July 2021 – Your Place in the World

Important astrological energies for the month of July:

  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Cancer occurs on July 9, 2021.
  • Full Moon with Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius occurs on July 23, 2021.
  • Jupiter retrograde re-enters the sign of Aquarius on July 28, 2021. This is the last time that Jupiter will be in the sign of Aquarius for twelve years. It will re-enter the sign of Pisces on December 28, 2021.

Your Place in the World

By Misty Kuceris ©2021

Throughout the month of July, Saturn retrograde, Uranus, and Chiron are fairly close in degrees (from 10 degrees to 14 degrees) that even though they are in different signs, when a faster moving planet makes an aspect to one of these planets, it may still involve the other two planets by making a different aspect to the other planets within a day or two. So, while you may not necessarily be aware of this energy on a daily basis, you will feel it on a subconscious level. What this means is: With Saturn retrograde in Aquarius, you want to re-evaluate the rules you live by to determine if they are serving your greater good. With Uranus in Taurus, you’re willing to make changes to your value system as long as those changes don’t take away your personal freedom. Finally, with Chiron in Aries, you need to learn to take care of your needs and not let other people use or abuse you. When you analyze these energies as one unit, you find that value systems are changing while you seek your place in society without losing your identity. This is about you, but it’s also about your place in the world.

When Mars forms an opposition to Saturn retrograde on July 1st, you don’t want other people telling you what to do. And, you’re also tired of all the rules others expect you to follow. You feel frustrated as other people are trying to dictate your life. You feel as if they are putting unnecessary restrictions on you.

At the same time, however, this opposition also gives you the opportunity to determine what rules no longer apply in your life. It gives you a chance to make changes. Just be a little cautious right now because you need to think about those potential changes for a couple of more days before you take action.

You gain some insight into the actions you want to take on July 2nd when Mars forms a trine to Chiron. You start realizing that the rules you need to change are those that cause you personal injury. The injury may be physical or emotional. You also realize that you don’t need to maintain relationships with individuals who don’t have your best interests in mind.

By July 3rd you’re able to make those changes as Mars forms a square to Uranus. This is not a time period that you’ll take risks. But that’s actually a good thing. You want to move slowly and let go of negative situations in your life.

Moving slowly today is important for another reason. Sometimes when Mars forms a square to Uranus, you’re so frustrated with situations in your life that you don’t pay attention to your surroundings. Or, you just lash out at people. So, to prevent accidents, take your time and don’t rush. To prevent arguments, realize that other people are just as frustrated as you are and feeling the same way.

Mercury forms its final square to Neptune retrograde in this triad sequence on July 6th. And, later in the day, Venus forms an opposition to Saturn retrograde. The first time this square occurred was on May 22nd when both Mercury and Neptune were direct and the second time this occurred was on June 5th when Mercury was retrograde and Neptune was direct. Finally…you feel as if Mercury is no longer retrograde. Even though Mercury technically went direct on June 22nd, you still felt as if there were things lingering. Either unsaid words or missing information. While you still need to contend with missing information today, at least you’ll find start getting all the information you need after this aspect passes in the early morning hours of 3:36 am EDT. At the same time, there could be a residue of this energy throughout the day, so wait before signing any contracts. Scrutinize what other people say. Assume they have their best interests in mind.

Assuming that other people have their best interests in mind, especially surrounding financial matters, is even more important as Venus forms the opposition to Saturn retrograde. You may feel that other people are trying to tell you what to do. They may even be trying to get you to loan them money or make some other financial commitment.

Even if finances aren’t the issue, you may feel that you’re having difficulties with relationships. They’re constricting your behavior. You feel unloved. You may also be too critical of yourself. This is a day where you can feel very lonely.

You feel better on July 7th when Venus forms a trine to Chiron. You’re able to help others because you understand their pain. You also have a lot of empathy for others. In addition, you realize that it’s important to be kind to yourself.

On July 8th, perhaps having a conversation with yourself is a good idea as Mercury forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde and Venus forms a square to Uranus.

What this means is that when Mercury forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde, other people may try to convince you that what you said isn’t accurate or not important. One term used in the United States and Britain for this is gaslighting. The source of the word is from the 1938 play Gas Light where a husband slowly manipulates his wife into thinking she’s going crazy. The reason that it’s important to have a conversation with yourself during this time period is to realize that your perception of events and discussions are based on your reality.

