Jupiter in Sagittarius Opening the Door to a New Frontier

By Misty Kuceris ©2005 – ©2018

On November 8, 2018, USA east coast time, Jupiter enters Sagittarius and remains there until December 2, 2019. While representing a 12-year cycle, Jupiter in Sagittarius suggests that paradigm shifts are leading the way to a new frontier right here on planet earth. Psychologically, this new frontier is based on several themes:

• The desire for society to either seek the truth or hold on fervently to old concepts;

• The need to find ways to move beyond the current boundaries or increase barriers to prevent the move;

• The enthusiasm of economic change or the recklessness of overspending;

• The need to globalize or the need to increase nationalistic pride; and

• The need to legislate the direction of the changes or the barriers that prevent the changes.

Whenever you want to forecast trends in astrology, the place to begin is with a historical review.

This review, called historic regressive analysis, is actually a study of historic patterns. To conduct this review, you need to go back as many years as possible and look for similar events that occurred each time Jupiter, in this case, was in Sagittarius. By determining what patterns are the most active, you are able to make accurate forecasts for upcoming events.

After studying the historical cycles and determining patterns, the next step is to conduct current research on the areas emphasized by Jupiter in a particular sign. Personally I call this psycho-social analysis because of the need to determine the public’s psyche.

The end result is both a sense of the social climate changes that will occur when Jupiter is in Sagittarius as well as the means of determining how this information can best be utilized by various clients.

The areas of most significance when Jupiter is in Sagittarius are: Art, Civil Rights, Economics, Government Actions, and Inventions.


The most significant historical events occurred in 1924 and 1971. In 1924, the major movements were expressionism and Pablo Picasso’s abstract art. In 1971, conceptual art gained popularity. In the art world, realism deals with the actual representation. Everything else is considered an abstraction. In philosophy, conceptualism focuses on abstract concepts, not reality.

As Jupiter moves into Sagittarius more art will “move across borders” and blur the lines of what in the past was considered art. Paintings will contain various forms of media from video and audio expression to even scent. More people will turn to performance art as a means of personal expression. This will not be a “paint by numbers” time period.

People who are structured, linear personalities may find that personal expression seems more difficult because the trend is towards free expression without restrictions. Abstract thinkers will enjoy this period because they will feel restrictions are lifted.

In the advertising world, logos that appeal to the human psyche will be flowing in nature. The colors will blend more making it difficult to develop black and white logos. Companies will seek to use colors that appeal to the emotions. At the time that Jupiter was in Scorpio, scent started to make it’s entry into product packaging. (This makes sense as Scorpio rules noses.) As technology improves, scents will be used as a purchasing mechanisms to provoke emotional responses.

Civil Rights

In some ways, it’s difficult to separate civil rights from economic matters when Jupiter is in Sagittarius. Boundaries expand because global matters are more important. Expanding economic growth, especially with today’s technology, brings more information to people in many countries. Countries either change with this expansion or increase their borders to prevent the intrusion. In most instances, countries try to do both: Expand their global presence while maintain their protected sense of nationalism.

When people believe their viewpoints are the only true ones, they take on a religious fervor to make certain nothing changes those viewpoints. In 1983, Nigeria expelled two million Ghanian migrant workers because they feared the migrants would have a negative impact on the native workforce. Germans instituted the Nuremberg Laws against Jews in 1935. And, the United States, concerned about the number of slaves that were seeking freedom passed a law in 1793 enforcing the return of slaves to their owners.

If people are willing to embrace inclusion in their lives, actions are taken to increase civil liberties. While not a complete action of civil liberty, South Africa adopted a limited new constitution in 1983 that gave limited political rights to “colored” and “Asian” South Africans. This limited right still had a long way to go because it did not give political rights to “Black” South Africans. In 1960 students protested segregation by nonviolent sit-ins at whites-only lunch counters in Greensboro, NC. Jackie Robinson became the first African American to sign a contract with a major baseball club in 1947. And, the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution abolishing slavery was passed by Congress on January 31, 1865 when Jupiter was in Sagittarius. Its actual ratification was declared by the Secretary of State on December 18, 1865 when Jupiter was in Capricorn.

