May 2022 – To Observe or Participate

Important astrological energies for the month of May:

  • Jupiter in Pisces sextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn on May 3, 2022.
  • Mercury in Gemini turns retrograde on May 10, 2022. It will re-enter the sign of Taurus in retrograde motion on May 22, 2022. It will remain retrograde in the sign of Taurus until June 3, 2022.
  • Jupiter enters Aries on May 10, 2022 and turns retrograde on July 28, 2022. It re-enters the sign of Pisces on October 28, 2022 and turns direct on November 23, 2022. It re-enters the sign of Aries on December 20, 2022 until May 16, 2023 when it enters the sign of Taurus.
  • Total Lunar Eclipse (FM) with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio occurs on May 16, 2022.
  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Gemini occurs on May 30, 2022.

To Observe or Participate

By Misty Kuceris ©2022

As the month of May starts, you feel a little conflicted as Venus forms a sextile to Pluto retrograde on May 1st and Ceres forms a square to Neptune later in the day.

When Venus forms the sextile to Pluto retrograde you feel that it’s important to take care of financial matters. You also want to make certain that you stand up for your rights. But, with Venus in Pisces, you don’t want to be too assertive. As a matter of fact, you’d rather stand in the background and observe events that are occurring around you.

When Ceres forms the square to Neptune later in the day, you are even more inclined to stay in the background. You don’t want to get anything wrong. Part of the reason is that you’re finding it a little more difficult to focus.

Meanwhile, this is a good day to re-evaluate your sacred space and determine if there’s something you may want to change. Or, perhaps there’s something that you want to include in the sacred space that wasn’t there before.

With Ceres ruling the world of practicality and Neptune ruling the world of dreams you may find it difficult to focus because you’re attempting to bridge that gap between reality and illusion. Stated another way, you may be trying to find a way to make your dream a reality in your life.

When Venus enters the sign of Aries on May 2nd you realize that you need to focus on what’s important to you. You need to be your own person. You can’t cater to the needs of others. Plus, you want to go out and experience life without having to wait for other people. If someone wants to join your adventure, that’s fine. If they’d rather not, then you’re willing to go out on your own.

As Jupiter forms a sextile to Pluto retrograde on May 3rd, you feel that you can focus on your goals and achieve what you want. You’re willing to move forward in life and live your dreams. You don’t want other people to tell you what to do. You want to experience what life has to offer. At the same time, you’re able to dig deep into your subconscious mind and understand what is motivating you. You’re able to figure out how to take your dreams and make them realistic. This is a time when you can be a very successful. And, with Pluto in retrograde motion, you may even be able to use the lessons learned from your past and even correct past mistakes.

With Mars in Pisces forming a sextile to Uranus on May 4th, you find that you’re open to try creative and unconventional approaches. Normally when Mars is in Pisces, you would rather stay in the background and observe. But, with Mars forming this sextile to Uranus you find that staying in the background is too boring. You want to participate in the world. You want to experience situations which may be new to you. You may even receive some unexpected information that can help you move on with your life.

On May 10th, Jupiter enters the sign of Aries. But before that occurs Mercury in Gemini turns retrograde. This is a day where you want to move on with your life, but you also need to take care of some matters before the forward movement can occur.

With Mercury in the sign it rules, this retrograde period focuses on all methods of communication, from written to oral, to even visual. (Mercury in retrograde motion will re-enter the sign of Taurus on May 22, 2022 and turn direct on June 3, 2022.) You’ll find that it’s very important to engage in active listening. This means that when other people speak, you take time to confirm the meaning of their dialogue. And it also means that you take time to confirm they are understanding your end of the conversation. During the time period that Mercury is retrograde, it will also be important for you to pay attention to paperwork, especially paperwork that deals with financial matters. There could be some errors that occur that you’ll need to correct when Mercury goes direct in June. Finally, there’s a tendency when Mercury in Gemini is retrograde for people to speak without thinking. So between now and May 22, 2022 when Mercury retrograde re-enters the sign of Taurus, try to remember to think before speaking. Some secrets could accidentally be revealed because someone is careless in their communication.

