September 2012 – Opportunities to End Strife

Important astrological energies for the month of September 2012:

  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Virgo occurs on September 15, 2012;
  • Uranus retrograde in Aries forms a square Pluto in Capricorn on September 19, 2012;
  • Mercury in Libra forms an opposition to Uranus retrograde in Aries and a square to Pluto in Capricorn creating a cardinal T-square on September 20, 2012;
  • Sun enters Libra on September 22, 2012; and
  • Full Moon with Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries occurs on September 29, 2012.

Opportunities to End Strife

By Misty Kuceris ©2012

One of the most important things about the month of September 2012 is that Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will once again form another cardinal square. At the same time, Chiron retrograde in Pisces is also near the degrees of Uranus and Pluto. Technically, Chiron retrograde does not make a major aspect to Uranus. It only forms a semi-sextile. This semi-sextile between the two planets indicates that while opportunities to create healing between different factions exist, very few individuals take these opportunities. Therefore, strife continues. Chiron retrograde does form a sextile to Pluto which is retrograde during the beginning of the month and direct later in the month. Again a sextile means opportunities exist giving you a chance to decide what actions can bring healing into your life. But remember: a sextile is not always considered a major aspect. It just means that you may decide to move forward. If you do move forward, you’ll find success. If you don’t move forward, you just missed one of the best times to gain control over your life. Watch the interplay of these three energies this month because the underlying theme comes through very strong.

As the month begins, Mercury forms an opposition to Neptune retrograde on September 1st. Mercury entered the sign of Virgo, it’s ruler on August 31, 2012, indicating that it’s important for you to think of all the daily things you need to do to maintain focus in your life. But, when Mercury forms an opposition to Neptune retrograde, it’s difficult to maintain focus. You would rather spend time day dreaming than coming up with solutions. This means that any concepts you come up with may not be based on reality. That’s not bad if you’re a creative person and need to complete some creative project. However, if you need to come up with a detailed plan, it won’t happen today.

You also need to be careful when negotiating with other people. Messages are confusing. Information is not based on facts. Other people may be deceiving you. Or, they may be withholding important information which you need to make a sound decision. You’ll find a disconnect between what people are telling you and what they really mean.

On September 3rd, there are several important energies in operation. The day starts with Venus forming a square to Saturn. You may feel as if you made some serious mistakes a few days ago when you weren’t thinking clearly. You may start criticizing your actions. You may even start doubting your decisions. It’s important to remember that you did the best you could. This is not a time for you to beat up on yourself. That won’t improve your situation.

Later in the day, Mars starts forming aspects to Pluto retrograde and Chiron retrograde. With Mars forming a sextile to Pluto retrograde, you have opportunities to take action and correct any mistakes you made. You may find yourself driven to complete projects both at home and work. As Mars moves into the trine to Chiron retrograde, you can come up with solutions to serious problems. You may even be able to find other people who can help you.

The next day, September 4th, is also an important day on a personal level. Mars forms a quincunx to Uranus retrograde and Mercury makes aspects to Pluto retrograde, Chiron retrograde, and Uranus retrograde. With Mars forming a quincunx to Chiron retrograde as the day begins, it’s very important for you to watch your actions. You may rush into things too quickly and not see all the stumbling blocks before you hit them. This could cause some injury, either physical or emotional. Other people will take your actions personally and that could cause problems later.

As the day progresses, Mercury forms a trine to Pluto retrograde. You may want to take on some verbal battles with intensity that frightens other people. You may win those battles, but at what cost? You’re better off using the positive energy of this trine which is to look at all the details of your argument and determine how to use them in a way that convinces other people the importance of your position.

This is especially important because Mercury will move into an opposition to Chiron retrograde and a quincunx to Uranus retrograde later in the day. If you pushed your arguments too vehemently, other people will now fight back. They’ll do whatever it takes to prove you wrong. If you don’t adjust your approach to various debates, people will either walk away or go out of their way to make certain you lose. The better way to use this energy is to acknowledge their right to their feelings even if you disagree. That may open the door to serious conversations that lead to better solutions.

On September 6th, Chiron retrograde forms a sextile to Pluto retrograde indicating that if you were able to use the positive energies during September 3rd and 4th, you’ll be able to reap some of the benefits today. There is an intensity when the day begins because of this aspect, but there’s also a sense of calmness because you can feel good about your situation.

This sense of feeling good continues during the day as Venus enters the sign of Leo. Venus likes to be in the sign of Leo. You have this feeling that you can achieve anything. You feel generous with other people and are willing to help them out. You’ll also find that other people are willing to help you out as well.