As Venus forms the square to Uranus, you feel as if other people are trying to ignore your needs and not giving you the respect you deserve. Pay attention to any unexpected information which you hear today. It might not be what you want to hear, but it can help you take the right actions. Also, be very cautious with your finances. There could be unexpected bills which need to be dealt with. Or, you may find that something costs a lot more than you anticipated.

Before the new Moon occurs on July 9th, Ceres forms a sextile to Neptune retrograde. And, during the new Moon this energy will be emphasized because the new Moon also forms a sextile to Ceres. Your personal space is very important to you today. You want it to be comfortable and supportive.

This is especially true with the Sun and Moon in Cancer at the time of the new Moon. And, with the new Moon forming a sextile to both Uranus and Ceres, you take the time to make certain your space represents you, whether it’s your home or workspace. Don’t be at all surprised if you want to renovate, redecorate, or refurbish. And, you may finally get around to creating that sacred space. Or, if you already have one, you’ll decide it’s time for an update. Finally, with Venus and Mars forming a conjunction at the time of the new Moon, you’ll find a way to incorporate fun into your life and brightness into your space.

Your thoughts continue to focus on family and home when Mercury enters the sign of Cancer on July 11th. You want a place where you can go and relax. At the same time, you also want your home to be welcoming to any people you invite over. This is especially true since Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter retrograde. With the world opening up a bit more, you’re ready to socialize and entertain.

This desire to invite people into your home for socializing increases on July 12th as Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter retrograde. You’re very optimistic about life. You feel that you can communicate with anyone. And, you find that others are happy to listen to you.

When Chiron turns retrograde on July 15th, you become a little more introverted even though Chiron is in Aries. Chiron will be retrograde until December 19, 2021.

Part of the reason that you become more introverted is that you have the ability review past events and even understand how they caused you pain. You’re able to release a lot of this pain and even reach out to other people for their help. You’ll find they are there to support you.

As Venus forms a quincunx to Neptune retrograde and Ceres forms a trine to Pluto retrograde on July 16th, your thoughts focus on relationships.

With Venus forming the quincunx to Neptune retrograde, you need to be careful as you interact with others. You’re looking for an idealized form of love or perfection in your relationships. But, that’s not that easy to find. With Neptune, especially retrograde, there’s a danger that you’ll see what you want to see rather than what’s actually there. People aren’t willing to tell you the truth. And be very careful with any contracts because you won’t get all the facts that you need.

As Ceres forms the trine to Pluto later that evening, you start seeing the truth in matters. You see where other people deceived you. You understand how to protect yourself. You know where you need to compromise and where you need to get your way.

July 18th is a day where you may not feel quite in control. Venus forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde, Mercury forms a quincunx to Saturn retrograde, Mars forms a quincunx to Neptune retrograde, and Venus forms a square to Ceres.

When Venus forms the quincunx to Pluto retrograde it’s important that you stay in control of your emotions. People are going to try to throw you off guard by discounting your words. In effect: gaslighting you. Both Venus and Pluto are planets that represent passionate behavior. But, it’s important that you calm down and move slowly as you attempt to relate to other people.

This is especially true when Mercury forms a quincunx to Saturn retrograde. It’s not your imagination that other people are criticizing your words. They may not even want to hear what you have to say. Rather, you may feel constricted by them.

This sense of not being heard or taken seriously continues with Mars forming the quincunx to Neptune retrograde. It doesn’t matter what you do or say, people keep changing their stories. It’s as if you’re holding a balloon with some water in it and it keeps slipping out of your hand.

Finally you decide that it’s not worth it as Venus forms the square to Ceres. You need to stand your ground. You need to take what’s yours. You need to get at the truth but you know you won’t today. So, the best course of action is to pull back and not engage.

Continue to be cautious with your words on July 19th when Mercury forms a square to Chiron retrograde, especially with Mercury in Cancer. People are taking things very emotionally. They are reacting in ways that you don’t normally expect. Rather than looking at situations logically, they are looking at ways to protect themselves.

