June 2012 – Building the Foundation for April 2014

Important astrological energies for the month of June 2012:

  • Venus returns in-bounds on June 3, 2012
  • Partial Lunar Eclipse (FM) with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius on June 4, 2012
  • Venus Transit on June 5, 2012 (in Western Hemisphere) and on June 6, 2012 (in Eastern Hemisphere)
  • Jupiter enters Gemini on June 11, 2012
  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Gemini on June 19 2012
  • Mercury returns in-bounds on June 20, 2012
  • Sun enters Cancer on June 20, 2012
  • Uranus in Aries square Pluto retrograde in Capricorn on June 24, 2012
  • Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune retrograde in Pisces on June 25, 2012
  • Venus turns stationary direct on June 27, 2012

Building the Foundation for April 2014

By Misty Kuceris ©2012

The month of June 2012 is an important month astrologically because it sets off a series of circumstances, especially with the global economy, that won’t be resolved until at least April 2014. The actual circumstances were begun on May 20, 2012 when the first eclipse of the year occurred. It was a new Moon (Solar) eclipse that occurred at 0 degrees of Gemini. As you read through the article, you’ll see references to the energies which seem to bounce off each other. What’s important is that this article focuses on the way the energies will impact you personally. However, many things which occur to you personally during this month could also have an impact on your life until April 2014. So, pay careful attention to those areas of your life where you need to make major decisions.

As the month of June 2012 begins, there are certain energies that are already in effect. Venus is both retrograde and out-of-bounds (OOB). Mercury went OOB on May 30, 2012. And, both planets are in Gemini. These are important personal energies which are operating in ways that seem a little strange. When a planet is retrograde, it means that you have to deal with past issues related to that planet. Since the planet retrograde now is Venus, you need to deal with your financial and relationship matters. This is a good time to review how much you value yourself and how that impacts you attitude towards money. It also means that people from your past could resurface. Or, if you meet new people, they will seem very familiar. Somehow they are like people from your past.

When a planet is OOB, it means that the energy is a bit out of control. Since both Venus and Mercury are OOB at the beginning of the month, you need to pay attention to two important areas of your life: your finances and how you handle them and your relationships and how you communicate. It’s too easy to say things without thinking when Mercury is OOB. It’s too easy to make purchases that are unnecessary when Venus is OOB.

The good news is that you get some relief on June 3rd when Venus returns in-bounds. (Venus will continue to be retrograde until June 27, 2012.) You’re able to corral your spending. You start thinking about ways to put boundaries on your relationships so that you don’t let other people take advantage of you. Even business decisions become easier, especially if you own your own business. You gain a better understanding of how to budget your expenses so that you know how to take steps to increasing your business solvency.

If you met a new person while Venus was OOB, you may re-evaluate that relationship. It may have seemed exciting because the person was so unusual: not someone that you would normally be attracted to. Now, however, you’re seeing that the unusual aspects of the individual are a bit too eccentric for you. Don’t be surprised if you decide to end the relationship.

Mercury forms a trine to Saturn retrograde a few hours later which helps you understand relationships and finances even better. You’ll be able to make some good decisions at this time. If you’ve had some minor health problems, today and tomorrow, June 4th, are good days to take care of them. You’ll be able to hear what the doctor really means. The communication between the two of you will be better.

In addition to taking care of minor health problems, this is also a good day to go back and review past projects. Because you’re able to discern matters so well, you’ll pick up some minor, but important matter, which you missed initially.

The second eclipse of the year occurs on June 4, 2012 at the time of a full Moon with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius at 14 degrees. This is the first lunar eclipse of the year. This eclipse will be best seen in and near the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Saros 140 series. Geminis, Virgos, Sagittarians, and Pisces will feel this eclipse more than the other signs, especially if they are born around the 2nd to the 6th of the month which represents their natal Sun sign.

Eclipses can represent when things are hidden from you, especially when the eclipse occurs at the time of the full Moon. With this eclipse occurring in the mutable signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, there is an increased sense that information is hidden from you. Mutable signs are those of transformation. The change is already occurring in your life but you may not be aware of it. Yes, you notice that things aren’t working the way they used to. But, you may not be paying attention to the way these things are working out right now. With the eclipse squaring Mars (thereby forming a mutable T-square) you may be feeling angry or frustrated. You may not even know why. Try to pull back from active involvement in situations. Instead, try to observe what is occurring in your life. Since the Sun is forming a conjunction to Venus retrograde at this time, it’s possible that the biggest frustration is being caused either by financial situations or personal relationships. The fact that Neptune is turning stationary retrograde so soon after this eclipse confirms that you really shouldn’t be making any changes right now. You won’t get all the facts. So, you’re better off waiting to see what is going to happen.

