April 2019 – A Month for Review

Important astrological energies for the month of April:

  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Aries occurs on April 5, 2019.
  • Jupiter in Sagittarius turns retrograde on April 10, 2019. It will remain retrograde until August 11, 2019.
  • Full Moon with Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra occurs on April 19, 2019.

A Month for Review

By Misty Kuceris ©2019

April is a month where you want to review what occurred during March 2019 to see how you can incorporate some of the lessons learned. It’s also a month where Jupiter will turn retrograde so it’s important that you get your financial and legal matters in order before Jupiter turns retrograde on April 10, 2019.

During the month of March 2019, Mercury was retrograde from March 5, 2019 until March 28, 2019. Now as the month of April 2019 begins, Mercury is direct, but you’ll still feel that it’s in retrograde motion until April 11th because it will be completing several more triad sequences in early April. When a triad sequence occurs with Mercury, this means that Mercury forms the same aspect three times: the first time when Mercury is in direct motion, the second time when Mercury is in retrograde motion, and the third time when Mercury is in direct motion again.

On April 2nd, Mercury forms its last conjunction to Neptune in the triad sequence. The first time this occurred was on February 19th when Mercury was direct. The second time it occurred was on March 24th when Mercury was retrograde.

You may have found it very difficult to concentrate on realistic goals starting on February 19, 2019 when this triad sequence began. You needed to determine how your dreams could be brought into reality. In addition you needed to meditate on your spiritual values. Don’t be surprised if you don’t have all the answers yet, but you’re getting close. Just spend a little more time on reflection and you’ll get the answers you need around April 11th when Mercury finally finishes all its triad sequences.

Normally when Mars is in Gemini, you spend too much time talking and trying to justify your behavior. However, this energy shifts a bit on April 3rd when Mars forms a sextile to Chiron. At this time your words can become healing. You don’t have to injure yourself. You may still communicate too fast, but at least you don’t mean to be hurtful. As a matter of fact, you do everything you can to try and keep the peace.

During the new Moon which occurs on April 5th, you feel more inspired to make changes in the direction of your life that can bring a greater balance between your spiritual nature and your material needs. This new Moon with both the Sun and Moon in Aries forms a trine to Ceres and gives you the insight you need to start moving in the right direction. You realize that you’ll need to compromise on some of your goals, but that’s all right. With Ceres in the sign of Sagittarius, you know that thinking about the long view is more important than immediate gratification.

On April 7th, Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn and Venus forms a square to Ceres.

When Mercury forms a sextile to Saturn, another Mercury triad sequence is coming to an end. The first time this sextile occurred was on February 19th when Mercury was direct. The second time this sextile occurred was on March 20th when Mercury was retrograde.

When Mercury formed the first sextile to Saturn on February 19th, it was important to look at the foundations that you’ve built in your life. You needed to use your past experiences to understand how to move into the future. You may have been too critical with Mercury in Pisces, but you also realized that your dreams were important. Now you understand just how valuable those past experiences were in making you the person you are today. You also realize that by using those past experiences you’re able to move forward in your life with more confidence.

As Venus forms the square to Ceres a few hours later, you want to look at your environment to see if it can support any foundations that you want to develop. You may feel that you need to make changes in your personal or professional space. Or, you may feel that other people aren’t giving you the support you need and you actually need to make changes in your relationships. You may even decide that it’s important to develop new relationships. The tension which you feel from this aspect is actually very good because it will enable you to make any necessary changes in your life.

Ceres in Sagittarius turns retrograde on April 9th. It will remain retrograde until July 17th. When Ceres is in Sagittarius, you don’t hold back on anything. You want to learn as much as possible although you’re not interested in receiving any degrees or certifications in those areas of knowledge. You’re looking at knowledge for knowledge’s sake. You’re open to new ventures, but you’re not always realistic about your goals.

