December 2020 – Now You Need Information

Important astrological energies for the month of December 2020:

  • Total Solar Eclipse (NM) with Sun and Moon in Sagittarius occurs on December 14, 2020. This is the last eclipse of the year.
  • Saturn re-enters Aquarius on December 17, 2020. Saturn initially entered the sign of Aquarius on March 21, 2020. It turned retrograde on May 11, 2020 and re-entered the sign of Capricorn on July 1, 2020. It turned direct in Capricorn on September 29, 2020. It will remain in the sign of Aquarius until March 7, 2023.
  • Jupiter enters Aquarius on December 19, 2020. It will remain in the sign of Aquarius until May13, 2021 when it enters the sign of Pisces. It turns retrograde in Pisces on June 20, 2021, and re-enters the sign of Aquarius on July 28, 2021. It will remain in Aquarius until December 28, 2021.
  • Sun enters Capricorn and the Winter Solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere on December 21, 2020.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Aquarius on December 21, 2020. This aspect occurs only once.
  • Full Moon with Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer occurs on December 29, 2020.

Now You Need Information

By Misty Kuceris ©2020

As the month of December begins, there are concerns of the coronavirus and COVID increasing while hope is also on the rise as companies are announcing success stories in the introduction of vaccines aimed at ridding the world of the deadly effects of the virus. Meanwhile, the United States has encountered one of the strangest election cycles in its history. With all of this, the month of December is going to be an intense astrological month as the last eclipse of the year occurs, two planets, Saturn and Jupiter, both enter the sign of Aquarius, and they form a conjunction to each other before moving on.

When Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius on December 1st, you want information. You want to know what’s going on in the world. But, at the same time, you need to be a little cautious. The positive aspect of Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius is that you’re willing to push current boundaries so you can create new realities. But the negative side of Mercury in the sign of Sagittarius is that you just want to justify belief systems that aren’t based in reality. By seeking the truth, you’ll be able to start discerning what information enables you to succeed and what information keeps you trapped in situations which prevent your success.

A few days after Mercury enters the sign of Sagittarius, it forms a square to Ceres and a trine to Chiron on December 4th. When Mercury forms the square to Ceres, you want to understand your environment and what you need to do to keep safe. You may find that you have to compromise on some of your activities, but that’s alright. As Mercury forms a trine to Chiron retrograde later in the day, you realize that discussing your concerns with other people actually increases your ability to be safe. Other people are also concerned about the same thing and are seeking ways to work together and stay safe.

When Venus forms a trine to Neptune on December 5th, you continue to want to work with other people so you can find the best approach. You also want to approach life from a spiritual perspective. This is a good day to let other people know how much you care for them. This is also a good day for creative ventures as well.

As Venus forms a quincunx to Mars on December 6th, you may feel that other people are suddenly deceiving you, especially since Mercury forms a quincunx to Uranus retrograde later in the day. Uranus brings in unexpected information. Quincunxes indicate that you need to make some important adjustments because the facts have changed. With Venus forming the quincunx to Mars, you may respond in an angry manner because you feel you are being taken advantage of. The best thing to do today is to hold off making any important decisions. Also, try to keep your thoughts to yourself since you won’t have all the facts until December 10th when Venus forms a sextile to Pluto.

As Venus forms the sextile to Pluto on December 10th, you feel more confident. Venus is in the sign of Scorpio which is ruled by Pluto. So, you may develop a deeper understand of what’s going on in the world and your life. You may also feel relieved that some action is taking place.

On the other hand with all the weirdness that’s going on with the election results in the United States and the total solar eclipse coming up on December 14th when the electors vote, there may be more power plays going on in the background trying to change the electoral votes.

You need to be very careful on December 13th as Mercury forms a square to Neptune. It could indicate a lot of deceit. What you hear isn’t the truth. There are too many different stories. There’s not enough verification of facts. You don’t want to sign any contracts today. You don’t want other people telling you what to do. You don’t want to believe others.

There is so much going on astrologically on December 14th which is an important date for the US elections. This is the day where the Electors meet to vote for the President and Vice President. After they vote, the results are delivered to the appropriate officials on December 23rd and finally delivered to Congress on January 6, 2021 where the votes are counted and the winner declared.

