January 2021 – Wanting Normal to Return

Important astrological energies for the month of January:

  • New Moon with Sun and Moon in Capricorn occurs on January 13, 2021.
  • Uranus in Taurus turns direct on January 14, 2021. It went retrograde on August 15, 2020.
  • Jupiter in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus on January 17, 2021. (This aspect only occurs once.)
  • Mercury in Aquarius turns retrograde on January 30, 2021. It will remain retrograde until February 20, 2021.

Wanting Normal to Return

By Misty Kuceris ©2020

Happy New Year everyone. January is a month where you want life to return to normal and for this reason it seems appropriate that the year of 2021 starts with Mercury forming a sextile to Neptune on January 1st. Mercury represents your thought process: how you think. It also represents your communication style: how you speak and how you listen, or whether you listen. And, Neptune represents illusion in the negative and hope in the position. So, when you think about it, there is so much confusion in the world now and you don’t know who to believe. So please be cautious with information you get from others. Try to listen to what they’re saying so you can either get the facts or realize they aren’t giving you any facts.

At the same time, there is a lot of hope in the world. Two different vaccines are now available in the world and over the next year it will be dispense, hopefully with as little difficulty as possible. And, many people are not only hoping that health will return to their lives, but also vitriol will be cast out of their lives.

And, there is also one other way that Mercury forming a sextile to Neptune could operate in your life. You may see things from a different perspective, a spiritual perspective. Or, you may approach life more creatively and find ways to communicate with others in a manner that show appreciation for others.

As Mercury forms a conjunction to Pluto on January 4th, you take life more seriously. You want to understand what’s going on in the world around you. You want the facts. You may even be able to process some information from your subconscious that helps you understand your own needs. In many ways you can get things done because it’s easier for you to focus and maintain this focus. Just remember that as you focus on your tasks, you still need to listen to what other people say so you can get things done.

On January 8th, Mercury enters the sign of Aquarius, Venus enters the sign of Capricorn, and Mercury forms a square to Mars.

As already written, Mercury represents communications and when it’s in the sign of Aquarius there’s a tendency to want to understand different points of view as well as how the world operates on a global level. You want to be able to relate to others. You also want other people to listen to you and accept your point of view as well.

Meanwhile, with Venus entering the sign of Capricorn you want to be accepted by other people. You want to be part of society and not socially isolated. You feel that it’s important to do things the right way and to follow the rules. You may even decide that you don’t want to share your thoughts with others because of the need for personal acceptance.

That can lead to quite a bit of frustration later in the day when Mercury forms the square to Mars. You may feel resentment because other people aren’t willing to listen to your needs. Or, you may feel frustrated because you don’t know how to discuss your needs with others.

You may still feel frustrated on January 9th when Mercury forms the conjunction to Saturn. But, at least you can now you can organize your thoughts. You’re able to discuss important matters with others. You can also create plans of actions and define specific goals that you want to achieve.

On January 11th, Mercury forms the first of three conjunctions to Jupiter as it begins a triad sequence. Mercury will go retrograde on January 30th, but you may feel as if Mercury is turning retrograde today. The next time that Mercury forms a conjunction to Jupiter is on February 14th when Mercury is retrograde. And the last time this conjunction occurs is on March 4, 2021 when Mercury is direct.

Actually, if you keep a journal, make a note of your thoughts today because you’ll find that some of these thoughts will be important in mid-February and early March.

When Mercury forms a conjunction to Jupiter, you feel more optimistic about situations in your life. You feel like you can more on. You’re willing to think of strategies that can increase the possibility of your success. You also feel as if other people are willing to support your efforts. All you have to do is ask for their help. They may not be able to help you today, but they may be able to help you later when this aspect occurs again. So, don’t worry if they put you off for a little while. They just want to take their time.

The only thing that you need to be careful of is any legal actions. In mundane astrology Jupiter rules litigation. It’s possible that any legal matters under consideration right now won’t be resolved until after March 4th when this aspect occurs for the last time.

After Mercury forms the conjunction to Jupiter, both planets (Mercury and Jupiter) will form sextiles to Chiron. This can increase your sense of optimism as well as the possibility of your success. The reason is that you’re able to let go of some old wounds. You’re willing to resolve problems. You’re tired of conflict. This is another sign that you just want to move on with your life.

