December 2021 – Wrap Up the Past to Figure Out the Future

Important astrological energies for the month of December:

  • Solar Total Eclipse (NM) with Sun and Moon in Sagittarius occurs on December 4, 2021. This is the last eclipse of the year.
  • Full Moon with Sun in Sagittarius and Moon in Gemini occurs on December 18, 2021.
  • Venus in Capricorn turns retrograde on December 19, 2021. It will turn direct on January 29, 2022.
  • Sun enters Capricorn and the Winter Solstice occurs on December 21, 2021.
  • Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus retrograde in Taurus on December 24, 2021. This is the third square of this triad sequence. The first time it occurred was on February 17, 2021 when both Saturn and Uranus were direct. The second time it occurred was on June 14, 2021 when Saturn was retrograde and Uranus was direct.
  • Jupiter enters re-Pisces on December 28, 2021. Jupiter initially entered Pisces on May 13, 2021. It retrograded and re-entered Aquarius on July 26, 2021. In addition to re-enter Pisces now, Jupiter enter Aries on May 10, 2022. It will retrograde and re-enter Pisces again on October 28, 2022. It will finally leave the sign of Pisces in this cycle on December 20, 2022.

Wrap Up the Past to Figure Out the Future

By Misty Kuceris ©2021

While December is the last month of the year, this month of December is also going to be the start of major shifts which begin next year and accelerate in 2023 when Saturn enters the sign of Pisces and Pluto enters the sign of Aquarius. In addition to the usual energy of the Sun entering the sign of Capricorn and the Winter Solstice starting in the Northern Hemisphere, there are other important astrological energies during this month: The last eclipse of the year, Venus turning retrograde, Saturn forming the last square to Uranus in this triad sequence; and Jupiter re-entering the sign of Pisces. So in many ways, this is the month to wrap up the past while trying to figure out the future.

As the month begins, Neptune turns direct and Mercury forms a quincunx to Uranus retrograde on December 1st. You may not even notice that Neptune is turning direct since it’s such a quiet planet that tends to work behind the scenes. But, there’s an interesting aspect about Neptune that people tend to forget. Neptune not only shields people from situations, but it also dissolves the boundaries of situations. This means that when Neptune went retrograde on June 25, 2021, you may have felt inclined to keep to yourself. Now that it’s direct, you want more involvement with others. Also, when Neptune was retrograde it was easier to keep secrets. Now many of those secrets will be revealed. This is especially true with Mercury forming the quincunx to Uranus retrograde.

When Mercury forms the quincunx to Uranus retrograde it’s not so easy keeping your mouth shut. You tend to speak without thinking about the consequences of your words. If you were asked to keep a secret, you may just blurt it out today, especially with Mercury in Sagittarius. Or, you may feel, with Uranus retrograde in Taurus, that your value systems are under attack and you have to stand up for your rights. Just be careful that you don’t take someone else’s words out of context and totally misunderstand what they are trying to say.

The total solar eclipse which occurs on December 4th is the last eclipse of the year. Solar eclipses occur at the time of the new Moon when the Sun and Moon are in the same sign. In this case the Sun and Moon are in the sign of Sagittarius.

This total solar eclipse isn’t one that will excite a lot of people as it will only be seen in Antarctica. People living in South Africa will see a partial eclipse. This eclipse is part of the Saros 152 series.

Usually at the time of a new Moon in Sagittarius you consider starting some new projects which support the goals you established earlier. But with the eclipse occurring you may decide to wait a while. Because eclipses tend to obscure matters, you may not have all the information you need. Since the eclipse forms a conjunction to Mercury you’ll find yourself pulling back from situations. And, that’s a good thing because you do want to think about situations in your life before you move forward.

On December 6th, you have a lot more energy as Mars forms a sextile to Pluto. You know what you want and how to get there. You’re able to concentrate and focus your energy of what you believe is important. You don’t want to work with others. You’d rather do it all on your own because you know what you want.

The 7th of December is different. With Mercury forming a square to Neptune you’re confused. You don’t know what you want. You feel that information is being withheld from you and that’s true. You’re not able to get the information you need. People may be intentionally lying to you or they may be withholding just enough information that you can’t get the facts you need. This is not a day to sign any contracts or make any major decisions.

When Mars forms a square to Jupiter, as it does on December 8th, the energy can go either way. You may feel as if you can accomplish anything. As a matter of fact, you may be so optimistic that you overstate your abilities. Or, just the opposite. You may feel as if the energy is leaving your body so quickly that you are tired. You feel as if you can’t keep up with yourself. Either way, this is one of those days where you need to pace yourself if you want to accomplish anything.

You’ll feel a lot of passion on December 11th as Venus forms a conjunction to Pluto and Mercury forms a sextile to Jupiter a few hours later.