Jupiter enters the sign of Aries later in the day. After it enters the sign of Aries, it seems to jump around a bit. It turns retrograde on July 28, 2022 and re-enters the sign of Pisces on October 28, 2022. It turns direct on November 23, 2022 and re-enters the sign of Aries on December 20, 2022. This time it will stay in the sign of Aries until May 16, 2023 when it enters the sign of Taurus.

When Jupiter enters the sign of Aries, you feel the energy shift. You don’t want to spend time being told what to do. You want to regain your life and have some fun. You also want to feel that you have your freedom and rights back.

There’s a tendency when Jupiter is in Aries to rebel against what is considered as too much excess. So, if you feel that things are too conservative, you start expressing a rebellious nature. If you feel things are going out of control, you start thinking of ways to rein them in.

With personal freedom so important to people you may continue to experience polarization as people have different definitions of what freedom means to them. Or, what too extreme means to them. At the same time, with Jupiter in Aries, you may also find that you’re more willing to accept others because they are such individuals.

The last time that Jupiter was in Aries was from June 6, 2010 to September 9, 2010 and again from January 22, 2011 to June 4, 2011. At that time, social issues focused on same-sex marriages with a California case, Perry vs. Schwarzenegger, overturning Proposition 8 which banned these marriages. Global matters focused on events such as the Egyptian Revolution with the resignation of Hosni Mubarak and the killing of Osama bin Laden by the US special forces. Environmentally, an earthquake registering 9.0 in magnitude forced the meltdown of a reactor at the Fukushima Dalichi Nuclear Power Plant. And in high society, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Kate Middleton married.

When Jupiter is in Aries, major events do have a global impact. Often people, where they are the public or the leaders, act impulsively, without regard to the consequences. At other times, situations occur which feel beyond the control of leaders and other individuals. National identity becomes more important as there is an increased distrust of others, especially on a global level. Yet, the global perspective becomes even more important at this time as countries find themselves more intertwined with each other.

As Ceres forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde on May 11th, you experience an increased awareness of the importance of your environment. While Ceres represents the goddess of harvest and the world, Pluto represents the underground and the roots of your very being. This is a day where you need to readjust your expectations by understanding what lies beneath the surface. This is also where you need to realize that there is both a lightness and darkness to situations in the world. This is where you need to find balance in your life between understanding who you are and how you want to project your persona to others.

When Ceres enters the sign of Cancer on May 15th, you feel protective of others, especially with family members and individuals you view as family. With this sense of protectiveness, you may also feel more distrustful of strangers. You’re not willing to take things at face value. This is especially true with Venus forming a conjunction to Chiron a few hours later. So as you develop new relationships, take your time. Get to know the individuals. The key is to feel safe with the people in your life. You don’t want to experience any pain in your relationships. And, you don’t want to cause pain.

The second eclipse of the year is a Blood Moon that occurs on May 16th. Blood Moons occur at the time of a total Lunar Eclipse because the color of the Moon does turn red. When the eclipse occurs at this time, the Sun is in the sign of Taurus and the Moon is in the sign of Scorpio. This is an eclipse that will be visible in the Americas (both North and South), Europe, and Africa. As a matter of fact, if the weather is showing no clouds, you’ll be able to see the eclipse in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area starting at 9:32:05 pm on May 15th. The actual (what astronomers call) Maximum Eclipse will occur on May 16th at 12:11:28 am EDT. This eclipse is part of the Saros 131 series.

Eclipses tend to obscure matters and this can create some dilemmas when it’s a lunar eclipse because this eclipse occurs at the time of a full Moon. Full Moon time periods are where you usually review situations in your life and see if you need to make some changes, such as letting go of things which are no longer important. In this case, the earth is between the Moon and Sun. With the earth representing our material well-being and the Moon representing emotions, a lunar eclipse indicates upheavals with our emotions which can cause problems with our existence.