So, on December 14th, the last eclipse of the year, a total solar eclipse, occurs. But before that occurs, Mercury forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node. And, after the total solar eclipse, Venus forms a sextile to Jupiter in Capricorn and Ceres forms a sextile to Uranus retrograde.

With Mercury forming a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node, past events are going to be very important. And this aspect will become more important since the eclipse will be conjunct this point as well.

You need to look at your past. It’s now important for various sectors of society to find a way to come together. But that may be difficult with both Mercury and the Moon’s South Node in Sagittarius. While the positive of Sagittarius is to look towards the future and push current boundaries to create new realities, there is a negative side to Sagittarius. And, that negative side is to justify belief systems no matter what the reality is. For this reason, it may be more difficult to find ways to heal from divisive practices which occurred in the past.

When the total solar eclipse occurs it will be seen in the South Pacific, Chile, Argentina, and South Atlantic and is part of the Saros 142 series. A partial eclipse will be seen in the Pacific, Southern portion of South American, and Antarctica.

Although you won’t be able to see the eclipse in the United States, it will still be important as the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius form a conjunction to Mercury and a square to Neptune. It will also form a trine to Mars.

With the Sun and Moon in Sagittarius, you want to find the truth. But, eclipses can obscure matters. With the Sun and Moon forming a square to Neptune the truth is harder to get to. It helps that the Sun and Moon form a trine to Mars because this can indicate that there is energy from the everyone to get at the truth.

In addition to the Sun and Moon forming a trine to Mars, Mars forms squares to Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. This means that you may not like the truth but you’ll need to pay attention to it if you want to move on with your life. Any continued power struggles could lead to disruptions.

As Venus moves into the sextile with Jupiter and Ceres moves into a sextile with Uranus retrograde, you may feel a sense of hope. Venus indicates that you may start understanding just how valuable the future is. Meanwhile, Uranus retrograde indicates that you may get some new and unexpected information that can help you move on with your life.

Before Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius on December 15th, it forms a sextile to Saturn. This indicates that things can get better. The economy looks better. People are more willing to move on with their lives. They are looking for ways to better their lives.

As Venus forms this sextile to Saturn, you take things more seriously. You don’t want to miss out on any important details. You want to make certain that you’re getting everything right. This is a good time to create a plan of action so you can move forward with your life.

When Venus enters the sign of Sagittarius the truth becomes more important. You don’t want other people to tell you what to do. You want to make up your own mind. You also want to push the boundaries of what you can do in life. You’re ready to move on.

This desire to find the truth continues as Chiron turns direct a few hours after Venus entered the sign of Sagittarius. You’re also willing to do what it takes to heal from situations. Chiron turned retrograde on July 11, 2020 and during the time period that it was retrograde you may have felt there wasn’t that much you could do to take care of situations. However, now that it is direct, you feel as if you can create a plan of action.

December 17th, is a critical day as Saturn re-enters Aquarius. When Saturn enters a new sign, it represents a paradigm shift which occurs approximately every 28 years for about 2.5 years. And with everything going on in the world, this paradigm shift is very important right now.

Saturn initially entered the sign of Aquarius on March 21, 2020. It turned retrograde on May 11, 2020 when it was only 1º57” of Aquarius. It re-entered the sign of Capricorn on July 1, 2020. It turned direct in Capricorn on September 29, 2020. It will remain in the sign of Aquarius until March 7, 2023.

It’s not uncommon for the outer plants to enter a new sign for just a degree or two and turn retrograde only to enter the previous sign for a short time period. What happened is that when Saturn was in the sign of Square from March 21, 2020 until July 1, 2020, you got a sense of the various paradigm shifts that could occur when Saturn finally enters the sign of Aquarius and remains there as it will not.

The last time that Saturn was in Aquarius was from February 6, 1991 to May 21, 1993 and again from June 30, 1993 to January 28, 1994.

The paradigm shift that occurs when Saturn changes signs deals with situations in society: rules and regulations that must be maintained and the body of the government that administers these rules and regulations. It also represents the collective history of corporations and other institutions. On a personal level, Saturn represents how you structure your life so you can live in society as well as what’s important to you and how you relate to others.

