November 2007: Reviewing Your Past

The month of November begins with Mercury in Libra turning direct on November 1, 2007. Usually when Mercury turns direct, you’re able to finally take action in those areas of your life where you felt that situations were stalled. This month, however, will be one where you still need to review things that were important to you in both September and October 2007 before you can really move forward.

When Mercury first turned retrograde it was in Scorpio. It re-entered Libra on October 23, 2007 to reemphasize the importance of understanding relationships in your life and whether those relationships are really filling your personal needs. As it turns direct at 23° of Libra, it becomes more important for you to determine how your relationships are impacting your personal well-being. You may even want to take this time to discuss aspects of your relationships with the people who are most important to you.

When Venus forms a square to Pluto on November 6th, you may start feeling that some of your relationships are more manipulative than healthy. You may feel that other people are controlling your life. Or, you may see the potential in other people and try to get them to live up to their potential only to find out that they don’t really care like you do. Basically, today is a day for learning that you don’t like it when people try to control you any more than people like it when you try to control them.

Financially you need to be very careful today. There will be information in the media about corporations that have misstated their financial earnings or even tried bribing officials in either government agencies or other companies. This will not be such a good day for the stock market.

When Venus enters its natural sign of Libra on November 8th, you’ll feel more comfortable with relationships in your life. You’ll understand that you don’t need to do everything on your own. This understanding will be emphasized because Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto on the same day.

The sextile that Mercury forms to Pluto is important because it emphasizes the energy that you felt when Mercury was retrograde. This is the third time that Mercury is forming this specific sextile this year. The first time the sextile occurred was on September 24, 2007 when Mercury was direct in Libra. The second time this sextile occurred was on October 27, 2007 when Mercury was retrograde in Libra. Now Mercury is once again direct in Libra and forming the sextile to Pluto.

In September when this sextile first occurred, you had the opportunity to negotiate with other people and explain your position. You also had the opportunity to understand what was important to these people. But, when Mercury went retrograde in October, some new problems from your negotiations may have arisen. Also, you may have felt that those negotiations didn’t bring you the result you sought. Now that Mercury is once again direct in this sextile, you have the chance to correct any errors you made during your negotiations. You also have the opportunity to settle any difficulties that you experienced with others. You may even be able to resolve conflicts at this time that started in September and create very satisfying resolutions.

With the new Moon, with both Sun and Moon in Scorpio, occurring on the following day, November 9th, you’ll find that the any resolutions made were sincere. Still, be a little cautious: The new Moon forms a very tight square to Neptune indicating that you may let your desire override the reality of the situation. Specifically, don’t let your desire for something to happen create that expectation that it will happen. That could create the danger of magical thinking: I think it, therefore it will be. Rather, use this energy to determine if a situation or dream is illusionary or has the chance of being real.

On November 11th, Mercury re-enters Scorpio. It originally entered Scorpio on September 29, 2007. When Mercury turned retrograde at 9° of Scorpio, it began moving back into Libra. So, from September 29, 2007 until October 23, 2007 when Mercury retrograde re-entered Libra, your focus was on understanding relationships without losing your own identity. In a lot of ways, the energy today is similar to the energy experienced on November 6, 2007. It’s important for you to understand the needs of others in order to develop good relationships. And, part of that understanding is listening to their concerns. At the same time, it’s important that both you and the other person accept each other for whom you are and don’t try to change each other if you want the relationship to succeed. So, think of any commitments you made in the beginning of October 2007 and determine if they really are valid in your life. If they are, you’ll be able to move forward with excitement. You’ll also be able to developing healthier relationships at this time.

On November 15th, Mars in Cancer turns retrograde. It will remain retrograde until January 30, 2008. This is very important because Mars is not comfortable in Cancer. It’s in its fall. Also, Mars is not comfortable when retrograde because the need to move forward is often thwarted. Mars actually entered Cancer on September 28, 2007. At that time, you may have noticed that taking direct action was more difficult. Basically, you needed to understand the nuances of your actions before you took them. If you didn’t understand these nuances, you could easily be misunderstood. Understanding the nuances meant that you needed to understand either your motives or the motives of other people before you took action. Now this need to understand nuances is even greater. If you don’t understand why this action is important to you, you’ll make mistakes. Or, if you don’t understand why these actions are important to other people, you’ll make mistakes. In some cases, people may take actions out of fear or insecurity. Those actions will only bring harm to everyone involved. This is especially true with any military actions that could be taken in the world. Mars will actually leave the sign of Cancer at the beginning of January 2008 and form an opposition to Pluto at that time. This doesn’t bode well for any form of military actions. It can also increase problems with the housing and stock market. So, while Mars is retrograde, be very cautious with the actions you take. Try to make certain that you’re operating from a sense of caring rather than a fears or insecurity. If you do take actions from this sense of caring, you’ll see that you’re rewarded with building a stronger foundation in your life.

