November 2021 – Newfound Clarity

Important astrological energies for the month of November:

  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Scorpio occurs on November 4, 2021.
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse (occurs at Full Moon with Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus occurs on November 19, 2021.

Newfound Clarity

By Misty Kuceris ©2021

As the month of November begins, don’t be at all surprised if you feel that Mercury is still retrograde even though it went direct on October 18, 2021. The reason for this is that Mercury still has two more triad sequences to complete before totally moving out of that energy that was part of Mercury retrograde. And, the first of these last two triads occurs on November 1st.

There’s a lot you feel you can still accomplish today as Mercury forms the last trine to Jupiter. The first time this trine occurred was on September 20th when Mercury was direct and Jupiter was retrograde. The second time this trine occurred was on October 3rd when both planets were retrograde. During the first two times this triad occurred you may have thought about your goals and what you wanted to achieve. You may have felt that you could move forward with your life, only if. The only if was that with Jupiter retrograde at the time and Mercury also retrograde for part of that time period, you had to re-evaluate some of your goals. And, with both Mercury and Jupiter in air signs, you needed to determine the best way of communicating your goals to others. Now, it’s all making sense. You’re able to take some of those old goals and make changes where necessary. You’re able to communicate your needs in a manner that others understand. And, you feel good about the changes that you’ll be making in your life.

As Mercury forms the last triad on November 2nd, you want to make certain that other people understand the direction you need to take in your life. This is because Mercury forms a square to Pluto and there is always this sense that other people are trying to tell you what to do. Perhaps, when this aspect occurred on September 22nd when Mercury was direct and Pluto was retrograde, you let other people convince you that their agendas were the right ones for you. And perhaps when this square occurred on October 1st with both Mercury and Pluto retrograde you began to wonder just who’s interested those people had in mind. Now, with this final square as both planets are direct, you realize that those people didn’t necessarily have your interests in mind. They were actually thinking about their needs. Now that you have clarity, you’re able to move on and implement goals that fit your needs.

With the new Moon on November 4th occurring in the sign of Scorpio, you realize just how important it is to implement goals that fit your needs and not move forward with the interests of other. Unless, of course, those interests agree with your interests. This is especially true with the new Moon, with both Sun and Moon in Scorpio, forms an opposition to Uranus retrograde.

Several things can happen when a new Moon forms an opposition to Uranus retrograde. You may find that you need to resolve a problem from the past that you were avoiding. You may run into some people you haven’t seen in a while. You may receive some unexpected information which causes you to pause before taking action. With Uranus retrograde in Taurus, any of these possibilities may cause you to question your own value system. But, because this occurs at the time of a new Moon, you can experience a positive outcome. You can determine that perhaps some changes need to be made in how you approach situations. You may also gain a deeper understanding which increases your sense of empathy and compassion.

Both Venus and Mercury change signs on November 5th. Venus enters the sign of Capricorn while Mercury enters the sign of Scorpio later in the day. Actually, neither planet is very comfortable in the sign they are entering. And yet, they can work in harmony with each other.

When Venus is in the sign of Capricorn, more emphasis goes to setting goals and establishing better work relationships. At times, you may put work ahead of family. Or, you may feel that you need to spend more time at work in order to be a better provider for your family.

With Mercury in Scorpio there’s a tendency to withhold information or become more introverted. And, Mercury, the sign of communication isn’t that comfortable with withholding information. You want to share, but you don’t dare. You’re not certain who you can trust.

Yet, as already written, there is a harmony that exists today. With Mercury in Scorpio, you also find that it’s easier to listen to what other people mean, not just what they say. And, with Venus in Capricorn, you realize that other people also want to achieve their goals and provide more for people they love. This can improve your relationships with others by finding a way to understand others, even if you don’t agree with them.

As Ceres retrograde forms a sextile to Chiron retrograde on November 8th, you start looking at ways to make your environment safer. In some cases, because Ceres retrograde is in Gemini, you want to make certain that any devices you own are up to date with anti-virus protection and malware protection. In other cases, with Chiron retrograde in Aries you want to make certain that you’re taking care of your health. Either way, this is a day where you consider your needs for safety and security and focus on taking care of those needs.

On November 10th, both Mercury and Mars form squares to Saturn. But before those planets form squares to Saturn, they also form a conjunction with each other. For this reason, you may feel as if you need to protect your turf. Or, you may feel that you need to take action so other people can’t prevent you from doing what’s important in your life. Usually when these two planets form a conjunction, you either feel that you have to defend your actions by justifying your behavior; or, you become argumentative as you believe you need to prove your point. But, both planets are in the sign of Scorpio. And, the sign of Scorpio is one that likes to work behind the scenes. In secret, to be more specific. So, while you may feel that it’s important to maintain your point of view, don’t become passive/aggressive. That will complicate matters instead of helping.

