December 2008: Feeling the Energy of Changes

Special Note As This Article is Written

As I am in the process of completing the December 2008 article, I must send my prayers to all my friends, spiritual acquaintances, and those I have never meant who have suffered and are suffering losses due to the sad occurrences in Mumbai, India. This impacts us all.

The last few months have been very intense globally and the last few days have been difficult for many people who are recovering from losses they suffered. The world is in upheaval both at home and abroad. There is frustration brewing and people who want to take advantage of this energy to promote their own goals. December is a month where the energy keeps churning. In the first two weeks of December, the mutable energy of the planets is very strong. Mutable energy represents a shifting of circumstances. It represents the need to release past failures and prepare for the future, hopefully a future that can bring success. In many ways, the mutable energy is represented by the changeling in fiction. This is an individual who appears to be one thing but in reality is someone completely different. There is an evasive quality to the changeling because he or she can’t be defined. Yet, there can also be hope with the changeling because this is someone who can adapt to many different situations.

When the Sun enters Capricorn, the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, a shifting of energies occurs from mutable to cardinal and fixed. The desire with the cardinal energy is that past mistakes can be understood and corrected. The need with the fixed energy is that corrections based on past errors can be implemented without too much disruption to life and soul.

While it’s easy to write about situations when everything is wonderful, it becomes more difficult to write about global changes that occur too quickly and possibly leave scars. Yet, life continues and it’s important for the spiritual safety and growth of the world that you not only understand these energies but also find ways to use them in the most possible manner.

The month of December starts with Venus forming a conjunction to Jupiter on December 1st. This is a day when you can look into your soul and see how to make things better in your life. Communications are easier. Discussing your needs and finding people who listen can occur. Most importantly, you can find inner understanding of what steps to take in order to move towards a better future.

The first mutable T-square occurs on December 5th and December 6th when Mercury first forms a square to Uranus and the next day forms a square to Saturn. Mercury represents the need to communicate as well as plan actions. Mercury is in Sagittarius, not its most comfortable sign, indicating that it’s very important for you to choose your words carefully. Also, the Sun is approaching a conjunction to Mars indicating that you may get frustrated if you feel that other people aren’t listening to you. But, you need to be careful because when Mercury is in Sagittarius there’s a tendency to say too much and speak before thinking. Also, the fact that Mercury is forming a square to Uranus indicates that your mind is feeling unsettled. It’s as if you’re picking up on all the energies that are surrounding you and you don’t quite know what to do. Since your mind is unsettled, you may lack some focus. Be very cautious as you’re driving so that you don’t get into an accident. And, be cautious not to start any fights today. The results could be painful. A better way to use this energy is to focus on actions, such as getting a massage or writing in your journal, which can bring health into your life.

On December 6th, when Mercury forms the square to Saturn, you may feel that no one is listening to you. This square is followed on the same day by Mercury forming a sextile to Neptune indicating that perhaps it’s not that no one is listening to you but rather what you’re trying to say isn’t quite making sense. Negotiating doesn’t really work on a day like today because verbal communications aren’t really clear. What would work better is for you to try and get as much information as possible so you can make better decisions later in the month when the energy shifts from mutable to the cardinal or fixed energy.

As Venus enters Aquarius on December 7th, you’ll find that you’re not alone: Your friends are there for you. Even if you aren’t going through any difficulties today, it is a nice day to call people you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s a good day to spend time with your friends and socialize a bit. If you have any arguments to resolve, December 9th is an excellent day to patch things up with people in your life because Mars forms a sextile to Chiron and a lot of healing can occur.

The second mutable T-square begins on December 12th when Mars in Sagittarius forms a square to Uranus and starts moving into a square to Saturn. This will be a very erratic day globally because several astrological events occur: The mutable T-square begins; Mercury enters Capricorn and forms a conjunction to Pluto; and the full Moon, with Sun in Sagittarius and Moon, occurs. The full Moon not only emphasizes the mutable T-square that Mars creates but also creates its own mutable Grand Cross.

The combination of Mars with Uranus can be an accident waiting to happen if you let inner tensions drive you. You may act irrationally, not thinking about the consequences of your actions. Mercury entering Capricorn and forming a conjunction to Pluto may slow you down, as life feels intense. However, with the mutable Grand Cross of the full Moon, you may let your emotions trigger anger. This is a day when world leaders need to take care and really pay attention to events in the world.

This is mutable energy at its most intimate peak because the Sun and Moon are involved in the energy. What is means when the Sun and Moon are involved is that the energy is very personal. Rather than letting any frustrations motivate your actions, think about the ways you can make changes in your life that create a safer environment. There is hope on this day because the Sun makes a sextile to Neptune and the Moon makes a trine to Neptune at the time of the full Moon. So, you can use the energy to create friction in your life; or, you can use the energy to understand your dreams and move forward with your life. Changes can’t occur as fast as you’d like them to; but changes can begin. Use your dreams as a starting point and paint the picture of those dreams by creating a template for action.

On December 15th, Mars forms a square to Saturn and this ends the mutable T-square energy for the month of December. Mars likes actions to occur quickly. But Saturn demands that you consider all your options before taking those actions. So, again, you may feel a little frustrated that things aren’t occurring as quickly as you’d like them to. But, while this creates some tension, the tension could actually be very healthy. As long as you aren’t too critical of your actions, this need to slow down will force you to make certain any steps you take are realistic and support your higher ideals.

