May 2008: Reflections for Healing

The month of May 2008 begins with an earth grand trine on May 1st that includes Venus in Taurus, Saturn retrograde in Virgo, and Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. While a grand trine indicates good things for you on a personal level, it doesn’t always bode well for the economy. There’s a tendency for a grand trine to emphasis the status quo of a situation. This means that any downturns will be greater while any recoveries are greater than usual.

The reason an earth grand trine is good on a personal level, especially with the planets involved, is that you are able to focus on those values that are important to you. This is a day when you don’t let other people manipulate you. You feel good about your decisions. If you need to negotiate anything, now is the time. You know how to set up boundaries and you feel good about your ability to do so.

Mercury enters its own sign on the following day and Saturn in Virgo turns direct. Today is a mellow day. That’s a good thing because on May 3rd, Mercury forms a square to Saturn and a quincunx to Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. Unlike the first day of the month, this day is a difficult one for negotiations. People are not willing to listen to you. And, you have difficult hearing what they are saying. Fears may prevent compromise as power struggles ensue. There is a sense that you can’t get anywhere. So, you’re better off not making final decisions right now.

Things will also be very difficult for the travel industry. There have already been many difficulties with the airline industry and they just continue to increase. Passengers are still suffering during their travels.

Confusion reigns on May 4th, as Neptune in Aquarius forms a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node. It continues on the following day with the New Moon (Sun and Moon in Taurus).

The Moon’s North Node in Aquarius the direction a country takes. In Aquarius, this energy focuses on global matters. The same could be said with Neptune. At the same time, the Moon’s South Node in Leo indicates difficulties with leadership. It also deals with child labor laws, pornography, drugs and sports. In December 2008, the Mitchell report came out. This report dealt with the abuse of drugs, especially steroids and HGH which enabled baseball players to bulk up and increase their physical abilities. The greatest problem was that many of these drugs were illegal. Although the sporting industry was trying to say that this was a new problem, the report revealed that this problem was in existence at least from 1994. It also revealed that many club managers really knew about this problem. It’s possible that owners and officials affiliated with the baseball industry knew about this. At this time, more information surfaces regarding the extent of drug use not only in the baseball industry, but other sporting industries as well.

These two days are not good for the military. There are many actions which increase the number of service members who are either disabled or killed. More information regarding the number of injured service members is reported in the press: The number being greater than previously reported.

On a personal level, these two days are a good time to meditate and understand what you want from your life. Now is the time to look at the health of your own life to determine if all is well with you. You may need to let go of various wounds that you suffered so that you can heal. Forgiveness is important whether that forgiveness is directed towards other people in your life or the forgiveness is directed at your own actions.

Jupiter in Capricorn turns retrograde on May 9, 2008. Jupiter retrograde is never fun in the business world. Any campaigns started at this time cost either the company or the consumer a lot more money than necessary. For example: The new iPhone was introduced when Jupiter was retrograde. It came at a steep price, around $400.00. However, a few months later, it came down in price to $200.00 making a lot of consumers very unhappy.

Jupiter retrograde is also a difficult time for negotiations. You may feel confused about your position. You may feel that other people aren’t honest about their positions in the negotiations. But, the reality is that when Jupiter turns retrograde, you tend to wish things in your life were like the past. You forget to appreciate things as they are now. If you spend too much time thinking about the past, you’ll have difficulty understanding what is wonderful about your life and what direction you need to take for the future.

On May 11th, Mars in Leo forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde. It’s difficult to implement new actions because realities keep shifting. What you thought were the facts are only the cover story, not the reality. Perhaps people aren’t intending to lie. Perhaps it’s because they really don’t know the full truth either. Either way, this is not an easy time to accomplish final results, especially if you need to compromise to achieve those results.

Venus goes through several aspects on May 17th and 18th which could be a very good time for healing. Initially Venus forms a square to Chiron on May 17th, giving you a chance to understand why you feel hurt about situations. On May 18th, Venus forms a sextile to Uranus and a trine to Jupiter, giving you an opportunity to discuss your pain with other people, especially those people you feel caused you the pain. You may be able to mend relationships which are broken. You may also be able to meet new people who share similar ethical values.