The potential to complicate matters if you become passive/aggressive is emphasized by Mercury and Mars forming squares to Saturn. Saturn can represent barriers in life. You may want to push forward, but either circumstances or others are getting in your way. With Mercury forming the square to Saturn, it could mean that other people aren’t willing to listen to you. With Mars forming the square to Saturn it could mean that other people are intentionally preventing you from taking action. Because Saturn also represents rules and regulations, the best approach today is to determine how to operate within the system.

Over the next several days, you’re going to have to make several adjustments as the three personal planets, Mercury, Venus, and Mars make various quincunxes to other planets. The first of these quincunx starts on November 11th with Mercury forming a quincunx to Ceres retrograde. This is important because Mercury will also form a quincunx to Chiron today creating what is called a yod. A yod is often an understated aspect. Yet, it’s an important aspect created when one planet forms quincunxes to two planets that actually form a sextile to each other.

When Mercury forms the quincunxes to Ceres retrograde and Chiron, this means that you need to review your environment and see if it’s providing the safety and security you want in life. You also need to find a way to discuss what you need in the form of safety and security with people who matter in your life. If not, you might feel that you can’t trust others, especially since Mercury is in Scorpio. Also, if you fail to communicate with others, you might find that their needs for safety and security are different from yours.

Later in the evening, Mars begins another yod aspect by forming a quincunx to Ceres retrograde and a quincunx to Chiron retrograde on the following evening, November 12th. This time you need to take action when it comes to matters of safety and security. You may have discovered that other people you value in life have a different perspective on what behaviors are safe and which are not. Or, you may realize that because some people you love have different perspectives, you can no longer relate to them in an intimate manner.

So, when Mercury forms an opposition to Uranus retrograde on November 13th, you may have a falling out with people you thought you trusted or people you thought you valued. There’s a lot of truth that can be revealed when Mercury forms an opposition to Uranus retrograde, especially since Mercury is in Scorpio and Uranus retrograde is in Taurus. You may discover that other people don’t really have the same values you do. Or, you may find that other people aren’t as receptive to new ideas as you are. Or, you may even realize that others have been keeping secrets from you as new information is revealed.

With Venus forming the quincunx to Ceres retrograde on November 14th, you decide to ask yourself: Am I in the right relationships for my own needs to feel safe? It helps that Ceres retrograde forms a trine to Saturn later in the day because you may find an answer to that question even if it means you need to compromise on some of your belief systems.

When Venus forms the quincunx to Ceres retrograde, you may wonder if you’re too passionate about your belief systems. Or, you may think that you’re not approaching situations from a practical point of view. Part of you just wants to walk away from social involvement right now because you believe that may be the easier solution. But the other part of you doesn’t want to be alienated from people you love.

As Ceres retrograde forms the trine to Saturn, you start gaining some perspective. You realize there are some things that you need to do in life: Perhaps work, perhaps taking care of family members, or some other activity that requires you to be involved with others. You also realize that there are things in life which you don’t have to do unless you want to. Perhaps you don’t have to go to the movie theater but watch videos at home instead. You’ll even see that you can find ways to compromise on some of your activities with important people in your life so you don’t have to just walk away from people.

While you’ve come up with some resolutions, you’re still a little skeptical on November 15th when Venus forms a square to Chiron retrograde. You’re not certain that other people totally understand your needs. Or, you’re not certain that other people are willing to support your needs in order to improve the relationship between the two of you. With Venus in Capricorn and Chiron retrograde in Aries, just stay true to who you are. Don’t let others define you. This may cause a bit of tension if you’re not used to standing up for yourself. But, better you feel this tension than let other people make decisions that are not in your best interest.

Standing up for your rights may cause some pushback from others on November 17th when Mars forms an opposition to Uranus retrograde. People may feel as if you’re trying to tell them what to do when all you’re trying to do is stand up for your rights. It’s not worth, if at all possible, getting into an argument with them. If necessary, walk away from the situation. If it does devolve into a fight, neither of you will win.

Mercury forms a trine to Neptune retrograde on November 18th. Because both planets are in water signs, it means that secrets are revealed. You can’t keep information contained. All that information that you tried to keep hidden starts seeping out between the rocks and crevices. Emotionally people are tired of secrets. As a matter of fact, you may find that the person who reveals the secret is actually the person most likely to be hurt from the information. That individual is just tired of trying to keep it hidden.

On a more positive note, when Mercury forms a trine to Neptune retrograde, you feel more creative. Going out into the world doesn’t appeal to you. You’d rather stay home and do things around the house. If you’re an artistic individual, your talent is enhanced.

Just before the partial Lunar eclipse occurs on November 19th, Venus forms a trine to Uranus retrograde. You feel good about things in your life. You’re seeing new ways of approaching situations. You are willing to welcome the new while you also understand how to be practical. You may even run into people from your past who were very important to you. Or, you may meet an exciting person who will have a tremendous impact on your life.