Aquarius represents friends and acquaintances: People in your life that you associate with but are not necessarily intimate with. On a wider level, Aquarius represents the need for governments to grow through the interaction with other governments. It also represents inventions and new concepts that are introduced on a global level.

Saturn rules both Capricorn and Aquarius, although a lot of people forget its rulership of Aquarius. Too often they give the rulership of Aquarius only to Uranus. But Saturn in Aquarius represents the need to create structures around new inventions and ideas, as well as societal approaches to new concepts. Saturn in Aquarius also represents the need of society to communicate with each other; therefore you’ll often find advances in any form of communication technology. Finally, and most importantly, Saturn in Aquarius represents the desire of government leaders to level the playing field when it comes to wealth.

But there is also a dark side to Saturn in Aquarius. It can represent where you repress your need to make changes in your life. Or, it can represent where you allow other people to dictate the changes. Therefore, Saturn in Aquarius can also rule dictatorships.

So what paradigm shifts did you get a hint of when Saturn first entered Aquarius between March 21, 2020 and July 1, 2020?

During that time period, the biggest threat in the world came from the pandemic. Just before Saturn entered Aquarius on March 21st, Governor Gavin Newsom of California was the first governor to set mandatory stay-at-home restrictions on March 19th. Stay at home orders were in place as was social distancing and mask wearing. This threw an upheaval in the world and created political conflict as well. Unfortunately, the pandemic also became an excuse for taking away the rights of individuals.

But perhaps the most important aspect of when Saturn first entered Aquarius in this cycle was that the world reached a tipping point with inequality. On May 25, 2020, Amy Cooper called 911 stating that she was being threatened by a Black birder, Christian Cooper. All he did was ask her to leash her dog, a requirement in Central Park, New York. Worse, George Floyd was killed by Derek Chauvin under the guise of police submission. From all those events, structures started toppling in the United States and even other countries. In the United States, statues of Confederate leaders and soldiers, as well as Christopher Columbus were toppled. Bubba Wallace, NASCAR driver, stated on June 8, 2020, that the confederate flag should no longer fly during their races. Two days later, NASCAR banned the confederate flag. Unfortunately tensions escalated by July 2020 when Saturn was in retrograde motion and ready to return to the sign of Capricorn. Riots were out of control. Spikes of COVID increased. Trying to return to society as people knew it before these events was not going to happen.

Now with Saturn re-entering the sign of Aquarius, there is hope that the world may return to some form of normalcy. Various drug companies are developing vaccines to combat COVID-19. People are looking for a way to re-connect with other members of society. All of this leads to the question, with Saturn re-entering the sign of Aquarius, what can be expected over the next 2.5 years?

There is an underlying theme when Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius: you want as much equity as possible. You want a level playing field, whether this is economic, social, or spiritual. You don’t want to be left out of any changes that occur when it comes to improving your life.

In the past, when Saturn was in Aquarius, various economic measures where passed with the intent of securing financial stability for the general population, such as the Federal Credit Union Act passed in 1934 with the intent that credit could be made available to all income levels. Therefore, expect various legislative bodies to try to resolve some of the harsh economic inequities that have occurred during the year 2020. At the same time, you’ll need to pay attention to various lending programs which allege they can provide you with credit while in fact, they have hidden costs and interest charges which can cause you more financial problems.

The other area of concern when Saturn is in Aquarius is the infrastructure of a country, such as water and sewer lines and the infrastructure of the world, such as global warming, climate change, water pollution, and pesticide use. If these areas aren’t taken care of, you’ll see increased problems. And, when Saturn is in Aquarius, solutions have to begin at the government level, not only the public level.

Great strides always seem to occur in the areas of communications and technology when Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius. And, a lot of this was accelerated starting in March when many parts of the world implemented stay-at-home (or stay-in-place) restrictions. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cloud-computing were already being touted as the next best thing, as well at 5G networks. Now, with more people using various cloud-based services (such as Zoom or Skype) to meet with others, you’ll see an increased need to speed up the implementation of 5G networks. And, with more governments trying to implement citizen tracking systems, you’ll see more research in the field of AI. Yet, there are also things which you’ll need to be cautious of. Like any computerized or technological system, the basis is developed by human beings. And, those humans will, whether they do it intentionally or not, put their biases into the AI technology.