Since separating civil rights from economic matters is more difficult with Jupiter in Sagittarius, understanding current corporate growth is important. Today most corporations are global entities. Ownership of corporations is not limited to individuals in one country. The corporate workforce is not limited to one geographic location. For corporations, global presence is the “new frontier” of profitability.

As workers in various parts of the world are employed, their low levels of income increase. In addition, as their standards of living increase so will their demands for equity. These demands for equity will bring fights for civil rights and ends to caste systems that may exist in their country. These demands will also increase in the form of consumerism and the desire for more efficient technology to make their lives easier. The countries to really watch for this phenomenon are the Asian countries, especially India and China. In countries where specific occupations are being out-sourced the danger is that salaries will start decreasing while expenses continue to increase.

This move to go beyond national borders for laborers also has a backlash. As people see their jobs moving to different locations, unless they are trained for new jobs that could replace their lost jobs, they will start demanding political protections in the form of tariffs, border controls, and job security.


Economically, Jupiter in Sagittarius is considered “pay-back” time. If a solid financial foundation did not exist when actions were taken earlier, the cost is exacted at this time. Worse, it is very common when Jupiter is in Scorpio, the previous Jupiter cycle, that people borrow money to fund their ventures and the actual cost of borrowing is hidden. They expect that Jupiter in Sagittarius will bring rewards. However, for countries, this heavy borrowing can lead to federal deficits, inflation, or worse results.

King Edward II borrowed heavily from leading Florentine family banks when he needed to finance the Hundred Years’ War between England and France. He defaulted on those loans in 1343 leading to the bankruptcy not only of the family bankers but also many of their depositors. Spain was nationally bankrupt in 1557 when King Phillip II spent more money than realized in income. Yet, only a few years earlier, in 1521, Spaniards were looting the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan of its gold and silver and melting it down to send back to Spain as ingot. In a special commission, the Junta del Almirantazgo, issued a report in 1628 that the poverty of Spain was caused by the riches found in the Americas.

Federal deficits occur for either economic or resource reasons. Countries, such as China, are spending more resources, such as oil, as their economy grows and the need for energy increases. The United States continues to increase its federal deficit as it over extends itself with international military actions. India is also in need of increased resources, such as oil, as it increases its industrial sector. If care is not taken in limiting spending, countries will start to find that the limitation of resources and cash is creating economic difficulties for governments to continue spending today without regard for tomorrow. The danger with Jupiter in Sagittarius is that countries approach growth with such optimism that there is really very little regard to the danger of that growth.

This danger in spending tomorrow’s cash today also extends to a personal level. It’s interesting to note that many advances in the use of credit cards also occur when Jupiter is in Sagittarius. In 1888, Edward Bellamy wrote a book, Looking Backward: 2000 – 1887, where he introduced a Utopian society that used credit cards instead of cash. The ATM machine was conceived in 1971. In 1995, the English National Westminster Bank developed Mondex, an electronic cash payment system while one year later Visa introduced a similar system. It’s difficult with rising retail costs and declining salaries to live on one’s income in countries such as the United States. Yet, the use of credit cards, with increasing higher interest rates and late-fee penalties sets people up to not only live beyond their income, but to also pay for that life style four times over before the debt is cleared. In addition, changes will occur in regulations regarding collection agencies making it more difficult for people to get out of debt without injuring their credit rating.

Theoretically, there are “controls” in place that will prevent another national or global depression, such as the one that hit the international market, especially Germany and England, in 1923 and 1924. However, nations need to proceed with caution if these “controls” are to remain in place. Solutions, such as tax increases, will be implemented. The search for new resource sources will have an environmental impact that increases global warming. Countries, such as Russia, China and Venezuela, will consider nationalizing certain industries.