So, with the Sun in Taurus, you want to understand what’s important in your life. But, with the Moon in Scorpio, you may fear looking into the depths of your being to understand just who you are. Or, you may fear that other people are trying to manipulate you into situations that you don’t want to be in. Whether it helps or not, the Sun forms a sextile to the Mars/Neptune conjunction in this chart, while the Moon form a trine. This could mean that you have a sense of the direction you want to take, but you’re not quite sure. It could also mean that you want to live your dreams, but those dreams may not be realistic enough. Also, the Sun forms a trine to Pluto retrograde while the Moon forms a sextile to Pluto retrograde. This could mean that you’re stuck on an idea and you just want to follow it through. Finally, the lunar eclipse forms a square to Saturn indicating that there could be problems with the very foundation of your being. Or, perhaps problems with foundations in the world. Either way, you may feel too restricted to be able to move on with situations right now.

With both Mars and Ceres in water signs on May 18th, you find that you don’t want to go out into the world if you don’t have to. You’d rather just stay indoors and not interact with a lot of individuals.

As Mars forms the conjunction to Neptune, you’re not sure who you can trust. You don’t want to take risks because you feel there is so much illusion in the world. It’s also possible that all the plans you thought you had for today are just dissolving. Either people aren’t living up to their commitments or you don’t understand what they are trying to say.

When Ceres forms the square to Jupiter later in the day, you feel that other people are trying to push you to do too much. While you may appreciate their enthusiasm, you don’t share that enthusiasm. Worse, you’re not sure that others have thought things through. There’s a tendency, especially when Jupiter is in Aries, to justify your behavior or take on actions without realizing the consequences of your actions.

Normally when you see Mercury retrograde making an aspect to an outer planet, you would think that this is part of a triad sequence. However, when Mercury retrograde forms the sextile to Jupiter on May 19th there is no triad sequence that occurs. That’s because Jupiter just entered the sign of Aries. Previous, Jupiter was in the sign of Pisces.

This is a good day for thinking about various important matters in your life. You might want to review some paperwork or legal documents. You may want to contact someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and perhaps correct some misunderstandings. Or, you may decide that you just want to write about something that is important to you but that you’ve put off for a while. Still, the biggest thing is that you may hear from people you haven’t seen or heard from in a while and find it fun to reconnect.

As the Sun enters the sign of Gemini on May 20, 2022, it also moves into a conjunction with Mercury retrograde on May 21, 2022. When the Sun is in Gemini, you want to discuss matters with others. You don’t want to be told what to do. You also want to share information and learn as much as possible. You’re looking for all those tidbits which can increase your awareness and knowledge of others.

Still you do need to be careful with your communications when the Sun forms the conjunction to Mercury retrograde on May 21st. You may give away too much information. Or, you may feel that you need to tell other people what to do when they don’t need your advice. On a more positive note, you may actually find some paperwork or object that you thought was lost forever…now it’s found.

Before Mercury retrograde re-enters the sign of Taurus on May 22nd, Mars forms a sextile to Pluto retrograde. You recognize that there are things you need to do. And, although Mars is in Pisces, you are more than willing to focus on some of those goals. You also want to find a way to put your dreams into action and make them real. Whatever it takes, you’ll find the energy.

As Mercury continues its journey in retrograde motion and it returns to the sign of Taurus the energy shifts from watching your communications and paying attention to paperwork. Now you need to re-evaluate your financial matters and make certain that any financial records are in order. This is also a good time to review your financial goals or even your retirement programs.

Don’t be at all surprised if you have difficulty accepting new information from others now that Mercury retrograde is in Taurus. There’s a tendency to become more stubborn than usual because you don’t trust any new information right now. That’s all right. This is a good time to review what you hear or read before taking any action.

