May 2021 – Shifting Energies

Important astrological energies for the month of May:

  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Taurus occurs on May 11, 2021.
  • Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13, 2021. It will be in the sign of Pisces until July 28, 2021 when it re-enters the sign of Aquarius. It will re-enter the sign of Pisces on December 28, 2021 to May 10, 2022 when it enters the sign of Aries. It will re-enter the sign of Pisces on October 28, 2022 to December 20, 2022 when it finally leaves Pisces and re-enters the sign of Aries.
  • Total Lunar Eclipse with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius occurs on May 26, 2021. This Total Lunar Eclipse is also a Supermoon, meaning the Moon is in perigee to the Earth.
  • Mercury in Gemini turns retrograde on May 29, 2021. It will remain retrograde until June 22, 2021.

May 2021 – Shifting Energies

By Misty Kuceris ©2021

During the last two weeks of April, the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, and Venus were all in Taurus and it was important to consider how your current value system fits into this world with all the changes that are occurring. Now that you are entering the month of May, this stellium is changing and abating. The Sun and Uranus are still conjunct in Taurus and you’re still finding that changes need to occur in your life. And, while Venus and Mercury are also still in the sign of Taurus and conjunct to each other, you’re realizing that it’s important to speak your truth as you know it so that you can live in this world in a way that makes sense to you.

When Mercury in Taurus forms a trine to Pluto retrograde on May 2nd you want to make sure everyone understands you. You don’t want to be misunderstood. You may even project your words and your ideas in such a way that other people feel this intensity from you they didn’t feel before. It’s also important that you listen to what other people have to say. If not, they may feel as if you care only for your own beliefs and not their concerns. They may even feel that you a tad pushy right now and they may not want to communicate with you.

On one level, this same intensity continues on May 3rd as Mercury forms a square to Jupiter before it enters the sign of Gemini. Yet, there’s also a different tone to this intensity. Where before you wanted others to understand you, now you want to get things done. You’re excited about life. You’re optimistic.

And, it becomes easier to communicate with other people as Mercury enters the sign of Gemini later that evening. Now you are willing to listen to other people. You understand the value of what they have to say.

As Venus in Taurus forms a trine to Pluto retrograde on May 6th your passions run high. You are inspired to motivate other people. You’re willing to make commitments to organizations you believe in. You’re willing to help others. This is also a good day for financial matters and sound investments.

Helping others continues to be important on May 8th as Ceres enters the sign of Taurus in the early morning hours before Venus forms a square to Jupiter. Later that evening, Venus enters the sign of Gemini.

With Ceres is in the sign of Taurus, you want to help other people. You feel that loyalty and commitments are important. At the same time, you’re very stubborn about your belief systems. You’re not willing to compromise on what you believe is important.

When Venus forms a square to Jupiter you want to share all you have with others. You want to help them because you feel very optimistic about your abilities to solve problems. But be very careful. Other people can take advantage of your optimism. They might even talk you into taking on their problems without giving you any emotional support. This is especially true when it comes to asking for financial favors.

As Venus enters the sign of Gemini, the stellium in Taurus is fully completed and the energy is now moving into more of a Mercury/Gemini sensitivity. Thinking about changes in your value system is no longer as important as finding ways to share your time with people you care for. You want to move out into the world and socialize. You’re tired of staying home.

And, this need to participate with other people increases on May 10th as Mercury forms a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node in the afternoon and a sextile to Chiron later in the evening. Now you really feel this energy shift out of the sign of Taurus.

When Mercury forms the conjunction to the Moon’s North Node, your thoughts turn to the future. You want to get things done in life. You want to list your plans and start creating goals. You even want to find ways to engage with other people and discuss your goals.

As Mercury moves into the sextile to Chiron in the evening, you find that many of your goals have healing properties. You realize that it’s a good thing to look ahead and create plans. You know that by creating these plans you’re putting yourself on the right track.