As with Mercury when it completed its mutable T-square, Mars, on December 16th, forms a sextile to Neptune. This energy either brings you hope or brings you confusion. If you slowed down yesterday, you’ll feel the hope. However, if you tried to take action yesterday, you’ll feel confused today because things aren’t going quite as planned. With Venus forming a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node later in day, reach out to your friends and allies. They may surprise you by giving you the emotional support that you need.

Compromise may not be your top priority on December 17th when Venus forms a quincunx to Ceres. This could be a good day to try and work out some difficult issues, but it’s not the easiest day to come up with any resolutions. People are trying to protect their turf. However, if you start discussions today, you may find that people eventually are willing to shift their positions and listen to you. This also holds true for you. You may be more willing to acknowledge that perhaps another point of view has validity.

The Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere begins on December 21st when the Sun enters Capricorn. In the beginning of the month, the energy was primarily in mutable signs indicating a lot of tension caused by both the need to change and the lack of a clear direction for that change. Now, when you look at the chart for the Solstice, you’ll see that almost all the energy is either in a cardinal or fixed position and forming a major cluster. In addition, the Sun will form a conjunction to Pluto the next day. A conjunction of the Sun to Pluto during the Capricorn solstice hasn’t occurred in close to 240 years.

The Capricorn solstice point makes the shortest day of the year for the western hemisphere. It also marks the last quarter of the astrological year. For many astrologers, the Capricorn solstice chart represents what you can expect in the upcoming calendar year of a country. To determine this, you set up the chart for the capital of the country you wish to consider. For example, in the United States, the planets cluster in the first and second houses. In other countries, such as India and Russia, the cluster of planets is spread throughout several houses. Each of the houses indicates where the primary concern will be found for the upcoming calendar year.

But, whether the cluster is found in just two houses, such as in the chart set up for the United States, or in several houses, doesn’t matter when considering the energies on a personal level. The fact is that Mars, Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter, Moon’s North Node, Venus, Chiron, Neptune, and Uranus are pulled together and forced to interact together. Although Saturn is not part of that cluster, it also gets pulled in because Saturn is in mutual reception with Mercury.

When there is a cluster in a chart, the energy can be very focused. It could be an all-or-nothing proposition. It also means that very disparate energies need to work together for success. What this means is that the problems facing the world belong to everyone on this planet, whether those problems are environmental, financial, or personal. It doesn’t matter. If pain is inflicted on one population, that pain can spread to others. If solutions occur, those solutions can be replicated by others. The fact that Saturn is not part of the cluster but pulled into the cluster due to its mutual reception with Mercury means that focusing on developing a structure and discussing how to implement that structure can be one critical answer to the question. Another critical answer is that understanding the cultures of others yet also finding how to blend different cultures in a loving way is another solution.

The Capricorn solstice chart shows just how interconnected your life is with everything that surrounds you. It shows just how important it is to work together in this time of great change. It’s important for you to acknowledge your needs and past. Yet, it’s also important to look towards the future so changes can be made and implemented.

Venus forms a conjunction to Chiron on December 23rd indicating that you need to understand what is important to you and how to get this going in your life. This is a few days before Christmas holidays and hopefully you are taking time off to enjoy the holidays. This is a good time to reach out to people who may have hurt you and try to forgive them. This is a good day to erase painful memories from the past and let healing begin.

It’s easy to have discussions with people in your life on December 26th when Mercury forms a trine to Saturn. This trine is more powerful because Mercury and Saturn are in mutable reception. There is a desire to work together. You’ll be able to communicate your needs. In some ways, this time is really about you. The major cluster that started with the Winter Solstice continues. It is a time to consider the direction of your life even if you don’t take any actions now. Later in the day, Venus forms a quincunx to Saturn indicating that you may need to make some adjustments in your demands. In the positive, you may gain a new awareness that lets you see things differently.

Mars enters Capricorn on December 27th and forms a conjunction to Pluto on the following day. But before that conjunction with Pluto occurs, there is a new Moon, with Sun and Moon in Capricorn, and Venus forms a conjunction to Neptune just a few minutes after the new Moon occurs.

This new Moon forms a stellium with Mars and Pluto. Another stellium is formed with Chiron, Venus, and Neptune. A new Moon can help you view things from a new perspective. At the same time, you may desire to hold on to the past because you know the past and it feels safe. This new Moon can give rise to increased frustrations if you let fears control you. This isn’t the easiest time in the world but if you stay connected with your family and friends it will be easier to get through the problems. Communication is so important right now.

Venus forms a conjunction to Neptune just a few minutes after the new Moon occurs. In some ways this could indicate hope. In other ways, this could indicate unrealistic expectations. Changes aren’t going to occur quickly. It will take time. Understanding that changes take time is also a theme for the following day when Mars forms the conjunction to Pluto.

The year 2008 ends with Mercury forming a conjunction to Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo turning retrograde on December 31st. The need to communicate with others, especially in making changes that can bring a better future is so critical right now. This could be a day of celebration if you hold on to your hopes. With Saturn turning retrograde, this is a good time to meditate on past successes so that you can learn from them and use them as models for future successes.