The Venus transit which occurs on June 5th in the Western Hemisphere and on June 6th in the Eastern Hemisphere is a rare event. Only seven of these events have occurred since the invention of the telescope. Those years were 1631, 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882, and 2004. Basically, the transit of Venus occurs when Venus passes between the Sun and the Earth. So, with the right safety equipment, you can see a black disk move across the Sun. The only time period that this transit is possible is either in early December or early June. They occur in intervals of 8, 121.5, 8, and 105.5 years. The next pair of Venus transits won’t occur until December 11, 2117 and December 8, 2125.

If you go to the nasa.gov website and search for the 2012 Venus Transit, you’ll see that the time of the transit occurring in Washington, DC is 22:03:48 UT. This means that if you want to set up a chart for the transit in Washington, DC, you use 6:03:48 pm EDT. This chart is an interesting one. It puts Scorpio on the Ascendant, not too far from the Ascendant of September 2012 Fall Equinox chart. Whatever happens around the beginning of June 2012 will have reverberations in September 2012 for the United States.

As is expected, the Sun and Venus form a conjunction, but Venus is retrograde at this time period. Other interesting aspects formed at this time are a conjunction between Ceres and Jupiter, as well as a conjunction between the Moon and Pluto retrograde. In addition, the Venus transit at this time forms a square to Mars in Virgo. So, what does this all mean?

Venus represents the energy of the feminine, as do the Moon and Ceres. They are all in positions of strength. Venus retrograde conjunct the Sun means that leadership needs to understand the role of women in the world. With the Moon forming a conjunction to Pluto retrograde there will be power struggles that occur. These power struggles are already occurring as women’s rights to their bodies are now under siege in various countries and states, especially in the United States. With Ceres forming a conjunction to Jupiter, there is a need for women to find their goddess and for men to accept the goddess. Or, stated another way, there is a need for women to find the power of the warrior within themselves while there is a need for men to find the nurturer within themselves. However, Jupiter (which interestingly represents Zeus in the Demeter myth) may not really want to partner with Ceres. Plus, Mars forms a square to Venus retrograde indicating that Venus is under siege from Mars. Compromise needs to be reach in order for this energy to operate at its most spiritual level. Respect for the role of women in the world needs to be honored. If this doesn’t occur, more conflicts will arise as women seek their true roles in the world. You may also feel this conflict in your personal relationships. If you are in a relationship where honor and respect isn’t part of the equation, you’ll find that you can’t continue in that situation. Loving yourself and receiving that same love from others is very important.

On the following day, June 6th, Ceres forms a quincunx to Saturn retrograde. Take time to understand the difference between creating a secure life and receiving what you need in life. If you are giving up what you need in life to maintain security, you’ll feel very frustrated right now. If, however, you are compromising for a short time period in order to achieve what you need in the long run, you’ll feel less stress in your life. Whatever decisions need to be made today must be made cautiously and include people you love.

Mercury moves into Cancer on June 7th. As Mercury moves into Cancer, it will form a trine to Neptune retrograde the following day. At the same time, it sets up the energy for a cardinal T-square between Uranus and Pluto retrograde. Since Mercury isn’t comfortable in Cancer, you may find it difficult to discuss important matters with other people. You may find that they’d rather keep information to themselves and not share anything with you. You may also feel that it’s important to keep things to yourself. This is especially true as Mercury forms that trine to Neptune retrograde on June 8th.

June 8th can either be a good day or a bad day, depending on what you do. If you want to do creative things, such as paint or write, this is a wonderful day for you. If you want to take time to relax and do things for yourself, like a spa day, this is very good for you. But, if you want to make a major business decision, this could be a problem. Your mind is open to new concepts and different ways of bringing those concepts about. But your mind is not able to discern all the intricate details that are important. Therefore, this is not the time to sign a contract or create any major business policies.

On June 11th, a new cycle begins as Jupiter enters the sign of Gemini. This cycle occurs about every twelve years and remains in effect for approximately 12 to 13 months. Jupiter will remain in the sign of Gemini until June 26, 2013.

Whenever Jupiter enters a new sign, it signals a shift in societal attitudes. This entry is especially important because the May 20, 2012 eclipse occurred at 0 degrees of Gemini. Therefore, Jupiter entering the sign of Gemini will also trigger off the May 20th eclipse. Once again you need to deal with issues from the past which prevent you from moving forward. This is especially true because Jupiter is in its detriment. (When a planet is in its detriment, it means that it is in the sign opposite its normal ruler which in this case is Sagittarius.)