If possible, make a note of anything which happens on this day because it may be important later in the month. The reason is that when Venus forms the conjunction to Pluto, this same conjunction will occur again on December 25th when Venus is retrograde. It’s possible that you meet someone new today and later in the month you want to push the relationship to the next level. Or, you may feel the passion to start a new venture and you need to re-evaluate any ventures before you move on. Either way, you’ll realize that you deserve the good things in life.

And this knowledge that you deserve the good things in life continues as Mercury forms the sextile to Jupiter. You feel excited about things in your life. You’re very optimistic about what you can achieve. You know that when you communicate with others, you hear what they have to say. And, you are able to explain what’s important to you. The only thing that you need to be careful about is that you aren’t so excited about situations or things in life that you make too many commitments. As they say, curb your enthusiasm. Still, it’s going to be a good day.

December 12th is a good day to think about your home, your future, and just what you want to do to make your environment more pleasant and safer. With Ceres retrograde forming a conjunction to the Moon’s North Node, it’s a good day to reach out to people that you care for. It’s also a good day to think about the world around you and just what people you’re willing to let into your world.

There’s a slight shift of energy on December 13th when Mars enters the sign of Sagittarius and Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn a few hours later.

As Mars enters the sign of Sagittarius, you want to do more. You want to go out into the world and see what goals you can achieve. You don’t care whether you have to do this alone or with other people. And, with Mars in the sign of Sagittarius there’s a slight dreamer quality to your approach in life. You’re looking for that special someone, a soulmate perhaps. At the same time, you don’t know if you’re ready for a commitment.

It helps that Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn after Mars enters the sign of Sagittarius, because when Mercury is in Capricorn you understand the importance of making commitments. You realize that other people want to know where you stand just as much as you want to know where they stand. You also don’t want to be taken for granted. Prestige is very important for you. You want that personal recognition.

On December 14th, both Mercury and Mars are forming tension aspects to Ceres retrograde. With Mercury forming a quincunx to Ceres retrograde you need to adjust your approach when you communicate with others. Perhaps they aren’t willing to listen to you. Or, perhaps you aren’t willing to listen to them. But it’s important to take the time to listen so you all know where you stand.

It’s also to make certain people aren’t taking advantage of you when Mars forms an opposition to Ceres retrograde. You don’t want to feel that other people are taking something away from you. There is that sense that other people aren’t willing to give you what you want when Mars is forming a tension aspect. Also, you may feel that other people are expecting you to give up something valuable when Mars forms this opposition. Again, listening can help, especially if you need to be on guard.

At least you understand how the past can impact your day when Mars forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node on December 15th. People from the past may re-enter your life. Or, you may be able to take your past experience and use it as a learning tool. Or, you may even find that it’s suddenly easier to clear up old matters that have been lingering on. Don’t be at all surprised if you get a lot accomplished today.

Before the full Moon occurs on December 18th, Mercury forms a square to Chiron retrograde. This may not be such a bad thing today even if it is a tension aspect. With the full Moon about to occur, you’re willing to take a look at situations in your life which caused you pain. You’re even willing to discuss matters that usually are a little difficult to talk about. You want to resolve situations. You don’t want the pain to stand in your way.

When the full Moon occurs, you’re ready to take on new projects and go after new goals. This is because the Sun is in Sagittarius and the Moon is in Gemini. Emotionally you understand the importance of communicating your needs. You realize that other people need to be there to give you support for your projects. At the same time, you don’t want other people to tell you what to do. For this reason, you may feel that you need to justify your projects. Since the Moon is forming a trine to Jupiter while the Sun is forming a sextile to Jupiter, you are very optimistic about your success. As long as you follow through on your plans, you will be successful.

On December 19th, Venus in Capricorn turns retrograde and Chiron turns direct. Venus will be retrograde until January 29, 2022. Venus goes into retrograde motion about every 18 months and stays retrograde for about 42 days.

Venus is not comfortable in the sign of Capricorn. There’s a tendency to place more emphasis on work-related matters than personal relationships. Also, there’s a tendency to believe that earning a living and supporting your family is one of the best ways to show love. This belief can create more problems in the family if you may spend more time at work than with your family.

And, when Venus is retrograde, you need to be cautious that you don’t use work as an excuse to avoid any problems with may be occurring with loved ones in your life. It’s not uncommon to find that you’re not comfortable with interactions when Venus is retrograde.

You also need to be very careful with financial matters when Venus is retrograde. Often there are hidden costs to contracts. Or, you may not get what you believe you deserve financially when you’re negotiating for something.

