Refranation in Astrology

Planets in Refranation: What It Means

By Misty Kuceris ©2015 – ©2018

When you look at my void-of-course listings, you’ll see that there are some days when I write that the Moon may appear to go void-of-course later than it actually does but that the planet moves into refranation before the aspect is made. So, what is refranation and why is it important?

In horary or electional astrology, the movement of the Moon indicates the various interactions you can expect from the situation, the event, or the day. However, the key word here is interaction. The Moon needs to make a Ptolemaic aspect to another planet in order for an interaction to occur. (A Ptolemaic aspect is a conjunction, trine, sextile, square, or opposition. At times these aspects are called major aspects) So, when the Moon is in a sign but no longer makes an applying Ptolemaic aspect, it is said to be void-of-course. There is no action which you can expect to occur because the Moon isn’t interacting with anything.

Sometimes though, it looks like the Moon is going to interact with a planet, such as some of those days indicated in my void-of-course listings. Yet, before the Moon can reach the planet while in a particular sign, that other planet leaves its sign and the poor Moon can no longer form an aspect to it. That’s refranation. Think of it this way: The Moon says, “I wanted to interact with you, but you refrained from me making progress by leaving the room.”

So, what does it mean when you’re interpreting the actions for the day or the horary chart? Basically, the Moon is chasing the planet, hoping to interact, and never connecting. And, that’s just the way you’ll feel on those days in the areas of your life indicated by the planet in refranation.

Planets in refranation and their meanings

The planets which you’ll see in refranation most often are the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Occasionally, you’ll see other planets, such as Jupiter in refranation.

Sun: You need to deal with something of personal importance today and you think that you may achieve it. But, as the day goes on you realize that it was only a hope and not a reality.

Mercury: You either need to deal with some important paperwork or discuss a critical matter with another individual. But, even if you are able to work on either the paperwork or meet with the individual, the topic will never come to fruition. So, do your best not to have any important meetings at this time.

Venus: You may be concerned about relationship or financial matters although this usually deals more with financial matters. This is not a good time to negotiate any financial matters because what you thought you agreed on either will not come to fruition or will be changed. If you are involved in a relationship situation, you may find that the other person just doesn’t care right now.

Mars: If you were thinking about aggressively pursuing a matter, you’ll put it off because suddenly you don’t feel like dealing with it. This is not the best time to initiate new projects that require a lot of follow through. By the time the project is ready to start, your focus is on another project.

Jupiter: You think you know which direction to take with new projects. However, as you start on the new project, you realize that there is still some old business to complete.