You feel pretty optimistic about what you can accomplish when the Sun forms a sextile to Jupiter on May 23rd. As a matter of fact, you may just decide to act on something when perhaps it would have been better to just wait a bit. Do the best you can to review any information before you act on it.

Before Mars enters the sign of Aries on May 24th, Venus forms a sextile to Saturn. This is a day where you approach situations with a practical point of view while experiencing enthusiasm for new situations.

With Venus forming the sextile to Saturn, you know how to take things seriously without becoming maudlin. You can figure things out in a way that makes sense. Whether it involves a relationship or financial matter, you are practical in your approach. With Venus in Aries, you’re willing to take matters into your own hands. But with Saturn in Aquarius, you realize there are some situations where you need the help of others.

As Mars enters the sign of Aries, you feel more energy. When Mars was in Pisces, you wanted to spend more time observing situations and less time engaging in experiences. Now you want to engage more in experiences and take less time observing situations. You don’t want to miss out on anything. Not only do you want to be part of the group, you want to lead the group. And, you won’t put up with anyone who lags behind.

When Mercury retrograde forms a trine to Pluto retrograde on May 25th, this is the second time this trine occurs in this triad sequence. The first time it occurred was on April 28th when Mercury was direct and Pluto was in station. Pluto actually turned retrograde on the following day, April 29th. The last time this aspect occurs will be on June 10th when Mercury is direct and Pluto is still retrograde.

When this aspect occurred in April, you felt that you knew what you wanted. But, you decided not to share that information with anyone else. That was a good decision because as the weeks went by you started questioning just what you thought you wanted. Now, with this aspect occurring a second time and both planets are retrograde, you do need to re-evaluate your situation and start thinking about some of your plans. You’ll find that you need to make some changes. When this aspect occurs for the last time in June, you realize that the changes you implemented today were the right changes to make.

Feelings are intense when Venus forms a square to Pluto on May 27th. You want to experience passion in your relationships, especially romantic relationships. You want people to see just how much you care about them. You want to show your loyalty to them. And, you also demand loyalty from them. Yet, you could be sending out conflicting messages because you don’t want other people to control you. So, you may show your passionate nature initially, but suddenly back off because you feel this passion is enabling you to lose control. It’s very important that you move slowly in relationships today, especially if they are new relationships. As much as you feel the passion, you also aren’t certain you can trust the other individual. And, as you know, trust needs to be earned.

When Venus enters the sign of Taurus, there are four planets, Venus, Uranus, Moon, and Mercury retrograde, as well as the Moon’s North Node in the sign of Taurus. This is a time period for understanding your value system as well as determining where you want to go in life. With Mercury retrograde, you need to think about the different plans in your life.

You feel optimistic about life when Mars forms the conjunction to Jupiter on May 29th. You feel as if you can do anything. And, you are willing to take risks in order to achieve what you want. You just need to be careful that you don’t rush out so quickly that you don’t consider all the consequences of your actions.

As the month of May ends, a new Moon occurs in the sign of Gemini on May 30th. You want to communicate your needs. You want to hear what other people have to say. You find that having information is very important.

The stellium in the sign of Taurus is still active at the time of the new Moon. And, its activity is amplified by Saturn forming a square to this stellium, Pluto retrograde forming a trine, and Neptune forming a sextile. Everything focuses on communicating your needs as well as living a life that expresses your value system.

You may find difficulty in expressing your values to others as Neptune forms the sextile to the Taurus stellium. That’s because a lot of what you value is emotionally based and expressing emotions is not the easiest thing in the world. Or, with Saturn forming the square to the stellium, you may suppress your words, mistakenly thinking that others will criticize you. What helps is that Pluto retrograde is forming a trine to this stellium. Through understanding that emotions are not always easy to communicate…through realizing that it’s all right to be who you want to be…and, through doing the best you can…you will find a way to live your life and express your values and determine if you want to observe or participate at this time.

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