June 2014 – Relationships and You

Important energies for the month of June 2014:

  • Ceres in Libra turns stationary direct on June 1, 2014.
  • Mercury in Cancer returns in bounds on June 5, 2014.
  • Mercury in Cancer turns stationary retrograde on June 7, 2014 and will remain retrograde until July 1, 2014.
  • Neptune in Pisces turns stationary retrograde on June 9, 2014.
  • Full Moon with Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius occurs on June 13, 2014.
  • Mercury retrograde re-enters the sign of Gemini on June 17, 2014.
  • Chiron in Pisces turns stationary retrograde on June 20, 2014.
  • Sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 21, 2014.
  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Cancer occurs on June 27, 2014.

Relationships and You

By Misty Kuceris ©2014

The month of June begins with Ceres in Libra turning stationary direct on June 1st. It went retrograde on February 27, 2014 when it was in Scorpio and re-entered the sign of Libra on March 22, 2014. When Ceres was retrograde you needed to re-evaluate your relationships and determine if those relationships provided you with nurturing and mutual support. With Ceres now turning direct, you need to determine if they are worth holding onto. You may find that they are requiring more energy than you can give. If so, it’s time to let go of them. If the relationships are worth keeping, you’ll find an increased level of mutual respect and support.

Neptune is often seen as the higher octave of Venus. So, when Venus forms a sextile to Neptune on June 4th, you may feel as if you want to tune into your higher spiritual nature in order to understand the world. You may also want to find a way to express your love to other people. You just need to be careful not to expect too much of others. There’s a tendency to hear what you want to hear rather than what is being said. There’s also a tendency to see the other person in a romantic light even if that light doesn’t exist. If you do listen to your spiritual nature, you’ll find a way to make sense of what is real and what is illusion. One area where you’ll need to be careful is with your finances. This is not a day to go out and make any major purchases because there are hidden costs associated with the purchase that drives up the price substantially.

Mercury in Cancer returns in bounds on June 5th. It went out of bounds on May 11, 2014 when it was in Gemini. When Mercury was out-of-bounds there was a danger that you would say things you regretted. You may not have considered what your words meant to other people. Now with Mercury back in bounds, you can pay attention to your words and use nurturing language where it is needed. You can also help other people understand that you didn’t necessarily mean any harm with your words.

The opportunity to take back hurtful words continues on June 7th when Mercury in Cancer turns stations retrograde. Mercury will be retrograde until July 1, 2014. Not only is there an opportunity to take back hurtful words, but there is also an opportunity to deal with your own fears that get in the way of your success. You’ll be able to understand that those fears have no value in your life. You’ll be able to find ways to release those fears.

With Mercury retrograde in the sign of Cancer, you need to spend time with your family. You also need to focus on matters that involve your home. If there were things about your home that you neglected, now is the time to take care of them unless they involve some major mechanical issues. And, if you were thinking about any interior home design or any landscape design, now is the time to put your thoughts down on paper so that when Mercury goes direct you can implement your plans.

Venus forming a trine to Pluto retrograde on June 8th is actually a nice aspect. You are willing to make commitments in your life that have a very important and emotional meaning. You can find out just where you stand in relationships. You can surround yourself with good people who support your goals and provide you with love and understanding. You can also focus on what’s important in your life and go after it.

When Neptune turns stationary retrograde on June 9th, you may not feel the energy very much. While it’s in retrograde motion this is a good time to think about your dreams and see if there’s a way to apply those dreams realistically. You may not act on those dreams now, but that’s all right. Just understanding them is good enough.

June 13th is an important day when it comes to relationships in your life. Venus makes two aspects at the same time just a few minutes before the full Moon occurs. The two aspects Venus makes are an opposition to Saturn retrograde and a sextile to Chiron. Normally when Venus forms an opposition to Saturn, there is this feeling that no matter what you do, you’re not good enough. You feel like you have to please other people in order to get what you want. However, that feeling will be different because of the aspect Venus makes to Chiron. With Venus forming a sextile to Chiron, you have the opportunity to heal relationships that weren’t working out. You can find ways to move forward with your life. With Venus also making an opposition to Saturn retrograde at exactly the same time, you may find that the best way to heal a relationship is to leave it. You don’t want to be around people who criticize your actions and don’t let you be who you really are.

The full Moon which occurs on June 13th has the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius indicating that you can communicate your needs and goals to other people. With the Moon is in Sagittarius you want to reach for the stars. But with the Sun in Gemini you may need to understand how to communicate those details to other people. You may also find that you need to “delete” some people from your life if they are unable to give you the support you need. Just don’t rush too quickly in making the decision to remove people from your life. Make sure they understand what you’re trying to say. And, take time to listen to their concerns. If their concerns are based on fears that you’ll change, than perhaps you need to stop seeing them. But if their concerns are based making sure that you know what you’re doing, you may have some good advisers in your life.