But be careful on September 7th, because Venus forms a quincunx to Neptune retrograde. Other people may try to charm you into decisions that aren’t right for you. You may want to go out and purchase some luxury item, but it really is out of your budget and you’ll regret it later. You may even feel that you’ve met the person of your dreams but you’ll wake up later and see it was all an illusion.

Be very careful with your information on September 8th when Mercury forms a square to Jupiter. Other people may want you to explain your actions, but you may give out too much information. Or, you might find that other people are so busy justifying their actions that you don’t really trust what they say. While it’s difficult to be quiet when Mercury and Jupiter form an aspect, that’s what you need to do.

If you were able to be quiet on September 8th, you’ll be glad because on September 12th Venus forms aspects to Chiron retrograde and Pluto retrograde. This is the day when your words will be used against you. Venus forms a quincunx to Chiron retrograde and other people are just trying to get you to side with them. They aren’t taking your feelings into consideration. It’s all about them, not about you.

When Venus forms the quincunx to Pluto retrograde, feelings get more intense. People want to argue with you. They want to win their point. They don’t care about your point of view. What makes this energy more intense is that Venus forms a yod with Pluto retrograde and Chiron retrograde. The yod is often called the fickle finger of God by astrologers. It means that no matter what path you take, you still have to deal with confrontations. Use this energy in a better way by keeping your thoughts to yourself and meditating on your next direction.

On the following day, September 13th, you’ll see the value of keeping your thoughts to yourself as Venus forms a trine to Uranus retrograde. This day can play out in many ways. You may feel good about yourself because you know what risks you can take and win. You exude a charm that other people find attractive. Therefore, they are more willing to help you today. Another way that this energy can play out is that you really don’t care what other people think. You’re willing to stand up for your rights and do your own thing. The good news is that other people don’t care. They may even find it endearing. Just be careful not to take others for granted. They really do want to help you.

September 15th is going to be an interesting day. Just before the New Moon occurs, Ceres forms a square to Mercury and then a trine to Saturn. As the day begins, you’ll feel some tension as you try to negotiate various deals with other people. You may feel that they aren’t willing to listen to you. However, this tension is actually a good thing because other people are expressing important information that can help you make better decisions. While you may not like what you hear, it’s important to pay attention to what is being said.

It’s also easier to negotiate contracts on this day. You are able to focus on the facts. You have an understanding of how things need to work. You can bring together the practical aspects of daily life while understanding the long-term goals that need to be set. This is a good day for planning even if you decide not to take any external steps. This is a good time to contact individuals who might support you with your long-term goals.

When the new Moon finally occurs, you’ll be able to pay attention to details that are so important right now because both the Sun and Moon are in Virgo. Virgo also represents the need to simplify matters in your life. With this new Moon, it’s important for you to clean out things, perhaps even people, which are complicating your life. You may need to throw out old files. You may need to tell other people that you can’t maintain all those commitments you made earlier. It’s also important that you simplify your life so you can find time to relax and play. This is a new start.

When Mars forms a quincunx to Jupiter and Mercury enters Libra on September 16th, you may feel frustrated because no matter how much you try to do you just don’t can’t do enough. In reality you are doing more than usual. You just need to relax a little bit more because it’s difficult to focus when you try to do too much.

When Mercury is in the sign of Libra, there is a desire to try and find ways to negotiation situations. You are willing to hear the other side, but at the same time you’re not really willing to change your opinions. So, rather than finding ways to compromise, you try to find ways to win your side of the argument. The news media will be rampant with information about scandals, arguments, and any other events which create tension in the world. People are going to want to know more about things that are happening at home, but rather the news will be more international. It’s very important that you don’t get sucked into the drama that’s surrounding you.

When Mercury forms the quincunx to Neptune retrograde on September 17th, you may feel confused about all the information that surfacing through various forms of media outlets. Politicians will try to use fear to sway you. They will present concepts but no solid foundations for implementing those concepts. Even on a personal level this is not the time to negotiate any contracts. Information will either be withheld from you or distorted to the point of lies. Instead, use this energy to meditate on what’s important in your life. Let your creative side surface.

Pluto turns stationary direct on September 18th, the day before Uranus retrograde and Pluto form the second square in the cycle of squares which began in June 2012 and will continue until March 2015. This means that concerns become more intense. People will try to present their sides with more fervor.

