron in Pisces, your compassionate nature is heightened. You’re willing to take your time when you communicate with others and are willing to listen to what they have to say. At the same time, you won’t let anyone manipulate you, especially since Venus will be forming a quincunx to Pluto later in the day. While there is a tendency to say too much when Venus is in Gemini, you’ll find that you’re able to hold back information and not give too much away.

April 26th is going to be an interesting day with Venus forming a sextile to Uranus. When Venus forms a sextile to Uranus, you want to try new and exciting things. You might meet someone who is so different from other people in your life that you want to take time and find out more about that individual. Just be careful because after a while you may decide this person is “too different.” Or, you may decide that it’s time to try out that new activity, perhaps skydiving, which seemed too risky in the past and now appears to be a lot of fun.

If you’re in a relationship which is unsatisfying, you’ll finally be willing to separate from the individual. You won’t have the patience for putting up with people who aren’t willing to accept or support you. Even if you don’t separate from any relationships today, you’ll be able to view your interactions from a different perspective and find a new way of interacting with many people in your life.

When Mars forms a sextile to Chiron on April 28th, you may want to go out and solve all the world’s problems. You might have some valuable information to share, but other people may not want to hear it. Rather, focus on your own needs and find ways to resolve your own problems. If you can do that, you’ll have a successful day.

On April 29th, when Venus forms a square to Chiron, you may need to deal with some matters that involve solving personal problems, especially in the area of your finances. Take time to understand everything involved. Don’t take action until you get all the details. And, don’t let other people convince you to do things their way since they may have their interests, not your interests, at heart.

Mercury is happy to be in its own sign as it enters Gemini on April 30th. You feel as if you can finally communicate important matters to other people. You also feel that you understand situations very well.