May 2014 – Time for Resolution

Important energies for the month of May 2014:

  • Full Moon with Sun in Taurus and Moon in Scorpio occurs on May 14, 2014.
  • Mars in Libra turns stationary direct on May 19, 2014.
  • Jupiter in Cancer forms a trine to Saturn retrograde in Scorpio on May 24, 2014.
  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Gemini occurs on May 28, 2014.

Time for Resolution

By Misty Kuceris ©2014

Many of the tensions which you felt during the month of April 2014 are starting to release in your life and evaporate. For this reason, May 2014 is a very important transitional month. At times there will be events which remind you of April 2014. When these events occur in your personal life, you are being given the opportunity to resolve past problems and move forward with your life.

As the month of May 2014 starts Mercury forms a sextile to Chiron on May 1st. This could be a good day for you to try and make amends for things that you may have said in the past that were hurtful. Consider this a day of healing since forgiveness is very important in your relationships with other people.

When Mercury forms an opposition to Saturn retrograde on May 2nd, you may feel frustrated because other people aren’t listening to you. Or, you may be unwilling to work with others for the best of the group. It’s easy to dig your heals into the ground and become very stubborn. But, you need to do the best you can to try and keep an open mind. It’s also important not to let difficult things get in your way. You may feel a little let down if things aren’t quite going the way that you’d like them to. You could even feel a little depressed if you take these things too seriously.

It’s important to continue paying attention to relationships in your life as Venus enters the sign of Aries on May 2nd. Venus isn’t comfortable in the sign of Aries, its detriment because Venus wants to understand relationships while Aries wants to express individuality. In the positive, Venus in Aries means that you need to know what’s important in your life so you can accept what’s important in the lives of people you love. In the negative, you may put your needs ahead of others so it becomes more difficult to feel compassion. But the real key here is to try and understand what’s important for all of you so relationships can succeed.

When Mercury forms a quincunx to Ceres retrograde on May 3rd, you need to be careful when you communicate with other people. It just seems that no matter what you say, you can’t say it in a nice way. Or, you are saying it in a nice way and other people just aren’t hearing you. They are taking offense at your words. It can be very frustrating. So, it may be more important to pull back and try to listen to the other person. Perhaps they are feeling that you aren’t really hearing what they’re saying. Or, perhaps they are feeling insecure about their position in your life. If you give them a chance to talk and you really pay attention to their body language as well as their words, you’ll get to the crux of the problem and, perhaps, even find a solution.

Mercury is happy as it enters the sign of Gemini on May 7th. With Mercury is in its rulership you’ll find an increased willingness to understand situations in your life. You’ll be able to discuss various circumstances and find solutions to any problems. Other people will feel the same way.

May 11th could be a difficult day when it comes to relationships. Mercury goes out-of-bounds and won’t return in bounds until June 5, 2014. After it goes out-of-bounds, it will form a square to Neptune. Meanwhile, Venus will form an opposition to Mars retrograde that could bring up memories of events which occurred during the month of April 2014 when the cardinal grand cross was formed.

When Mercury is out-of-bounds, you tend to feel mentally scattered. Add Mercury square Neptune to the mix and you not only feel scattered, but you also feel a little confused. Not all the information is as it seems. People may be withholding valuable information. Or, you may be hearing only what you want to hear and not what is really being said. With Venus forming the opposition to Mars retrograde you may feel that other people aren’t taking your concerns seriously. You may feel as if they are putting their needs above your needs. If you’re finding difficulty communicating, you may want to pull back and just reflect on occurrences in your life. If you’re dealing with high expectations, especially as they relate to other people, you need to lower those expectations because other people aren’t going to be able to meet them. This is also not a good day to negotiate any contracts. There’s too much tension in the air for you and others to sit down and really discuss matters. About the best way to use this energy in a positive way is to take time for creative endeavors, especially if you’re an artist or writer.

