December 2005: Intensity Can Teach You to Relax

December feels like a “heavy” month. And, there’s a good reason for this. The month starts with the new Moon in Sagittarius; Mercury retrograde until December 3, 2005; and Mars retrograde until December 9, 2005. During the middle of December, a major cycle occurs followed by the Capricorn solstice and Venus turning retrograde. As the month begins with a new Moon, it also actually ends with a new Moon.

But the major underlying theme for the entire month of December is the influence of a fixed grand cross. This influence extends in January and doesn’t actually end until January 15, 2006.

A fixed grand cross is created when a number of planets form squares or oppositions to each other creating the image of a cross on the chart wheel. In this case, the cross is formed by Mars in Taurus, Saturn in Leo, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in Aquarius.

Mars doesn’t feel comfortable in the sign of Taurus. Mars likes to take action without thought while Taurus stubbornly refuses to move until value is seen in the action. Therefore, when Mars is in Taurus, it’s critical that you take care of the important details before moving forward.

Saturn in Leo is retrograde at this time, slowing down its energy and pulling inward. This is the time to understand the foundations you created in life that enable you to take calculated risks. At the same time, you need to drop things that aren’t working and cut your loses. Historically, any one, especially leaders, who expect you to trust them blindly do not do well because you want to hear the analytical reasons and see substantive results with all actions.

The desire for privacy and secrets is strong when Jupiter is in Scorpio. You really don’t want to share your motivations with anyone. At the same time, you can’t get things done all alone. You really need other people now, both for their emotional support and their rational suggestions.

Finally, Neptune in Aquarius attempts to dissolve preconceptions so you can have more compassion when mistakes are made. The more you try to over achieve or force your belief system on others, the more you will experience tension in your life at this time.

This underlying theme operates as a current running through your life for the next 45 days. Because it’s a fixed grand cross, it’s more difficult to move quickly. You tire out. And, you feel frustrations, both yours and those of others, more easily. Be careful, because it’s too easy to become angry with people. And, if you try to force your beliefs on others, you’ll meet resistance.

The best thing to do is learn that you don’t need to do things alone and ask for help. Learn when to cut your losses and stop making too many external commitments. Take some time and visit a day spa, the gym, or friends and family. If you forget to pamper yourself, you just may find that the end of the year is spent in bed recuperating from exhaustion or illness.

When you consider the other astrological events for this month, you’ll find they support this need to ask for help, cutting losses, and pampering yourself.

The new Moon in Sagittarius that occurs on December 1st emphasizes the need to renew your friendships. So, while Mercury and Mars are retrograde, this is a good time to look up those people you haven’t seen in a while. Take time to re-establish those contacts that were important to you but somehow got lost because your life just became too busy. Do the best you can not to let your daily routine bog you down. Yes, the house needs to be cleaned, the family feed, and the paycheck earned, but it also helps your soul to reach out and talk to people who are important to you.

If you are self-employed, this is also the time to review your billing rates and make certain you’ve accounted for all the increased costs of doing business.

As Mars turns direct on December 9th, you’ll understand just how important it is to ask others for help and take time to pamper yourself. Over the next week, starting December 12th when Mercury re-enters Sagittarius, there will be a series of stories regarding government scandals, employment figures, and other economic news. Usually this information peaks around the time of the full Moon which occurs on December 15th. However, any information that surfaces at this time is just a preview of things to come. The question regarding government scandals won’t be so much “How did they do that?” Rather, the question will be “How can high level officials say they did not know?”

A greater preview of political and judicial scandals occurs around the week of December 17th when Jupiter forms a square to Saturn. This is a cycle that occurs about every 19 to 20 years. Political scandals seem to involve redistricting, especially Gerrymandering, secret agreements and preferential treatment. Other mundane matters that occur during this cycle involve boundary disputes between countries and immigration concerns. This is also a time period for very erratic weather patterns that can lead to traffic and other disruptions. (If you want to read details on the mundane outlook for the month of December 2005, read Misty’s 2005 Trend Analysis book for more information. You will also find information in 2006 Trend Analysis book on this pattern since it also occurs again on June 22 and October 25, 2006.)

Personally, there are several things that are important at this time. Employment changes will impact your pension plans, so it’s important for you to do some financial planning for your retirement. If you are concerned about redistricting or government scandals, get involved politically and learn as much information as you can. As far as erratic weather patterns, try to make certain that you have all the basic supplies you need in your house.

Spiritually, Jupiter rules your ethics while Saturn rules the foundations you create in life based on your ethics. Jupiter also rules hubris and Saturn rules responsibility. With the two planets forming a square, it means that tension will increase in your life if any of your foundations are based on unethical behaviors or the belief that you can take any actions just because you want to. Basically, this is the time to accept responsibility for your life. People who act either illegally or unethically get caught now.

The positive of this square is that acting responsibly creates stronger relationships with others and actually increases your own financial and emotional well-being.

When the Sun enters Capricorn on December 21st, the solstice begins and the astrological year enters its last quarter. This really is the time to let your spiritual values in your life. Since the fixed grand cross is still in effect, use that energy to spend time with friends. Let your inner child surface and find the joy in simply being alive! Take care of your health by finding ways to slow down. Spend more time with your family. And, enjoy the laughter of children.

This is not the best time to begin any business partnerships unless you have a strong business plan outlined that indicates specific duties and responsibilities. Too many power struggles could erupt over who controls what, especially in the financial arena.

This is a good time to heal old wounds, especially in relationships. Perhaps you had a disagreement with someone. You may not even remember what caused the disagreement. If you want to reach out and reconcile with the other person, you’ll find that he or she is just as willing as you are for the reconciliation. The key to success in this reconciliation is to let go of your feelings of righteousness.

On December 24th, Venus turns retrograde and you’ll find it easier to relax. You won’t feel so compelled to achieve things. At the same time, be very careful financially. A retrograde Venus indicates that there may be hidden fees with various purchases. Or, sales people may not tell you about all those added accessories that you need to make a particular product work well.

The month ends with another new Moon on December 30. This “blue Moon” in Capricorn reminds you that any foundation you’ve built in life is solid if it is based on spiritual motivations and ethical decisions. As you move into the new year, implement some strategies that increase your personal interactions with family and friends and also give you time to play and let your inner child surface.