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Beginning Astrology Class starting February 2015 and taught at Sticks and Stones in Fairfax, VA

Beginning Astrology Classes, described below, are taught periodically.
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Astrology Study Overview
The study of astrology can be a lifetime endeavor if you wish to understand how archetypes and cycles impact you on a daily basis. It can enhance your spiritual path as you learn to understand yourself better. It can provide a tool as you travel your spiritual path to understand how everything in this universe is interrelated. It gives you an opportunity to see just how life somehow provides you with an opportunity to find balance in your spiritual growth and daily life. You may desire at some time to become a lifelong student of astrology, learning all the possible tools you wish to know. Yet, what may be most important for you is to learn more about yourself, your friends, and other people. It is for this reason that the beginning Astrology series was designed to give you the basic tools you need for natal chart interpretation.

Beginning Astrology Series: The Signs and Planets of a Horoscope
Through understanding the basic symbology used in a natal chart, you can learn more about yourself as well as other people in your life. This is the first class in a series of three classes that comprise the beginning Astrology series. In this class, you learn about the signs and planets of the zodiac and how each one represents different personality characteristics as well as different approaches to living your life both on a spiritual as well as daily basis. As an end result, you’ll be able to understand others better and apply compassionate understanding in your life.

Beginning Astrology Series: Houses and the Natal Chart
An astrological chart, based on your date, time, and location of birth, becomes a visual symbol of the planets and signs at the time of your birth. This visual symbol is a circle with 12 sections called houses and truly represents your soul’s earthly mandala. In this class, the second in a series of three classes that comprises the beginning Astrology series, you’ll learn how each house represents an aspect of your environment and the expectations you have in your life. Through this understanding, you’ll find a greater acceptance of your daily and spiritual goals.

Beginning Astrology Series: Aspects and Planetary Relationships
Your mandala, your astrological chart, consists of a 360˚ wheel. Each planet and sign represents a degree within this wheel and forms relationships with each other. These relationships, called aspects, indicate both our life lessons and how we handle situations in our lives. Through learning how to interpret aspects in a natal chart, you will develop the final basic tool you need to be able to interpret natal charts and integrate these life lessons into your life. Knowledge of the signs, planets, and houses is a must for taking this class.

Karmic Astrology: Life is a series of cycles where we repeat our personal lessons until we learn what we need and we move on to the next level. These lessons come from experiences based on past lives, familial relationships and obligations, and personality traits. By combining numerology with astrology when you analyze your chart, you can get a better understanding of your karmic path and mission. This workshop teaches you interpretation skills. If you would like you chart to be used as one of the examples in the class, please provide your date, time, and place of birth with your registration information.

Transits: Understanding your cycles: How do the transits work in your life? What do you need to look for with both the major and minor transits? Learn the basic techniques for interpreting and using transits in your life. If you would like you chart to be used as one of the examples in the class, please provide your date, time, and place of birth with your registration information.