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Trend Analysis for 2013: The Year of the Dance

Find out what you can expect for the Year 2013 in Misty’s annual Trend Analysis book. Some trends you can expect are:

  • Increased data mining used for targeted marketing and political campaigns;
  • Increased austerity programs related to economic problems;
  • More research on the fundamental understanding of nature and the universe;
  • Continued rises in gold prices; andives
  • Greater desire for spirituality in the world.

Not only does the book cover the trends of Jupiter in Cancer and its impact on the Uranus/Pluto square and the Saturn/Neptune trine, but it also gives you a month-by-month analysis of trends as they impact your life.

The book is available either in:

  • Hard copy for only $30.00, plus $5.00 shipping & handling, or
  • Ebook for only $25.00.

To order, simply send a check made out to Misty Kuceris with a note as to whether you are interested in the ebook or the printed (hard copy) version. If you wish to pay by credit card, please call Misty at 703.354.4076.

Mail your check to: Misty Kuceris; PO Box 1532; Springfield, VA 22151-0532.