June 2006: Maintaining self-confidence in a world of global change

June 2006 is an intense month for a number of reasons: There is an underlying current of a fixed grand cross, a fixed T-square, a major paradigm shift with the Moon’s North Node entering Pisces, and the second in the series of Jupiter square Saturn. June is also the month of the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere.

The month begins with the fixed grand cross already in operation. It actually began when Venus entered Taurus on May 29, 2006. The planets involved on June 1st are Venus, Saturn, Jupiter retrograde, Chiron and Neptune. Mars becomes part of this grand fixed cross on June 3rd when it enters Leo.

Energetically, a fixed grand cross represents a sluggish feeling. There is a need to slow down and really consider how past events impact your life today. The fact that Venus and Mars are involved represents that these events are personal and deal with relationships, both professional and intimate. At the same time, the fact that Jupiter retrograde and Saturn are involved means that there is also a need to consider the global perspective and its impact in your personal life. It’s not easy to actually move forward because either people or events try to keep you in the past. Spiritually, this is a time to really determine your goals by trusting your instincts and preparing a strong foundation by which those goals can be achieved.

The need to trust your instincts is so strong on June 1, 2006 when Mercury forms an opposition to Pluto. This is a day when other people try to manipulate your decisions. If you need to negotiate anything on this day, make certain that you fully know what goals you need to achieve from those negotiations. If you aren’t certain, you’ll find that you end up with a situation you didn’t want. The key is to nurture your decisions, especially as Mercury enters Cancer which is the same day that Mars joins the fixed grand cross.

Between June 4 – June 7, Venus will go through the most intense portion of the fixed Grand Cross. Within those four days, you’ll need to consider how your goals fit into your value system. Financially, this could be a difficult time for you. But, the key here is to remember how important things are in your life. This is a good time to do little things for yourself that bring love into your life. By the time the full Moon occurs, you’ll really be able to communicate your needs to other people. You’ll also find it easier to let go of circumstances that increase your feelings of being stuck.

The fixed Grand Cross ends on June 15th when Venus forms a square to Neptune. This can be a time when your dreams start gaining form. Or, it could be a time when you realize some of those dreams are unrealistic and you need to let go of them. You may feel some tension as you let go of those unrealistic dreams. But, you’ll also start feeling better as you let go.

On June 18th, Mars forms a conjunction to Saturn and the energy of the fixed T-square begins to surface. The planets and asteroid involved in this fixed T-square are Mars, Saturn, Jupiter retrograde, Chiron, and Neptune. This energy doesn’t end until July 22, 2006 when Mars enters Virgo.

In a T-square, there is a sense that something is missing from your ability to succeed. There is also the feeling that things are progressing the way that you want them to. Yet, now you feel that you have a clue as to what is missing. The question isn’t what’s the clue, but how do you incorporate it in your life. In this case, the missing energy is that of Taurus, the sign that Venus left a few days earlier. So, the clue is that success will come and the feeling of being stuck will leave if you honestly believe in the plan you’re set for your life. Spiritually, this is the time to really believe in yourself. This is the time to make certain that you do things in your life that brings love into your life. This can be a great time of healing for you.

When Mars forms a square to Jupiter retrograde, you may start feeling impatient. But, that’s all right. It means that you are ready to move forward on an emotional level. And, it also means that you may still have to get more things in order before you progress.

On June 21, 2006, the Sun enters Cancer and the Summer Solstice begins in the northern hemisphere. In many ways, the world events will be similar to those that occurred in March 2006: Leadership questions and struggles; immigration and other border issues; and economic concerns. This is the halfway point of the astrological year and again its time for you to focus on how you want to incorporate changes in your life that enable you to move towards your goals. This is a period where you learn that compromise can bring more success than a stubborn desire to just push ahead. This is also a time to learn that you can’t do everything all alone. Building coalitions and developing other relationships are important right now.

The following day, June 22, two important astrological events occur. The Moon’s North Node enters Pisces in the morning and Jupiter forms a square to Saturn in the afternoon, USA east coast time. The Moon’s North Node represents a paradigm shift while the square of Jupiter to Saturn represents a need to put the brakes on actions that are too expensive and not necessarily well conceived.

The Moon’s North Node is a 19-year cycle that lasts until December 18, 2007. When trying to understand the Moon’s North Node, it’s also important to understand the Moon’s South Node. In mundane astrology, the Moon’s North Node represents the direction of leadership in promoting changes while the Moon’s South Node represents the results of that direction. In personal astrology, the Moon’s North Node represents what you strive for in this life on a spiritual level and the Moon’s South Node represents what talents you have that can create a balance in your life between the spiritual and material aspects of your life.

As the Moon’s North Node moves into the sign of Pisces, it becomes important to find ways to view the world from a compassionate point of view. If this occurs, the result emphasizes the Virgo nature of the Moon’s South Node meaning that your daily routine becomes easier as you focus on your health, the environment, and agreements with other people. It’s also important to know that Pisces rules fears and Virgo rules the results of your actions that are based on fears. Therefore, this is an important time not to let fears drive your actions. Negative results can lead to problems of health or difficulties in your daily life, especially where other people end up controlling your actions.

