May 2013 – It’s Personal This Time

Important astrological energies for the month of May 2013:

Ceres forms a square to Uranus on May 5, 2013 and an opposition to Pluto retrograde on May 7, 2013 creating a cardinal T-square and activating the Uranus/Pluto retrograde square which will occur later in the month.

  • Solar Annular Eclipse with Sun and Moon in Taurus occurs on May 9, 2013.
  • Mars forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node on May 13, 2013 re-activating the eclipse which occurred on May 9, 2013.
  • Venus forms a sextile to Uranus and a quincunx to Pluto retrograde on May 18, 2013 activating the Uranus/Pluto retrograde square which will occur later in the month.
  • Uranus in Aries forms the third square to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn on May 20, 2013 and is over stimulated as Mercury forms a sextile to Uranus and a quincunx to Pluto retrograde on the same day. And,
  • Appulse Lunar Eclipse with sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius occurs on May 25, 2013.

It’s Personal This Time

By Misty Kuceris ©2013

The month of May 2013 is going to be a very busy and intense month. There is so much happening. The second and third eclipses of the year occur. Uranus forms another square to Pluto, this time with Pluto being in retrograde position. And the personal planets of Venus, Mercury, and Mars are all making important aspects throughout the month. This means that what occurs during May is going to be very personal.

The month begins with Mars forming an opposition to Saturn retrograde on May 1st followed shortly by Mercury entering the sign of Taurus. This can be a frustrating day. With Mars forming the opposition to Saturn, you want to move forward but there are obstacles in your way. With Mercury in the sign of Taurus, the stellium in Taurus which began April 20th when Mars entered the sign of Taurus strengthens. This stellium means that you need to move slowly and feel as if you own the situation before you take action. Take a look at the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your goals. It may be that those obstacles are values that other people are trying to impose on you. This could be a good day to determine just how important the opinion of others really is.

Mars forms a sextile to Ceres on May 3rd. While both planets represent different energies, there is a synergy between Mars and Ceres when you look at it in a positive way. You have the opportunity to understand how nurturing people can be in your life. This will improve both your relationship with them and the support they are willing to give you. Knowing this will let you move forward with confidence.

Normally Mercury and Neptune don’t harmonize very well because Neptune tends to cloud the mind and Mercury wants to understand all the facts. However, when Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune on May 4th, there is an opportunity for you to tune into your dreams and start coming up with some unusual, but good, ideas. Just don’t sign any contracts this day since you won’t have all the correct facts. You’ll definitely regret it later if you do sign something.

May 5th is a busy day astrologically. Mercury forms an opposition to Saturn retrograde. Ceres forms a square to Uranus. And, Mercury forms a sextile to Ceres. With Mercury forming an opposition to Saturn retrograde, you may regret any actions you took the previous day. It’s very important, however, that you don’t spend too much time criticizing yourself.

This is an important day to note in your calendar or journal. With Ceres forming a square to Uranus, a cardinal T-square begins between Ceres, Uranus, and Pluto retrograde. This cardinal T-square will give you some important clues as to what you can expect when Uranus forms another square to Pluto retrograde later in the month. Ceres is always active when there is an accident which involves infrastructures which weren’t taken care of. So, it’s important that you check your home before this cardinal T-square completes and make any repairs that are necessary. Ceres also represents the environment and could indicate some form of natural disaster which includes the ocean or water.

With Mars forming a trine to Pluto retrograde at this time, there may be some hope to prevent problems in your life if you do take care of important matters. However, sometimes trines make accidents easier to happen, especially if you don’t pay attention to your environment. You may become reckless and not pay attention.

There is some relief on May 6th when Mercury forms a sextile to Ceres. It’s easier to discuss matters with other people. They want to listen to what you have to say. You may also find that you can discuss their needs and help them out of difficult situations. Your ability to be compassionate is very high.

May 7th is going to be another intense day with Ceres forming the opposition to Pluto retrograde and completing the cardinal T-square that began on May 5th. Before this this opposition occurs, Mercury forms a trine to Pluto retrograde and a sextile to Chiron. It could mean that you are able to discuss matters in a way that prevents difficulties in your life. But, you need to be careful because trines and sextiles can sometimes allow difficult situations to occur much more easily. With Ceres forming the opposition to Pluto retrograde, the problems could involve accidents to old infrastructures or environmental events. Or, you may feel as if you’re fighting just to retain your rights in an important situation. As the day draws to a close, Mars forms a sextile to Chiron indicating that whatever actions you take today will have an impact on future events, especially around the time period that Uranus forms another square to Pluto retrograde later this month.