When Jupiter is in Gemini, you want to start reaching inward on a physical level. You start guarding your privacy. You start looking towards local matters more than global matters. There’s a tendency not to trust outsiders as much.

At the same time, Jupiter in Gemini indicates that your mind is very active. While you may be pulling in physically, you are actually expanding mentally. You have the opportunity to see reality from a new perspective. Art forms which come out during this time period play will illusions so the mind can become more creative.

With Jupiter in the ninth house for the chart set up in the United States, the energy of illusions can become strong as people try to find ways to move forward with changes in the world. It’s important not to accept what people have to say at face value. Politicians will tell you anything you want to hear just to get elected. The reality is that global change can’t really occur until things are taken care of at home. At the same time, the financial problems that aren’t corrected on a global level will impact what happens in your home.

Goals need to be realistic, especially since Jupiter is heading towards a square to Neptune retrograde. Both Jupiter and Neptune co-rule the sign of Pisces. And, Neptune is in its ruling sign at this time. So, the energy of the square can become interesting. You may not know where you’re going at this point, but you want to have a plan. You want support from government officials for your plan. You want to know that you have job security. But, once again the real economic confusion comes from other parts of the world. What happens in Europe and China will have an impact on both the economy and the politics in the United States.

The energy of the cardinal T-square which began when Mercury entered the sign of Cancer on June 7, 2012, is really felt on June 11th when Mercury forms a square to Uranus and an opposition to Pluto retrograde. Mentally, your thoughts may be very scattered. You may feel as if other people are trying to manipulate and control you. On one hand you’ll get some incredible insights. But, you may feel frustrated because you can’t explain them to other people. Even if you try to explain them to other people, they won’t listen.

This is not a day to make commitments. You may feel like you can do anything, but the reality is that you need to be more focused on immediate and smaller goals. It’ll be difficult for you to follow through with your commitments, just as it’ll be difficult for other people to honor their commitments. The fact that Mercury is still OOB emphasizes the difficulty in making and maintaining commitments.

Chiron turns stationary retrograde on June 12, 2012. It will remain retrograde until November 14, 2012. During this time period, it helps if you consider your actions and see how those actions impact the lives of people around you. Since Chiron is in Pisces during this retrograde period, your intuition will be elevated. At the same time, if you are operating from fear, it’ll be easy to misinterpret your intuition. Basically, you need to be honest about your fears and find ways to remove them from your life. If you can do that, you’ll find that your intuition can help you create a healthier life for yourself.

Later that day, Mercury forms a trine to Chiron retrograde. This will actually make it easier for you to understand what fears are interfering with your happiness. You’ll also find that you can release some of those fears.

Be very careful on June 16th when Venus retrograde forms a square to Chiron retrograde. This could mean financial problems in the world as countries try to resolve the question: Which works better austerity or growth through spending? You also need to be careful with any financial decisions that you make today. You may be asked to loan money to a friend: not a good idea. Or, you may feel that you don’t have enough money to pay your bills. This is not a good time to take out a loan.

The new Moon, with Sun and Moon in Gemini, occurs on June 19th. The May 20th eclipse was a new Moon eclipse with the Sun and Moon in Gemini at 0 degrees. This new Moon has the Sun and Moon in Gemini at 28 degrees. Basically, this is a void-of-course new Moon. You may have tried to start new things on May 20th and now you see that they didn’t quite work out. You may have had some new ideas on May 20th, but now you see that other people aren’t really supporting your new ideas. Rather than trying to communicate with people today, keep a journal of your ideas. If you need to discuss new concepts with others, don’t expect them to agree immediately. Give them time to think about the ideas and come back later about two weeks later to discuss the matter again.

The day after the new Moon, June 20th, is actually an intense day. Venus retrograde forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde. Mercury, which went out-of-bounds on May 30, 2012, returns back in-bounds and forms a square to Saturn retrograde. The Sun enters the sign of Cancer and the Summer Solstice (in the northern hemisphere) occurs. Finally, Venus retrograde forms a sextile to Uranus.

There are adjustments that need to be made as Venus retrograde forms a quincunx to Pluto retrograde. These adjustments deal with power issues and struggles. They can also deal with problems relating to the stock market, as well as your personal financials.

In the area of relationships, you need to be cautious. Others may try to get you to do things they want you to do. They may pretend to befriend you, but in actuality they are more concerned by what they can get from the friendship vs. what they will give in the friendship. They may also be withholding information from you.