There is a tendency for governments to become reckless when Jupiter is in Sagittarius. The belief is either that officials are above the laws or that the end justifies the means. Remember that the psyche of Jupiter is to justify actions. While government scandals occur when Jupiter is in Scorpio, Jupiter in Sagittarius represents legal action and “pay-back” making these scandals the focus of public debate and legal action during Jupiter in Sagittarius. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan backed the Contra rebels against the Marxist Sandinista government of Nicaragua. On March 29, 1971, Lt. William Calley Jr. was found guilty of premeditated murder in the My Lai massacre. One year later, 1972, five men were arrested inside the Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate complex and the cover-up began. Information regarding the Teapot Dome scandal was revealed in 1923 leading to the arrest and conviction of Albert Bacon Fall, Secretary of The Department of the Interior for accepting a $100,000 bribe in connection with the Elk Hills Naval Oil Reserve in California.

Jupiter in Sagittarius can lead to a crisis in leadership if hubris runs amok. This can be true in both your personal life and on the global scene. There is a tendency to believe that the “means justify the ends.” The key to preventing this is to hold people accountable as they take on the reins of leadership.


Many of the inventions that surface during Jupiter in Sagittarius are directly connected with travel and the desire to increase mobility. The first steam road carriage was constructed by N.J. Cugnot in 1769. A few years later, in 1782, James Watt invented the double-action rotary steam engine. The early version of the electromagnetic motor was constructed in 1829 by American physicist John Henry. Several other inventions directly benefited the automobile industry: the pneumatic tire invented by J.B. Dunlop in 1888 and the first practical electric self-starter for automobiles developed by Charles F. Kettering of the United States in 1922.

The current oil crisis has lead President Bush to order that alternative fuels to cars become a standard by 2012. Research for alternate fuels is taking place in areas such as ethanol, methanol, compressed natural gas (CNG), biodiesel, and even solar panels. Yet, research for alternative car fuels is not new. Biodiesel, which at this time processes vegetable oil, rendered chicken fat, or used fried oil, was demonstrated by Rudolf Diesel’s engine using peanut oil at the 1900 Paris World Exposition when Jupiter was in Sagittarius.

Jupiter in Sagittarius also rules electromagnetic energy and inventions connected with electronics. As early as 1663, Guericke constructed a frictional electrical machine. In 1745, Ewald Jurgen von Kleist invented the capacitor “Leyden jar,” a fundamental electrical current element. And, in 1888, Nikola A. Testa constructed the electric motor manufactured by George Westinghouse.

Technology, enabling people to communicate over long distances, became very important. The first telegraphy in Paris – Lille was established in 1794. India established its telegraph system in 1853. The Atlantic cable was finally completed in 1865. This technology moved into the transmission of sound. On March 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell was able to transmit the sound of the human voice over the telephone. One year later, Thomas Alva Edison invented the phonograph. American scientist R.A. Fessenden was able to transmit human speech via radio waves in 1900. Lee de Forest demonstrated the process for sound motion pictures in 1923. The long-playing record was invented by Peter Goldmark of the United States in 1948. And, the compact disc was introduced in 1983.

In 1888, Heinrich Hertz and Oliver Lodge independently identified radio waves as belonging to the same family as light waves. English physicist E.V. Appleton demonstrated that radio waves of a sufficiently short wavelength could penetrate the Heaviside layer. United States scientists developed a laser device (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) in 1960 and the optical microwave laser was constructed in that year.

The scientific developments in electromagnetic technology are exciting in that it removes boundaries in the areas of communication and social interaction. One of the products under study and development is a “walking” battery charger. Just stick this into your backpack, walk a bit in the wilderness, pull out your wireless computer when in a hotspot, and you have instant messaging.

The new frontier

Jupiter in Sagittarius opens the door to a new frontier here on earth. It enables you to move beyond your living space in virtual reality and touch the lives of other people. It gives you an opportunity to learn just how diverse this world is. While new concepts may be frightening, they are also rewarding.

Globalization can lead to hubris and overspending of the earth’s resources. Yet, it will also create economic reasons for saving the world’s resources. Countries cannot afford the price of bankruptcy.

People can now find opportunities to improve their lives. Some of these improvements occur because injustices can no longer be hidden by geographical distances. Other improvements occur because economic growth cannot maintain levels of poverty. Historically, countries that have broad chasms between economic classes fail to succeed economically.