At least the energy finally changes when Mercury forms a sextile to Uranus on July 20th. This is going to be a day of excitement as you get information that you don’t expect. It could be around your family. Or, it can be financial, of a positive nature. You’re also able to come up with new ideas and innovative ways to do things.

When Venus enters the sign of Virgo on July 21st you feel that you need to be a little careful. You want to socialize with others, but you don’t want to take any health risks. There is a tendency to be a little aloof when Venus is in Virgo, but this may actually be a good thing until you know if you can trust people in your life.

As Venus forms an opposition to Jupiter retrograde on July 22nd, Mars forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde and the Sun enters the sign of Leo all within two hours in the morning, EDT.

With Venus forming the opposition to Jupiter retrograde, you may be so optimistic about situations that you just rush in without considering all the consequences. And, if that’s the case you may overstep your boundaries, spend too much money, or just do too much and exhaust yourself for the day.

This potential to exhaust yourself is especially easy with Mars forming the quincunx to Pluto retrograde. You still feel the intensity of the day, but you don’t necessarily know where to focus your energy. So, you try to do too much; take on too many tasks. Once again this could lead you to feeling very drained and exhausted.

It does help that the Sun enters the sign of Leo. You start lightening up. You start losing all those intense feelings and behaviors. You realize that you would rather have fun and socialize. You don’t want to push yourself so hard.

As the full Moon occurs on July 23rd, you want to have fun. With the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius you don’t want other people telling you what to do. Instead you just want to get together with friends and enjoy life. You’re tired of being cautious. You’re tired of staying home. You just want to go out and see what life has to offer.

When Mercury forms a trine to Neptune retrograde on July 24th, you want to accept everything other people are saying. You believe the best in them. You see their possibilities and what they have to offer to the world. And, with this aspect being a trine, usually you’re right. Still, don’t sign any contracts today just in case you run across one of those individuals who likes to take advantage of your trust in them.

What is nice about Mercury forming a trine to Neptune retrograde is that you feel very creative and spiritual today. You see things in a different way. It’s as if someone has increased the flow of energy in your life and you find joy in so many places. You may even decide that today is one of those days where you can forgive people and let go of past traumas.

Be a little cautious on July 25th because power struggles may erupt when Mercury forms an opposition to Pluto retrograde. You don’t want anyone to tell you what to do. You also feel that others are asking too much of you. This is not a time period where you want to delve into your subconscious mind. Rather, you just want to go along with life and see where it leads you.

You may feel your ability to communicate is a bit stifled on July 27th as Mercury forms a sextile to Ceres before entering the sign of Leo and forms a quincunx to Jupiter retrograde after it enters the sign of Leo.

Usually when Mercury forms a sextile to Ceres it’s easy to communicate with others. You’re willing to listen and, if necessary, to compromise. But you may find that other people aren’t quite direct with you. They seem to be skirting around issues rather than addressing them. And, if that’s the case you might feel frustrated.

As Mercury enters the sign of Leo, you don’t want to take things seriously. You’d rather play. You may even decide that it’s time to contact some old friends you haven’t seen in a while. And, you definitely don’t feel like working too much. You’re ready for a vacation.

As Mercury forms the quincunx to Jupiter retrograde you feel as if your mind is moving so quickly you can’t keep up. So, you don’t quite trust situations that are going on. You may feel that other people are trying to push the rules and make it more difficult for you to proceed. Or, you may feel that when you communicate with others they keep changing their story. It can be very frustrating.

Before Jupiter retrograde re-enters the sign of Aquarius on July 28th, Mars forms a square to Ceres. Technically Mars and Ceres have a symbiotic relationship. Because the passion of Mars overcame his common sense, he kidnapped Persephone, the daughter of Ceres. Because the daughter of Ceres was kidnapped, Ceres turned the world into a cold stone until her daughter was returned to her. Ceres learned the power of compromise and in doing so took some of the power away from Mars and even Zeus, the king of the gods and goddesses.

It’s important when Mars forms the square to Ceres that you don’t lose your power for passion. You need to do the best you can to retain your sense of power so you know when to compromise. This can actually cause a sense of tension because you want to lash out. But, by lashing out you don’t gain anything. And, by utilizing compromise at this time you can win it all.