Mercury forming a square to Saturn retrograde and returning in-bounds on the same day also indicates that conversations with other people can be very strained. You may feel that people are criticizing you. It’s better if you can hold your thoughts to yourself. If you are willing to share information with other people, just remember that they are looking at what can go wrong rather than what can go right. Also, with Mercury returning in-bounds, don’t be at all surprised if another financial scandal comes to light. This scandal will involve some people in the current administration.

When the Sun enters Cancer on June 20th, a quarter of the astrological year is over. This is what is known as the solstice point. In the northern hemisphere this is the Summer Solstice when the Sun is at its greatest length of day.

In the chart set up for the United States, the Ascendant is Sagittarius, just as it was for the Vernal Equinox in March 2012 and as it will be for the Winter Solstice in December 2012. As usual, the Fall Equinox in September 2012 has a different Ascendant, this year in Scorpio. Uranus and Pluto have moved a little deeper into their signs. So, unlike last year, there is not the intensity of a cardinal T-square that forms immediately as the Sun enters a cardinal sign.

With Sagittarius on the Ascendant, the United States needs to pay attention to what is happening in the world. While there are still questions about employment and financial security in this country, it’s what will happen in the rest of the world that impacts the financial recovery for the United States.

There is more hope in the United States at this time because the Sun will form a trine to Neptune retrograde. However, this could be all an illusion if other countries can’t get their act together financially. The biggest emphasis at home will be the employment picture. More military personnel are re-entering the civilian job market and this can actually increase unemployment for nonmilitary job seekers. The biggest emphasis for the next three months on in the economic picture will be the re-entry of more military veterans into the workforce. Our veterans do deserve to find civilian jobs for the service they’ve performed. At the same time, corporations need to start re-investing in their companies so that hiring can increase for all people needing jobs. With the economy being uncertain, many corporations which are increasing profits are still too concerned to reinvest those profits.

Personally this solstice focuses on your employment picture as well. You may be dissatisfied with your job, but you may need to be there a while longer since many of the jobs out there are actually temporary or part-time. Relationships are very important since you need to rely not only on yourself but also on other people. With Uranus moving closer to forming the first square to Pluto (in a series of seven squares which will end in March 2015), you’ll feel anxious if you don’t have a foundation of love and security in your life. You’ll feel confused between moving into new ideals and holding on to the past. The key is to find a balance between important things in your past and important goals for the future.

June 20th ends with Venus retrograde forming a sextile to Uranus. This can be the conclusion of an erratic stock market day. But, it may be that as erratic as the day has been, something good will come of it.

The same is true in personal relationships. You may have felt that things were stressed in your relationships. Other people may be very critical of you today. But, perhaps listening to them can help you out in the long run. So, pay attention to what’s going on in your relationships because you’ll end up getting good information that can be helpful to you in the long run.

As Ceres enters the sign of Gemini on June 23rd, it triggers the eclipse of May 20, 2012. Issues of women’s right will once again surface as important stories in the media. Matters dealing with the military will surface, especially as they relate to women serving in the military. With the energy of the Venus Transit still being felt, women are going to want a bigger say both in their personal lives and also in politics and commerce. Women in the military are going to want to have more involvement in combat zones. Or, for those women already in combat zones, they are going to want to have not only Department of Defense recognition but also public recognition.

Throughout the month of June, there have been many important astrological occurrences. However, the most important of these events occurs on June 24, 2012 when Uranus in Aries forms the first of a number of squares to Pluto in Capricorn. These squares will occur seven times: June 24, 2012; September 19, 2012; May 20, 2013; November 1, 2013; April 21, 2014; December 15, 2014; and March 17, 2015.

The last time that this particular cycle occurred was on October 22, 1876; February 12, 1877; and August 25, 1877. At that time, the presidential election in the United States was contested. Samuel Jones Tilden, Democrat from New York, won the popular vote. However, he didn’t win the required 185 electoral votes. He had 184 and Rutherford B. Hayes, Republican from Ohio had 165 votes. Twenty votes were disputed. Both parties from three of the southern states, Florida, Louisiana, and South Carolina, claimed winning the electoral votes. Another state’s (Oregon) electoral vote was considered ineligible. Unfortunately, the Electoral College had to count the votes in the presence of Congress and neither party could agree on how to count the votes. At that time, the Republicans controlled the Senate and the Democrats controlled the House. It was finally decided that a bipartisan committee would be formed: seven Republicans, seven Democrats, and one Independent. The Independent, Supreme Court Justice David Davis, retired unexpectedly and was replaced by a Republican. The final vote was completed on March 2, 1877, and decided along partisan lines. Rutherford B. Hayes, the Republican, won the election. At that time, just as now, the political parties were divided. They were not willing to find a way to compromise. Also, since the month of June sets up what will occur between now and April 2014, expect various elections, especially the Presidential election in the United States, to have unexpected results as well as intensely bitter campaigning.

