October 2005: Building Alliances While Maintaining Personal Integrity

During the past several articles, the importance of Mars in Taurus was stressed. The reason was both astronomical as well as astrological. At this time, Mars is still making a beautiful appearance in the sky as it is at its highest point. Astrologically, Mars is important because it is in the sign of Taurus for a longer time period than its normal six or seven weeks. Mars is also important in the sign of Taurus because Taurus is on the Ascendant of the various cardinal ingress point charts found in the United States for the astrological year of 2005.

Mars once again exhibits its importance at the beginning of October because it turns retrograde on October 1, 2005. Although it will not remain retrograde more than a little over two months (still a long time period for Mars to remain in a sign), it will not leave the sign of Taurus until February 17, 2006.

A retrograde planet, on a personal level, means that the energy needs to go inward and be understood on a conscious level before the correct action can be taken. This is especially true when the planet is Mars. Normally, Mars is how you initiate action. It’s also how you show or handle anger. In retrograde and Taurus, Mars means that you have to understand what is really important to you before you take the action. Or, if you’re angry, Mars means that you have to determine if the fight really is that important. There are times when walking away from an argument enables a better win for you.

Venus is still in the sign of Scorpio for the next week, so it will make it easier for you to determine what is important to you. It will also make it easier for you to determine if walking away from an argument is the best solution.

Economically this is still a difficult time. There are so many demands on your money, either from your bills or charitable organizations. Setting priorities may seem more difficult right now because of the demands. The key is to take some of your hard earned dollars and do something that brings you pleasure. It’s important that you take some time to relax.

If you’re doing some home remodeling or recently signed a contract for remodeling, don’t be surprised if the estimated costs change very quickly. The price of goods in the construction and remodeling industries will escalate. Also, the stock market is continuing to move in a downward motion. New home starts and remodeling costs are another good barometer for gauging economic growth.

Those of you who have a fixed Sun sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius) will feel that life is stagnating or on hold while Mars is retrograde. Rather than feeling frustrated, take this time to reflect on personal matters. Also, take this time to reacquaint yourself with the things that really matter to you. Mars turns direct on December 9, 2005.

An annular solar eclipse occurs in Libra on October 3rd. The path of this eclipse can be seen in Portugal, Libya, Sudan, and Ethiopia, moving primarily through the center of Africa. Solar eclipses represent a shadowing of new things. It can indicate economic difficulties for new projects in nations near the eclipse path. Or, it can indicate attempts to develop new treaties or install new leaders who are concerned about the economic growth of their nations. This eclipse is critical because there are five energy points (Sun, Moon, Moon’s South Node, Mercury, and Jupiter) all in Libra. When there are three or more energy points in the same sign, this is called a stellium.

If this were a new Moon without the eclipse, this would be a good time to develop new alliances and personal relationships. However, an eclipse casts a shadow over new alliances, meaning that you won’t get all the information you need. It doesn’t matter whether there is intent to deceive you or not all the information is revealed. What does matter is that you really won’t get all the information you need about the other person or the motives. So, tread slowly if you are trying to develop new relationships with other people. This is especially true if your Sun sign is in Libra or Aries.

Since the Moon’s South Node is involved in this stellium, it also means that past relationships return in your life. Or, if it is a new relationship, that person really reminds you, perhaps too much, of past individuals in your life. So, problems from the past, in relationships or alliances, will come back and “bite you in the back.” Worse, you may not even be aware of those problems right now. And, it’s possible that you won’t see them until after the lunar eclipse which occurs on October 17, 2005. Internationally, this can prove very difficult with treaties and alliances. It can also indicate that international scandals, especially with organizations such as the United Nations, could be revealed after October 17, 2005.

The good news is that having Mercury and Jupiter in the stellium, especially Jupiter as the last planet of the stellium, means that through communications and willingness to compromise in an ethical manner, these problems and scandals can be resolved.

Venus entering Sagittarius on October 7th and after the solar eclipse is actually a good thing. Value is placed both on long-term goals and following legitimate paths to success. Just make certain that any promises made are realistic so that future difficulties are avoided. When Mercury moves into Scorpio the next day, October 8, take time to evaluate any plans that you made earlier in the month, especially those plans that involved compromise with other individuals. It’s important that you keep your thoughts private. You need to focus on your goals and plans. If you discuss them with the wrong people, you may find that they try to convince you to make changes that are in their best interest but not necessarily in your best interest.

The partial lunar eclipse occurs on October 17th and may bring up matters that were hidden from you during the Solar Eclipse which occurred earlier this month. A lunar eclipse occurs at the time of the full moon. This time the Sun is in Libra and the Moon is in Aries. Again, the focus is on your relationships and alliances with other people. Basically, it’s important for you to understand how to compromise without giving up your individual needs. This is especially true if your Sun sign is in Libra or Aries.