You really feel that intensity on September 19th when Uranus retrograde forms a square to Pluto and on September 20th when Mercury forms a cardinal T-square to both Uranus retrograde and Pluto. The first square between Uranus and Pluto occurred at 8 degrees. This second square is occurring at 6 degrees. While it’s not exact, the square is close enough to the Jupiter in the United States Chart. Jupiter in the USA chart is at 5 degrees of Cancer. What this means is that Uranus retrograde will be forming a tight square to the USA Jupiter indicating disagreement and tension over the direction the country needs to take. Pluto will form an opposition to the USA Jupiter indicating that power struggles for the right direction of the country will increase. Add Mercury at 6 degrees of Libra when it creates the cardinal T-square to Uranus retrograde and Pluto and the USA chart now experiences a cardinal grand cross. Instead of finding ways to compromise and discuss matters in a civil way, you’ll hear more arguments and see intense fighting. People will become more hard line in their approach to matters.

Personally you need to be very careful on both September 19th and September 20th. Not only do you have the cardinal T-square created by Mercury, but you also have Mercury forming a quincunx to Chiron retrograde. People may not care if what they say causes pain. You can join in the chaos by trying to argue with others. Or, you can remove yourself from the arguments and just watch and listen: Your choice.

About the only good thing that occurs on September 20this that Venus forms a sextile to Jupiter before the day ends. This will give you the opportunity of walking away from bad situations. You may even be able to get other people to understand that fighting doesn’t solve anything. It just makes makes matters worse.

As the Sun enters Libra on September 22rd, half of the astrological year is over. In the Western Hemisphere this is the time period of the Autumnal Equinox. This is the period when life is moving from growth into harvesting what has been grown.

The chart set up for Washington, DC has a Scorpio rising. The other periods of the cardinal ingress for the Sun have a Sagittarius rising. With a Scorpio rising, it means that you need to pay attention world events. But at the same time, you need to listen rather than engage. That may be difficult since Mars in Scorpio is in the first house and you want to take action. But the Sun is also forming a quincunx to Neptune retrograde which means you really don’t know what action to take. Things seem confusing. The information is confusing. People aren’t necessarily being honest with you. Take everything you hear with a grain of salt.

For the next three months you’ll need to pay attention to your financial obligations. Your priority will be developing a safe base for your family. While you may want to argue with other people, you’ll need to learn how to work with them. The most important underlying energy at this time is that you can’t solve problems alone. You need the help of other people just like they need your help.

With Ceres entering the sign of Cancer on September 26th, there really are more opportunities to communicate with other people and find ways to nurture the good aspects of individuals. You need to pay attention to things at home. That also is true for the leaders of various nations: They need to pay attention to the people of their lands. Also, leaders need to pay attention to the environment. Ceres will be in Cancer until December 4, 2012 when, in retrograde motion, it re-enters the sign of Gemini.

During the time period that Ceres is in Cancer, you’ll want to spend more time at home and with your family. You may find that you are actually able to improve your relationships with family. In addition, you find that it’s time to re-evaluate your relationships with other people, especially those who are making demands but aren’t willing to give you any support.

Your ability to communicate with people on September 26th will also improve because Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter. This means that you feel more optimistic about the ability to resolve problems. You feel that other people understand what you’re trying to say. This is a good for negotiating contracts and dealing with legal matters.

The full Moon, with Sun in Libra and Moon in Aries, occurs on September 29th emphasizing the Uranus retrograde/Pluto square. This full Moon is forming aspects to that square. Emotionally, the public wants to get on with life and move away from the crises they have endured over the last few years. However, this is going to be difficult. Even though there were opportunities a few days ago to resolve problems, not everyone is willing to work together.

With all the sense of crisis and urgency you feel in this full Moon, it may be difficult to know what to do next year. It’s very important to understand your emotional needs but at the same time also understand that you have to work with other people in order to achieve a better life. It’s best to meditate on your own personal power and what you can achieve. Understand where you may need to make changes in order to assure your sense of personal security.

As the month of September ends, Ceres forms a trine to Neptune retrograde on September 30th. It will also form this trine again after it turns retrograde at the end of October. Pay attention to what happens today because it’s going to be very important in both your life and also what happens with the Presidential election in November 2012. There is a desire to nurture people in your life. You want to do the best you can for those you love. At the same time, you may feel a little confused about the best action to take. This could be a very spiritual aspect if you try to understand how to accept other people without judgment. At the same time, this could be a confusing aspect if you try to help other people who really don’t want your help. Throughout the month of September you’ve had opportunities to alleviate tension in your life and improve relationships. At the same time, there is a lot of tension in the world because changes need to be made to improve the economic and environmental situations which are now occurring. With Ceres forming a trine to Neptune retrograde at this time, it means that you need to be as honest with yourself and loved ones as possible. This could be the key to ending strife, if not in the world, at least in your own life.