March 2006: Follow a Simple Formula

The month of March 2006 is a month full of the energy of Pisces. This can be very difficult if you like to approach the world in a logical manner. Yet, if you are a creative individual living through your intuition, you’ll actually find this a very motivating month. The energy of Pisces is one of feeling and compassion. On the other hand, it can also be one where your intuitive feelings could be misinterpreted by your fears. Whether you view yourself as a logical or intuitive individual, the key for success this month is to follow a simple formula: (1) Slow down your approach to events in life; (2) Take time to meditate and reflect on your world; (3) Let your thoughts and dreams just surface as you go through your day; and (4) Take decisive action after you feel that you have a balance between your emotions and your motivations.

This will be easier than usual because Mercury in Pisces turns retrograde at the beginning of the month on March 2nd and stays retrograde until March 25th. Usually, Mercury is very uncomfortable in Pisces because of the conflict between rational thought and emotional feelings. There is a sense that it’s difficult to communicate logically. And, there’s truth to that sense. Yet, this energy is different because Mercury will form a square to Pluto and a trine to Jupiter. This same thing occurred last month when Mercury was direct. On February 19th, Mercury formed a trine to Jupiter and on February 28th, Mercury formed a square to Pluto.

Mercury retrograde forms its square to Pluto on March 4th, the same day that Jupiter also turns retrograde. This energy makes it easier for you to reflect on your life and perhaps even take time to do some psychoanalysis of things that are making you unhappy. Delving into your past and understanding traps that prevent happiness is actually easier at this time because Pluto and Jupiter form a mutual reception, meaning they are in each other’s ruling sign and harmonizing. While you may not be ready to let go of some past behaviors or relationships that cause difficulties in your life, you’ll be able to begin to feel why you are in this position. And, once you understand your feelings, you’ll be able to take positive actions that bring new and increased happiness. The important word here is “feel.” Logical solutions won’t work but those based on your feelings will work.

Usually when Jupiter turns retrograde, it’s difficult to implement new plans. There’s usually something that hasn’t been considered. And, this something can end up costing you more money than you expected. So, if you are in business for yourself, be cautious with any new marketing strategies at this time. Jupiter will remain retrograde until July 6, 2006.

A retrograde Jupiter is very beneficial is in evaluating your current goals and strategies. If you are in business for yourself, this is an excellent time to update your business plan. You’ll see where you need to make changes and may even be able to determine the cost of those changes. This same energy actually holds true for you in your personal life. This is an excellent time to look at your long-term goals, both personal and financial. You may want to rewrite some of those financial plans so they can bring better results. However, be very cautious with the stock market from March 4 the first week of April 2006. Last month, when Mercury formed a trine to Jupiter and a square to Pluto, the market moved downward.

On March 14th, Mercury retrograde forms that trine to Jupiter retrograde and a few hours later a lunar eclipse occurs. As you’re taking time to reflect on your world, you may feel that you want to move forward at this time. However, it’s still a little too early and there are probably more thoughts that will surface. Normally, with the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo, this would be a good time to start throwing out things that you no longer need. However, this full moon is being eclipsed. So, instead, your energy still needs to turn inward. This is an excellent time to see how compassion operates in your daily life. If you’re in an abusive situation, this is the time to make plans that remove you from that situation. This eclipse is all about healing yourself from pain and bringing your life into happiness.

On March 16th, Jupiter retrograde forms a square to Neptune. This square occurs approximately every 13 years in a series of three. The first time this square occurred in this cycle was on January 27, 2006. The last time that this square will form during this cycle is on September 24, 2006. Incidents that occur may do so either one week before or one week after the square actually forms.

Both Jupiter and Neptune deal with ethics, hubris, and illusion. At the end of January, a scandal involving LiveDoor occurred in Japan that actually led to an early closing of the stock market on January 18th. The trading sparked by this scandal caused a drop in the Nikkei index by 5.7%. At the same time more information regarding the Abramoff lobbying scandal surfaced and it was decided that Tom DeLay would no longer serve as speaker of the House of Representatives in the United States. Even now more news continues to be released in those areas.

Since Jupiter and Neptune deal with ethics, this is an important time period for you to review your own life. Are you caught up in the belief that you can do anything? And, if you have that belief, is it realistic? If not (a real danger when Neptune is involved), you will find out just how unrealistic your plans could be. If, however, your plans are realistic, you’ll find that more help is coming to you from other people.

Jupiter and Neptune also deal with governments and the disenfranchised. People want to feel that their voice is heard. In Canada the elections were won by conservative Stephen Harper in part because the western portion of Canada voiced concern that their views were not being heard. The Bolivian elections went to Evo Morales, the first elected president of indigenous descent. He took office on January 22, 2006. Meanwhile, the Palestinians election on January 25, 2006 was won by Hamas. And, in the United States, President George Bush is finding that his standing is dropping in opinion polls.

This is a very important time for you to pay attention not only to your feelings but those of people around you. People who are feeling that you’re not paying attention to them will want to make changes in their relationship with you. The same can be said for you. If you are not receiving the concern and respect you deserve in your relationships, you’ll want to make changes there as well. It’s very important to listen to others right now so that you can enhance your relationships. This is not a time to take people for granted, unless you want them out of your life.

On a more positive note, this can be a great period if you really take time and communicate with people. You may find that you have common concerns. Or, you may find spiritual connections with people that you just didn’t realize existed.

The Jupiter square Neptune cycle shows impacts in other areas such as religion, civil rights, science, and health. If you’re interested in finding out more about the historical cycles and potential trends, you can read about it in the 2006 Trends book.

March 20th marks the start of the astrological year with the Sun entering Aries. The Vernal Equinox chart, as it is called in the Northern hemisphere, sets up the underlying current for the next twelve months. The chart set up for the United States indicates that leadership is a key matter. Saturn retrograde on the Ascendant of the chart shows that people will expect guidance from experts who understand them. In addition, the chart emphasizes the importance of the global economy and increased interdependence between various countries as well as international firms. Developing partnerships will be important for plans to succeed. This is a chart that emphasizes just how important it is to communicate with others and understand as much as possible before determining a course of action.

What this theme means in your personal life actually flows in harmony with the energies of this month. This is a time to communicate with others. Also, when you find yourself in a leadership position take the time to receive input from various different sources. Learn that you can motivate people who have an understanding of your goals and want to be part of your plan for success because it also is part of their plan.

As Mercury turns direct on March 25th, it will once again move towards forming a trine to Jupiter retrograde and a square to Pluto. Think back on that simple formula of success. If you slowed down your approach to life so that you could meditate and reflect on your world, you’ll now find that thoughts and plans surface to enable you forward motion. The actual aspects to Jupiter and Pluto won’t occur until April 2006, but this is a good time to start implementing the plans for achieving your dreams. And, pay special attention to any dreams that you have the evening of March 25th going into March 26th because they could be prophetic or very healing.

The month on March ends with a total Solar eclipse occurring on March 29th. Politically, this eclipse will impact Brazil, Nigeria, Libya, Greece, and Mongolia. So, those are the areas to watch if you are interested in international affairs.

On a personal level, this eclipse which is a new Moon in Aries, is actually a good time to outline your personal plans to those individuals you trust. Sometimes an eclipse can obscure all the information you need to know before taking action. Yet with all the Piscean energy during this month, you’ll actually get a lot of help from other people if you listen to their feelings. And through letting other people give you emotional support, you’ll find it easier to take that last step in the success formula: Balancing your emotions with your personal motivations.