On May 11th, a new Moon occurs followed by Mars forming a square to Chiron and a sextile to Uranus later that evening. As the energy started shifting from Taurus to Gemini a few days ago, you started thinking about ways to reach out and socialize. Now with the Sun and Moon in Taurus you may be re-evaluating this desire to socialize. This is a good day to consider how you want to move forward with your life, especially with the new Moon forming a sextile to Neptune. Understanding your dreams and how realistic they are is very important. And, with Mars forming the square to Chiron you understand any danger that may come from potential risks that you may need to take.

As Mars forms that sextile to Uranus, you’re excited about taking on more social activities. You want to jump into situations. So now you wonder: Can you find that balance between becoming more engaged in the external world and still keeping yourself, as well as your loved ones, safe?

It helps that Mercury forms a trine to Saturn on May 12th. You’re able to get your thoughts in order. You may be taking things seriously, but you’re also able to communicate your concerns to other people in a way that they realize you care. You’re able to take what you’ve learned from the past and use this knowledge to create a better foundation for your future plans.

May 13th is an important day as you realize there are some important changes occurring around you. This is the day when Jupiter enters for sign of Pisces for the next few months. It will be in the sign of Pisces until July 28, 2021 when it retrogrades back into the sign of Aquarius. On December 28, 2021, Jupiter re-enters the sign of Pisces and remains there until May 10, 2022 when it enters the sign of Aries. But, Jupiter comes back into the sign of Pisces for one last time in this cycle from October 28, 2022 to December 20, 2022 when it finally leaves Pisces to remain in the sign of Aries.

Jupiter is a twelve-year cycle. The last time that Jupiter was in the sign of Pisces was from January 18, 2010 to June 6, 2010 and again from September 9, 2010 until January 22, 2011. During that time period there were several significant events: The massive earthquake in Haiti; the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland with the ash closing European airspace for days; Arab Spring; and the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the U.S. military.

When Jupiter enters Pisces, it enters one of its own signs. In addition to ruling Sagittarius, a fire and mutable sign, Jupiter rules Pisces, a water and mutable sign. It makes sense that Jupiter rules mutable signs. This is because in the positive, Jupiter represents the desire to move into the future by creating changes that push the boundaries of society. Meanwhile Pisces represents hope that society can also create institutions which protect individuals, especially those who are marginalized by that very society.

Yet, there is another side to Jupiter in Pisces which shows just how difficult it can be in the world, or even your life, when going through this cycle. The symbol for Pisces is of two fish, tied together, yet swimming in different directions: One upstream; one downstream. The fish swimming upstream desires to create changes which benefit society and bring more people from all cultures into the mainstream. The other fish swimming downstream wants to return home: to the past that felt safe and secure in the belief that this is the only way to stay afloat in the mainstream. So the two fish fight with each other over whether to go forward into a new reality or whether to go back and hold on to the past. For this reason when Jupiter is in Pisces you’ll have the opportunity to see both the benefits and the detriments to changes which will be occurring over the next year.

For countries with weak economies, the pandemic will create greater problems, both socially and economically while countries with stronger economies will actually see less damage economically.

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues. There’s no way to turn that advancement around. But you’ll also see an increase in deep fake tech that spreads misinformation in so many ways: Fake people giving seminars; fake words placed into the mouths of real people. The realization that many of the algorithms used were written by a specific small culture of individuals and not representative of all cultures. And of course one of my favorites. A runaround the medical privacy laws: A computer program representing your doctor sends you a text or email asking you to review your doctor’s services so they can place it online in a very public format. Just answer that and the world knows not only who your medical providers are but can easily discern the services provided.

Digital meetings and educational classes continue, perhaps increase. In many ways this can be of value since there is less travel involved. Also, it could offer more physical protection if there is a spike in the pandemic which is a concern until next year when the Moon’s North Node finally moves into Taurus. At the same time, if you’re an extrovert, you may feel too isolated from your peers. Or, if you live in a community where internet service is spotty, you may not get online. Yet, you’ll also see a greater push on the use of small-sized satellites so that companies can move beyond 5G which isn’t really quite here.