After Venus turns retrograde, Chiron turns direct. Chiron went retrograde on July 15, 2021. When Chiron was retrograde, you had many opportunities to review past situations and release a lot of pain. Now that Chiron is direct, you understand just how important it is to move on with your life. You don’t need to continue creating any harm in your life. What you want to do is just take care of your needs and also do the best you can to give other people support.

As Mercury forms a trine to Uranus retrograde on December 20th, you’ll receive some unexpected, yet important information. It may be work-related since Mercury is in Capricorn. Or, it may deal with financial matters since Uranus retrograde is in Taurus. You’ll also find that it’s a lot easier to get information from various sources that can help you complete some important projects.

Before the Sun enters Capricorn and the Solstice begins on December 21st, Ceres retrograde re-enters the sign of Taurus. When Ceres is in the sign of Taurus, loyalty becomes very important, just as commitments are important. So, with Ceres retrograde, you may want to re-evaluate your relationships with others, especially those commitment relationships to determine if they really meet your needs.

Also, financial stability is very important when Ceres is in Taurus. Again, with Ceres being retrograde (and also with Venus now being retrograde) you may want to review your financial commitments to determine if your budget is appropriate or if you need to make some changes in how you approach financial matters.

As the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn, the last quarter of the astrological year occurs. This is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere.

When the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn you start thinking about life and just whether you’re getting what you want out of life. Are you getting the prestige and recognition you deserve? Are you able to achieve your goals? And, in esoteric astrology, Capricorn is the sign of the Christ spirit, the aspect of your life where you try to achieve your place in history and your place in spirit.

You find yourself thinking about your next step in life, especially since Mercury forms a trine to Uranus retrograde during this time period. You want to try new things. You’re open to new ideas. At the same time, you want to hold on to the past since Mars forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node. There’s a part of you who isn’t quite certain on how to move on. But, it’s really about growing up and maturing from the lessons you’ve learned.

On December 24th Saturn forms a square to Uranus retrograde. This is the third and last time that Saturn forms a square to Uranus in this triad sequence. The first time is occurred was on February 17, 2021 when both Saturn and Uranus were direct. The second time it occurred was on June 14, 2021 when Saturn was retrograde and Uranus was direct. The square between these two planets has exemplified the energy of this year.

Saturn represents that aspect of your nature where you want to move slowly and not take risks. You may feel as if you need to receive approval for your actions from society. So often, it can represent those rules and restrictions that prevent you from doing what you want.

Saturn also represents cultivated gardens and the foundation of society. These gardens are the metaphor for life. You take the seeds of what you want in life and plant them in your world. You nurture and cultivate them until they grow into plants. And, as they grow you do everything you can to ensure their safety.

Meanwhile, Uranus represents your desire to take risks and move away from what is expected of you. It’s the feeling that you don’t want other people to tell you what to do. You want to make your own way in the world and not live up to the expectations of others. In some ways this can become dangerous because you don’t always consider the consequences of your actions. But, in other ways you might find a new way to live your life without the need of approval from others. More importantly, there’s a desire both for prosperity and the advancement of the underserved in a community: A desire for fair treatment of everyone.

When Saturn forms a square to Uranus retrograde there is tension between different aspects of your nature: The part of you that wants to move on with life and the other part of you that wants to hold on. Depending on the situation, you may find yourself rebelling against the very authority that says it’s there to protect you. Or, you may find yourself telling other people to rein themselves in because they are taking too many risks. You fear these risks could cause personal injury.

When this aspect occurred in the past, there were different forms of tension in the world from repressive societies taking action to people taking matters into their own hands. More polarization occurred in various countries with different sides taking different courses of action. Even nature went out of control with various wildfires and snow and ice storms leaving damage in their wake. While Saturn indicates your desire to have control in your life, Uranus represents external events which interfere with you having that control in your life.

Now that this aspect is occurring for the last time in this triad sequence, it’s time to look at the past events which have occurred during this year to determine where you can regain some control over your life. It’s also time to acknowledge where events are forcing you to make changes in your life. Where possible, reach out to people. Now is the time to determine where you can build some bridges (Saturn) and honor the needs of individuals (Uranus). Also, now is the time to understand that events do make changes (Uranus) that indicate we may need to plant new gardens (Saturn).

When December 25th occurs, Mars forms a trine to Chiron and Venus retrograde forms a conjunction to Pluto about one hour later.

It seems fitting that these aspects occur the day after Saturn forms the square to Uranus retrograde. The reason? When Mars forms the trine to Chiron, you want to move on with your life. You’re willing to take action to make certain that you feel good about situations. You don’t want other people to get in your way. Also, you realize that one of the most important things to do today is take care of your health. That could be your physical health. Or, it could even be your mental or financial health. You know that you can accomplish a lot if you need to.