With Venus forming a quincunx to Ceres on June 14th, you’ll have a chance to think about which relationships are really important in your life. You’ll be able to get a better understanding of whether or not those individuals really have your best interests at heart. You may find that by relating to them in another way, the relationship actually improves.

When Mars forms a square to Pluto retrograde on June 14th, you may feel frustrated because things seem to slow down. You may even feel as if you’re re-experiencing some of the tension that you went through in April 2014. Mars is returning to the same degree point that it was at when it formed the cardinal grand cross in April 2014 so echoes of events from that time period will definitely resonant again.

It’s important that you don’t let other people control your actions. You also don’t want other people to tell you what to do. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself reacting to people rather than enacting to situations in your life. Unfortunately, if you do start reacting to circumstances, people will be able to manipulate you. You may feel frustrated to the point of anger. Just keep your anger under control and use this energy to focus your life on what you feel you need to do.

When Mercury re-enters the sign of Gemini in retrograde motion on June 17th, you have many opportunities to make amends if you said some you didn’t mean when Mercury was out of bounds between May 11th and June 5th. This is a good time to think about things that are important in your life and decide what you want to do with the information. It’s a good time to go through all your files and decide which ones need to be tossed. You may even want to review your needs as it relates to computers, software, and social media. One thing to remember: Don’t say too much at this time because you may find that information comes back to haunt you when Mercury turns direct on July 1, 2014.

June 18th could be a wonderful day with Venus forming a sextile to Jupiter. You have a lot of opportunities coming your way. So many, in fact, that you may feel overwhelmed. Remember, you don’t have to act on all the opportunities. Take the time to pick and choose. Don’t be surprised if new relationships enter your life and bring even more opportunities for personal growth.

When Chiron turns stationary retrograde on June 20th take the time to look at your life and see where healing needs to occur. You’ll be able to release negative situations from your life. You’ll even be able to understand what self-defeating behaviors exist and how you can stop them from interfering with your happiness.

The Sun enters the sign of Cancer on June 21st and the Summer Equinox, in the western hemisphere, begins. As with the Aries ingress chart that occurred in March 2014, the Ascendant for this chart set up for Washington, DC is in Cancer. This means that family and personal security will be very important over the next three months. During this time period discuss long-term goals with your family. Find out what they want. Discuss ways to appreciate the differences each of you brings to the family while still supporting each other’s mutual goals.

Venus enters the sign of Gemini on June 23rd. Venus isn’t always the most easiest planet when it’s in the sign of Gemini. Venus wants to feel emotional and situations. But suddenly the intellect is valued. It’s more difficult to feel what other people need. You actually have to take the time and listen to their concerns. You may not agree, but you need to show them respect for their opinions.

On June 25th, Mars forms an opposition to Uranus and once again you’ll feel tensions that remind you of April 2014. You want to rush into things without necessarily considering all the consequences of your actions. You want to get rid of any barriers that are standing in your way. But, you may be rushing too quickly. You need to slow down before you make any serious changes that you might regret later. You need to make certain that you don’t get into arguments because what you want to do doesn’t necessarily agree with what other people want to do. You need to watch your actions. If you react too quickly, you may get into trouble. This could also be a day of accidents if you’re not careful. There will be a lot of trauma that’s going on in the world. Do the best you can not to get involved in that trauma.

The need to put your family first continues on June 27th when the new Moon with both Sun and Moon in Cancer occurs. It will actually be easier than you think because the new Moon forms a sextile to Venus. You want to understand what people are saying to you. You want to see their points of view. And, you want this same understanding from others. Listening, on all sides, will actually be easier.

As the month of June comes to an end, Mars forms a quincunx to Chiron retrograde and Venus forms a square to Neptune retrograde on June 29th. This day can go either way. You may feel that forgiveness is important so that you can get over any perceived slights from other people and just go on your way. Or, you may feel that you’re a victim who’s not going to take it anymore. You don’t want to let other people deceive you. At the same time, you don’t want to just take everyone at their word. The best thing to do this day is to pull back and meditate on your personal needs and just how they operate in your relationships with other people. If you can do that, you’ll be able to understand what people are really trying to say. About the only area of your life where this won’t be totally true is in the financially arena. This is not a day to make any major purchases or sign any major contracts. There are hidden costs which will make you regret your purchase later.