What this all means is that with Saturn in the sign of Aquarius you may engage with a vast number of people via cloud-based technology, you may not have all the social (meaning in-person) engagements that you need. And, while you may feel that it’s important take care of the environment, you may find it difficult to agree on the right approach and this can lead to friction between you and others.

But, when Saturn is in Aquarius you do want to take things seriously. You do want to find a way to make your presence felt in the world. You want to be engaged.

December 19th is just as critical a day as December 17th was. The reason is that on December 19th, Jupiter enters the sign of Aquarius as well. It will remain in the sign of Aquarius until May 13, 2021 when it enters the sign of Pisces. It turns retrograde in Pisces on June 20, 2021, and re-enters the sign of Aquarius on July 28, 2021. It will remain in Aquarius until December 28, 2021.

Jupiter’s cycle is approximately 12 years and it stays in a sign for 13 month. Jupiter in Aquarius could prove to be a very interesting placement. Jupiter rules the desire to push boundaries as far as possible while Aquarius indicates either the desire to make changes through social movements or the belief that changes need to be made to save the social order. You could say that Jupiter is the antithesis of Saturn which wants to maintain the status quo, almost no matter what.

Where Saturn in Aquarius indicates that countries will try to do whatever possible to ensure economic growth, Jupiter in Aquarius indicates that government leaders will become more concerned, especially in the United States, with too much government spending and try to rein it in as Ronald Reagan tried with his trickle-down economics. On the other hand when Jupiter was in Aquarius in April 1938, Congress passed an emergency spending bill of $5 billion to help stimulate the economy. So, don’t be at all surprised if you see a lot more fighting in Congress over various stimulus packages. But, in the end, Congress will spend time finding ways to help people affected by the pandemic.

During the last month, advances focusing on COVID vaccines have accelerated with the questions now being asked, such as: Who will get the vaccine? How will the vaccine be disseminated? Who will trust the vaccine? How will governments increase the trust of vaccinations in their populations? And, when Jupiter is in the sign of Aquarius there is a focus on addressing health care crises which impact mass populations. So, not only will you see the COVID vaccination program spread rapidly during 2021, but you’ll also see other areas of health concerns increase, such as, increased sanitation requirements. And, since Jupiter rules long-distance travel, don’t be at all surprised if you’ll be required to bring proof of good health for various journeys you plan on taking.  

Utilizing the body’s own resources for healing also becomes more important when Jupiter enters Aquarius. Various studies of vitamins produce results at this time. Studies are already showing the importance of vitamins in the healing process. More people will be able to improve or maintain their health as they understand the use of vitamins in their daily dietary regiment. This will actually lead to an increased profitability for companies selling vitamins. This will also lead to more doctors using preventive medical techniques and working with nutritional therapists to improve diets.

When Saturn initially entered Aquarius in this current cycle, a tipping point was reached in the area of black lives matter. You may think that this movement has gone quiet, and perhaps it has right now as people deal with the news of the release of COVID vaccines, but the movement of racial and social equity won’t remain as quiet at it seems right now. As Jupiter moves into Aquarius, more people, especially younger individuals, are concerned about social and racial justice. They will find ways to take action by joining together with others individuals and groups. There is a lot of hope that somehow we can all come together and move away from divisiveness.

Basically, as Jupiter moves into Aquarius, you want to expand your understanding of the world. You don’t want to feel as if you’re left in the dark. You want to be a part of other people’s lives as you want them to be a part of your life. While it may not be easy with the pandemic still not resolved, you will find ways to socialize and interact with others.

After Jupiter enters the sign of Aquarius on December 19th, Venus forms a trine to Chiron. This energy strengthens your desire to be part of the world. You want to find a way to heal and you want to move on with your life.

This desire to be part of society continues on December 20th as Mercury enters the sign of Capricorn. While you want to feel secure and safe, you also want to find ways to re-enter the world and not be all alone.

