October 2010: Listening to Your Needs

The month of October starts with Mercury finally making aspects to planets from Jupiter on out. For the past two months when Mercury didn’t form any aspects to the outer planets, it was difficult to put your thoughts into words or make decisions. Now this has changed and it’s very important for you to listen to your needs.

As the month begins, Mercury forms a quincunx to both Neptune retrograde and Chiron retrograde, as well as an opposition to Jupiter retrograde. All this occurs on October 1st. This is a day where conversation can be misleading. You may find it difficult to understand what people are saying to you. They may be excited about some future project. Yet, they have not considered all of their options. They may try to get you involved in some cause, but they can’t really give you the facts. This is not a good day for making decisions. With Ceres also forming a square to Uranus retrograde on this day, financial matters are the most misleading areas.

The need to be cautious with communications continues the following day, October 2nd. Mercury forms a square to Uranus retrograde and to Ceres. This creates a mutable T-square which means that you’ll feel an urgent need to make changes in your life. If this is something that you’ve been thinking about, you may be ready to take action. However, some of those actions may not make sense to people who love you. To them, the actions seem to come out of nowhere. You may be better off waiting just a little bit longer before you take actions.

Mercury enters Libra on October 3rd and things seem to settle down a bit. Communications get clearer and there’s a desire to work together. However, this feeling only lasts for a couple of days.

On October 5th, Mercury forms a square to Pluto indicating that people are willing to fight for their beliefs. Rather than get into arguments, use this energy a different way: Spend some time meditating on your life and how you can bring value into your relationships. The new Moon will be occurring in a couple of days so the meditation will really help.

The new Moon, with both Sun and Moon in Libra, occurs on October 7th. The focus for this new Moon is to develop relationships where respect is the underlying theme and coalition-building is the desired result. You’ll actually be able to discuss important matters with those people who are important in your life. You’ll be able to negotiate new business deals with other individuals. If you are thinking about starting a business, this is a good time to do your research.

Venus turns retrograde on October 8th and remains retrograde until November 18, 2010. When Venus is retrograde, it’s important for you to reflect on your personal values. This is especially important since Venus is in Scorpio, its detriment. When a planet is found in its detriment, it means that the energy doesn’t operate as smoothly. In this case, other people may try to manipulate you. But, if you understand your personal values, you won’t let this happen.

When Venus is retrograde, you either run into someone from your past or meet an individual who reminds you of someone from your past. This is someone who you thought was important in your life. Yet, as the two of you re-connect, you’ll find that you’ve changed and moved on to better situations.

Since Mercury forms a conjunction to Saturn on the same day, you’ll really see things clearly in your life. Old secrets are revealed. New understandings are formed. Where you may have been misled by others, now you see the truth. Even olds fears are abated today.

Life seems to become more quiet between October 9th and 16th. Not much happens astrologically during these days. These are days to relax and enjoy life.

When Mercury forms a quincunx to Jupiter retrograde on October 17th, you’ll feel like you’re reliving the beginning of the month where communication was misleading. Again, people may try to pull you into some new project which they feel you really need to do. If you want, consider the project on October 18th when Mercury forms a trine to Neptune retrograde and a trine to Chiron retrograde. Usually when Neptune is involved, you don’t have all the facts. That may be true in this case, but your intuition will be extremely high. You’ll have a sense of what information is missing and what you need to do.

The 19th of October is a very intense day with Mercury forming a quincunx to Uranus retrograde and Ceres forming a conjunction to Pluto. First of all, you’ll feel like you just want to be left alone. Yet the conjunction between Ceres and Pluto indicates that it’s very important not to put off any major decisions. You may need to negotiate an important contract. You may need to help someone in your family with a major decision. Just remember to be true to yourself and the right decision will be made.

Mars forms a trine to Jupiter retrograde on October 20th and this can be a great day of fun for you and your family. Both Mars and Jupiter are in their own signs. This means that the energy, especially between these two planets, works very well. It’s easier to take action. You feel more alive.

The day of the full Moon, on October 22nd, when the Sun is in Libra and the Moon is in Aries, is an intense time period. Before the full Moon occurs, Mars forms a square to Neptune retrograde and Chiron retrograde, and Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto. This can be an intense day for healing. This healing can take place in many ways: You may have been sick and finally find out how to improve your health. You may have had problems in your personal relationships and can now finally discuss and resolve those problems with your loved ones. You may have suffered some form of loss and are now able to see how to recover from that loss.

With the exception of the Moon forming an opposition to the Sun, this full Moon is moving into a void-of-course position. It means that whatever decisions you make or whatever actions you take at this time are going to be very important to you. Some of these decisions can be final, so choose them carefully. No one is going to interfere with your decisions.

Perhaps you might want to wait until the following day, October 23rd, before you take any actions with your decisions. On this day, Mercury forms a sextile to Ceres. It’ll be easier for you to understand where you need to compromise. You’ll be able to negotiate with other people and come up with a solution that helps all sides.

You can also wait until October 24th to take any actions regarding your decisions. On this day, Mars forms a trine to Uranus retrograde and Ceres forms a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node. These energies aren’t necessarily the same, but they can work together to form a better decision-making process. The trine of Mars to Uranus retrograde always generates quick action. Once the decision is made, you’re done. The conjunction of Ceres to the Moon’s North Node means that you want to look to the future while honoring your dreams of the past. If you continue to honor your dreams of the past, you’ll be able to understand what actions you need to take now to put your life on the right path.

The month ends as Venus retrograde forms a sextile to Ceres on October 28th. You have the opportunity to move forward with your life in a nurturing manner. You have the ability to find the right compromise without losing your ethical boundaries. You can generate support from loved ones as you make decisions about your life. You can tune into the feminine energy of your soul and feel more compassion for yourself and other people in the world.