Some astronomers feel that the partial lunar eclipse which occurs on November 19th is not as important as other eclipses because not everyone in the path of a partial eclipse sees it or notices it. But, this eclipse will be seen on the east coast in the United States around 4:02 am EST, as well as northern Europe, eastern Asia, Africa, Australia, the Arctic, and the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. It is part of the Saros 126 cycle. Technically it will last 6 hours and 4 minutes.

Because lunar eclipses occur at the time of the full Moon, this means that the earth blocks the Moon. With the earth representing our place in the world and the Moon representing our emotions, a lunar eclipse often indicates how we withdraw in order to survive. It can also indicate that upheavals with our emotions can cause problems in how we view our place in the world.

With the Sun in Scorpio we don’t want to share too much of our inner selves with others. We want to keep our lives to ourselves. With the Moon in Taurus we feel that it’s important to hold on to our value system. But with this lunar eclipse, don’t be at all surprised if your value system is either under attack. What this means is that other people may be questioning your value system so much that you feel you need to defend it. Or, something has just happened in your life and now you question your value system to determine if it is still valid. If you are a Scorpio or Taurus individual, or have important planets in either of those signs, you will be put into a position of questioning your value system. If you don’t have anything in those signs, you’ll still see other people wondering if what they believed in the past still applies today.

You feel a lot better about your situation on November 20th when Mercury forms a square to Jupiter. Squares between Jupiter and the personal planets aren’t really that bad. In this case, you’re able to communicate your needs. You realize that others are willing to listen. And, you may even find some opportunities coming up. The only caution when Mercury forms a square to Jupiter is that you may talk too much and give away too much information. Or, you may feel that you want to save the world and you make too many commitments, far more than you can keep.

Before the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius on November 21st, Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto. You are able to focus. You know that you can hear what other people are actually saying. You don’t need to think things through too much. And, if you need to keep secrets, you’re able to do that without a problem.

When the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius you want to go out into the world and try out new things. You don’t want to stay at home. You want to experience life. You are even willing to consider new ideas.

Mercury follows the Sun into the sign of Sagittarius on November 24th. Here you need to be careful with some of your ideas. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, its detriment, it’s easy to have grandiose schemes without thinking through all the details.

It actually helps that Mercury forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node on November 25th. Suddenly when you think about some of your grandiose schemes, you also start thinking about other ideas you’ve had in the past and how they worked out. You able to think about these past events and use that knowledge to develop a better future plan. This is a good day for assessments. And, it’s also a good day to clean up problems from the past.

As Chiron retrograde forms the sextile to Saturn on November 26th, you continue to feel that you can resolve problems from the past, especially those which caused you pain and set up some self-defeating behaviors (SDBs). SDBs are behaviors and coping mechanisms that you learned as a child because you felt they were necessary for your survival. Now, as an adult, these same behaviors are getting in the way of your success. The good news is that you realize it’s all right to let go of those behaviors and just live your life.

You are totally unwilling to compromise or listen to others on November 27th when Mercury forms the opposition to Ceres retrograde. You want people to understand your perspective. You don’t want to see their point of view. You may even realize that perhaps it’s not so bad to disagree with others right now, especially if they aren’t willing to take your words into consideration.

November 29th is going to be a day of healing as Mars forms a trine to Neptune retrograde and Mercury forms a trine to Chiron retrograde.

With Mars forming the trine to Neptune retrograde, you want to understand what’s behind the curtain. This means that you’re willing to track down the truth. You don’t want to take things for granted. You may feel a little confused, but at the same time you realize there is more going on than meets the eye. And, for this reason, you’re able to take a look at health matters in your life as you search for a holistic way to approach situations.

With Mercury forming the trine to Chiron retrograde later in the day, you’re able to understand what you need to do to heal from past pains. You can talk about the past pains. You can write about them in a journal. You can even take physical steps to release the pain from your body. What’s interesting is that you understand there is a connection between painful experience from the past and current tension or pain in your body. As this understanding increases today, you are able to find ways to release them both from your body as well as from your life.

Throughout the month of November, you’ve gone through re-evaluating your goals as they relate to changes in your value systems. You’ve attempted to discuss these changes with important people in your life. You’ve found that some people share these same values and you feel comfortable maintaining those relationships. Meanwhile, you’ve also learned other people don’t share your values and now you’re not certain if you want to maintain those relationships. As Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn and Venus forms a sextile to Neptune on November 30th, you’ll start getting some of those answers.

Mercury forming the sextile to Saturn will enable to you think about your goals in life and how you want to achieve them. It will help you determine just where you belong in the new social order of life and how to communicate this knowledge to others. Meanwhile, Venus forming the sextile to Neptune will help you find that spiritual balance between accepting who you are and moving forward with your life. You’ll find your compassion increases and your understanding of others. You’ll realize, with this newfound clarity, that sometimes being who you are means making changes in your daily life as well as with some of your relationships.

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