However, on January 12th you may feel a little differently as Mercury forms a square to Uranus retrograde and Venus forms a square to Chiron.

Both Mercury and Uranus deal with information and communications. Uranus is often seen as the higher octave of Mercury in spiritual astrology. But, when they square each other, there is unexpected information coming your way that can cause disruptions in your life. You need to be ready for the unexpected. You need to understand what’s important in your life so if other people aren’t willing to listen to you, you’re able to stand up for your rights and not let their anger or vitriol interfere with your rights.

Also, there’s a tendency not to focus on your environment because you have so much on your mind. If you let your thoughts be scattered, you could end up in an accident.

After Mercury forms a square to Uranus retrograde, Venus forms a square to Chiron. It’s possible that you feel hurt from any disruptions that occurred. Or, you feel someone was too harsh. If at all possible, don’t take anything personally today. People may just be speaking from their own sense of frustration. They may have no intension their frustration having anything to do with you, especially since Mercury formed that square to Uranus retrograde earlier in the day.

The new Moon which occurs on January 13th, has both the Sun and Moon in the sign of Capricorn forming a conjunction not only to Pluto in Capricorn but by extension also to Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury which are in the sign of Aquarius. This can be a very difficult new Moon for that reason. When the new Moon forms a conjunction to Pluto, you feel situations very intensely. In mundane astrology, Pluto often represents the under belly of society. It can also represent power struggles between different factions. When the new Moon forms an out-of-sign conjunction to Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury, you don’t know whether to take the time to build a firm foundation or leave everything behind and move into the future. It’s also important to note that Mars will form a square to Saturn and Venus will form a trine to Uranus retrograde later today which could increase the friction you are feeling now.

But, there is also a positive note to the conjunction of Pluto in Capricorn with Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury in Aquarius. Pluto represents long-term growth. It indicates that people are willing to search for value in life. They want to understand other individuals. Meanwhile, Saturn represents planting a garden, again for the purposes of cultivating growth and Jupiter represents the desire to make changes in life which support the areas of your life where you want the growth to occur. Meanwhile, Mercury in Aquarius represents the desire to understand other people and find a way to express support for others. So, in the positive, this can be a new Moon where you’re willing to dig deep and find a way to communicate with others about the long-term changes that you want in life.

After the new Moon occurs, Mars forms a square to Saturn and Venus forms a trine to Uranus retrograde. With Mars forming the square to Saturn, you feel stuck. As already written, Mars isn’t comfortable in the sign of Taurus. Mars wants to take action and Taurus wants to move slowly while pondering situations. And, Saturn indicates constriction. Other people don’t want you to take action. Instead they’re standing in your way.

As Venus forms the trine to Uranus retrograde, you feel ready to move on. You may run into someone you haven’t seen in a while. Or, you may feel that you can look at things from a different perspective that helps you feel more optimistic about your situation. So even though this may be a volatile day, it may also be a day where you can work with people who have different points of view and still find a way to come together.

When Uranus turns direct on January 14th, you feel a sense of relief that the world is finally moving forward. There were a lot of problems in the world that dealt with past events. People couldn’t let go. Now, even if they aren’t willing to let go, circumstances are going to force them to let go.

Often, when Jupiter forms an aspect to an outer planet, it occurs three times. But when Jupiter forms the square to Uranus on January 17th, this aspect only occurs once. Both Jupiter and Uranus want to move beyond the boundaries that are currently established in society. With Jupiter in Aquarius, you may want to find different ways of living in society. You may not like the direction that some things in life are taking you. At the same time, you’re not comfortable with all the unexpected things which are happening around you. Plus, you may feel that too many people are trying to make changes without considering the consequences of either their actions or how their actions with impact you.

This is a time to consider how you want to make changes in your life. You may even be willing to look at some new options. But, if you are willing to make major changes with your life, please consider all the potential consequences of your actions.

On January 20th, Mars forms a conjunction to Uranus. You have a lot of energy. But it feels pent up because Mars and Uranus are in Taurus. Usually with this conjunction you just want to rush into situations without thinking. But with both planets in Taurus you need to think things over. You want to make certain you’re right. But this same conjunction can indicate that you believe you are so right about something that you’re unwilling to listen to anyone else about the matter. So be careful today. You may find yourself getting involved in some argument that leads to nowhere and has no resolution.

