July 2006: Time to Regroup

June 2006 ended with weather turmoil on the east coast of the United States which continues through the beginning of July as Mercury turns retrograde on July 4, 2006. Throughout the month of June, there was a sense of “slowness” as the major theme was both a fixed Grand Cross and a fixed T-square operating. This energy shifts, slowly at first from the fixity of June into a water element ending with a grand water trine formed by Venus during the middle of July. What this means is that now is the time to start planning and listening to your feelings. This is a month for “regrouping.” And, regrouping means taking stock of what is important to you, taking your feelings into consideration, and determining how loved ones and friends fit into your life.

The Mercury retrograde is an interesting one this time because Mercury entered Leo on June 28th only to start turning back into the sign of Cancer a few days later. If Mercury had stayed direct and in Leo, the energy of the fixed signs would still dominate the month of July. However, by turning retrograde at this time, there is a shifting of energy from one where you were stuck and somehow couldn’t move forward to one where you can now pull back and start thinking about your future plans.

Still, July 4th is not quite the day to begin new action because on July 5th, Mars forms an opposition to Neptune. This close proximity of the two energies will leave you with a sense of lethargy for the two days. Communications will be difficult as your feelings are moving under the surface. Too much physical activity will increase your sense of tiredness. In actuality, this is a good time to just relax and regroup.

On July 6th, Jupiter turns direct. This planet has been retrograde since March 4, 2006. You may have had difficulty over the last few months making plans. Or, if you made plans, you may have had difficulty implementing those plans. Things just seemed to get in the way. Or, other people didn’t always respond to your requests for assistance in implementing those plans. That will all start to change now. You’ll be able to see how structure in your life can create a good foundation for future success. People will be more responsive to your requests. And, you’ll start to feel as if anything is possible.

One thing to watch on this day, however, is the stock market. As Jupiter turns direct, Venus also forms a square to Uranus. Jupiter represents commerce and Venus represents finances. The stock market will make some large moves today, although the direction will depend on the previous stock activity. This means that while some stocks may do well, others will drop tremendously.

As Mercury retrograde leaves Leo and enters Cancer on July 10th, a full Moon (with Sun in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn) also occurs on the same day. Now the water element of the planets begins to be emphasized. On the weather front, there could be another major storm that hits the east coast of the United States between North Carolina and Maine. On a personal level, this is a time to begin nurturing your plans. Don’t be surprised if you are more introverted today. This is a time to get in touch with your feelings. And, it’s not always easy to communicate your feelings to other people. Perhaps it might be a good day to do things that relax you, such as taking a spa day or, weather permitting, going for a walk.

On July 14th, Venus forms an opposition to Pluto pulling your reflections in the direction of relationships. Difficult relationships could end if you’re not being nurtured. Or, you may decide that your external commitments are interfering with your family time.

As Venus enters Cancer on July 18th, the energy of the water grand trine begins. Again, this emphasizes a need to understand your feelings. You may feel a little scattered or even tired as any physical activity may just seem a bit too much. On the other hand, just the opposite could happen. You may actually feel energized because the plans you’re considering are in harmony with your emotional needs and you finally feel more optimistic about your personal situation.

Since emotions also rule the world’s psyche, this could be an erratic day for the stock market or world events.

On July 22, Mars enters Virgo and the Sun enters Leo. With the new Moon in Leo occurring on July 25th, these few days are a time to look at the details of any plans you’re creating. It’s a time to determine how to balance your physical and emotional needs with healthy approaches and enthusiastic ideals. Compassion for yourself and others is a key word here. With compassion, you’ll be able to understand how to move forward and include your loved ones and friends in your plans.

As the month ends, Venus completes the water grand trine by forming a trine to Jupiter on July 26th and a trine to Uranus on July 30th. Meanwhile, Mercury turns direct on July 28th. There’s a sense that you really can succeed in your plans for a successful life. All the regrouping you’ve done during this month is beginning to bring clarity into your life at this time.