Uranus in Aries represents the needs of diverse groups to express their points of view. They need to come together with a new solution. However, that isn’t always the case. People are willing to fight for what they believe. Unfortunately, that can mean being willing to destroy the past in order to move to a new future. The problem is that some people are so concerned about destroying the past that they don’t always consider ways to create a new future. They don’t have an end game. Or, they are unwilling to see what results the changes might really bring.

Meanwhile, Pluto in Capricorn is about government control of important areas of commerce and daily life. Government officials want everything to be the same. Diversity is not always valued. Often the concepts of what are best lie only in the leader’s mind. And, quite often dictators determine what the public can and can’t do. If leaders have an end game in mind, it represents what they believe, not necessarily what the public wants or needs.

When Uranus forms a square to Pluto, there is a conflict between the public and leadership. At this time, the conflict will deal with women’s rights, especially in Middle East and African countries, and the ongoing financial crisis in Europe. Austerity programs developed by governmental agencies won’t solve the problems but rather bring more conflict. As governments try to save money, they are cutting back important social programs. In addition, companies are cutting back on employment opportunities.

Because Uranus in Aries represents new ideas and Pluto in Capricorn represents current power structures, it’s important for you to find a balance between these two energies. A lot of new information is coming in your direction. New technology is being introduced. More social networks and cloud computing are being created. However, this can all cause tension if you don’t understand where this might lead. So, you may want to hold on to the past because you’re not quite ready for the future. On the other hand, it’s important not to hold on to past concepts which prevent you from achieving success in the future. Hold on to those past concepts which gave you a good foundation. By holding on to the positive past, it will be easier to make the right changes so you can move into the future.

On June 25th, Jupiter forms a square to Neptune retrograde, Saturn turns direct, and Mercury enters the sign of Leo. The day starts out with hidden information and secret agendas. Government officials are trying to find ways to resolve economic crises, especially those occurring in Europe. By late afternoon, EDT, Saturn turns direct and it appears that some problems may be resolved. However, with Mercury entering the sign of Leo, a lot of the solutions are just posturing and not really intended to be implemented. Unfortunately, you may hear some news regarding the increase of polio or yellow fever.

Because of the erratic energy of this day, it’s not a good time to sign any contracts or get involved with any legal matters since very important information will be withheld. Things start seeming to straighten out as the day goes on and Saturn turns direct, but remain cautious. While it’s easier to focus on important matters, Mercury enters Leo later that day and communications become exaggerated. So, once again you really can’t believe what you hear.

June 26th will be better. With Mercury forming a sextile to Ceres, you’ll find opportunities to compromise. You’re willing to listen to the ideas of other people, as they are willing to listen to you. You want to find ways to create solutions. This is a good day for negotiations, especially after all the stalling on June 25th.

Venus turns stationary direct on June 27, 2012. This has really been quite a journey for Venus. It went OOB on April 2, 2012 and returned in-bounds on June 3, 2012. During that time period, it went retrograde on May 15, 2012. On June 5, 2012, the Venus transit occurred. Venus matters were actually difficult when Venus was retrograde, and especially when it was OOB. Relationships just seemed to ramble from one area to another. Economically, people were fighting between austerity and growth spending programs. New ventures that were introduced fared poorly. IPOs, such as Facebook, lost money. Hidden costs seem to abound.

With Venus turning direct, financial matters become less confused. There are fewer secret agreements being made. Also, there are fewer hidden costs. If you need to make any financial investments or make any major purchases, it’ll be easier at this time.

Resolving relationship problems will be a lot easier as well. If there were any secret agreements in the relationship, they will come to light. You’ll be able to express your needs better.

Just be careful with your communications on June 28th. Mercury will form a quincunx to Neptune retrograde indicating that people aren’t hearing what you really mean. Or, they are withholding information that is important in order for you to make good decisions. Don’t try any negotiations today. Don’t sign any contracts which involve a lot of money.

The month ends with Mercury forming a sextile to Jupiter in June 29th. You’ll feel a little more optimistic about things. What you couldn’t resolve yesterday, you may be able to resolve today. Just don’t get so optimistic that you make too many commitments. You may find that you can’t do everything you thought you could.

The important thing to remember about June 2012 is that events which occur in either the world or your personal life could have long-term effects. When you do make decisions, use the energy of Venus. Create a foundation built on loving relationships. Reach out to other people when you need help. And, don’t let your fears be used as a tool for manipulation as you make choices in your life. Things are changing even if they seem to be changing ever so slowly.