Actually the list of trends that you’ll see when Jupiter is in Pisces could take up several pages. Digital currency with less cash used, until you realize cash can’t be traced but digital currency can. Greater access to doctors through telemed or digital meetings, as long as you have technology which can support this. More opportunities to work with other people, as long as all sides are willing to listen and stop promoting polarization.

But there is another aspect to Jupiter in Pisces: Fantasy. In the positive, this is the time to discover how you can play and enjoy life. For sports-minded people, it may be building your fantasy league. Or, for the artistic individual it may be finding either groups of people or even classes where you can express your creativity. Or, it could just be walking around outside or creating that garden you always wanted. In the negative, it can be self-medicating or letting your fears drive your actions.

But perhaps the greatest lesson during the time period that Jupiter is in Pisces is to determine how your dreams fit into reality. Changes are going to continue. And, with Jupiter in Pisces, you may not be aware of many of those changes until after Jupiter enters the sign of Aries. So it’s important is to maintain your connection with society.

As Mars forms the quincunx to Saturn on May 15th, you find yourself re-evaluating how you fit into society. You may not be totally sure how you want to move forward with your life. You may feel as if things from your past are holding you back. But in actually, this is a good day for all that re-evaluation because you’ll realize just how much you’ve learned and how much you’ve already been applying this knowledge in your life.

When Venus forms a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node on May 17th you feel good about the choices that you’re making in life. You feel as if you know where you want to go. You also feel that other people are willing to support your efforts. This is a good time to understand what’s important in your life and go after it.

On May 18th, when Venus is forming a sextile to Chiron you understand the value of protecting yourself both emotionally and physically. What’s more important is that you see how you were sabotaging some of your efforts because now you can change that behavior.

When Venus forms the trine to Saturn on May 19th, you’re able to get financial matters under control. You can review your budget and make changes that increase your financial well-being.

This is also a good day for relationships because you know what’s important to you and you understand just how to ask for that. You’re also willing to make commitments to matters that are important to you.

When the Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 20th, you definitely want to spend more time socializing with other people. You’re curiously about their experiences. And, you want to share your experiences as well.

Meanwhile, you start feeling a slight energy shift on May 22nd when Mercury forms a square to Neptune. Even though Mercury won’t go retrograde until May 29th, you’ll feel that it’s beginning to go retrograde today. That because this is the first square Mercury makes in this triad sequence. The next time it occurs is on June 5th when Mercury is retrograde and Neptune is direct. The last time it occurs is on July 6th when Mercury is direct and Neptune is retrograde.

As much as you’ve been trying to communicate with others and understand their needs, it’s a little difficult when Mercury forms the square to Neptune. Often there are misunderstandings. Either the other person isn’t giving you all the information your need, or they may be intentionally withholding information from you. And, this means that whatever information you’re not receiving today could come back and create problems around June 5th or July 6th when this aspect occurs again. If at all possible, don’t sign any major contracts today. And, don’t take other people at their word unless these are people you’ve know for a long time.

One other thing: This could also be a time when there is some form of computer hack since Neptune rules software and much of the software is now in the cloud. Or, it’s possible that the internet goes down at this time.

When Saturn turns retrograde on May 23rd you feel a little sluggish and you don’t know why. Saturn will remain retrograde until October 10th. Basically when Saturn is retrograde it means that you have to move slowly. Don’t try to do too much. Take your time before making any major decisions. Actually, by taking your time you’ll solve a lot of problems which have been lingering in your life.

On May 26th, the first eclipse of the year occurs. There will be a total of four eclipses this year. In addition to this eclipse, there will be a solar eclipse on June 10th, a partial lunar eclipse on November 19th, and a Total Solar Eclipse on December 4th.