Venus enters the sign of Gemini and Mercury forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node before the second eclipse of the year occurs on May 9th. Although Venus leaves the sign of Taurus, the stellium in Taurus continues with Mars, Mercury, and the Sun remaining in Taurus. When Venus is in the sign of Gemini, you tend to over explain your actions. You may appear a little colder to other people because discussing the facts becomes more important than understanding the feelings.

Yet, with Mercury forming a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node just before the eclipse, you may find that instead of discussing matters, you’re using words to hide information from others. You don’t want people to know what’s really going on. But, the reality is that secrets are often revealed during this time period. Don’t be surprised if a major scandal involving the financial world occurs. Or, it’s possible that there is another stock market computer problem due to hacking. Take safety precautions with your own computer and make certain that all your security systems are up to date.

The eclipse which occurs on May 9th may be the second eclipse of the year, but it is the first solar eclipse of the year. It will be seen in Australia, New Zealand, and central Pacific. It is part of the Saros 138 cycle. This eclipse really emphasizes the Taurus stellium. Both the Sun and Moon are in Taurus and forming a conjunction to Mercury. Globally, this eclipse indicates that there will be economic problems. Situations from the past will come back to haunt both nations and individuals. In the United States employment will be a major problem. There could also be increased military actions.

The weather is going to be very wet at this time. Storms may brew, especially around the coasts of the United States. However, there could be other storms which are not weather-related that brew: Scandals involving prison systems, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, or the military could be revealed.

You need to take the time to look at your own life and what you’re doing on a routine basis. Are you taking care of your health? Are you taking time to relax? Or, are you spending so much time working that you don’t have time for the pleasant things in life? Do the best you can to take care of yourself and your family. If you don’t, you may feel very alienated.

There is a desire to heal the world when Ceres forms a trine to Chiron on May 12th. But, all this healing may need to occur on a subconscious level. This is a good day to meditate. It’s a good day to write in your journal. Continue to find ways to take care of your needs and those of your family.

Although the eclipse occurred on May 9th, you’ll feel an echo vibration of the eclipse on May 13th when Mars forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node. You may feel driven to take action, yet you don’t know what to do. You may start acting on some subconscious fears from your childhood that have no basis in your adult life. Normally, this would be a good day to resolve old problems, but Venus also forms a square to Neptune on this day. This means that it’s difficult for you to be in touch with your feelings. Again, your actions are being driven by subconscious fears rather than reality. Try to take everything that other people, especially those in the media, say with a grain of salt. Be skeptical. And, if you think you’ve met your soul mate today: Think again. It’s too easy for you to be deceived and taken advantage of. The same holds true for financial matters. Don’t sign any contracts that involve money unless you have no choice.

You need to continue to be very careful with both your finances and interactions with others on May 15th since Venus forms a quincunx to Saturn retrograde. When it comes to money, the costs are very high. You may not need the item. In your interactions with others, they may try to blame you for situations you had no control over. And, they will take offense when you try to correct their statements or perceptions.

Mercury also enters the sign of Gemini on May 15th. Usually Mercury is very comfortable in the sign of Gemini, its ruler. But today you may find that you’re talking too much and giving away too much information which could be used against you later. It’s more important that you listen rather than try to explain yourself.

Be very careful today, May 18th, because Mercury and Venus form aspects that indicate you may have difficulty with information, finances, or relationships. When the day begins, Mercury forms a square to Neptune and as the day ends, Mercury forms a quincunx to Saturn retrograde. Communications are going to be very difficult. People may withhold information from you or deceive you. Or worse, you may be hearing what you want to hear and not what is being said. Plus, other people will keep changing the rules or facts. They may start criticizing you or blaming you for difficult situations.

All of this is compounded by the fact that Venus will form a sextile to Uranus and a quincunx to Pluto retrograde. Your emotions will be all over the place. You may feel excited because some new experience has just entered your life. Perhaps you’ve met a new individual. However, as exciting as this all seems to you, this person may just be a little too different for you. This excitement could also work in your financial dealings. You may think that you’ve found a new product or perhaps a new stock that will soar. However, rather than soar, it may sour. So, be very cautious before you jump into that next new and exciting thing.

Watch your actions on May 20th because again a lot of energy is bursting all over the place. The day starts with Venus forming a square to Chiron. Because of the criticism that you received on May 18th, you may still feel hurt. Don’t let that pain get in the way of understanding how important you really are. You need to believe in yourself and keep doing those things that are important. “Self talk” will really help today because the Sun enters Gemini. Self talk is a process where you make certain that the words you choose to use in your conversations with others supports how wonderful you are. Positive self talk involves statements such as, “It’s a wonderful day to be alive and enjoy the world.” Or, when someone asks how you’re doing, a positive self talk response could be, “My life is going very well.”