Mercury forms its third sextile to Saturn on November 16th, the day after Mars in Cancer turns retrograde. The first time this aspect occurred was on October 1, 2007 when Mercury was direct. The second time this aspect occurred was on October 19, 2007 when Mercury was retrograde. At the beginning of October 2007, you may have thought that your goals were clear to you. You may have even tried to implement those goals but found it difficult in October. Now, however, understand why those goals you set in October either didn’t materialize or were slow in achieving.

This is a very good day for negotiating with other people because all parties are willing to be realistic. You’ll know that any compromises made are valuable to the negotiation process and will be upheld.

This is also a good time for deeper understanding of your own needs. If you are in therapy, you’ll have major breakthroughs at this time. If you are taking self-awareness programs, you’ll learn more about your needs and how to implement them in your life.

This sense of realization continues for the next several days. On November 21st, Mercury forms a trine to Uranus and thoughts just start gushing forth. Your mind is able to assimilate new ideas and realizations. You’ll come up with “ah-has,” those pieces of information that seemed hidden from you and are now revealed. If you’re looking for new ways to do things or new projects to start, you’ll find them.

This understanding continues on November 22nd as the Sun enters Sagittarius. You’ll even feel more optimistic even though there’s still that underlying current of Mars retrograde which means that you need to move slowly if you want full success in life.

November 24th is a very important day. Uranus in Pisces turns direct just before the full Moon (Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini) occurs. A few hours after the full Moon occurs, Mercury forms a square to Neptune.

Usually when Uranus changes direction the influence is so subtle that you really don’t feel it. You just suddenly have this sense that things are going to move forward in your life. This time, however, you may see the change of direction with Uranus on a global level because it occurs just a few hours before the full Moon chart and is active in that chart.

First of all, the full Moon occurs with both the Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Gemini at 1° of their respective signs. So, even though a full Moon is occurring, it’s occurring in a fairly new energy. You may want to leave old things behind but you may feel a little confused. You’ll need time to determine what’s important in your life. Be cautious if you want to discuss things with other people. They won’t really understand your confusion. You’ll actually gain better understanding if you put your thoughts down on paper, meditate on those thoughts, and review what you wrote a few days later.

This full Moon is also important because it forms a square to the Moon’s nodal axis. The Moon’s North Node in Pisces represents the actions that you need to take while the Moon’s South Node in Virgo represents the results of either taking the actions or not taking the actions. Either way, it’s very important that you understand just what you need in life to feel secure before you take any actions. And, it’s very important that your need for security is based on fact, not fear.

Although Mercury forms its square to Neptune hours after the full Moon occurs, the energy of this aspect is also felt at the time of the full Moon. Basically, your ideas and ideals need to be in harmony. You need to look at your dreams and see if they are based on reality. You may feel tension when you think about your dreams. If you do, it could be a body signal that perhaps your dreams aren’t as realistic as you think. If the dream is unrealistic, let go of that dream and start making more realistic plans.

This could also be true on a global level. Government officials may be making plans or attempting to sign treaties. It’s important that all factors are considered if these plans or treaties are to work out. Also, the housing market is in greater flux now than before. This flux will impact the global economy over the next few months.

Be very cautious with contracts at this time. You won’t necessarily see all the costs of implications of the contracts. If you are starting a new job at this time, you may find that your job duties are not as they were described to you when you were hired.

The month ends with an aspect to Neptune from Venus. On one hand, some people consider Neptune to be the higher octave of Venus in the form of unconditional love. Other people feel the two planets are related in energy because both seek to have beauty in life. While this occurs two days after the full Moon there still is a little bit of influence to that full Moon chart. There is a desire to find beauty in your life today. You want to see the good in people. Just be very careful not to let your desire for seeing good in people influence your final decision about relationships with people because you may miss something very important.

Still, this could be a good day to meet someone special. You’re more willing to see how wonderful that individual is. You may even be more willing to let that person see who you really are. If you’re looking to meet someone, perhaps you may want to go to a place where you can find someone who shares in your value systems.