The eclipse that occurs today is a Total Lunar Eclipse (a Blood Moon) with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius as well as the second supermoon of the year. The reason that this is called a Blood Moon is that at the time period of the eclipse, the Moon turns reddish-orange. As a supermoon, this Moon is close to the earth (in perigee) and will be the biggest and brightest Moon for the year. The other supermoon occurred last month, but this Moon is even closer to the Earth.

You’ll be able to see the eclipse in Southeast Asia, Australia, western North America, western South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean, and Antarctica. The total duration of the eclipse is 5 hours, 2 minutes. The total duration of the partial phases is 2 hours, 53 minutes. The duration of the full eclipse is 14 minutes. This eclipse is part of the Saros cycle: 121. But even if you are unable to see the eclipse, you’ll still be in awe of this Moon because of how close it is to the earth.

Total Lunar Eclipses represent times when you need to understand your emotions and how to heal from old wounds that prevent you from achieving your place in the world. They can also represent how you withdraw from the world in order to survive. Physically, the closer the Moon is to the earth, the greater the tides of the ocean pull on your emotions. So, with the Moon in Sagittarius and the Sun in Gemini, you need to look at your goals and see if they are giving you emotional satisfaction. You also need to understand how to communicate your needs to others. But, with the lunar eclipse forming a square to Jupiter, you may be trying too hard. The key is to move slowly in the world and not let your fears control your actions.

The day following the Total Lunar Eclipse, May 27th, Venus forms a square to Neptune. It’s difficult to see the truth, especially when dealing with either financial matters or personal relationships. The reason is because you want to believe the best in people. You don’t want to see the truth that you may be being deceived. You may even feel as if you’ve found your true love. What’s important is to pay attention to your intuition. It’s more accurate than you realize.

If you feel that you’ve met someone wonderful. Or, if you feel that you’ve found a great investment possibility or a wonderful new product you just need to have, wait until after Mercury goes direct before investing in the person, product, or situation. You’ll be glad you waited.

On May 29th, Mercury in Gemini turns retrograde. It will remain retrograde until June 22nd. One of the most difficult Mercury retrograde periods occurs when Mercury is in Gemini. This is because Mercury is in its ruling sign and unable to use the energy of that sign fully. As you know, when Mercury is retrograde, it’s more difficult to communicate clearly. It’s also easy to have problems with, in this case, Gemini-ruled matters. Gemini-related matters could involve computers, cars, documents, communication, neighbors, siblings, just to name a few.

Also this Mercury retrograde just formed a square to Neptune as part of a triad sequence and the first eclipse of the year, with Sun in Gemini occurred. That means that throughout the time period that Mercury is retrograde you have this Neptune energy hanging over the world as well as a highly emotionally charged response coming from leaders of various nations. This could lead to impaired judgment or computer hacking, especially with malware. It can also create problems in communications between various leaders. So, make certain that you take the time to change your passwords after Mercury forms that last square to Neptune retrograde on July 6th.

Not everything is negative with this Mercury retrograde period. This is a good time to contact people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Or, you may want to join or create a social group that focuses on your specific interest. It’s also a good time for planning ways to implement your dreams once the retrograde period is over. You’ll be surprised with how many creative ideas are percolating below the surface and in your subconscious mind.

When Venus forms a quincunx to Pluto on May 30th please be careful. When there’s a negative aspect between Venus and Pluto, it can mean that someone is trying to take something important away from you. Don’t let that happen. Pay attention to what other people are saying and what other people are doing. And, with Venus in Gemini, don’t say too much as that could be used against you later.

As the month of May ends, Mars forms a trine to Neptune on May 31st. You don’t feel like doing too much, especially since both planets are in water signs. But, your intuition is elevated. You feel more things around you that ever before. Pay attention to this intuition. Don’t take any risks.

On a more positive level, this can be a very spiritual aspect, indicating that you understand spiritual things in the world around you. You also enjoy meditating. Plus, if you’re a creative person, your creative abilities will increase. You’ll also be able to approach problems in a more creating way.

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