July 2007: It’s Better to Relax: Go with the Flow

The month of July 2007 begins with Mars in Taurus and Mercury still retrograde in Cancer. This is important because Mars is not really comfortable in Taurus, its detriment, as it forces you to really apply your value system before you take any actions. Or, stated another way, think hard about what’s important to you before you decide to make major changes in your life. In addition, Mars will be forming a major fixed T-square later in the month which gives this month an underlying theme of sluggishness for those of you who want it all now. Yet, for those of you who are willing to learn to relax and have fun, this fixed T-square could really be a blessing in disguise.

Some people mention that this current Mercury retrograde seems to be dragging on. Well, that’s not your imagination. This particular Mercury is moving very slowly while in retrograde position as if it wants to make certain that you really think about what you need to do in life to nurture yourself. Thinking about nurturing is not always easy. Nurturing is an action and a feeling. So, try to relax and just be yourself. That will help you until Mercury turns direct on July 9th.

This energy of feeling sluggish could turn into feelings of self-criticism on July 1st when Venus forms a conjunction to Saturn. You may feel that you have little emotional support from others right now. Or, you may feel that you’re not doing enough for others. Try not to linger on those feelings because they may lead to unrealistic expectations. Also, try not to hand out any ultimatums to people on this day. You may regret it later.

At the same time, Venus forming a conjunction to Saturn can actually be a good time for you. Because you know what you want and are a bit more particular today, you may actually meet someone who could become either a long-term friend or a long-term commitment relationship. When new relationships start under this aspect, people like you for who you are and not “because of who you are.”

This is a good day to review your finances because it’s easier for you to focus on your needs. It’s also easier to cut back on extravagant measures that cause you financial hardship. If you are looking for a new job, this is a good time to search. The reason? You know what you want and what you are willing to do in the workplace. Basically, you’ll be interviewing the potential employer rather than the potential employer interviewing you.

This focus on your needs continues as Venus forms a trine to Pluto retrograde on July 8th. Again, this is a day when you have the opportunity to meet someone special in your life. You’ll feel more passionate about living and what life has to offer.

Financially, this is a good time to negotiate. Because Pluto often represents intensity, you’ll find it easier to focus on your needs. You won’t let other people manipulate you into thinking that what they want for you is what is best for you.

The negotiations may not be completed today, but they could be the following day, July 9th, when Mercury turns direct. Relief from stagnation is finally occurring. And, for those of you who have emailed me about various electronical glitches, you’ll finally find that those are beginning to straighten out. Or, better yet, you may find that now is the time to make some new electronic purchases.

One of the areas that you may have been thinking about when Mercury was retrograde was your family obligations. You may have wondered how you could meet all those obligations. Well, now you’ll find some answers to your questions.

Be very cautious on the day following Mercury’s return to direct motion. Mars forms a quincunx to Jupiter retrograde on July 10th and you may need to readjust some of your plans. This is a day of caution where you need to move slowly. There’s enough tension with this energy for you to want to take quick action. However, any actions you take might cause you stress rather than help you.

This is also not a good day for negotiating or starting anything new. Jupiter retrograde could create legal entanglements that you really want to avoid. Contracts don’t have clear language and contain hidden clauses that end up costing more money than the contract is worth.

This is such a physical energy that a better way to spend the day would be to take time for special health matters, such as getting a massage or enjoying the day at a day spa.

The new Moon, with both Sun and Moon in Cancer, which occurs on July 14th is a good time to implement new plans that involve your family. It’s interesting to note that this new Moon also forms a quincunx to Neptune retrograde. So, you may want to discuss your goals and aspirations with loved ones and see how they all blend together. This could mean that you have to make some compromises to achieve success. However, any compromises made at this time will benefit you in the end. It’s important to remember that compromises don’t mean sacrifices. This is not the time to become a victim. Rather, this is a time to focus on your heart center and see where you and your loved ones can find a balance in your relationship.

Venus enters Virgo a few hours after the new Moon occurs. This energy really blends with the new Moon in Cancer because one of the biggest lessons is to learn to simplify your life and not work as hard. Venus will actually turn retrograde at the end of the month indicating that matters of the heart will need to be re-evaluated as will financial obligations.