You continue to realize that you can accomplish a lot as Venus retrograde forms the conjunction to Pluto. This is an intense aspect. You feel a lot of passion. You are willing to put yourself out there. Also, this aspect occurred a bit earlier in the month, December 11th to be exact, when Venus was in direct motion. It’s possible that at the time you may have started a new relationship and now you want to know where it’s going. Or, it’s possible that you needed to deal with a financial matter and now you’re finally able to resolve that matter.

When Mercury forms a sextile to Neptune on December 26th, you feel as if you can achieve your dreams. You approach situations creatively. You find ways to take aspirations and create realistic plans. You’re also open to new ideas. If you are an artist, it’s very easy to connect with your muse.

December 28th is a day where you start feeling and even seeing signs of a paradigm shift as Jupiter re-enters the sign of Pisces. But before that happens, Mars forms a quincunx to Uranus retrograde. This is perhaps very appropriate on a spiritual level because of Jupiter’s re-entry into Pisces.

Normally when Mars forms a quincunx to Uranus retrograde, you need to be very cautious. This is an accident aspect if you’re not careful. What that means is there’s a tendency to rush into situations without paying attention to where you’re going. And, that could lead to injury. In this case, however, Mars forming a quincunx to Uranus retrograde means that you have to pay attention to world situations. Things aren’t like them seem. Unexpected circumstances are going to crop up. You also need to pay attention to what other people say because that’s going to be very important as well.

Jupiter initially entered the sign of Pisces on May 13, 2021. It only stayed in the sign for a very short time period. When it reached 2°11” it turned retrograde on June 20, 2021 and re-entered the sign of Aquarius on July 26, 2021 while in retrograde motion. It turned direct in the sign of Aquarius on October 18, 2021. Now that Jupiter has re-entered the sign of Pisces, you’ll see more signs of the paradigm shift that Jupiter in Pisces represents. At the same time Jupiter doesn’t seem to like the sign that it rules as it remains in Pisces until May 10, 2022 when it enters the sign of Aries. But, then Jupiter decides that not all is finished in its ruling sign and it re-enters Pisces for a third time on October 28, 2022 and finally completes this cycle on December 20, 2022. A Jupiter cycle occurs approximately every 12 years and usually lasts for about a year.

In general, Jupiter represents that need to expand your boundaries so you can move beyond the confines of society and start creating your own set of rules. Pisces often represents matter or situations dissolving so that you can move into the future. When Jupiter is in Pisces, you have the opportunity to release negativity from your life. You can also find a way to take your dreams and put them into reality. In some instances, people feel as if what they knew in life is ending to the point that they have very little left. Psychologically you are experiencing an ending so that you can open your life to a new beginning. But sometimes that can be very frightening because there are times when you have little control over what is ending in life. At other times you can determine how you want to end things so you can move on successfully with your life.

Jupiter in Pisces is a very emotional placement. There’s a tendency to justify your behavior when you feel that other people aren’t willing to listen to you. Also there’s a danger in responding emotionally without thinking about the other person’s need.

Jupiter in Pisces is also a very caring placement: Caring about the human condition. In a lot of ways you’ll find that other people have more empathy. They care about the ills of the world and want to do something to fix the problem, or at least make it better.

So, the biggest shifts that you’ll see through now and the year 2022 will involve institutions changing. More services moving online and greater utilization of your devices, such as computers and mobile phones. Or, you’ll see increased use of payments through online services and cryptocurrency going mainstream, meaning that the dreams of high investment return in that area may become just that: Dreams. You’ll see more companies and politicians doing everything possible to stir up your emotions so they can “sell” you their dreams.

Life feels a little more settled on December 29th when Mars forms the sextile to Saturn. This is because Saturn indicates that situations are slowing down and that a conservative approach may be a good idea.

What’s good is that you’re able to think things through before you take any actions. You’re not being reckless. You’re approaching life from a different perspective. You’re willing to do what it takes to be successful.

It almost seems fitting that after Jupiter enters the sign of Pisces on December 28th and Mars forms the sextile to Saturn on December 29th, that Mercury forms the first of its three conjunctions to Pluto in this triad sequence. Mercury won’t turn retrograde until January 14, 2022, but you’ll feel as if it is about to go retrograde now.

You feel the need to focus on your direction in life. You don’t want other people to tell you what to do. At the same time you want to be able to work within a social structure as both planets are in the sign of Capricorn. This is a good time to draw up a plan of action. And, since this is the first of a series of three occurrences in this triad sequence you don’t need to implement that plan at this time. As a matter of fact, the second time this conjunction occurs will be on January 28, 2022 when Mercury is retrograde. During that time period you may want to re-evaluate your plan of action and make some changes. Then, at the time this conjunction occurs for the last time on February 11, 2022, you can put some of those plans into action. Basically, this is a good way to end the year 2021: Wrap up the past so you can move on into the future.

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