When Ceres forms a conjunction to Neptune on January 21st, you may become concerned about your environment. Things are occurring that you don’t understand. People aren’t speaking the truth. Normally you might want to compromise, but you really can’t because the information is hidden from you.

On January 22nd Ceres forms a square to the Moon’s Nodal Axis. Neptune will also form this square but that won’t occur until the 26th of January.

As Ceres forms this square, it’s important that you look at past events that occurred in your life before you move on. This is especially true when it comes to your dreams and aspirations since the Moon’s South Node is in Sagittarius. You don’t want to move forward with your life if your dreams aren’t based in reality. You may even find that it’s important to develop small steps and compromise on some of those longer term goals.

Mars forms a square to Jupiter on January 23rd and Venus forms a sextile to Neptune later in the day. This is very interesting on a metaphysical level. Both Mars and Jupiter want to take action. But, both are in fixed signs where you need to re-consider the action you wish to take. So, you feel tension as you want to know everything before you begin, but you don’t want to wait to know everything or for the information to be explained to you. You just want to act now.

As Venus forms the sextile to Neptune later in the day, it becomes obvious just how much you don’t know. It is interesting that Mars and Jupiter want to take action because Venus and Neptune want to retreat. They want to pull back.

Technically, Venus is the higher octave of Neptune. It’s trying to find a way to create universal love, the type of love that has no boundaries. But that could be too idealistic in a world where there is so much change going on and you need some important answers. The better way to use this energy is to be gentle with yourself. Take time to see what’s going on in your life. Don’t take anything for granted. You may run into someone you haven’t seen for a while. Or, you may feel as if you’ve met the love of your life. But if that happens what until the full Moon on January 28th to determine whether this individual is worth your time.

One other thing. Since Venus also rules finances, be very careful with how you make any financial commitments when Neptune is involved. There’s always some sort of information that missing. And it could cause you financial problems later on.

When Venus and Ceres form a sextile on January 24th you want to find a balance in your life. This is because while both planets represent the feminine aspect, Venus represents passion and Ceres represents rational. You want to find a way to live your passion and yet know when to compromise. And actually, you’re going to get some help because Venus is in Capricorn and Ceres is in Pisces, which indicates that both planets are able to utilize both the passionate and rational aspects.

A few days earlier on January 21st, Ceres and Neptune formed a conjunction. One day later, on January 22nd, Ceres formed a square to the Moon’s Nodal Axis. Today, on January 26th, Neptune is forming the square to the Moon’s Nodal Axis. You may not know what you want to do in life. Or, you may be trying to find a way to implement your dreams. The key is to understand what you goals were in the past and determine if they’re still important. As you move into the future, you want to make certain that your dreams are smaller in scope so they can be achieved and are more realistic.

Just before the full Moon occurs on January 28th, Venus forms a conjunction to Pluto and this energy will be felt in the full Moon chart as well. You feel passionate about your belief systems. You don’t want anyone else to tell you what to do. You’re willing to stand up for your rights.

When the full Moon occurs the Sun is in Aquarius and the Moon is in Leo. The Sun is almost in an exact conjunction with Jupiter while the Moon is in opposition.

And, this full Moon also is involved in a fixed T-square as Mars forms squares to both the Sun and the Moon. You want to move on with your life. You want to find a way for situations to work in society. You’re tired of strife. You’re tired of tension. You’ve had it with all the conflict in the world. Emotionally you want to get back to normal. You want to go out and have fun with your family and friends.

This need to be out in the world is also emphasized as the full Moon squares Mars and Uranus and forms a fixed T-square. You’re not willing to listen to people who tell you what to do. You’re willing to fight for your rights. And because this is a fixed T-square, you are more stubborn today than you might be at another time.

As the month of January comes to an end, Mercury in Aquarius turns retrograde on January 30th. It will remain retrograde until February 20th. This is a retrograde time period where you’ll spend time thinking about what occurred in the year 2020. You’ll try to re-connect with friends. You’ll try to spend more time with people you love, even if spending that time with them needs to be over various cloud connections. You’ll find that it’s time to make some plans because you want to return to normal.

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