The most important aspects of the day are the square which Uranus and Pluto retrograde will form and the aspects that Mercury will form to both Uranus and Pluto retrograde. Most readers know by now that the first Uranus/Pluto square occurred on June 24, 2012 when Pluto was retrograde. You also know that major world events occurred which changed the direction of many countries, such as the election of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. The second square between Uranus and Pluto occurred on September 19, 2012 when Uranus was retrograde. Around that time period, the embassy in Libya was stormed and the US Ambassador, as well as four other persons, was killed. Also, the Russian punk band Pussy Riot was arrested even though Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev called for their freedom.

The square that occurs on May 20th is the third time this square occurs. Plus, it will occur four other times: November 1, 2013; April 21, 2014; December 5, 2014; and March 17, 2015.

There is always a struggle between the new order and the old order when Uranus forms a square to Pluto. Some people want to move forward no matter what the cost. Others want to hold on to the past no matter what the cost. Basically, no one is considering the end game and what could happen with their polarized sides.

The square that occurs on May 20th is at 11 degrees of both signs. This is a master number which indicates that you are part of the world. You can’t ignore what is happening around you. Everything influences everything else. Whatever was unresolved in June 2012 when the first square occurred will once again become an important issue. Questions regarding government’s role in your life will be important. Is it too involved? Is it not involved enough? It’s also very important for you to take care of your finances. While that may seem difficult, you need to do the best you can.

If you’re not sure what to do on a personal level at this time, try to think back to June 2012 and remember what was going on in your life. Did you try to make some changes? If you did, were they successful by your definition? And, if you made changes at that time, you may need to re-evaluate your current situation and move it up to the next level.

The other thing is that life moves very quickly when Uranus forms a square to Pluto. Perhaps you feel as if you can’t keep up with all the changes. If that’s the case, find a way to slow down and take time with your family and other loved ones. If you were able to embrace the fast pace of changes that are occurring, take time to make certain that you’re not letting something slip through the cracks because you’re moving so quickly. The most important thing is not to let your decisions be influenced by people you don’t know. You don’t want to become a lemming and follow others blindly. The lesson of this square is learning and understanding the importance of making your own decisions.

Mercury forming a sextile to Uranus and a quincunx to Pluto retrograde reinforces the importance of making your own decisions and not letting other people guide you with their words. Pay attention to your thoughts because you may gain some important

insight into a situation. At the same time, be careful what you hear in the media because people may be exaggerating situations. The good news is that you are open to new ideas. And, these new concepts may help you out in the future, especially when it comes to social groups. Don’t be at all surprised if social media is very active today. There seems to be a lot of information going on in the world.

Words can hurt on May 22nd when Mercury forms a square to Chiron. There could be a lot of misunderstanding as people try to stand up for their belief systems, even if those systems are wrong. Try not to get into any arguments because they won’t solve anything. Try to maintain your distance from situations that can be volatile.

The second eclipse which occurs in the month of May is an Appulse Lunar Eclipse with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. The eclipse occurs on May 25, 2013 and can be seen in North and South America, as well as western Africa. It is part of the Saros cycle 150.

Eclipses tend to either obscure matters or bring secrets to the forefront. This is especially true with this eclipse. Both the Sun and Moon both form a square to Neptune and create a mutable T-square. Something needs to change in your life if you want to continue moving forward. The problem is that you may not quite know what needs to be changed. The good news is that you’ll receive some help from Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter. The Sun and Moon are not making aspects to these three planets; however, they are forming a conjunction to each other. This means that you need to understand your values in such a way that you can support your ethical approach to life. If you can do that, you’ll know what needs to be changed. Unfortunately, if a scandal is revealed, it will occur with some doping charges in the sports or gambling industry. Or, it will involve a major recall of a pharmaceutical product.

The actual conjunction of Mercury to Jupiter occurs on May 27th and the actual conjunction of Venus to Jupiter occurs on May 28th. Take the time to understand your personal values and also do some journal writing. Take the time to discuss important matters with your family and loved ones. Also, if necessary, make certain that important business matters are discussed with appropriate business associates. A lot can be achieved over these two days if you are willing to take the time and talk about them.

As the month ends, Mercury enters the sign of Cancer and Mars enters the sign of Gemini on May 31st. Normally with Mercury entering the sign of Cancer, you want to be quiet about your personal situation. But, with Mars entering the sign of Gemini, you can keep your mouth shut. And, perhaps you need to continue the discussions you began on May 28th because your emotions are running high. If you do continue any discussions today, guard your emotions. Don’t let them get in the way of important facts. At the same time, try to slow down so you can listen to what other people have to say. It may not feel this way at the time, but they may actually be looking out for your best interest.