The full Moon (Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio) occurs on May 19, 2008. In many ways, this is an important full Moon because the pattern of the full Moon has changed. Between January and April 2008, the full Moon occurred just after the Sun entered a new sign. It also occurred in either 0° or 1° of a sign. Now the full Moon occurs at 29° because it occurs before the Sun changes signs. Also, the previous full Moon which occurred on April 20th had the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio just like this current full Moon. This indicates that any negotiations or new actions which occurred around the time of the previous full Moon need to be re-evaluated and something needs to change.

This need for reevaluation continues to May 21st, on the day that Jupiter retrograde forms a sextile to Uranus. This is the second time this sextile occurs. Previously it occurred this year on March 28th. It will occur one more time on November 13, 2008.

There’s a tendency for history to repeat itself when an aspect occurs more than once. Whatever you started at the end of March 2008 needs to be reviewed, perhaps changed. Any difficulties that you encountered at the end of March and did not resolve need to be resolved now or they will be worse in November 2008. While you may want to put off difficult decisions, please don’t. Others will force you to make that decision in November 2008 if you put it off now.

Secrets also tend to be revealed during times that an aspect, such as this sextile, occurs more than once. Deceit in relationships is revealed now although the full price you pay won’t be known until November 2008. Therefore, it is very important for you to be honest with other people.

Positive actions that you started in March 2008 start bringing results now. And, if you continue on this same course, you will receive more rewards in November 2008. Basically, when Jupiter forms a sextile to Uranus, there is an opportunity for you to more forward with your life in exciting and new ways.

On May 23rd, Mercury forms a trine to Chiron. Normally this energy passes quickly and not much is felt from it. However, this same energy will occur once again at the end of the month after Mercury turns retrograde. Choose your words and actions very carefully today. What you say today will be remembered at the end of the month and used against you if those words are ill conceived and harmful. If your actions create pain or injury to others, you’ll experience the negative result of those actions at the end of the month. Yet, if your words or actions are positive today, you’ll find benefits coming to you at the end of the month. It’s all how you want to act today.

Relationships may seem strained from May 24th to May 26th. During that time, Venus enters Gemini and forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde and a square to Saturn. You’ll be asked to stand up for your beliefs. You’ll be challenged to take various positions even if you aren’t ready to take any sides.

Economically this is a very difficult time period. More news is released regarding the recession. The stock market reacts to this news with heavy swings and downturns. More jobs are placed in jeopardy. With all the tension during these three days, it’s very important for you to hold on to your friendships. It’s also important that you try the best you can to find ways to relax. Now is the time to think about ways to take care of yourself and your family.

On May 26th, Mercury in Gemini and Neptune in Aquarius turn retrograde. Spiritually this is very important. Mercury represents the importance of having clarity in your life. Neptune, meanwhile, represents how situations can cloud your mind. When planets turn retrograde it means that you need to internalize the energy of that planet before you can take any actions. Basically, with Mercury retrograde, you need to think before you speak. With Neptune retrograde you need to realize that all things are not what they seem. You need to move very slowly and not take things at face value. This is especially true with all the information you receive from other sources. Mercury will stay retrograde for three weeks while Neptune stays retrograde for several months. Once Mercury turns direct on June 19, 2008, you’ll be able to get more truth from other sources. Until that time, consider that what others present as facts may not be facts at all but that their very biased opinions.

The month ends with Ceres forming a trine to Neptune retrograde and Mercury retrograde forming a trine to Chiron on May 29th. It was on May 23rd that Mercury formed a trine to Chiron as well. At that time you really needed to watch your words and actions. Now at the end of the month, the actions you took on that day are bringing you results. If you’re confused about some of the results that you’re experiencing today, try to think back to May 23rd and what occurred. That will help you understand.

Overall, this is a day of understanding. This is a time to treat yourself and others in a nurturing manner. You can really generate a lot of healing in your relationships. You can also find joy in spending time with family and friends.