May 14th is another day where you may once again feel the energies of the cardinal grand cross that occurred in April 2014. The day starts with Jupiter forming a trine to Chiron and you feel as if you can solve any problems that come your way. However, as the day continues, Venus forms a square to Pluto retrograde before the full Moon and Mercury forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde after the full Moon. So, what started as a day where you felt you could achieve anything could turn into a day where you feel that other people are trying to manipulate and control you. For this reason, you want to proceed with caution in your relationships with people, especially if they are business relationships.

The best way to be cautious in your relationships with people, especially in business dealings, can be seen in the energy of the full Moon that occurs on May 14th. The Moon in Scorpio forms a conjunction to Saturn while the Sun in Taurus forms an opposition to Saturn. Meanwhile, Jupiter is forming a trine to Saturn. You need to be grounded and balanced when you deal with other people. You need to know your boundaries so no one else can push you beyond your limits. You need to understand the importance of past lessons while seeking information which can propel you safely into the future. If you can do this, you’ll be able to achieve your goals when you interact with other people.

Being cautious will be difficult on May 15th since Mercury forms a sextile to Uranus and Venus forms a conjunction to Uranus. It could actually be a fun and exciting day if you are willing to try new things in life. On the other hand, so much new information may come into your life that you feel a bit overwhelmed. If you do feel overwhelmed, step back and take a breath. That will help center your energy again. Once again you may feel as if you’re reliving some of your experiences from April 2014 since Venus is forming a conjunction to Uranus. But, this energy could help you look at your relationships from another perspective. And, with this new perspective, you may be able to create better and healthier relationships.

If you took too many risks on May 15th, you may regret it on May 17th when Mercury forms a square to Chiron. Try not to be too critical of your actions. If you find yourself being critical, pull back. Try to understand just what happened and, if necessary, forgive yourself or the other person. If that’s not possible, do what you can to correct the situation so you can move on.

When Venus forms a square to Jupiter on May 18th, you’ll finally feel as if you are moving away from the energies of April 2014. To help you will this feeling, Mercury will also form a trine to Ceres retrograde and a quincunx to Saturn retrograde later in the day. You’ll feel as if you want to rush into situations and fix any problems you see. While this desire may be strong, it’s more important to slow down and pay attention to your environment. You need to listen to what other people are trying to tell you. You may also need to make some changes in how you approach situations in your life. It’s best not to get so excited that you take on too many new projects or share too much information. You really want to take care of your own needs at this time.

You may feel at odds with your environment on May 19th when Venus forms an opposition to Ceres retrograde and a quincunx to Saturn retrograde. At least you’ll feel relief when Mars finally turns stationary direct later in the day.

When Venus forms the opposition to Ceres retrograde, you may feel that you spent too much energy on trying to maintain certain relationships. You may feel drained. You may even feel used. But, you can use this energy in a positive way. You could take the time to see just where you gave too much away and stop doing that. You don’t have to be used by people. You can put up your own boundaries. Or, with Venus forming a quincunx to Saturn, you may realize that you have to adjust your boundaries and make changes in how you approach certain situations. As long as you don’t go to any extremes, you’ll be all right as you make these changes.

You’ll really breathe a sigh of relief when Mars turns stationary direct on May 19th. It originally entered the sign of Libra on November 7, 2013. It went retrograde in the sign of Libra on March 1, 2014. This extended the stay in the sign of Libra from its usual six to eight weeks to approximately eight months. It was the key planet in creating the cardinal grand cross during the month of April 2014.  Now with Mars moving forward, there’s a better chance that people can learn from any mistakes made in April 2014 and create a better situation in life. If lessons weren’t learned, you’ll see the consequences both in the world and in your personal life.

When the Sun enters Gemini on May 20th, there’s more opportunity to try and discuss matters with other people. You may be able to find creative ways to communicate your needs. You may also find ways to understand the needs of others. Just don’t speak so much that you forget to listen to other people.

