November 2010:A Month for Reconnecting with Self

On the first day of November 2010, Venus retrograde in Scorpio forms a sextile to Pluto. This is an interesting combination because Venus, which is in detriment in Scorpio (meaning that it is comfortable in this sign), is forming an aspect to the ruler of Scorpio. When Venus is in Scorpio, there is a tendency for information to be withheld. With the sextile to Pluto, it’s easier for this information to be kept back. Also, when Venus is in Scorpio, other people try to control situations. With the sextile to Pluto, you need to be very careful that no one is trying to manipulate you or convince you that their way is the only right course of action.

Emotions tend to run high on November 4th when Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter retrograde. Some of the secrets that were withheld from you earlier may be revealed today. If you made any agreements on the first of November, you may need to retract them today. But caution is also advised. There’s a tendency to become over optimistic about what you can do. And, when that happens, it can become too easy for you to over commit yourself.

Several hours before the new Moon occurs on November 5th, Chiron turns direct. This change of motion for Chiron bodes well for anyone who needs to repair broken relationships or improve financial matters. Since both the Sun and Moon are in Scorpio for this new Moon, the healing energy is stronger than usual. You may not be able to let go of things yet because Scorpio likes to hold on longer than necessary. However, Scorpio energy also lets you delve into the depths of your feelings and help you analyze what you need to do to improve your life. More slowly so you don’t make draconian changes. At the same time, prepare things in your life so that when you are ready to make those changes when the time comes.

Be very cautious on November 6th when it comes to making any major decisions in your life or signing any financial contracts. Mercury forms a square to Neptune retrograde and Chiron indicating that important facts can be withheld from you. It can also indicate that not all the facts are accurate.

Mercury will also form a trine to Uranus retrograde later in the day. New information may come so fast that you have trouble keeping up with it. There could also be problems with electronic equipment or the Internet. Be very cautious of the possibility that a worldwide virus or Trojan attack could occur, if not today, then over the next few days.

On November 7th, Neptune turns direct while Venus retrograde re-enters Libra. Normally Neptune turning direct is not felt on a personal level. Globally, this means that international news is less confusing. More politicians are feeling a sense of direction. There is a greater willingness to solve problems. However, this time Neptune turning direct is also important on a personal level. Neptune is near the end of its tenure in Aquarius. It will be entering Pisces in April 2011 for a short time period before it comes back for one more stay in Aquarius between August 2011 and February 2012. This gives you an opportunity to find a better sense of direction and understand how global events impact your life.

With Venus retrograde re-entering Libra, you may feel a greater calmness today. Venus is comfortable in the sign it rules. There is a sense that you can negotiate matters and improve situations in your life. You can look at areas of your life which need improvement and find ways to create that improvement. You can also resolve any difficulties you’ve had with family members.

As Mercury enters Sagittarius on November 8th, you’ll start looking forward to the future, especially if you resolved any difficulties with family members the day before. Be a little cautious, however. Whenever Mercury is in Sagittarius, there’s a tendency to be a over optimistic. That could lead to some unrealistic plans or expectations.

If your expectations are unrealistic or over optimistic, you’ll see that on November 9th when Pluto forms a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node. In the negative, this could be a very emotionally charged day. You might feel that other people are trying to take advantage of you. However, in the positive, you could feel empowered to do things with your life. If you are confident about your goals in life, this day will be one of amazing opportunities. The key to using this energy is not to let other people take advantage of your good nature.

Things are quiet astrologically between November 10th and November 14th. Even the days between November 15th and 17th are pleasant days. On November 15th, Mars forms a sextile to Saturn and on November 17th, Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn. During this time period, it’s easier for you to concentrate. You feel focused in your life. If you need to make plans, you’ll find that you come up with realistic solutions. If you want to relax, you’ll find that situations just fall into place without great effort.

November 18th will also be another day of serious relief for many of you. Both Jupiter and Venus turn direct on this day. Jupiter and Venus both represent various aspects of financial stability in mundane (global) astrology. This means that when they are retrograde, it’s more difficult to get information regarding money, especially in the stock market. For business owners, Jupiter retrograde means that marketing costs are higher than expected. There’s always something unaccounted for in the financial analysis. The same can be true when Venus is retrograde. It means that routine costs tend to be higher than expected or income tends to be lower than needed to run daily operations. On a personal level, Jupiter retrograde means that you can’t always create financial plans for those unexpected expenses. And, when the unexpected expenses occur, they are always higher than anticipated. When it comes to Venus retrograde on a personal level, it means that contracts don’t spell out all the fees you’ll need to pay. However, when both these planets turn direct, costs become more reasonable. You are able to see all the expenses involved in a project or all the fees in a contract.

Spiritually both planets represent your approach to life and how you value yourself. These planets represent your ability to balance your practical needs with your spiritual goals. If you felt disconnected from yourself, this feeling will pass. If you felt confused on how to balance your material needs with your spiritual goals, this feeling will also pass. You’ll actually be able to “re-find” or regain that balance.

Just be a little cautious on November 20th when Ceres forms a square to Saturn. Ceres represents the need to nurture yourself as well as others. Too often you become critical of either your actions or actions of other people. Yet, being critical will be counter productive. Try not to pass judgment right now. Instead, try to understand what other people are saying so that you can find ways to compromise if necessary.

On November 21st, the full Moon occurs. With the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Taurus, you’ll feel the need to analyze your situation. This is actually good because a few days earlier you were able to regain balance between your material needs and spiritual goals. Technically, this is a void-of-course full Moon because both the Sun and Moon are near the end of the signs. You may not feel like you’re accomplishing anything. But, in reality, there’s a lot going on below the surface. Things are ending. You can easily let go of situations or people who no longer provide the kind of support you deserve to have in life.

As the Sun enters Sagittarius on November 22, 2010 there is a shift of energy. Much of the month of November focused on Scorpio energy where you needed to delve into your inner being. As the month continued, the planets shifted to Sagittarius indicating that spiritual goals became more important. This is where you need to think about your spiritual goals and how you want to achieve them. In many ways, it’s about you. But in the true sense, it’s really about how you fit into the world at large and manifest the best of who you are.

You’ll feel this need to manifest who you are between November 25th and 27th when Mercury makes several aspects: It will form a square to Jupiter on November 25th. It will form a sextile to both Neptune and Chiron on November 27th, and it will also form a square to Uranus retrograde on the same day.

When Mercury forms the square to Jupiter, you’ll want to find ways to express your individuality and spiritualism. Even though a square is considered a tension aspect, you’ll actually feel pretty good about you means of expression. Just be a little conservative with your opinions. You don’t want to alien other people who may not share them.

When Mercury forms a sextile to both Neptune and Chiron on November 27th, you’ll want to share your spiritual values with others in hopes that by doing so you are able to help people heal their pains. You will also feel that you want others to support you as you go through the process of healing your pains. However, the desire to share information may be short-lived as Mercury forms a square to Uranus retrograde. Suddenly, you may feel that you shared too much information. A better way to use all the energies of this day is to listen to what other people have to say and, if needed, give them emotional support.

Venus re-enters Scorpio on November 29th and once again you feel the need to assess important things in your life. You may want to think back on what occurred around September 8, 2010, the first time that Venus entered Scorpio. You may have run into some old friends or lovers. You may have made some decisions that involved changes in your life. Or, you may have felt that things weren’t moving forward and your life was on hold. If there are any unresolved issues from that time period, you will be able to resolve them now.

On November 30th, as the month ends, Mercury enters Capricorn and you are able to really focus on various aspects of your life. Throughout this month, you spent time reconnecting with your spiritual goals. Now it will be easier to understand how important that connection is.