Historical examples really show how the entry of the Moon’s North Node into Pisces reflect many societal shifts.

Pisces represents the disenfranchised of society while Virgo represents programs the governments establish or promote. Historically, this has represented extremes in society. In 1933, Adolph Hitler was appointed German Chancellor and granted full powers of leadership under the Enabling Act. A boycott of Jews began and the first concentration camps were established. In 1950, Senator Joseph McCarthy advised President Truman that the State Department was riddled with Communists and Communist sympathizers. That year Congress, over presidential veto, passed the MaCarran Act forbidding entry into the United States of aliens who belonged to totalitarian organizations and placing severe restrictions against Communists. Yet, during the same year, 1950, riots against apartheid occurred in Johannesburg, South Africa. And, in 1857, Tsar Alexander II began to emancipate serfs in Russia.

Basically, Pisces can represent fears which leadership can utilize to promote their agendas. At the same time Pisces can also represent compassion that leadership can use to implement social and spiritual changes in the world.

The desire for a better life increases when the Moon’s North Node is in Pisces. For this reason, the environment becomes very important. Historically, countries and corporations become more involved with providing safety in the environment. For example, in 1988, eight major toiletry companies, including Beecham, Gillette, and Reckitt and Colman, decided to phase out ozone-hostile aerosols by 1989. Since Pisces rules drugs and chemicals, you’ll see more concern over the health effects of pharmaceuticals on your body and the increase of organic foods being offered in more supermarkets.

Economically the vitality of the stock market is low when the Moon’s North Node is in Pisces. Therefore, it’s best for you to do whatever is possible to curb your debt and increase your long-term savings. Since Pisces can rule deceit, it’s very important to read all the fine print on any offers you receive from companies wishing to loan you money. Interest rates will increase and due dates on your bills will have ways of changing making it more difficult for you to pay off those loans.

The square that Jupiter forms to Saturn on June 22, 2006, is actually the second in a series of three that occur during this cycle. The first one occurred on December 17, 2005 and the last one occurs on October 25, 2006. This cycle occurs approximately every 19 to 20 years.

Jupiter represents the desire to expand quickly while Saturn represents the need to take responsible actions. When this square is formed it can also mean that areas where expansion occurred too quickly are now going to suffer problems.

Since Jupiter also represents the global economic market, most of the recent expansion focuses in that area. Energy resources are now being consumed at a faster pace driving up oil prices that have an impact not just on the gas you put into your car but also on other goods that are manufactured using petroleum based products. Inflation tends to increase during this cycle meaning that interest rates will continue to rise. Already you’ve seen the impact this has had on your traveling. It will also have an impact on the housing market. If you’re looking to purchase a home, you’ll find prices turning downward.

At times when Jupiter forms a square to Saturn matters surrounding workers’ rights and boundary dispute increases. At issue now and over the next several months are immigration matters that cover both workers’ rights and border concerns. While the United States may not redefine its borders by adding new land at this time, it will redefine its borders by creating laws that increase surveillance at these borders. This will have an impact on your travel.

Jupiter also can represent hubris and the belief that you can do anything, no matter what the consequences. However, Saturn represents consequences for actions taken without consideration to other people. The last time that this aspect occurred in December 2005, the New York Times revealed that President Bush was allowing the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on people without a court order. In 1986, President Reagan admitted that secret arms deals were made with Iran and the news of the Iran-Contra Scandal made news.

Scandals will continue to make headline news between now and October 2006. These scandals will all focus on individuals who believed that their decisions were the correct ones to make no matter what the rules are.

On a spiritual level, the square of Jupiter to Saturn means that it’s important to understand the structure of any organization you’re involved with. If you work beyond the rules of the organization, there will be problems. This could lead to leadership changes and even disruptions. However, if you develop systems of cooperation, you’ll find that the organization gains in value and strength.

(You can find more information on the impact of these trends on my book, Trend Analysis for the Year 2006.)

On a cellular (i.e. physical level), you’ll feel that shifts are in the air now. The best way to use this energy is to try to understand that the world is growing smaller. Technology is bringing various cultures and people together. What needed to be done in a small neighborhood can now be accomplished with global cooperation. At the same time, there can be a sense of fear as you learn that you have less control over the global changes that impact you. So, it’s important to feel your inner confidence as you maintain your true values and integrity.

Venus entering Gemini the following day, on June 23, could help you communicate your thoughts to other people. This is also a good time to explore many of the changes that will occur over the next year and how those changes could impact you.

When the new Moon in Cancer occurs on June 25th, take the time to nurture yourself. This is a good time to spend a day at the spa or get a massage. It’s a good time to spend with your family and friends.

As Mercury enters Leo on June 28th, the energy of the fixed T-square is felt again. The end of the month, starting around June 22, 2006, could show very erratic weather patterns, especially on the east coast of the United States. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare for electrical outages and other problems caused by weather. This erratic weather pattern will last until July 4, 2006 when Mercury turns retrograde.

In all, the month of June is one where things seem to move slowly. Yet, at the same time, you can feel shifts beginning to occur in the world. These shifts are on a global level and will impact you emotionally and economically. While life is a series of changes, the best way to live during the time of these greatest changes is to nurture yourself and enjoy the loving relationships that surround you.