March 2005: Energy and Focus

Aries shows its strength at the beginning of the month as Mercury enters Aries on March 4, 2005. This is an energy that can either lead to exciting experiences or disruptive behaviors. At this time, it’s very important to focus on plans that increase your physical vitality. With both Jupiter and Saturn still retrograde, your plans may not seem to move quickly. Yet, this is good because it gives your subconscious time to adjust to your new plans as you implement them.

With the new Moon occurring in Pisces on March 10th, your subconscious desires become more obvious. Fears that prevent success are revealed and wounds from past pains can be healed. The new Moon forms a square to Pluto indicating that while it’s important to get various viewpoints, it’s still more important for you to make your own decisions based on all the facts you have before you.

A 14-year cycle is repeated on March 14th when Jupiter forms a trine to Neptune. This aspect occurred last November 29, 2004 and will occur again on August 17, 2005. On a mundane level, this aspect represents changes in employment as well as continued advances in video and audio technology.

Historically, changes occurred in employment coverage and social security. In 1916, railroad workers were threatening a strike in the United States. The Adamson Act was passed, establishing an eight-hour workday. This law prevented the strike from occurring. Just two days earlier, Congress passed the Keating-Owen Child Labor Act. In the early 1950s, controls on wages and consumer goods were leveled on the American population. These controls were lifted in February and March, 1953. One year later, social security coverage was expanded.

During this time period, you’ll see changes occurring within the labor unions. In many ways, they’ll regain some of the strength that they lost when President Reagan was in offices. In other ways, there will be greater infighting between the various unions. You’ll also see greater discussions surround social security.

On a personal level, this is an important time period. The employment paradigm is shifting. Fewer employees are hired on a permanent basis and benefits are decreasing. Therefore, this is a time period to review your own financial plans, as well as prepare for your retirement. It really doesn’t matter how old you are. This is still a time to plan.

This is also a time period to consider your career direction. You can’t rely on any particular company to give you long-term loyalty. So, it’s important to continue improving your skills, either through job experience or educational opportunities.

Changes that occur in video and audio focus on the desire for greater communications between individuals, as well as the desire to move beyond the boundaries that prevent you from understanding the world. In a way, this seems like a paradox because there is also a desire for increased privacy. So, while you may want to spend more time at home, you are also finding that the world is now entering your home.

The historic advancements in video and audio during this cycle focus on increasing the ability to record reality. Thomas Alva Edison invented the phonograph in 1877. This enabled Enrico Caruso to immortalize his voice on records. The first moving picture was aired in New York in 1890. In 1928, George Eastman exhibited the first color motion pictures in Rochester, New York; and, that same year “moving” electric signs were installed by the New York Times around the Times Building. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. released “The Lights of New York,” which was the longest sound film to date.

Advancements continued to be introduced as CinemaScope film was adapted in USA movie theaters in 1953. Meanwhile, entertainment was making its transition into people’s homes. In 1928, the WGY, Schenectady, New York, scheduled the first television broadcasts. Britain started commercial television in 1954 and color television gained popularity in 1966. President Lyndon Baines Johnson’s State of the Union address on January 12, 1966 was the first federal message televised in color.

On a personal level, you’ve already seen evidence of these changes. Cell phones with pictures are now more accessible to all individuals with a sharp drop in price. High definition television will soon be found in all homes. It’s more difficult to purchase sound systems that are not linked to an entire media system which includes your television and computer. Even telephone systems are going digital. Still, more changes are coming. New DVD systems that can record more information will be introduced. And, wireless technology will expand enabling you to move further out and still receive high-speed internet access.

This can become difficult for some of you because of all the stimuli created by these innovations. As an employee, you may find it more difficult to actually leave the workplace because all this technology enables you to contact your place of employment during all hours. This can also become more difficult for your children because they have access to cell phones, computers, and other forms of technology that can over stimulate their brains.

It’s very important to find a means of relaxing during the next several months. It’s important to find ways to take vacations which connect you with your family and nature. Jupiter in Libra represents the need to expand your relationships with others. Neptune in Aquarius represents the importance of dissolving social boundaries that place demands on your time and take you away from good relationships with family and friends. On a spiritual level, this is the time to enjoy what your family and friends offer in the way of love and support.

As Mercury turns retrograde on March 19th, pulling inward may become easier. But, with Mercury in Aries, it’s up to you to make decisions as to how you want to pull inward. This may be a good time to access your volunteer activities and see if they support your life style or interfere with your personal relationships. This is also a good time to see if your activities give you a healthy outlet or just exhaust you to the point that your health starts to decline. If you have children, it’s important to make certain that they have a balance in their lives. While social activities can provide a good balance, too much socializing can prevent quiet time that is important for good health.

The spring equinox occurs on March 20th and represents the start of the astrological year. The Sun is always in Aries at the time of the spring equinox. But this year the aspect of Jupiter trining Neptune is very strong, as is an opposition between Mercury retrograde and Jupiter retrograde. While the coming of spring means opening your soul to new experiences, the energy of Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune indicates that it’s also a time to review your old experiences. What this means is that you want to move slowly into new projects. You need to make certain that you’ve completed the old cycles before starting something new. You don’t really want to burn any bridges. Instead, you want to take the lessons that you’ve learned and apply them to your new projects.

A few hours after the spring equinox occurs, Mars enters Aquarius. Mars always represents where you need to take action. Aquarius represents the need to understand your commitments to social responsibilities. This reinforces previous astrological energies that indicate it’s important for you to review external commitments. Again, if they are interfering with your relationships by taking up too much of your time, you need to evaluate why you are involved with those social groups. This really is the time to learn to relax and enjoy your family and friends.

When Saturn turns direct on March 21st, you’ll find it easier to implement some of the plans that just seemed like dreams but didn’t move forward. Even though people may have been providing you with emotional support, you may not have felt that support earlier in the month. Now you will feel that support. And, it’ll also be easier providing emotional support to others.

As Venus moves into Aries on March 22nd, you’ll feel love in the air. This is a time when your confidence increases. It’s easier to make romantic commitments. And, it’s also easier to get out of relationships that aren’t supportive. You may feel that you’re more assertive right now. But, the truth is that you are less willing to tolerate individuals in your life who want something from you but are unwilling to give you something in return.

When the full Moon occurs on March 25th, you’ll really find it easy to get out of those bad relationships. The full Moon always represents time of change. It’s a good time to throw out things that don’t support your life. This is also a good time to do some actually spring cleaning.

The month of March began with the need to increase your physical vitality through taking measures that are healthy for your physical body. As the month progresses, it’s also a time to increase your health by taking time to relax and enjoy your family and friends. There are a lot of external stimuli that occurs during this month, from social organizations that place demands on your time to audio and video information which invades your private space. That’s why it’s so important to place priorities on your time. And, the most important priority is taking time for you. With spring in the air, it’s a good time to go out and enjoy the weather.