On July 28th, Jupiter retrograde re-enters the sign of Aquarius. The re-entry of Jupiter into Aquarius is significant because Jupiter represents a twelve-year cycle that lasts for about one year and indicates changes in commerce as well as rules and regulations. It will turn direct on October 18, 2021 and will remain in the sign of Aquarius until December 28, 2021 when it re-enters the sign of Pisces.

When Jupiter is in Aquarius, more people and government officials become concerned with populations and their place in society. While Jupiter may mean pushing the boundaries of current thought, Aquarius can mean one of two things: Being willing to embrace change; or becoming so entrenched in your past that you are unwilling to accept any form of change.

As Jupiter first entered Aquarius in this cycle on December 19, 2020, the world was attempting to recover from a year of turmoil: COVID; George Floyd’s murder; Australia’s wildfires; BREXIT; Hong Kong, and so much more. Joe Biden was elected President and Kamala Harris was elected Vice President, the first Black and Asian Woman to hold this office. Donald Trump screamed fraud. Meanwhile, Hong Kong lost its special status as China chose to engulf it and reclaim control over the population.

During the time period that Jupiter returns to the sign of Aquarius between now and December 28, 2021, there is an opportunity to review the best course of action as a result of many of these events: Where COVID is raging, more vaccines and other health measures will take place while in areas where COVID is abating, you’ll find many of the social norms returning. George Floyd’s murder was a tipping point for many people in society and a call to address systemic racism. For this reason, you’ll find more programs aimed at correcting past wrongs and, if at all possible, preventing future problems. But, you’ll also see push-back from institutions and individuals who maintain there is no systemic racism. Chinese officials will continue their campaign to establish dominance over Hong Kong’s past political and social systems.

On a personal note, Jupiter, now retrograde, re-entering the sign of Aquarius is a time period where you re-evaluate your place in society and your belief systems. This is a time to determine what works for you and what stands in your way. This is also a time period to reach out to family, friends, and even acquaintances to see where you can find some common ground. Perhaps the most important thought to keep in mind during this time period is that everyone, especially you, want to participate in society and reap the benefits of being a member of this planet.

This need to find value with your place in the world is emphasized on July 29th, as Venus forms a square to the Moon’s Nodal Axis and Mars forms an opposition to Jupiter retrograde before it enters the sign of Virgo.

When Venus forms the square to the Moon’s Nodal Axis, it’s important to understand what past events and situations you value so that you can take this knowledge and use it to move into the future. This is a great time to let go of negative thoughts and release any pain associated with those thoughts. This is also a great time to realize just how wonderful you are.

As Mars forms the opposition to Jupiter retrograde you realize that it is time to release any anger from your life. By doing so, you have more energy to accomplish those tasks that are important. And, with Mars entering the sign of Virgo, you have the stamina to pay attention to details and realize that by taking on one task at a time you can achieve quite a bit.

And, you continue to feel that you can achieve a lot when Ceres forms a square to Jupiter retrograde and a few hours later Venus forms a quincunx to Saturn retrograde on July 30th.

When Ceres forms the square to Jupiter retrograde, you believe that you have the understanding necessary to do anything. In a lot of ways anything is possible, especially if you tap into the grand consciousness of the earth mother and the environment. You’re able to understand what’s going on in your life. You feel good about what you can achieve.

And, while Venus forming a quincunx to Saturn retrograde may be a tension aspect, this can still be a good thing. You’re able to analyze situations, especially with Venus in Virgo. You realize that you may need to follow some rules, but you may actually be able to make changes to some of those rules so they work better for you.

If you feel that other people are trying to tell you what to do, you’ll be able to negotiate with them. As a matter of fact, you won’t let other people control the events of today at all.

As the month of July ends, Ceres enters the sign of Gemini on July 31st. With Gemini being the sign of communications and Ceres being the planet of compromise, you feel that discussions are an important way to solve problems. However, if something doesn’t fit into your preconceived notion, you may discount the information. You do like to get your facts right and you remember even the smallest detail when it comes to information. If you do compromise, it’s because you feel that’s the only logical solution to the problem.

Throughout this month, there was a lot of emphasis on societal rules as well as your value system. A lot of value systems are changing and it’s important to find your place in the world without losing your identity.

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