Paying attention to your personal boundaries becomes important again on May 23rd when Ceres retrograde forms a square to Jupiter. If you don’t, you’ll find that other people are trying to take advantage of you. Or, you may feel exhausted from all the things that you were doing that you can’t do anything else. Perhaps you may even decide that you’ve had enough of being around the home and you’re just going to take off and go somewhere. If you want to do that it’s all right as long as you don’t go off on an extravagant adventure that you can’t afford later on.

On May 24th Jupiter forms a trine to Saturn retrograde. This is the third time that Jupiter forms the trine to Saturn. The first time that it formed the trine to Saturn was on July 17, 2013. The second time that it formed a trine to Saturn was on December 13, 2013. When it formed the first trine to Saturn, it also formed a trine to Neptune on July 18, 2013. This created a grand water trine between Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune. However, this grand water trine only occurred once. Jupiter did not form a grand water trine in December 2013. Nor will it form a grand water trine at this time.

In July 2013, several events occurred which had people looking at the ethics of their world as well as the world at large. George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murder or manslaughter of Trayvon Martin. The city of Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy seeking protection from its creditors, including pensioners. Edward Snowden stated that he would apply for asylum from Russia until he could get to another country. And, Muhammad Morsi, then President of Egypt, was ousted from power by General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and the military.

Meanwhile, during December 2013, a lot of emphasis in the United States centered on the continued political fight over the Affordable Health Care Act (“Obamacare”) and its continued technical problems. On the global front, political problems in Ukraine continued to escalate into various violent confrontations as then-President Viktor Yanukovych signed an agreement with President Vladimir Putin of Russia to increase economic relationships between both countries and move away from relationships with the European Union.

It’s not uncommon for conflict to increase when Jupiter forms a trine to Saturn. There’s a tendency to feel self-righteous about your side and distain for the other side. You would think that with a trine it would be easier to find a way to work together for the better good. But, there’s also the problem that when Jupiter forms a trine to Saturn, old problems that were not addressed or were ignored surface and the situations gets worse.

When Jupiter forms a trine to Saturn on May 24th, it becomes important for you to look at your own life. If you are feeling self-righteous about a particular situation perhaps you need to review your perceptions and see if you can bring more compassion into your life. If you have been ignoring or failing to address old problems, you need to sit down now and create a plan of action that starts you on the path for solving those problems. Looking back to July and December 2013 may actually give you some insight that can help today. Jupiter and Saturn represent the need to understand how to create a positive foundation so you can move into the future. But, more importantly, the trine between Jupiter and Saturn represents the need to find a way to work with other people in order to achieve success. If you try to do everything alone, you may find yourself at war with other people in your life. Unfortunately, this same can be said for the various global events that are currently unfolding in our world.

When Venus forms an opposition to the Moon’s North Node on May 27th, you may just have to look at your past into order to understand how to move forward. People from your past may re-enter your life. Since Venus is in the sign of Aries, you may need to stand up for your rights in order to resolve old conflicts. Don’t let anyone discount your feelings because they are important. Financially it’s very important to be careful right now because this can be a difficult aspect for the global market place. It usually indicates that global emotions are very erratic.

The new Moon occurs on May 28th and a few hours later Venus enters the sign of Taurus. Since both the Sun and Moon are in Gemini at the time of the new Moon, you need to take time to discuss important matters with other people. The new Moon forms a trine to Mars so you’ll have more energy to interact. But, at the same time, the new Moon also forms a square to Neptune indicating that you may not have all the facts. So, while you want to proceed quickly and communicate everything, you need to be careful. Not all is as it seems. Take the time to dig deeper into the facts. Don’t take things at face value. Listen to what other people have to say but also listen to your own inner guidance before making a final decision. With Venus entering the sign of Taurus later in the day, it will be easier to listen to your inner guidance before making that final decision.

As the month of May ends, Mercury enters the sign of Cancer on May 29th. Mercury will only be in the sign of Cancer for a short time period before it turns retrograde on June 7, 2014. With Mercury in Cancer you’ll have a chance to review what’s important in your life for personal security. Since it will be going retrograde during the month of June 2014, you’ll also have the opportunity to resolve old problems which may continue to resurface.