When Ceres goes retrograde in Sagittarius, you need to be more introspective. It’s important not to spend so much time trying to find new information. Rather, it’s a time period for you to absorb this information and determine how to use it in your life.

With Venus forming a conjunction to Neptune, Jupiter in Sagittarius turning retrograde, and Mercury forming a sextile to Pluto on April 10th, you could experience some problems with your financial and legal matters. Therefore, if at all possible, do the best you can to get them in order before today.

When Venus forms a conjunction to Neptune, you don’t always pay attention to all the financial details, especially in a contract. This is a great day to approach life from a creative perspective, but not the best day for following through on details. This is especially true with Jupiter turning retrograde later in the day. The best way to use this energy is to list your dreams and aspirations. Reflect on your thoughts. Make a list of these dreams in your journal. And, while Jupiter is retrograde from today until August 11th determine which aspirations can be developed into concrete plans.

Not enough people pay attention to Jupiter retrograde, but it’s an important time period, especially with Jupiter in Sagittarius, to reflect on your long-term goals. Right now there’s a tendency to believe that you can achieve anything. You’ll even justify your behavior to achieve your goals. However, with Jupiter in retrograde motion, old rules and regulations can surface which prevent you from taking any actions. This is not a good time to attempt new projects, especially if they involve any legal actions, such as signing contracts, or any outlay of money. The new projects will either cost you more than you expect or not bring you the results you desire. Instead, use this time period to plan for your future. When Jupiter goes direct on August 11th, you’ll know if you’re on the right track or if you need to make more changes in your life.

After Jupiter turns retrograde, Mercury forms the third sextile to Pluto in its triad sequence. The first time this aspect occurred was on February 23rd when Mercury was direct. The second time this aspect occurred was on March 16th when Mercury was retrograde.

It helps that Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto just after Jupiter goes retrograde. This gives you the energy you need to think about your ideas. You are willing to delve into your subconscious mind to understand your needs. You find that you have the patience for solving problems and even coming up with new ideas which you can use in the future. Think back to the other time periods that Mercury formed a sextile to Pluto. It may be that you had some ideas at that time which can be implemented now.

Mercury finishes all its triad sequences when it forms a square to Jupiter retrograde on April 11th. The first time this square occurred was on February 22nd when Mercury and Jupiter were both direct. The second time this square occurred was on March 15th when Mercury was retrograde and Jupiter was direct. Now you feel as if Mercury is no longer retrograde even though it went direct on March 28th.

When Mercury formed the squares to Jupiter in February and March you may have wanted to just rush into situations but you needed to know the facts before you took any steps. If you rushed in too quickly you found out that there was still some vital information missing. Today you’re finding out the information which was missing. You’re able to assess your long-term goals with facts.

When Venus forms a sextile to Saturn on April 12th, you feel as if you are in control of your finances. With Venus in the sign of Pisces, there’s a tendency to avoid dealing with financial matters. You don’t want to focus on areas of your life that may make reality feel harsh. However, when Venus forms this sextile to Saturn, you realize that understanding your financial needs actually increases your self-esteem.

And, if you’re involved in any love relationships at this time, you realize that you need to be an equal partner in that relationship. You’re not there only to give support but also to receive support. It’s easier today to let other people know what you need and accept their help.

Understanding how important it is to be self-empowered occurs on April 14th when Venus forms a sextile to Pluto. Again, with Venus in Pisces there’s a tendency to give too much away and not take care of your needs. But this doesn’t occur when Venus form the sextile to Pluto. You realize how wonderful you are and you expect other people are there to support you just as you are there to support them.

If you need to take care of any financial matters, today’s a good day for that. You’re able to focus on your financial needs. You’re able to come up with a budget that supports your life style and your soul, as well as your material needs.

As Mercury enters the sign of Aries on April 17th, you find that you’re able to see concepts a lot more quickly. Your mind is moving fast. But you need to be cautious because you may not see all the information. Or, you may be willing to take some shortcuts that can actually cause you injury in the future. If you can remember to think before you speak, you’ll avoid any pitfalls that can cause you harm.