Venus forms a quincunx to Uranus retrograde on December 21st before the solstice occurs and Jupiter forms a conjunction to Saturn after the solstice occurs.

You don’t know what can happen when Venus forms a quincunx to Uranus retrograde. You might run into some old friends that you didn’t see before. Or, you may find a new and exciting relationship that after a while you wonder why you even got involved. Too much excitement perhaps!

This is definitely a day where you want to think about what’s important to you and decide just how you want to approach life. It’s important that you take care of your needs because other people may not be there for you.

As the Sun moves into the sign of Capricorn, the last quarter of the astrological year occurs. In the Northern Hemisphere this is the Winter Solstice while in the Southern Hemisphere this is the Summer Solstice. When you move into the last quarter of the astrological year, you want to reflect on what occurred starting in March 2020 when the year began. Already, you know: The pandemic leading to stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and a new fashion statement: the mask. In addition to all of that, society on a global level moved towards a tipping point with racial and social equality. Yet, it also moved into more vitriol as various factions interpreted all of these events as political interference with their civil liberties. So, when this last quarter of the year begins, the Sun, as it enters the sign of Capricorn, forms a conjunction to Mercury indicating that in order to move forward with life, we must learn to communicate with each other. That means listening as well as speaking. And, asking questions so that we can understand each other better.

After the solstice occurs, Jupiter forms a conjunction to Saturn at 0º of Aquarius. Both Jupiter and Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius just a few days ago indicating the start of a new paradigm shift: Saturn with the hope of solidifying important societal changes while Jupiter with the hope of moving beyond the constraints created over the past year into a better future. This spiritual juxtaposition occurs approximately every 19 to 20 years. It’s the time in the world where we need to find the balance between throwing away everything and keeping too much. We need to understand how to take new and important concepts and implement them in the world so we can have a better life.

As Venus forms a square to Ceres on December 22nd you may decide that it is time to move on with life. You may realize that continuing to fight only brings on more problems. It may be time to find avenues of compromise.

On December 23rd, Mars forms the last square to Pluto in a triad sequence. You may not even remember about this triad sequence because the first time this square occurred was on August 13th when Mars was direct and Pluto was retrograde. The second time it occurred was on October 9th when Mars was retrograde and Pluto was direct.

You may feel very frustrated as Mars forms the square to Pluto. This frustration may even come from events that occurred around August 13th or October 9th when the squares occurred in this triad sequence. The reason that you may feel frustrated is that with Pluto involved, you feel as if other people are trying to control your life. And with Mercury forming a square to Chiron later in the day you realize that you need to watch your words. You don’t want to say something you’ll regret later.

Yet, at the same time, because this is the last time in this triad sequence that Mars forms a square to Pluto, you could find that tension occurs not so much from other people controlling your life but more from you wanting to move from situations where people are fighting and you don’t know quite how. The how is not as difficult as you think: Just understand your needs, don’t justify your behavior, and try to move on with your life.

You’re able to find ways to compromise with others on December 27th when Mercury forms a sextile to Ceres. You’re able to listen to what people have to say. You understand the meanings behind their words. You don’t take anything for granted. If you do need to negotiate, this is a good day to do so.

On December 29th, the last full Moon with Sun in Capricorn and Moon in Cancer of the year occurs. You’re tired of harboring at home. So you want to know have to create a safe space as you venture into the world. Because the Sun forms a trine to Uranus retrograde and the Moon forms a sextile, there is a lot of new information that you’re receiving. You need to be very cautious with what others are saying. And, you may not know who to believe. So, take everything with a grain of salt. Verify everything before you act on it.

As Venus forms a square to Neptune on December 30th, please be very careful with your finances. There are people out in the world who are willing to take advantage of your good nature. Be very cautious with contracts and, if at all possible, don’t sign any.

You also want to be cautious in your relationships with other people. They aren’t willing to tell you the truth. They may not lie outright. Instead, they may mislead you through the process of omission.

As the year ends, Venus forms a conjunction to the Moon’s South Node on December 31st. You may run into some old friends you haven’t seen or heard from in a while. You may look back at this year to see what you’ve gained and what you’ve lost. This is a good time to re-evaluate your life and see where you want to go from here and how you want to enter the New Year.

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