When Mars forms a sextile to Uranus retrograde on July 20th, you either have an opportunity to break free from boundaries that are trapping you or get more entrenched in the negative energy of a spider web that is created by the expectations of others. One of my clients recently said that the spider’s DNA is very close to a human’s DNA. Not having the time to research that comment, I still find it interesting as a metaphorical symbol with this aspect. Mars represents your physical body and Uranus represents your actual electro-magnetic energy. Spiders sense prey on their web through the vibrations the prey creates as it tries to untangle itself from the web. The more they struggle, the more they let the spider know they are trapped. Once the prey tires, a spider can easily move in. The expectations of others can be like the spider. Once you start struggling against the expectations of others, it becomes easier for them to manipulate you. As you tire, you start wanting to agree to anything just to get out of the mess. The key to breaking free is to relax, let yourself just be who you really are. When that occurs, manipulation stops.

At another time this aspect may not be as important. However, it is now because Mars will soon begin its passage through the fixed T-square.

Mars forms a square to Neptune retrograde and begins the fixed T-square on July 24th, the day after the Sun enters Leo. The Sun in Leo will help you through this fixed T-square as long as you take time to enjoy life and have fun.

When the fixed T-square begins on July 24th, you feel a little confused about the direction of your life. You may find that agreements you made with loved ones earlier in the month are now changing. You may even feel that you aren’t achieving your goals. Actually there is a way to work with this inner tension. The key is to review your value system and see how your dreams and aspirations fit into that system. You want to be realistic about your dreams. At the same time, you don’t want to be so realistic that you stop those dreams from taking shape. This is not the time to say, “I can’t do that because…” Rather, this is the time to say, “If I really want to do that I will need to put this plan into action.”

Venus turning retrograde on July 27th may help you understand the difference between using reality to stop what you want to do and using reality to create a workable plan.

When Venus is retrograde, several things can happen.

Old loves from your past may re-enter your life. Usually old lovers entering your life is a cosmic “pop quiz.” You’ve already been involved with them in the past. You know what the problems were in that relationship. Have you grown? Are you ready to move on? Or, do you want to recapture some ideal that never really existed?

Financial difficulties resurface because you ignored them and just let them slide. Are you ready now to take care of those problems? Or, do you want to let them continue to build up until the tensions leaves you with feelings of inadequacy or melancholy?

One thing that is certain, when Venus turns retrograde, you need to be careful with contracts because there are always hidden costs. Of course sometimes the hidden costs can work for you because you may find someone over charged you and you get a refund. You may not be able to wait until Venus goes direct on September 8, 2007 to make a major purchase. Just make certain that you check every detail of that contract carefully and don’t purchase any add-ons that you really don’t need.

In this case, Venus is in Virgo and will re-enter Leo in the early part of August 2007. This means that taking time to simplify your life so that you can spend more time of fun is a good thing. This also means that you can release some obligations that are just taking you away from spending time with family and friends. This is also a good time to review your diet and other health concerns.

Mercury moves into a trine to Uranus retrograde the following day, July 28th. Actually this can be a very fun time because you’ll find that it’s easy to get insights into situations that were just confusing you before. You may even find a new point of view regarding some situation that you thought had no solution. Better yet…you may find the solution that’s been eluding you.

This actually bodes well for the full Moon that occurs on July 29th. With the Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius, you’ll be willing to release those thoughts or activities that really prevent you from having fun. Be a little careful because the Moon in Aquarius isn’t always the easiest place for the Moon. If you’re not careful, you could become too critical of your activities. Or, you may just walk away and never let others know why you took that walk. But, if you’ve had difficulties with other people, this full Moon can be a good one. There never really is a desire for revenge if someone’s angered you. There’s only a desire to be out of the negative situation and leave all memories of it behind.

Mercury forms a quincunx to Neptune retrograde on July 30th. You need to be very careful with decisions today. You just won’t have all the facts you need. This is not a good day to negotiate any contracts. It’s also not a good day to sign any contracts that involve a lot of money.

You may feel a little tired today because of all the Neptunian energy. It’s actually difficult for the mind to focus during this aspect. If possible, try to take the day off and rest. This is also a good day for massage or visiting a day spa.

The month of July ends with Mars forming a square to Saturn and completing the fixed T-square on July 31st. When the fixed T-square started on July 24th, you may have been confused about the direction of your life. Now Saturn can add some stability. It’s been important for you to review your value system and align that system with your goals. Now it’s important to consider the process that you want to take in order to develop those goals. Saturn could rule criticism from others, so make certain that you choose wisely when you feel the need to discuss matters with others. Saturn could also rule self-criticism. While it’s important to be realistic about your plans, it’s also important to understand that realism is not an excuse for procrastination or abandoning some solid concepts.

July ends with the need for you to really determine the direction of your life. But it’s also been a month where learning how to relax and go with the flow is just as important as achieving mini steps or even major goals. This is the time to find a balance between striving to achieve and learning to have fun. This is a time to enjoy relaxing and knowing when the flow is part of your plan.