On April 19th, a full Moon occurs followed by Mercury forming a conjunction to Chiron. This full Moon, with Sun in Aries and Moon in Libra, is not the first full Moon with these same planets this year. Both the Sun and Moon are at 29º today. On March 20th, the full Moon also had the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra, but those luminaries were at 0º.

In March you needed to find that balance between what’s important for you and how to show compassion for others. Also, during that time period there were four Mercury triad sequences in action and you needed to spend a lot of time thinking about your goals and not letting other people take advantage of you. Now the energy shifts. Today you know what is important in your life. You also know how to approach your relationships with compassion but not let other people take advantage of you. You may even decide that it’s time to end relationships which are not supportive of your goals.

When Mercury forms the conjunction to Chiron later in the day, you understand the power of your words. You’re willing to stand up for your rights, but you don’t want to hurt other people as you discuss matters with them. You may even find creative ways to communicate with people so they understand what you’re saying.

When the Sun enters Taurus on April 20th, you may feel a little anxious because the Sun will form a conjunction to Uranus a few days later. This is a day where you consider your values and how they operate in your life. You may receive some unexpected information that has you reconsider some of your thoughts. How this unexpected news impacts you will depend on how strongly you hold on to some of your beliefs. You don’t want to be so stubborn that you can’t accept new information.

A few hours after the Sun enters the sign of Taurus, Venus enters the sign of Aries. Venus isn’t comfortable in the sign of Aries, its fall. Venus wants to think about other people while Aries wants to think about itself. The lesson to learn when Venus is in Aries is that other people can’t love you any more than you love yourself. You need to know how important you are and give yourself praise whenever possible. This form of self-love will bring more love from others.

Mars and Ceres have a symbiotic relationship with is under stress when Mars forms an opposition to Ceres retrograde on April 21st. In mythology, Mars represents Hades, the god who kidnapped Persephone and took her to his underworld realm. Ceres represents the mother, Demeter, of Persephone who cries in anguish when her daughter is gone and turns the world into an ice rock.

In its most negative incarnation, Mars represents taking things by force, especially when overcome with passion. Ceres represents revenge through force, especially when overcome with grief. When these two planets form an opposition, you need to deal with a situation in your life where you feel that something important was removed from you. You need to stand up for your rights and find a way to resolve the situation. This is not a day where you can ignore matters. You must address the problem. While this may sound like a difficult day, it is actually a blessing in disguise. By meeting the problem and taking the time to resolve it, you’ll be able to find a way to bring positive actions into your life.

Standing up for your rights becomes easier on April 23rd when Venus forms a conjunction to Chiron. You don’t allow pain to stand in your way. You understand what you need and how to get it. Because both planets are in Aries, you will fight for your rights if you need to.

When Pluto turns retrograde on April 24th you may not even notice it. Pluto will be retrograde until October 3rd. Pluto is a planet of the depths. You are able to understand your personal power when you understand Pluto. When Pluto goes retrograde you have the opportunity to understand your needs better than before. Or, you may sense that you need to think things over for a longer time period. Either way, this is a time period where you gain a deeper understanding of your needs and how to achieve your goals in life.

Saturn turns retrograde on April 29th. Saturn will turn direct on September 18th. This is another planet which you may not notice when it goes into retrograde motion. What you will notice is that your energy level is lower. You need more sleep. Actually, when Saturn is in retrograde motion the lesson to learn is to relax and pay attention to your physical needs.

Venus forms a trine to Ceres retrograde on April 30th and any problems you experienced between now and April 21st will definitely be resolved. With Venus in Aries, you’re willing to go after what you want in life because you know you deserve it. With Ceres retrograde in Sagittarius, you’re willing to take risks. You don’t feel that you need other people to justify your actions. You do want you want to do in the way you want to do it.

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