As mentioned with Mercury entering Scorpio, keeping personal information private is important. This is stressed again on October 23rd when the Sun enters Scorpio. In your negotiations with people, discuss the important aspects pertaining to the negotiations. But, don’t give away too much information, especially personal information. There’s a tendency for people to talk too much and not listen. Listening is more important right now if you want to find that area of compromise without giving up your individual needs. At the same time, it’s important to ask questions that confirm what you thought you heard, especially if your Sun sign is in Scorpio. As long as you ask the right questions and listen to the answers, you be able to negotiate well.

On October 25, 2005, a new 12 to 13-year cycle begins. This is a Jupiter cycle with Jupiter moving into Scorpio. This energy will last for approximately 13 months until November 24, 2006. The last time this cycle occurred was from November 10, 1993 to December 9, 1994.

Jupiter represents several aspects of society: Economics, religion, government regulations and the judicial system, higher education, health and scientific changes or growth. Scorpio also represents similar aspects of society, especially economics, government regulations, and health and scientific changes. Only a few of the changes under Jupiter in Scorpio can be mentioned in this article. For more detailed information, you may want to read my book, Trend Analysis for 2005.

Jupiter in Scorpio represents the desire to scramble for wealth and avoid debts coming due. Yet, historically any overstated profit or exaggerated spending comes due at this time. In the negative, this represents economic fallout that could increase the number of failed companies. Get rich quick schemes, such as pyramid schemes, increase during this time period and also fail faster. Countries that overspend either economically or environmentally find themselves in difficulty. Interest rates tend to rise, making it more difficult for mortgages, credit cards, and other forms of loans. So, take the time to read all the fine print when considering any financial incentives or loans (including credit cards). They may look good in the marketing section, but there are also exorbitant fees or interest rate increases attached.

On a spiritual level this need to scramble for wealth and avoid debts coming due is really learning about the prices you need to pay when you want something in life. It is a time to look at the cost of your actions. During this cycle, there really is no avoiding paying what it owed.

Seeing Jupiter in Scorpio from a spiritual point of view explains its more positive aspects. There is a tendency, when Jupiter is in Scorpio, to want to become a steward for the world. Scorpio often represents trash and pollution. But it also represents valuing the need to safeguard what you have. So, historically, communities and governments start seeing the economic value of safeguarding its treasures and resources, much as India did in 1982 when it instituted a “pollution free” zone around the historic site of Taj Mahal in Agra to prevent pollution destruction.

You’ll even hear of more international corporations adding an accounting practice called the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). GRI is a form of non-financial reporting. It was first promoted in the 1990s by non-government organizations (NGOs). NGOs were concerned about the environmental and employee attitudes of major corporations in developing countries. The purpose of the reports was to determine the environment and social impact of major corporations doing business in the development countries. Although the actual economic value of these reports is not clearly defined, they could help potential stockholders do a better risk assessment of the products and services offered. At this time, the reports are being prepared by the U.N. Environmental Programme and SustainAbility, a consulting firm, in partnership with Standard & Poor’s (S&P). Britain is considering making it a requirement for its firms. In a 2004 survey conducted by Economist Intelligent Unit (a “sister” company of Economist magazine) and Deloitte, 249 corporate executives and directors were asked about non-financial accounting. Of the respondents, three-fourths stated their companies were under pressure to develop non-financial measurements.

Part of becoming a steward of the world also means that information between different individuals from different cultures continues to increase. Historically, Jupiter in Scorpio represents studies and advancements in magnetic energy and electricity. While companies will be more willing to install grids in your home so that you can have a totally wireless home entertainment unit, other companies and universities will produce items that can let you take an internet hot spot to any remote location, making it easier for you to have access with other people. One of the fascinating mechanical products to watch is the self-powered backpack battery that continues to recharge just from walking. As more forms of information devices become wireless, it will be more difficult for barriers, either economic or political, to interfere with your ability to communicate and learn about other people. These, and other advances, will create a paradigm shift. Although Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 25, 2005, you may not see all these possibilities until the end of 2006. Yet, it’s fun to know about it in advance and understand the spiritual implications of living in a smaller world.

The next day, October 26, 2005, Neptune turns direct and a few days later, on October 30, 2005, Mercury enters Sagittarius. Neptune’s change of direction may be subtle, but Mercury moving into Sagittarius increases Neptune’s energy. If you had any secrets, this is the time they become public knowledge. If there was any corporate deception, it will be revealed. Basically, it’s important that you be very careful with any information you share because it will become public knowledge quickly. The key to using the energies this month is to maintain your personal integrity while building alliances.